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  1. When they say no access to benefits, does that include in work benefits and housing benefit?
  2. I’ve never had the ear hair burnt or been to a barbers that does this to other people. I think I’m missing out. Is it a regional thing?
  3. They messed up by buying the crap bits of ABN Amro. Since then they’ve been forced to sell the good bits (World Pay is now worth as much as all of RBS) and they don’t seem to know what to do other than try and cut costs. The last chief executive went balls deep into buy to let. I hope we have an extradition treaty with Australia because if RBS will need another bailout it will be due to the mortgage lending done under his watch.
  4. I occasionally come across a work colleague that so to speak has drunk the KoolAid and talks as if they are the company. I like to remind them of what you wrote above. They’ll be dumped if it suits the company.
  5. I’ve just found this out. I’m not happy.
  6. Only if you have debt! I’ve somehow managed to avoid redundancy (despite wanting it - it’s free money as far as I’m concerned). If I had a huge mortgage I’d probably be bricking it.
  7. Rooney in his younger days whilst inconsistent had the ability to create some magic. He really was that good. That goal he scored as a 16 year old against Arsenal; his hat trick on his Manchester United debut; carrying England at the 2004 Euros. Class.
  8. When I was forced to go to church when I was younger, one of the old farmers who sat in front of us did the same. Brylcreem.
  9. Nah. His hair line is unnaturally straight and his scalp is very red.
  10. He peaked prior to that. The Euros in 2004, where he carried England. He never hit that level again.
  11. One of my work colleagues has just come back from “holiday” and he’s clearly had a hair transplant.
  12. You’d be surprised but renting a room in London is pretty affordable. Before I left last year I was paying £550 a month for the biggest bedroom in a nice terraced house in zone 3, sharing with two others. Most of the time I had the whole house to myself. That’s less than I was paying 10+ years ago.
  13. Banks mark loans on an accrual basis. They don’t present value. If they did all the ones balls deep in buy to let would probably be insolvent.
  14. Using PM’s to hedge mortgage interest rate risk was my plan! I’m still renting.