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  1. I don’t get that. Newark is a dump, but is easily commutable to New York City. It’s also in New Jersey so probably cheaper taxes. So why would rents explode?
  2. The Warriors could be a documentary of how lawless New York was back then
  3. Few people have mortgages. So it’s all good.
  4. How much would they pay if they were on pension credit?
  5. I live on the continent. Here the rates bill has two components. A property tax linked to the current value of the house - so if prices go up you pay more, and bin collection. Even with a single payer discount bin collection costs around £6 a week. I dispose of one bin bag a week on average. It’s not cheap.
  6. Can’t have that. It would encourage fly tipping.
  7. They’ll charge you separately for bin collection and you’ll be worse off.
  8. City of Westminster has the cheapest council tax in the country. Mayfair is in the City of Westminster. The highest rate of council tax (band H) is little more than £1500 a year.
  9. Think of the poor old pensioner living in his million pound town house. They’ll be forced out of their home.
  10. It was expected as soon as Rishi Sunak banged up housing benefit as part Covid relief. What’s surprised me is that London’s been falling despite his best efforts to support the glorious GDP figures.
  11. It’s the opposite, no? If you were concerned of markets falling you’d buy puts. Puts give you the right but not the obligation to sell at a fixed price I.e. you’d make money in a falling market. The fact everyone’s buying calls suggests they’re expecting markets to keep on rising.
  12. You have 3 telcos; 2 big oil; 1 big pharmaceutical and 1 tobacco. All good companies and what you buy should be down to your goals. Personally I’d look to diversify a little, but clearly you should do what you’re comfortable with and not listen to a random on the internet who’s not allowed to give financial advice.
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