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  1. Gazprom if you can stomach the geopolitical risk Shell have a fair bit of gas after they bought BG (the old exploration and production arm of the share that must not be named) Edit: found this list by gas production but doesn’t split it out versus oil. They’re mainly state owned entities. https://www.statista.com/statistics/270732/largest-natural-gas-producers-worldwide-based-on-production-output/
  2. Thanks. I looked at KPN. In terms of European mobile telcos I much prefer Vodafone. In their home market Vodafone through a joint venture with Liberty Media have Ziggo which is a far better product (broadband and TV) than that offered by KPN. Airtel Africa and BT I have enough at current prices. Vodafone and Telefonica I’m accumulating more. Will take a look at the other suggestions.
  3. You had anthracite in South Wales which is arguably the highest quality coal there is. Fun fact (not that fun) the English word “glow” comes from the Welsh word for coal which is “glo”. Celtic warriors used to rub coal on their bodies before they went to war and anthracite has a lustrous sheen or glow to it.
  4. They also make calculators. The first scientific calculator I ever had was a Texas Instruments one.
  5. With regards to Telcos has anyone here bought any TIT (sorry I couldn’t resist - it’s an unfortunate ticker for Telecom Italia). They’re now at the same price as they were in the early 1990’s. As with all telcos they have a load of debt, duration is just under 8 years which isn’t great, but have large cash flow, they look rather unloved.
  6. BHP have a sizeable oil and gas business too. So it wouldn’t have just been coal that would have put them on the uninvestable list.
  7. Is the money at a bookies segregated from the companies own funds?
  8. You’ll get sacked. That’s all. Years ago the company I worked for hired a contractor. On his CV he stated that he was a qualified accountant. We didn’t hire him for having said qualification but for his experience. He was very competent and did a good job. Then after about 6 months HR suddenly decided to do some background checks and realised he wasn’t qualified. They terminated his contract with immediate effect. That was it. Although, having read this thread maybe he felt he needed to lie about it to simply have recruiters put him forward for jobs.
  9. It’s imputed rent. So house prices falling doesn’t directly impact GDP. Rents falling on the other hand does. Any guesses as to why Rishi Sunak banged up Housing Benefit rates in March?
  10. It’s a strange market. Half my stocks are below where they were at the start of the year. A lot of my stocks are hovering +/- 10% of where they were in March when the market threw up (Vodafone, BT and Telefonica are lower for example, RDSB and BP are up 10% if you got in at the low). Then there are those stocks that have absolutely flown and dragged overall performance up with them. Petropavlovsk is up 200% YTD; the additional shares I bought in William Hill a day after they bottomed in March are now up 400%. Harmony is up 150% from when I dumped my Centrica and put it in here. My first tranch
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