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  1. Not at all. I thought it was going to be another preppers' thread. This time focusing on the best place to store fuel for an open fire. I was hoping to make a reply about taking care when wielding one's chopper in a confined space....
  2. Well that's just completely wrong! Mikey seems to have overlooked that the great Mahdi, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi; blew himself up with his own children in an act of glorious martyrdom to spite the filthy kuffar who would otherwise have rejoiced in his ignominious defeat. Had he been accosted on a Ryanair jet, the outcome would have been the same. Oddly enough, the hadith are silent on what happens when the Twelfth Imam is slain before the return of Jesus.
  3. Is it only Young Doctors at risk, or should the cast of Home and Away also be worried?
  4. People tried something similar with the word santorum. The fact that I'm posting this a week after the original post gives you an idea of how successful a campaign it was. A bigger problem is that for many still within the Labour Party, given the choice between a pact with the devil and signing up Tony Blair in order to win the next election; the only question to be asked would be about what the new party logo would look like. Such is his reputation still, as the only Labour leader in living memory to win successive general elections; that faced with an otherwise female shortlist of wannabe leaders. Keir Starmer has gone all out to look and sound as much like Blair as he possibly can - rather than donning a frock and asking everyone to call him Doris. But getting back to swimming - couldn't we have a high profile campaign of prominent black entertainers getting their trunks on and telling us all we need to learn to swim? Just like this nice young man did when I was a kid?
  5. I'm a bit out of the loop here. Surely the more pertinent question should be, which flood-hit areas have been visited by the Labour leadership contenders? After all, they are the ones who need to show how much they really care about the people who will be electing them...
  6. Or Blake's 7, Season 4, Episode 10 - Gold!
  7. Good job our French friends are rigorously testing all those Iranian refugees in Calais...
  8. Which surely means that the EU, with its cookie law, is the product of a ranting swivel-eyed fascist loon! QED
  9. Just remember, Google plan to drop support for 3rd party cookies in Chrome... Presumably because they now have so many ways to track you, they don't need that one any more...
  10. Surely that's the point of them having the a/c dialled all the way up to 11? You can't be bumming around in sloppy t-shirt and shorts if you're going to be uncomfortably cold. It forces you to dress more formally. Which is why certain churches will be on the list of known vectors.
  11. I am triggered by this thread. It's not OK. I came here expecting to read all about the Famously Vegetarian Mixed-Race national Socialist Leader of Germany in the 1930s and 40s. All I can say in response to this news story is: "First they came for the ham sandwiches, and I did not speak out..."
  12. You are Sabri Abdel Raouf and I claim my five Egyptian Pounds
  13. Good to see the left complaining that an ideologically bankrupt right-wing is stealing their policies. Oh, has no-one mentioned Marie Stopes yet? How careless!
  14. Put the dark glasses down, Mr Pin. They will give you a headache!