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  1. Tax rises are more likely. Gordon Brown famously charged the utilities a windfall tax back in the day. My shares in Fresnillo are currently not doing very well due to the perceived threat of tax rises from the new left wing Mexican president.
  2. He’s posted screenshots of his portfolio in the last share you bought and quite probably @201p‘s epic thread. Both threads especially the latter are well worth a read and contributing to.
  3. I like Shanta Gold (I have shares in them) and do think they’re cheap. Then again they’re a tiny AIM listed company with a market cap of ~£50m who operate in Tanzania. They’re risky. Do your own research etc and this definitely isn’t advice but I’m happy to hold at current prices.
  4. Based on farmed Salmon I don’t like the idea of aquaponics
  5. I like Ted Baker. Mainly because their clothes fit me almost perfectly. It’s almost as if they took my proportions when deciding on the size of their Large sized clothes. Expensive but good quality - better than most other similar priced brands.
  6. I thought that was the plan behind making getting a GP appointment nearly impossible?
  7. Thanks @MvR I regard them as a recovery play, which got oversold due to the perceived risks of doing business in Tanzania after what happened to Acacia. Risky, but a calculated one.
  8. Worth a punt in my opinion. But I do mean a punt, only invest what you can lose.
  9. Does anyone know what’s going on with Shanta Gold? It’s a small AIM listed miner, so open to some pretty wild swings, but it’s up 30% today and I can’t fathom why?
  10. Clydesdale were a bit unfair here. They lent a lot of small businesses money and then also sold fixed rate swaps for the duration of the loan on top. They then decided to get out of the market and called in all the swaps and expected the business owners to pay the MTM (which had soared in value in the bank’s favour). I guess the moral of the story is the bank is not your friend.
  11. Tomato paste? I’m disappointed in you. I reckon you could make your own and save even more money!
  12. They’ll be in for a shock when the council get around to doing some repairs to the block.
  13. I wouldn’t read anything into that “article”. They clearly have it in for the Canadian government and have taken everything the Tanzanian government have accused Acacia of doing as fact. Barrick have since come to an agreement with the Tanzanian government to sort out the issues.
  14. Same here. I’ve learnt that with the PM miners diversifying is a good strategy. I don’t like that approach - I prefer to buy large stakes in a few carefully selected companies, but here it’s worth making an exception