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    Tommy Robinson thread

    Look, you can't expect George Soros to pay for everything. He isn't made of money, you know! Back of an envelope calculation suggests that if all the occupants are unwaged/students who just want a cheap shopping trip to Manchester, then a full coach will just about break even. And they save a quid, compared to the cheapest National Express seats. However, if you stuff if with altruistic do-gooders (who may even donate so that someone else can travel free), then it's 100%+ profit - kerching! But, obviously, the business model doesn't scale well if you intend to make a living leeching off anti-racism. You'd need at least two coaches full of generous, committed activists and a commitment from Tommy Robinson (whose real name is actually Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, in case you didn't know) that he would hold monthly rallies for you to protest at in order to approach minimum wage if flogging anti-racist tourism was to be your only source of income. "Roll up, roll up! Come and see the space aliens from Amazonia in their natural habitat..."
  2. No - that's a Matchbox "Hot Wheelz" car in the background strategically placed to make it look bigger.
  3. unregistered_guest

    Happy Gesture Day

    The agenda being that the shopkeeper is scared that a white right-wing extremist will accuse him of cultural appropriation and then kill him? What sort of intolerant lunatic kills muslim shopkeepers who wish their customers a happy Easter?
  4. unregistered_guest

    The cult of corbyn

    Well, the Islington Peoples' Popular Front would definitely get my vote. But not the People's Front of Islington - obviously. Splitters!
  5. unregistered_guest

    Which word springs to your mind when you watch this advert?

    Because no-one's going to make an advert depicting a skinhead showing compassion on someone from a different cultural background? Can't think why not. Where's their sense of diversity? Shouldn't stereotypes be challenged? Perhaps the parable of the Good Samaritan needs a bit of a makeover...
  6. unregistered_guest

    Which word springs to your mind when you watch this advert?

    It's a fair cop, guvnor. I did think about changing my comment to blasphemous Ahmadi who was heroically slain in a sharia sanctioned extra-judicial execution by 'proper' muslim Tanveer Ahmed - but at that point I felt a ripple in the force while trying to channel the spirit of the So-Called BBC. Because, as we all know, the Ahmadiyya are 'proper' muslims when the establishment need to portray a compassionate, human side to islam.
  7. unregistered_guest

    Which word springs to your mind when you watch this advert?

    As for a word that springs to mind when you watch the heartwarming advert... One name: Asad Shah. A kindly muslim gentleman who ran a newsagent's shop in Glasgow, going the extra mile to wish his Christian customers a happy Easter... ...until he was savagely murdered by a white right-wing extremist.
  8. unregistered_guest

    Which word springs to your mind when you watch this advert?

    You're going to send them all to Diane Abbott? You're a monster!
  9. unregistered_guest

    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    Funny sort of 'vision' when they're currently advertising for a Project Officer for Contracted Solutions & ETE Support. Very interesting job description, given the current situation in France - but no, nothing to see here. It's all pure fabrication by mad Brexiteers...
  10. unregistered_guest


    So, is there another website catering to the potential 'sellers'? Perhaps called something like WeBuyAnySperm.co.uk...? Asking for a friend...
  11. unregistered_guest

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    Does not compute! Surely the raison d'etre for the EU is protectionism?
  12. unregistered_guest

    The big EU count starts today

    No. Registered with govt here. Pay income tax on all income - not just what I earn in this country. Employer pays for private healthcare (and private schooling for the BotLets).
  13. unregistered_guest

    Lezza killas

    Tell that to Cinderella and Snow White...
  14. unregistered_guest

    I don’t want an Asian doctor

    Don't be silly. You pay someone to take the exam for you. Obvs. Well, Goodness, gracious me!
  15. unregistered_guest

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    I've been thinking... I came across this Prevent Duty stuff some time back - remember the story about the 15 year old who was reported for looking up the UKIP website at school? Well, it just so happens that the Prevent Duty documents have an interesting definition of "extremism"... So, every worker involved in education, health etc has a statutory duty to report to the police any parliamentarian who indulges in acts which are clearly designed to frustrate the democratic process... Seems like plod might be a bit busy on Wednesday...