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  1. I'd be interested in seeing how this breaks down along tribal lines. As @Rave has eloquently pointed out already. Essentially, the issue highlights what a polarised society we have become; with, I suspect, the majority of Remainers screaming "Burn the witch!" - even if they have no idea of who DC is, or what he is alleged to have done; and the majority of Leavers saying, "He may be a cunt, but he's our cunt, so hands off!" leaving little wiggle room for actual debate. My position, in case you hadn't already guessed; is that the lockdown rules allowed for exceptional circumstances, and this is one of those exceptional circumstances. Which, if you're looking for a spiritual analogy, leaves the press in the role of the prodigal son's elder brother after his return. Those of you familiar with the story will recall that he turns to the Father and bitches about his wastrel brother getting a party when he got zilch for following all the rules. The Father turns to him and points out that everything belongs to him anyway. In other words, the elder son has imprisoned his own psyche in a mash of self-imposed rules, rather than embracing and enjoying grace.
  2. Just getting into character for playing the role of Bildad the Shuhite in this Christmas' Mystery Play[1] Not only that, but He SWT then went on to say: Which is the massive risk all those calling for the head of Cummings on a silver platter take. For should the slightest bending of the lockdown rules on their behalf ever come to light; then out of principle, they will have to resign... [1]Sorry, but you have to be a bishop to realise what a huge insult that statement is.
  3. Final thought from me this morning. The press have form for hounding innocent people, because someone is sure they're a wrong 'un. You would think lessons would have been learned in the aftermath of their illegal treatment of Christopher Jefferies in 2010-11. But, apparently not.
  4. Just to pick up on Dominic Cummings willfully putting others' lives at risk. I too have seen the odd episode of fly-on-the-wall documentary Casualty and concur that at times of heightened crisis, the most freakishly unexpected of accidents will occur nine times out of ten. So, yes, Dominic Cummings should definitely face charges for the attempted murder of that fit AA lass who would have been called out if he'd broken down on his way to isolate himself and his family. It's the right thing to do.
  5. I know it's easy to pick on cultural stereotypes, but can we spare a thought for our American readers here? They will read the headline "Man drove 260 miles to a farm" and think, "Yes, and...?" It must be very confusing for them that this has been our biggest story for how many days now?
  6. How dare you! I know for a fact that this simply isn't true. World-renowned expert on child-rearing, Diane Abbott has made it quite clear that the scientific research she has undertaken on the subject shows that only mums of West-Indian heritage would go to the wall for their kids; and anyone who says otherwise is a race-baiting bigot! For a white British dad to do so is obviously cultural appropriation of the worst kind, and must be stamped out immediately!
  7. Of course. Just remember, if someone queries the veracity of this statement; just tell them a random troll on the internet told you, so it must be true.
  8. Back of an envelope calculation: Approximately 8M kids under 10 in the UK - give or take According to National Autistic Society ~1% have autism. So, at most 80k families would be using this emergency provision to move closer to family. Given that some already will live close to family, others will have autistic siblings and still others will be in care, we could be looking at as low a number as 20k families expecting to relocate under these circumstances. Yes, that's 20k more than plod would like, but... ...it flattens the demand curve should the worst case scenario happen. Journalists, having all specialised in STEM subjects at school, will no doubt have already run these figures in their heads and decided that such a low number is irrelevant. Why is why they wouldn't bother with the trite question, "What if everyone did the same as you?"
  9. Can I just say how encouraged I am that over 48% of the population of the UK have such high levels of faith in our children's care home system; that if they were incapacitated they would be only too glad to send their pubescent daughter to a children's home in Rotherham while they recovered their health. Such trust in our social services is truly heartwarming. The real story therefore, that I'm sure our fearless investigative journalists will get round to unmasking; is why does Dominic Cummings not share this superlative degree of confidence in our well-resourced and professionally run children's care system which so many reporters and politicians alike would happily allow their own children to experience.
  10. Dom we love you, but we only have fourteen hours to save the Earth!
  11. I have a question for the economists here. Suppose a savvy BTL investor buys a wooden house... As we all know*, when a BTLer then sells a house, it vanishes into the ether, as if it never existed. What happens to the sequestered carbon under these circumstances? *I read all about this scientific phenomenon on the poverty118 website for aspiring slumlords...
  12. Is that 'Boobs' as in "Get yet tits out for Boris"; or 'boobs' as in 'cock-up for the Conservatives'?
  13. Nah... We just copy/paste from stackoverflow....