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  1. unregistered_guest

    Golly gosh words we no longer use

    "May I ... ?"
  2. unregistered_guest

    I'm Surprised Halloween hasn't been banned yet

    Yes - JW's don't do Christmas or "Easter" - but they're equally up-front and honest with our Muslim friends and will tell them that they are not part of Christendom and don't believe Jesus is God, or was executed on a cross; just like them... But Merkins are odd. We've come across American Christians who, while being your stereotypical loud, charismatic god-botherer types (good people when you actually get to know them). You would expect them to think there's something distinctly odd about celebrating Samhain; but no, they'll proudly show you their kids' Christian school yearbook, with photos of the Hallowe'en parade; the beauty pageant (which would make the parents of JonBenet Ramsey blush) and the Christian martial arts troupe (replete with yin-yangs) without the faintest hint of cognitive dissonance. And this isn't an isolated instance - it's a fixture of every Stepford-lite Yank community we've come across on the expat trail... But then; they think we're equally weird. What, with our stiff upper lips, our "socialistic" healthcare system and our sarcasm.
  3. unregistered_guest

    British holiday bookings to France plummet

    J'ai un niveau de 'O' en Franglais. On peut dire que je manche l'esprit de l'en retard Miles Kington.
  4. unregistered_guest

    I'm Surprised Halloween hasn't been banned yet

    And definitely not djinn. Because djinn are real, and to imitate one might provoke a djinn into turning up. Mashallah.
  5. unregistered_guest

    Kleenex drops 'Mansize' tissues

  6. You've been watching Thoroughly Modern Millie, haven't you?
  7. unregistered_guest

    Facebook falling

    BotLet #2's school do a Facebook page thingy. BotLets and their friends hate it... Guess why? Because their grandparents invariably embarrass them with inane comments like: "Ooo BotLet, don't you look big and grown up now?" "Who's the cute friend, BotLet?" and so on...
  8. unregistered_guest

    Tommy Robinson thread

    Here in expatland I find remainers quite honest and up-front about why they selfishly want the status quo to prevail; and are quite incensed by the prospect that others' altruism will hit them in the wallet.
  9. unregistered_guest

    British holiday bookings to France plummet

    BotLet #2 came home with a letter about a school 'cultural' trip to France. Which inspired this bizarre little thought. What notre BBC nee d to do is avoir un mot avec leurs copains aux les maisons de parliament to mandate that toutes les ecoles anglais ont besoin de visiter le pays des granouilles. They could filme beaucoup d'eleves demandant un vacance gratuite pour l'aggandisement de leurs horizons; avec leurs professeurs en parlant qu'on doit supporter les proprieteurs des gites pour encourager l'entente cordiale europeenne. Puis, quand le merde tire le fan; on peut dire que c'est toute la faute de UKIP et demande beaucoup de compensation pour les hurt feelings... Donc, les copains des BBC qui ont les gites peut rire tout le chemin au banque.
  10. unregistered_guest

    Islamification of Europe

    No, don't be silly. It's spent on fact-finding missions in 'genuine' diddly-diddly Oirish pubs, just in case the IRA should happen to reform without notifying the police....
  11. So, has the 'secret barista' cast the pearls of a legal opinion on this yet? Let me guess.... "This is why we need to pay lawyers more money. Because higher crime levels inevitably require a larger number of legal experts who cannot merely subsist on fresh air and government promises. That is not why they went to law school..."
  12. unregistered_guest

    Tommy Robinson thread

    1) Being a 'wrong-un' and 2) making TPTB look more stupid than they really are?
  13. unregistered_guest

    Islamification of Europe

    Can you also include the page on corporal punishment and the last page where 'Uncle Saddique' is led away by the police please. Even the So-Called BBC recognise there's a problem... https://www.bbc.com/news/education-15256764
  14. unregistered_guest

    Dosbods secret Santa

    No, just on the redundant use of the word 'parasitic'.
  15. unregistered_guest

    Golly gosh words we no longer use

    So the NPCs are safe then?