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  1. Did you get a happy ending ?
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    Where Am I?

    A470 south of Erwood
  3. Andrews and Arnold just need a line into the property, 10 quid a month, no telephone. How fast will the line go is the only factor limiting your choice of service.
  4. Andrews and Arnold, service without a fuss, wires only deal if you want, none of the restrictions or censorship stupidity. It is actually with reticence that I recommend them, fearing that an excellent small/medium company with impeccable references, gets too many customers and thus fails them all though expansion and or takeover. Best kept secrets and all that.
  5. white110

    Mr Bercow

    There was an item on the Daily Mail yesterday about this. Top comments : sacked and forced to spend 24hrs per day with his wife Kicked in the goollies and then kicked again
  6. Is it this story Lakeview Park near Romford
  7. Spygirl, I have no desire to run this any further as I no longer has skin in that game, but at the time (2006) one of the main exclusions was that of the client being a foreign entity who had no UK office, if you call a comms server in a datacenter an office then I fail that. I just wanted to make the point that my experience of HMRC as a contractor and as a freelancer, argue at your peril, do not annoy the investigator, you lose anyway, just how badly. HMRC Investigators have no experience of work practice in industry, the abuse they sought to stamp on, they are still one of the worst perpetuators, so expecting any fit for purpose process is fantasy.
  8. I have attended the last 2 rounds of auctions held in Cardiff, 6 in total. Builders are not bidding, actually sniggering at the back at those bidding for doer uppers. Development land fails to sell. Only fools are in the market now, I have had a few conversations with others at open viewings, it is hard to keep a straight face when asked how much rent could be acheived or what is a legal package. Attendance is falling away. Reserve not met is a common phrase.
  9. 2006. I got the IR35 investigation notice. I rang the named officer, 30 minutes later I was sat in her office. We spent 4 hours going through what was at that moment the current version of the draft guidance test. The conclusion was 'I am sat in your chair, your side of the desk, the test is all about who controls who, the contract is with a German company, the work takes place in Germany, I invoice in Euros, 182 days maximum so I remain a UK resident, stating that I am their employee, is that not beyond your remit. This is a fantasy'. The reply to this was 'It maybe fantasy, but if we say so, then it is so'. Shout99 and the PCG, the person who tried an appeal at Employment Tribunal, Tax Status and Employment status are two completely different things. Be my guest, take on HMRC, see if you can argue against 'If we say, then it is so'. That Senior Inspector, Mary, after 4 hours of explaining the difference between a bum on a seat and a bona-fide consultant, 360k back tax and a 3.5k forward yearly loss would be the outcome if It was decided against me, was sympathetic and understood, but it would not influence the decision. I had rewritten that particular contract, the agency or Intermediate Party, relented and accepted it, all the clauses that would fail the IR35 test were gone or replaced. An imaginary contract is constructed by HMRC for their test, reality has nothing whatsoever to do with it. My decision was to close the company, quit contracting, this was my third full inaction with the Tax Office, twice I had had 'because we say so', IR35, the Intermediatries Act was a blind vicious assault on IT Professionals, Dawn Primarolla has a lot to answer for. The worst offender is still UK Government for 'bums on seat' contractors, I even know a senior senior HMRC Investigator, who left on the Friday with his half million payoff and returned Monday as a contractor. Do as I say, not as I do.
  10. Property Log extension for Chrome seems to be the best available. developed by GettingBored from ToS. I have not used Firefox since, I only really used it for property searching with the bee.
  11. This Bloomberg piece reminded me of a Nordic drama that BBC4 put on, "Follow the Money". I disagree with the NASDAQ opinion on Black Swan, a quick whip round and we will say no more on the matter. Carbon Credits and spreads on Energy Markets, they sure are going to miss his tax contribution.
  12. Price Change History 06/09/2018 Price Changed: £140,000 £130,000 20/08/2018 Price Changed: £165,000 £140,000 04/04/2018 Price Changed: £180,000 £165,000 16/11/2017 Price Changed: £200,000 £180,000 06/10/2017 Price Changed: £210,000 £200,000 26/08/2017 Price Changed: £220,000 £210,000 14/08/2017 Initial entry found. Price Change History 06/09/2018 Price Changed: £280,000 £280,000 06/09/2018 Price Changed: £295,000 £280,000 01/08/2018 Price Changed: £325,000 £295,000 17/05/2018 Initial entry found. Price Change History 04/09/2018 Price Changed: £3,000,000 £2,200,000 24/03/2017 Initial entry found. Random South Wales, loads more that are starting at 5 to 10k steps.
  13. This album is a good introduction. Long story short. He supported Suzanne Vega mid 80's Britain and Europe. There must be someway out of here, said the Joker to the Thief. An audience clutching their seats, mouths open. We rattled their jewellery. Not loud in your face, but resonant and harmonic. The joker was me, track 2 is a Harp guitar, I have 8 sub base units under the front of the stage. I took great pleasure in demonstrating that there was nothing wrong with the PA to Suzanne's sound engineer, a New Yorker who travelled with the band. One man and his guitar cannot possibly that good. Credit as engineer on the album is Harry Andronis. Micheal had been asked to come back to Europe, wanted me, I was doing Broadway the Hard Way Broadmoor the Easy Way at the time, so he declined till later, later never came . Harry was Frank's 'Sound Engineer'. The look on his face when he realised I was who Micheal had spoken about back home in "The Valley'. European press had reviewed the shows they had seen as better than the album and that they reviewed as excellent. When I first heard the Jimi Hendrix version of all along the watchtower, it was unsurmountable. To open a live set with it, solo, acoustic and to see the punters faces, what the fuck, the seats are shaking and he hits a top harmonic. The thief has stolen your full and total attention. Now flip a coin, whose is the better version. Better add Jimi Hendrix to the list of musicians I miss.