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  1. Life insurance scam? Check to see if there's any sightings of canoes going down the Ganges en route to Panama...
  2. Been there for 20 years - give or take - it's called the So-Called BBC Asian Network. Although Wikipedia does point out: Despite the name, BBC Asian Network only covers the Indian subcontinent, with countries from the rest of the continent – including developed countries like China, Japan and Singapore – not catered for. Oddly enough, the Wikipedia entry for BBC Asian Network doesn't have any information about the embarrassment caused by their twitter account asking What is the right punishment for blasphemy? in 2017 and the controversy surrounding their 2019 tweet regarding Rahaf Mohammed alQunun's decision to leave islam. However, it does contain a reference to something that I don't recall anyone here discussing in 2018/early 2019. Apparently, it's perfectly OK to reveal the identity of a victim of the Rotherham abuse gangs live on the radio - provided it's an honest mistake! Obviously, we all feel a great deal of sympathy for Arif Ansari and Rickin Majithia - who must have therefore had to endure approximately a year of incarceration in solitary confinement until their case came to trial; because that's the way we treat journalists in this country, isn't it? I thought they were contractually obliged to talk over the music and cut tracks short to discourage people from recording the broadcasts. Remember, kids, home-taping is killing music!
  3. "Seven years is a couple of geological aeons in politics"?
  4. Excuse me! Jo Brand has fearlessly gone on record to proclaim that white people are perfectly capable of permanently disfiguring politicians and journalists who they disagree with. They don't need a brown saviour on a moped to show them how it's done, thank you very much!
  5. Today's joke: What's the difference between Bloom's Day and Trinity Sunday? Well, one of them celebrates the characters of a big book which everyone regards with respect but no-one has actually read. The other one is something to do with James Joyce.
  6. Reminds me of the one about the farmer on his way to market, in his horse-drawn buggy, dog by his side. Suddenly, on the crest of a steep hill, the horse was startled and began to gallop downhill fast. Obviously, the buggy wasn't built for this. It started to fall apart and weave from side to side. At the bottom of the hill, the horse stumbled, the farmer and the dog were thrown clear from the buggy which landed on the horse. As the farmer lay there, it just so happened that the local sheriff was passing by. The dog whimpered, limping with an obviously broken leg towards the sheriff. The sheriff pulled out his gun and put the dog out of its misery. He then checked the ruins of the buggy. The horse was shivering and sweating. From the way its legs were splayed out, it looked like its back most definitely broken. The sheriff once more gently drew his piston and "Bam!" the horse was at peace. The sheriff now turned his attention to the farmer, "How ya doing?" He called out. Instantly, the farmer sprang to his feet, "I've never felt better!"
  7. Yes, it's an odd coincidence. Three different things to celebrate depending on your circumstances and heritage.
  8. At least with the rise in the number of F2M transpeople we will finally get a definitive answer to the eternal question: Which is more painful, childbirth or getting your foreskin trapped in your zipper? Sorry, should have prefaced that with a trigger warning. And to answer the original question: Chainsaw juggling!
  9. TRIGGER WARNING For those of you who were traumatised by the sound of the recorder group in primary school. Am I right in thinking that in view of the Grenfell Tragedy, it is now illegal to play "London's Burning" in canon in English schools? I'd ask David 'Genious' Lammy, but the question of course reinforces the stereotype of a white patriarchy and is therefore inherently racist. Plus, he had a friend who lived in Grenfell, in case you didn't know.
  10. No. That was Hubert Cecil Booth. And Joseph Swan invented the incandescent lightbulb ten years before Edison. And don't ask an American who invented the TV set...
  11. That's the issue. If @spunko allowed every troll and his goat to embed random iframe tags in their posts, you'd have all manner of spammers queuing up to perform every kind of mischief imaginable on a forum - and more besides...
  12. To the lesbian with a "no fascists allowed" t-shirt, all men look like homophobic nazis. That's those pesky homophobic boy scouts for you - I'd post the excerpt from Scouting for Boys on 'beastliness' again, but it might trigger those nice visitors from GCHQ...