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  1. Why’s Metro Bank down by over a quarter?
  2. The flip side is that Gidiot allowed untouched SIPP’s to be passed on at death free of inheritance tax.
  3. Not for much longer. Zoo’s getting hammered today after a profit warning.
  4. There’s a TV series (currently on Netflix) called Yukon Gold which follows a bunch of small scale miners. It’s quite eye opening.
  5. Crispin Odey has been short Lancashire Holdings (they’re a reinsurer) for ages Edit: it’s top of the list!
  6. What’s 1/3 of zero?
  7. Castlevania

    Latest additions to M+S's list of shit-towns

    Whoever had the idea of building a new town in South Wales?
  8. My flat mate works in building maintenance. He moved jobs just before Christmas and got himself a 25% pay rise. He doesn’t like the job, so is looking at other opportunities. Currently he’s interviewing for a couple of jobs doing the same thing at hotels which if he gets would be at least another 20% pay rise. There’s definitely a skill shortage in certain fields.
  9. Other banks. There’s a classic called Abacus from the mess that was ABN Amro which RBS picked up the bill for. Goldman had put this together for a hedge fund. ABN received US$1.5m a year to cover losses on US$909m of sub prime bonds. RBS ended up closing out the contract by paying Goldman US$840m.
  10. Castlevania

    Fantasy investor 2018

    So who won? The spreadsheet is now showing today’s values (with Infrastra flying). Plus there are a pile of formula errors...
  11. Castlevania

    Where you going on holiday this year?

    I’d like to go to Bolivia, but it’s a complete ball ache to get to. Nearer to home I’d like to go to Grenada in Spain. Serbia (again) would be good
  12. Castlevania

    Should be hot

    I think you’re over thinking this. She’s probably got a buy to let. Thus an “entrepreneur”.
  13. Yeah, your understanding is correct. If you buy a 20y treasury yielding 3% per annum now and in one year’s time, expected future interest rates have fallen so that the equivalent interest rate on a 19y treasury is 2% then the value will have gone up. You’ll be collecting 3% per annum for the next 19 years when current market participants are willing to accept 2% for the next 19 years.
  14. The problem is that if a significant amount of households are claiming LHA, LHA quickly becomes the driver of rents. In London over half of all renting households claim LHA. Which is ridiculous. Another way of looking at it, is that half of all renters can’t actually afford to live there. Believe it or not when LHA increased, asking rents on all rentals went up by a similar amount. Since they’ve been frozen rents have gone nowhere.
  15. Castlevania

    The Big Short Thread

    Network marketing, like Tupperware or Avon. If you sign up as a distributor you get commission for introducing people to using their services. If the people you introduced then introduce other people, you also get a further cut of commission and so on down the chain. I can’t work out why they’re so highly valued.