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  1. unregistered_guest

    The make us laugh or fuck off thread

    I prefer the one about Treason May joining the Jehovah's Witnesses.... ...because they won't have a party at Christmas either!
  2. unregistered_guest

    Best way to transfer pounds overseas?

    I've been happy with Transferwise so far. Wouldn't risk paypal. Currently using TW to remit to the UK to send a monthly allowance to BotLet #1 to cover costs of packed lunches etc... Compared to what I've had to do in other countries in the past, this is relatively painless and low cost. As for people whining about the pound catastrophically tanking this week because of the uncertainty of Brexit. Ha ha ha! Very funny! I got a better exchange rate back in September. They probably whined then too, but forgot to say how well the pound was doing 'despite' Brexit in the intervening months. All over a fluctuation of about a couple of percent!
  3. unregistered_guest

    Good computer tools for your trade

    You're more of a Multiplan person, I take it? BTW to answer the OP. I have a nice technical screwdriver set I picked up at B+M Bargains a few years ago
  4. unregistered_guest

    The make us laugh or fuck off thread

    So, I went into Gregg's and said, "How much are your wasps, then?" The young man looked at me funnily and then said, "Sorry, sir. We don't sell wasps." "Well, you've got one in your window!"
  5. unregistered_guest

    Children's Characters You Can't Stand

    IIRC at the height of their popularity there were screensavers and other things you could download from the cITV website. BotLet#2 had one of SNACR's BoohBah jigsaws... But 5 years old sounds older than the target audience....
  6. unregistered_guest

    A better class of asylum seeker ...

    Here's a well-known* example... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Youcef_Nadarkhani *I say "well-known" but it's interesting what a search of the So-Called BBC's website on the topic turns up...
  7. unregistered_guest

    Children's Characters You Can't Stand

    Barnaby the Bear's eyes seemed a bit 'odd' to me. The story was somewhat surreal too...
  8. unregistered_guest

    Children's Characters You Can't Stand

    It's the right colour if it's the Cherokee Tar Wolf made out of pine gum instead...
  9. unregistered_guest

    The ‘StarCircle’

    I was just going to say, that looks more like a crown of thorns than a circle of barbed wire. The imagery of the circle of twelve stars is lifted straight from the Cult of Mary - based on one interpretation of Revelation 12:1; but historically much more likely to be rooted in worship of Artemis/Isis (call her what you will - Queen of Heaven, perhaps?) [Yes, I know, Council of Ephesus - AD 431 and all that] So, you have people cynically usurping the symbolism of one lunar deity bringing in people who exploit the symbol of another lunar deity. You could say it's lunacy...
  10. unregistered_guest

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    Let's face it. This is far more likely to be his motivation for aligning himself with a rabble of violent thugs. This sort of public humiliation, at the height of his influence and power will eat away at the soul of any poundshop Goebbels, let alone one who seems to have plagiarised Rik Mayall's "People's Poet".
  11. unregistered_guest

    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    Lucky for Sadiq that his predecessor had the foresight to buy some water cannons in case tomorrow's demo in London turns nasty. Why is everyone laughing?
  12. unregistered_guest

    The voodoo that you do

    Wot, no Labyrinth reference yet?
  13. unregistered_guest

    Children's Characters You Can't Stand

    In defence of the much maligned Peppa Pig. I hope you ungrateful lot still remember that she single-handedly brought down Gordon Brown's government. You owe her some respect for that! As for Scrappy Doo. I can imagine a board meeting at HB. The chief bean-counter announces that sales of Mystery Machine lunchboxes have fallen by 85% over the past three years. Discussion then ensues as to how to revive this failing brand. Should they add a token person of colour to the team? Perhaps Shaggy needs to be killed off and replaced by an android designed by Velma? Then, an epiphany! What the show really needs is another dog! Everyone loves puppies, so it has to be a puppy. But it also needs to be an anti-scooby to act as a foil to the top dog - so it must know no fear. And so the list of requirements gets longer and longer as the committee comes up with a character designed to meet the needs of 1001 focus groups, but which doesn't actually appeal to anyone. A triumph of the science of marketing! As they say, a camel is merely a racehorse designed by a committee...
  14. unregistered_guest

    Children's Characters You Can't Stand

    There's probably no money in a reboot - IIRC he's out of copyright, so there'd be no tasty exclusive licensing deals for the merchandising... Besides which, the modern equivalent: Sportacus is 7.5 times more annoying than Ms Oyl's beau. This denizen of Lazy Town combines the syrupy enthusiasm of a wooden PE Teacher with an air of trustworthiness reminiscent of Captain Nemo - with an airship to match. The only redeeming character in the whole sorry puppet show was Robbie Rotten. It was a black armband day in the TrollBot household when the actor who played his role died. And did the 'healthy eating' brainwashing - rebranding fruit as "Shportz Candy" work on the BotLets? Not a chance. BotLet #1 is too cynical (has been from an early age); and BotLet #2 is a carnivore. But as for when I was a kid? I considered: The entire cast of the Double Deckers (a sort of Lord of the Flies-inspired slapstick comedy set on a disused double decker bus in a junk yard), The abomination that is 7-Zark-7 (comic relief added by the Americans to lighten up the plot of Battle of the Planets) But the winner has to be Yogi's Gang - starting with Yogi's Ark Lark - take a motley crew of established HB characters and assign completely non-canonical roles to them in a vain attempt to teach a moral message through having them defeat a series of transparently one-dimensional villains. If you missed it, don't worry. That's several hours of your life you can put to better use than being 'entertained' by this sorry excuse for public service broadcasting.