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  1. Barrick have made an offer for Acacia at a lower price than the current Acacia share price. Barrick making an offer doesn’t surprise me but I was expecting at least a small premium as opposed to a ~10% discount.
  2. I like the fact that he’s more than happy to use frozen ingredients in his recipes.
  3. Thanks. It’s a strange one as most trade on PEs of less than 10 and yield the best part of 10%. Help to buy was the gift from heaven to them. The one company that intrigues me most is Berkeley who are by far the highest quality builder of the listed house builders (ironically seeing as they were set up by a chap from the travelling community) but they charge for that quality. Seeing as they’re heavily reliant on London I’d have expected them to fold first, but it doesn’t quite feel that way.
  4. What’s behind the above? I’m on holiday so a bit behind on news.
  5. They’ve been setting up their own delivery network. I think that’s only in big cities where it’s cost effective. My parents live in the middle of nowhere, and I just can’t see how Amazon make any money out of them.
  6. I love a good natural history museum, mainly for looking at stuffed animals. Will have to go to the Powell Cotton museum.
  7. This is similar to my thinking. So I’ve mainly been buying PM miners (Barrick, Harmony, Acacia) with a sprinkling of gambling companies because they seem very unloved at the moment. Although unless they fall materially from here I’m fully allocated in the PM space (have ~35% of my portfolio which is on the high side, but this was never a portfolio for widows and orphans).
  8. The Tes in Tesco stands for TE Stockwell. It’s Tesco own brand.
  9. Same. I thought it was pretty awful the one time I went. It was cheap though but not a patch on Chipotle. Nah. I’d be fine. The McD’s sausage and egg McMuffin taste wrong in the US. Not sure how they messed it up, but it’s not a patch on the version sold in the rest of the world.
  10. Wimpy was the in town version of Little Chef.
  11. Why didn’t you eat two meals?
  12. The U.K. is a tax haven and Italy have also decided to become one.