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  1. I have a letter from a magistrates court that states that a video tape is an exhibit, not evidence and therefore could not be disclosed before court appearance.
  2. I am not trying to wind you up, I just find so many inconsistencies in everything that WAG do and say. The whole scheme is based on if one is found to have been contact with an undesirable one has to state where one has been, the whole premise being a persons honesty and memory. Payment data is a separate issue of tracing. Your second sentence infers scope creep in that data has been collected.
  3. @Mr Miyagi So they are examined IF happens, the not collected is not a true statement then. You did say that you are a Public Servant, it is not a getup clause for doublespeak. Is the examination done by an outside agency, not connected to local or central government ?
  4. If they not collected (seen, looked at, analysed), what is the point (reasoning behind) of collection ?
  5. Proceeding in left lane filter of two carriageway road, leaving enough braking space to vehicle ahead. Twat in right hand filter swerves across to left lane, greatly reducing the gap ahead and proceeds to brake hard because the traffic lights ahead have changed to red.
  6. I found myself humming 'Pick or pocket or two' when reading this. the paragraph worth cutting Insolvency practitioners and other wind-up artists, who often work closely with lenders, say it will make banks less willing to lend to small companies, will raise the cost of borrowing and could catapult otherwise healthy companies into insolvency. I see the FT has the same article, anyone with a sub care to see if they edited wind-up !
  7. Having had a good look at Land Registry data from houseprices.io, using only the first part of a postcode. The south of Wales has more red highlights than green, the number of transactions are very small this year. Auctions are still mad, the latest October selection continues the trend of a project to make a profit on, the shittiest attracts the most bids and press coverage. West Wales has seen a flood of listings, holiday/2nd homes and leads with reductions. Valleys reaching new heights of insanity, asking 150k for a mid terrace. This I think is what is driving the auctio
  8. When the LSO and RPO toured their 'Classic Rock' and what was it 'hooked on classics' the reverse happened. Rehearsals were play it like you would a section of this or that, even though they had scores and some of the players were right pisstakers in recognising chord patterns. What does one keep in a double violin case, one violin, cut glass tumblers and a bottle of whiskey. I must be really bored sharing shit like this, but it was fascinating to listen as the conductor bought a full orchestra, rock band in the middle and 300 choir into order using classical musical terms.
  9. I have an album by McLusky, My Pain And Sadness is More Sad And Painful Than Yours
  10. Dammed somewhere mid 80's, savaged negatives squished for web
  11. I cannot sleep either, so wrote the following to a 35yr old son in New Zealand a night or so ago. He has yet to reply, it is only Dad ranting. The UK has still not resolved the Brexit issue, the ProEU faction, composed of the Blair/Brown era appointees still have elusions of heading World Government, EU is a stepping stone, Globalisation of trade was a key part of the plan. Those who could see the emasculation of the ‘British’ character at home and abroad voted to leave the EU, just enough, but enough. The emasculation program is still active, BLM, toppling of statues, etc. There i
  12. Richard Thompson Guitar - Phil Palmer, Tim Renwick, Dominic Miller, Jane Getter, Innes Sibun Bass - Pete Hurley Drums - Trevor Morais Composer - Tony Hinnigan 80's - The Fixx Backing Vocals - Ginny Clee (The Dear Janes) How far under the radar, discog.com and cd/record fairs, I doubt utube will help.
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