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  1. On the mention of any random forum "Is that the one XYY posts photos"
  2. 'Frenzy' , no lunacy. South Wales Online Auction Lots have been live since yesterday lunch and the first will end at 17:02 today 23rd July 2020. There must a lot of loose money about to fund those bids. If you miss that live auction, there is always Bond Wolf on the 29th July. There are a significant number of £1 guides prices in the Northern members area. Last time I viewed this auctioneers lot legal packs, the fees make that £1 starting figure £20,001 and they still sold for land register recents.
  3. Isle of Wight - Cowes Week A week when more money changes hands than the rest of the year combined. Accommodation is worth keeping empty just to rent out for that week alone, anything else is a bonus.
  4. Meanwhile in Tanzania He said he had secretly had a variety of animals, fruits and vehicle oil tested at the laboratory. According to Mr Magufuli, a papaya, a quail and a goat tested positive and he suspects a "dirty game" in the laboratory.
  5. Star shaped were very popular throughout Europe between 1936 and 1945.
  6. If face masks become mandatory, then immediate questions. Where do I get masks from ? If I do not have any, am I allowed out to get some ? If I have to order and get delivery, what happens in the time between order and delivery, do I starve. Will there be an approved supplier or will a snotrag suffice. If compliance is done by video surveillance, how do they know who I am ?
  7. Do I have to a pregnancy test now ?
  8. Advertising a house for sale, is what is going on. How many years have they been trying to sell, how many Daily Fail articles have they had. The mullet and perm are the tell tale sign of how long they have been trying to sell that turd.
  9. Large size or extra large Please note we have a quantity of these available that could be purchased at prorata rate subject to agreement. Plenty of space for a DOSBODS logo, reusable, no need to wear a coat when it rains whilst queueing at the supermarket. TMT might find a use when this is all over !
  10. Supply and certification not a problem, from here. David Singleton, 42, a senior NHS official in London who has been working at the capital’s Covid-19 Nightingale hospital, launched the business two weeks ago to trade in visors, masks and gowns.
  11. The auctions in South Wales since going online, the auctioneers must be laughing at the results. Here is just one example, lot 1 from today, a serviced plot with an organised pile of rubble. Just do the rough sums, how can anybody make a profit on that. If anybody can be bothered to look at the rest of the lots, this is not an isolated example. When they first went online only, I thought that there had to something wrong with the bidding process, as time limit ends the bid time decreases, at £250 a time it may not seem like of money, but who would put a bid limit at that level. The stark contrast between how a room full of people bid and online, there is no way that I would contemplate an online bid, there is no sense of who and how the other bidders are acting, a hesitation to bid up, a straight up increased bid says a lot of the bidder and their desire to win at that price. Lunacy, no viewings, just a drive by and legal pack, are these bidders so flush with cash and business acumen that it is actually me that is the fool.
  12. I could not decide which thread to add this news. So here it is 'Laugh or Just Fuck off' Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown is to help guide Wales's recovery from the coronavirus pandemic. He had been asked to join a new advisory group to help areas such as the economy.
  13. If Carlsberg did....trigger memories ! one of their executive party in the early 1980's, Tower Bridge, from a theme of unusual places. Easiest way to get party stuff, band gear and catering in and out, be first at the lights and raise the bridge. The bridge staff were a great bunch, engineers proud to work there and apart from the actual roof I don't think there is much they did not show me, both towers.
  14. 6 Music evening for the introducing shows. Late Junction and night tracks on radio 3 There is always this