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  1. But if it’s held offshore? How are they going to get it?
  2. That’s a good point. I’d trust Randgold to come to a better settlement with the Tanzanian government than Barrick.
  3. Based on the shit show that is Acacia (formerly Barrick Africa) you’re probably correct on the part that Barrick don’t know how to operate in Africa.
  4. eBay if you deal in niche areas is fine. I agree with you though, that an ETC is better.
  5. Goldcore, but they sell by the 25 coin tube only. Their premium over spot is ~20%.
  6. @dgulthat’s not quite correct. Estonia have a zero VAT rate on silver. So buy from Estonia and import into the UK, and whilst we’re still in the EU you won’t pay VAT
  7. I’ve used the iShares Physical Gold fund (SGLN) that @Admiral Pepequoted below. Super cheap. My only issue is that it’s so liquid is that I’ve always tapped it when I have something more exciting to invest in. So yeah, I prefer to own physical with all the extra costs, because it’s a right hassle to sell.
  8. The big difference is the value of your money. Your savings will buy you a bigger deposit. In addition if you have a £1,000 left over each year to overpay, in a higher interest lower house price scenario that £1,000 will pay off a higher % of the outstanding mortgage and you’ll also have a cash flow benefit as you’ll be saving paying a higher amount of interest on that £1,000. Sounds far better to me.
  9. The buy to letter in the second part is also in the first part, moaning that he’s been trying to sell a property for 18 months. Clearly asking too much.
  10. Castlevania

    The next financial crisis has already begun

    This is where I disagree. Business rates is simply the government taking a slice of the landlord’s income. Slash business rates and landlord’s will simply charge more. So it’s a good tax in my opinion.
  11. Castlevania

    The next financial crisis has already begun

    I didn’t they were lending to consumers? I assumed that they’re taking in deposits as a cheap way to fund their investment banking activities. Then again with bank ring fencing, I’m not sure if they can do what I just wrote. So maybe they are planning on lending to consumers.
  12. So good, they’re not allowed it.
  13. It’s the “Amber Nectar”. The finest of Australian pints.
  14. They go to the corner shop and sit in the park
  15. Going back to the universally recognised inflation measure that is the price of a pint. When I worked in a pub as a student over the Summer holidays in 2015, we sold a pint of Fosters for £2.05. This was in Wales by the way. So you’ve somehow gone back 13 years in time?