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  1. unregistered_guest

    Qanon: high level intel, AI or LARP?!

    It's like the old joke. An American businessman sits next to a Korean businessman on a plane and asks him, "What kind of knees are you?"" When the Korean looks puzzled, he adds, "You know, Chinese, Japanese, dirty knees?" The businessman explains he is Korean, and after a moments thought asks the American, "And what sort of key are you?" "Yankee, monkey or donkey?"
  2. unregistered_guest

    Boris the buffoon strikes again

    It's probably just me - but every time I hear the phrase "weaponised burka", I keep thinking of something Q would give to James Bond.
  3. unregistered_guest

    DOSBODS mugs

    How about distributing the STL files so we can 3D print our own?
  4. unregistered_guest

    Qanon: high level intel, AI or LARP?!

    Do you think Sally Bercow's tweet was libelous?
  5. unregistered_guest

    Go home then

    You've met some of my ex-colleagues then?
  6. unregistered_guest

    The make us laugh or fuck off thread

    You should have given him a car with a big letter S on it... Did that with mine. You should have seen that 'S' car go...
  7. unregistered_guest

    Islamification of Europe

    But would it be a Pork Butchers Utilising Ham? You could abbreviate that if it was a bit too much of a mouthful.
  8. unregistered_guest

    Wheels coming off HE bubble

    It's costing us about £4.5k for halls for BotLet#1 this year (includes breakfast and dinner). Budgeting another £1k for lunches and another £1k for local public transport travel card and immediate student resources (have already shelled out for new laptop and phone). BotLet has head screwed on the right way: makes own packed lunches and buys clothes from charity shops. I anticipate there will be other expenses (including paying for flights to join us in expatland over holidays). So, an absolute minimum of £7k for us TrollBots.
  9. unregistered_guest

    Installing a Jacuzzi below the bridge...

    Good point.
  10. unregistered_guest

    The Labour party hates Jews

    Well spotted. And Happy World Rabia Day to you to: A day when peace-loving muslims all round the world peacefully reflect on how a group of peace-loving muslims were brutally ejected from their peaceful protest by... ...other peace-loving muslims. I wonder what we should to commemorate it?
  11. unregistered_guest

    How Rich Are DOSBODSers

    What? We were supposed to tell the truth? This is the internet, you know! Besides. There was no option for a Russian TrollBot with precisely zero assets.
  12. unregistered_guest

    Islamification of Europe

    Because there's no racist abuse ever in the Arab world. Oh no, positively never! Most definitely!
  13. unregistered_guest

    Swedish student "saves" man from deportation

    This looks suspiciously like a hate crime to me. Surely it's dehumanising to refer to another human being as a brute beast only fit to be destroyed? It's a slippery slope to a totalitarian dystopia if we allow comments like this to flourish - even in jest. Two wrongs don't make a right, and all that...
  14. unregistered_guest

    Typo Squatting - Give It Your Best!

    Hmmm - anagram time... bodsods sodsbod oddsobs bsdoods