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  1. Don't be silly, we can send them to a developing country or three as part of an aid package to make us look good. Throw in a few ventilators too.
  2. As they say, "You can lead a horticulture..."
  3. You are Bertrand Russell, and I claim V.
  4. As the only person on this forum without a smartphone you're already halfway there. You just need to grow a long beard and keep away from these folk...
  5. Because he wouldn't have got to that position without the assistance of a certain genocidal Bangladeshi war criminal. There is a bizarre irony in all this which is not lost on me. My experience in the Gulf States is that many Arab muslims treat the people of Bangladesh worse than dog shit. You know why? Because they have let the side down. Badly. If your holy book tells you that allah materially blesses good muslims, then to be a poor muslim, or a citizen of a poor muslim country, means that you are morally suspect, a de facto bad muslim. Otherwise, you'd be rich. Therefore, you deserve to be treated like the shit that allah says that you are. This is the same narrow ideology that says that rich western countries must become muslim, because otherwise islam is nothing more than a bad cosmic practical joke played upon a bunch of gullible Arabs. And if they ever succeeded, guess what? Yes, that's right, the shitty way we've treated Bangladesh so far would pale into insignificance. Corrupt failures like Lutfur Rahman would be deported back to their country of birth; and Nadiya Hussain would be executed for defaming islam for daring to speak out about childhood sexual abuse in muslim families. But yes, we're the bad guys here.
  6. You are Ethics Man, and I claim my five Thought Experiments! "Let me through, I'm a Moral Philosopher!"
  7. Let's start with the obvious one: If joining daesh nullified her British citizenship, it also rescinded her right to Bangladeshi citizenship. Obviously, there is a cheap and simple solution. Perhaps we could set up a gofundme campaign to purchase her one? Secondly, shitty treatment of Britain by Bangladesh and vice versa. Think about who the most famous British Bangladeshi is - no not Nadiya Hussain, the muslim woman who suffered childhood sexual abuse during her upbringing in an outwardly religious Bangladeshi family; oh, and I believe she won a cookery competition once. I'm talking about Lutfur Rahman, a politician whose corruption was so off the scale that shock, horror; he won't be allowed to stand for any public office until next year. That will learn him not to mess with English electoral law! How did someone so dodgy get to be so powerful? I'd put it down to a little bit of assistance by his friends in the Islamic Forum of Europe. A grand-sounding title, I hear you say. Who's behind it? Chowdhury Mueen-Uddin - yes, that's right! Since the 1970s, Britain has been harbouring a war criminal, responsible for the massacre of intellectuals during the Bangladesh Liberation War. I can now appreciate the argument that as we seem to have a habit of collecting genocidal Bangladeshi war criminals, we really should add Shamima to our set. When you read of shit like that, you realise that we don't actually have any moral high ground to step down from in the first place.
  8. Did somebody call? I've tried to keep out of this, because Rave has made some valid points, buried deep down in this thread, that I haven't seen an adequate answer from the rest of you yet. We'll get to them later. But, yes, Luke 10:25-37 immediately springs to mind. It's got the lot: religion, politics and a hefty dollop of racism stirred in. It also answers the question, "Who is my neighbour?" But nobody here is going to like the answer. Because, the hero of the story isn't rich, privileged or religious. The person who acts in a neighbourly fashion is from a group of people who, as far as the person he helps is concerned, are subhuman scum because they believe in a God who is subtly different to theirs. Much in the same way that our salafist friends view non-muslims. So, how do we show neighbourly love to Shamima Begum? Bringing her back to the UK is not an option. If this country is not safe for an innocent woman like Asia Bibi, it can never be in her interests to return here. Remember, sometimes, to show love to our neighbours, it is necessary for us to restrain them from rushing headlong down a self destructive path which will harm them and those around them. By her own confession, the road Shamima has chosen has led to the death of all three of the children she claims to have given birth to. Merely locking her up in the UK for a decade would not be enough to change her trajectory. I would suggest that only she can stop her downward spiral into further destructive behaviour. If denying her the right to return to the UK, and insisting that she faces justice for the crimes she admits she committed in the country where they took place, brings her to her senses; then we will have done her a far greater service than smuggling her out and pretending it was all a bad dream could ever do.
  9. I've got a lovely bunch of covid-masks There they are a'standing in a row Big ones, small ones, some as big as your head "Give 'em a twist, a flick o' the wrist" That's what the showman said!
  10. An august response to the chronologically challenged. I doff my cap to you!
  11. My guess would be that listings for a particular musical genre might suffer from a high degree of automatic censorship if they did. Which would give David something else to complain about. Plus, if we were to then complain about such egregious censorship of our BAME friends' musical tastes, it would be another example of us developing a white saviour complex; which David could protest about. But if we say nothing, we're a bunch of fucking racists who never stand up to this cancer at the heart of society. Either way, David's friends who 'know what to do' get to play a re-enactment of Kristallnacht on people who are 'worse than nazis'... But obviously, this is in no way an incitement to racially motivated violence on David's part. And you're an evil racist for imagining that anyone would be so stupid to think it was.
  12. You inconsiderate bastard! You're supposed to be breathing your last gasps on a ventilator by now! How could you let @WorkingPoor down so badly?
  13. And the firewalls came tumbling down!