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  1. RBS is very exposed to UK property.
  2. Castlevania

    Fantasy trader/investor subforum?

    Too many forums. Is the Brexit thread in the main forum?
  3. Castlevania

    The Big Short Thread

    The shambles that is the government and Brexit is what happened. EA = Electronic Arts. They make video games.
  4. Yeah, it would have been. I think Nationwide are screwed. I won’t shed a tear when they go bust.
  5. One of my work colleagues remortgaged to the Nationwide on his Help to Buy house. They counted the government loan as equity, so he got a 60% LTV mortgage. To be honest that sounded odd to me, maybe slipped through the cracks?
  6. The stupid thing about the 15% limit was that it was a higher percentage than the amount of mortgages of such size that were issued. Following the limit, the number of mortgages issued at 4.5 times earnings or above increased.
  7. I’m pretty sure that it’ll be 15%
  8. There’s a further 70 cents contingent on Escobal re-opening. So $4.10 in total. 86% premium. Nice.
  9. Castlevania


    This chap?
  10. Aren’t they already banned in the U.K.? How long did that take?
  11. Castlevania

    Last share you bought?

    Yeah. I dumped the last of my Nat West (RBS) and Abbey National (Santander) prefs when it happened. Probably cost me a grand. I still made a profit over the price paid, just less so.
  12. Castlevania

    Everyday Feminism - lunatic SJWness

    How else am I going to claim a student discount without one of their cards?
  13. Castlevania

    Fantasy investor 2018

    @leonardratsoyour percentage formula is incorrect. @stokiescumis somehow down 3.73% despite his worst performer being down less than that? I think you’re summing up the returns but not dividing by the number of stocks/investments. I’m on mobile so I can’t access the spreadsheet otherwise I’d try and fix it.
  14. Yeah. The best % return I made were on games released near the end of a consoles life, and that had been slashed down to next to nothing to clear. In my case Castlevania Chronicles and Megaman X6 on the original PlayStation. They cost me a fiver each new. I bought them to play as opposed to make money. The fact they sold for a lot more was a bonus more than anything.
  15. It’s a bubble in everything. I’ve been selling a lot of my old games the past couple of years. I had way too many. Some of the prices I’ve received have been very nice indeed. What I’ve noticed is that SNES game prices have collapsed since the SNES Mini came out. If you did want to speculate buy up relatively niche PS2 and Wii games in good condition and sit on them (or ideally play them) for 5 to 10 years. Prices seem to be slowly appreciating, but you can still buy plenty of good stuff for as little as £0.50 from CEX.