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  1. It’s how much you pay to borrow money for one night. It’s an interest rate.
  2. There was a development near me. Tower block on a busy road in inner London that Baratt built. To be fair from the outside it looked reasonable - they’d given it a nice brick facade and the pictures of the flats made them look nice enough. Anyhow pre help to buy they had a big banner outside advertising two beds from £250k. Within a month or two of help to buy being announced it was suddenly two beds from £320k. By the following year (early 2014) when the market had gone nuts (people were desperately trying to buy before the MMR review came out) it was two beds from £400k. Now they could have just sold all of the cheap smaller flats with views of a busy road on the lower floors, but somehow I doubt that.
  3. There was the case of someone who’d tried to remortgage but the bank had come back with a value of zero due to the building having those combustible insulation panels ala Grenfell. So not being one to let a good crisis go to waste asked to repay the government loan, and paid back 20% of zero.
  4. I’ve noticed this. If you want to see any sights get up early, because the Chinese tour buses don’t turn up until at least mid day. The Chinese are everywhere. However, it’s not that different to Japanese tourists being everywhere in the 1980’s and most of the 1990’s. They mostly disappeared once their economy blew up.
  5. Most large funds will enhance their yield by lending out the stock. That way they collect the dividends (the borrower/shorter pays this) and get a fee for lending out the stock.
  6. I’d be badly prepared. I don’t own a torch or candles. They were a common occurrence in the 1980’s. Fun times. One of my parents would make a fire (we had an unblocked fireplace) and we’d make toast the old school way.
  7. If the private loan and credit card figures are correct he’s repaying ~$1600 a month. He’ll be fine.
  8. The Germans, Dutch and Austrians are spitting into their porridge. Assuming they eat porridge that is.
  9. To be honest it sounds like a very good deal for her lodgers.
  10. You’re just sweating your asset. But yeah taking in a lodger is easy money as long as you get along. It’s painful if you don’t, but I suppose you can always give them the boot with minimal notice if that’s the case. Is there a third bedroom which she designates as her own?
  11. Pro tip. Get an NUS card (you can lie that you’re studying) and get 10% off everything in the Co-Op. you could have saved 50p!
  12. It’s the cash flow statement you should be looking at.
  13. I bought some Cresud the other week after the Argentine peso collapsed. One for the brave or foolish. They own farmland and farms in South America which I like; plus a big stake in an owner of Argentine shopping malls which I don’t. Again one for the brave or foolish.
  14. Yeah I hold them. Firmly in the special situations/ recovery play box.