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  1. I say we give them exactly what they want. On Monday, Boris should summon the MCB to Number 10 and tell them, "OK, gents. We've been listening hard to what your salafist buddies want. And we agree entirely. It is such a huge insult to allah that his servants are seen to be begging alms from a government which does not recognise his prophet; receiving money which is tainted by taxes raised from the sale of alcohol, pork products, sexual services, gambling and magazines containing cartoons which mock the prophet. It's not right, and we should never have put you in such a precarious positio
  2. Next they'll be telling you that Czechs and Hungarians are pretty dodgy too....
  3. I'm just wondering what level of drug-induced paranoia it takes to convince yourself that @spygirl employs a gang of Chinese IT students to conduct industrial espionage on his behalf...
  4. I think someone needs to tell the Chinese Embassy that agent @apples' account has been hacked, just like the Chinese Ambassador's Twitter account was in September...
  5. Funny you should say that. I can think of someone in the UK who I would nominate in a heartbeat for something like that - but there's no way she would put herself forwards, because she knows what sort of self-promoting tossers she'd be up against locally; and wouldn't want people to think that she's like them...
  6. Probably the wrong place to ask this question, but here goes... Surely anyone who reads the story of Hathaway in The Long Years (part of Bradbury's Martian Chronicles), can't help but be sympathetic to his individual response to deep personal tragedy? If you had his gifts and faced similar circumstances, wouldn't you do the same?
  7. Don't forget - we discussed this back in mid-September in the BBC = arseholes thread. Welby put out his first broadside, basically asking Rishi how much he would offer to bribe the CofE to let the government turn Britain into Narnia this winter. It would appear the response is that some power-crazed loons would prefer to make bizarre ineffectual threats than face reality. The more interesting question I have is: Who will be wheeled out to tell these twats to get back into line and stop making tits of themselves by committing themselves to a course of action they could never hope to e
  8. But where's the LGBTQ2I+ angle? Owen will be sad!
  9. Is this the right thread to ask, "How do I change my vote?"
  10. And this, boys and girls, is why when somebody asks me about the future of islam in its current state, I sadly reply, "It will destroy itself. It is inexorable, because it's baked into the theology." I've come across the line of thinking illustrated in the quote above before, when I lived in the Gulf. The flaw in the thinking is easy to expose. Because all you need to ask is, "How do I submit? Is reciting the shahada and following the five pillars enough to bring me safely into the house of islam?" The answer, of course is "No!" Because otherwise the Ahmadiyya would be viewed as
  11. The rules on write-in candidates also amuse me. Each state can set its own regulations. So, some say, "Fuck it, do what you like - you can even issue stickers to voters to make their job easier." Others say, "Fuck off. We've had enough problems with people voting for that guy from the West Wing already." There's a handy compilation of state regulations at wikipedia. Oddly enough, although there's a handy table of deadlines for postal votes, and a short piece on the challenges faced by allowing early voting; I've not come across a compilation on the rules for changing a vote - can't
  12. One of the 2016 faithless electors was a Democrat from Maine. He was promptly ordered to get back in his box; eventually voting for Clinton instead of Sanders. Apparently Maine's four electoral college votes are currently split, depending on how the districts vote, rather than a "winner takes all" policy. Which meant the Trump campaign received one electoral college vote, while the Clinton campaign eventually received three.
  13. I feel strangely compelled to share this video with you all on this thread. I'm sure it contains an encrypted message for @The XYY Man
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