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  1. They’re all mediocre at best. Are these houses actually selling for £600k? In Edinburgh?
  2. Yeah. But if that happens, you run the risk of capital controls. What if I want to get my money out?
  3. I don’t believe that. The local industrial bakery was paying workers £10+ an hour back in 2000 and they really struggled to retain staff. Good luck in earning anything above minimum wage now.
  4. Over half the population are financially illiterate, which explains a lot.
  5. It depends if the population believes the rhetoric or not.
  6. The funny thing about that is that accountancy has been one of those areas where a lot of jobs have already gone due to computers/automation. Buy anything online and that will feed into the books and records automatically. At one point a book keeper would have recorded that.
  7. Other than wanting to get rid of the “discrimination” against landlords it’s not a bad overall proposal.
  8. 5 dollars (and up) to shine your shoes! My work shoes barely cost 10 times that.
  9. I thought you actually put your money where your mouth is? I’m disappointed in you.
  10. Corbyn’s an Inner London MP. He’s bound to raise LHA rates. If you rent and pay the rent out of your own pocket you’d be mad to vote for him.
  11. Old stuff. What people were playing in the 1990’s.
  12. Video games too. The premium people will pay for printed card is mind boggling. (That’s the difference in price between just getting the game cartridge on it’s own and with the manual, and the box).
  13. Yeah. I was comparing the debt profiles of Vodafone to Telefonica the other week. And whilst what is disclosed in the financial statements isn’t as detailed as I’d like, Vodafone’s debt profile is from initial glance so much better. I still want to buy some Telefonica mind you.
  14. I’m in at just under 8p a share. I initially bought in early 2016. All the gold miners went to the moon in the next few months, apart from this dog. But then when gold’s been on the floor it’s not puked up it’s guts like a lot of other gold miners have. This is definitely not advice, but if you’re prepared to lose all your capital then by all means take a punt.
  15. Took on too much debt when gold prices were near their USD peak. Plus they’re in Russia, and since then they’ve had board room coups. Yet despite that over the past three or so years share price wise it’s been a surprisingly boring stock.