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  1. So has someone located the puddle that the sun sets into each night then? Asking for a friend. His name's Mo
  2. Greta is encouraged by the establishment because she's on message. Had a child on the spectrum turned up and said, "I'm autistic, so I look at things dispassionately, logically and without any emotional baggage. And I've noticed that the simplest, most logical solution to our environmental crisis is an immediate cull of 60% of our species. We will start with our politicians. You've been saying that this is a problem for how long? And demonstrated breathtaking levels of incompetence by not putting a workable solution in place? You are therefore part of the cancer that needs to be excised from humanity in order to make it function properly..." I suspect that those in power world have denounced her as a mentally-retarded nazi who has no idea of the complexity of what she's talking about...
  3. unregistered_guest


    Yes - the bit at the bottom that says, "We're haemorrhaging money faster than a drunken footballer on a busy night out. Please send us some dosh to keep our journalists in frothy coffee for another week." On a more serious note. You'd better hope that our own politicians don't read the bit about how the current outbreak has meant that elections have been abandoned in one of the countries affected. It might give them ideas.
  4. Obviously the wine list for the wake just wasn't up to the standards he requires.
  5. Surely this is all part of the poisoned chalice strategy? What can we say or do that will make us so unelectable by our core demographic that will throw the election so that Jezza then gets the blame for the post-Brexit fallout? Of course, no-one would ever guess such a fiendishly clever ruse, and Jezza certainly wouldn't retaliate by coming up with a similarly rubbish policy.
  6. You must remember to alternate this with, "Don't trip. It gets you down." Otherwise it's a cliche. And you should avoid cliches like the plague.
  7. Did the bombers, by any chance, have the names of any of the Christchurch shooting victims scrawled on their vests? Now, that would provide concrete evidence that the attacks were in response to Christchurch, wouldn't it? Stop laughing at the back there. I'm trying to make a serious point about cause and effect.
  8. Reminds me of the time when Tony Blair as PM visited a school and asked the question, "So, children. Can any of you tell me what a tragedy is?" One little girl put he had up straight away and says, "A plane crashes and everybody dies." "No, no, no," says the Blessed Tony. "That's merely an accident." Another child has a go. "It's when a plane crashes into a school like this, and there are no survivors." "Oh, no," replies Blair. "That's just a misfortune." Little Johnny slyly puts his hand up. "I think I know the answer. A tragedy is when the plane carrying the Prime Minister crashes, and everybody on it dies." "Excellent answer," says Tony. "And can you explain to the other boys and girls why it would be a tragedy?" "Well," says little Johnny. "I'm pretty certain it wouldn't be an accident, and it definitely wouldn't be a misfortune!"
  9. It is a thorny question that Carl's friends also have to face in the near future, and which will exercise the Secret Barista's mates at the ICC for at least the next generation with respect to the followers of failed wannabe ex-mahdi al Baghdadi and his friends in daesh. To what extent should there be a statute of limitations on genocide? And, should a state be able to get away with stonewalling any talk of restitution of stolen property or compensation to the heirs of the survivors until that statute of limitations runs out? I fear that with the advent of identity politics, litigation with respect to historic genocide has the potential to become the Jarndyce v Jarndyce of human rights legislation, only serving to make lawyers richer without finding any resolution. But that doesn't absolve us from calling out injustice for what it is now. For a century, successive Turkish governments have been too cowardly to call out the genocide for what it was, because they know that once that is settled, the bill for damages will arrive. And so, the destruction of evidence, the excuses ("We courtmartialled those responsible!" - but then let them off) and the plain bizarreness of it all ("if you continue to assassinate the people we tried, found guilty and pardoned for war crimes; we will continue to use your property to compensate their families - but no, there was no genocide and no illegal confiscation at all by the state!") continues. But I raise the topic, not just because of its relevance to today's date - but because I do wonder if we will hear similar things when members of daesh are called to account for their part in the most recent attempts at genocide in the region:
  10. I see a new business opportunity for Spy's Where then? thread: Scene at party: Pretty girl: So, what do you do? Ex-teacher: I'm a birographer! Pretty girl: What? You write about people's life stories? Ex-teacher: No, I use a ballpoint pen to draw false hair on bald men's heads.
  11. That's OK - there's probably at least one person on this forum who had a bunch of rabbits tattooed onto his shiny pate. Because from a distance, they'd look like hares!
  12. He obviously had a very bad experience of playing "tig" as a child...
  13. @Funn3r ejaculated, "Seapersons you insensitive clod". It deserved a spunky response. "Come again?"
  14. There is a reason. A very real reason. What's the most islamophobic thing you could possibly do? Taking a bacon buttie into a mosque? Dousing a burkha-clad person with champagne? Writing Mo is a paedophile on a billboard? No. Meaningless acts like these are trivial compared to this one thing: Living a good life, and being successful without having a shred of fear of allah! It should not happen. It does not fit into the islamic worldview and therefore must be stopped, by whatever means possible. How would you feel if everything you have been told about life was continually being undermined by the success of a people who your holy book says should be at the bottom of the social heap? You threaten the muslim community and its sanity by your very existence; because you are a constant reminder that there is a massive gap between reality and their expectations shaped by the koran. They have only two options. Stop believing the koran and abandon islam; or remove the obstacle to their 'faith'.