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  1. Does anyone know the story of Karl Marx attending Eton? I don't think he moved to the UK until his 30's, so would seem unlikely. But, I swear I was looking at a list of Alumni, on this page, which appears to be advertising summer courses at that fine institution, only one hour ago. And now its gone, the whole alumni section. Suspicious. And here he is, right next to Boris - unless this ones about to change too? EDIT TO ADD: I was first put onto this by a link from some leftie twitter feed where they were discussing todays vote. Is that the game? Stick up some fake news, then advertise it where the labour party members hang out? Or maybe planning to rename it Karl Marx Comprehensive?
  2. EDIT - comment deleted. Wrong thread. I thought this was the labour splitters one.
  3. Good to learn Craig Hignett now managing 'pools. I remember his season at Aberdeen in '98. It sort of marks the end of my childhood. I'd grown up on watching them destroy Real Madrid in a European final, and been told by the older heads I'd never see the likes again. '98 was probably the last year I'd seenteams where all the players were younger than me. And them old heads were right.
  4. Also, built my hotrod. But that's another story.
  5. Well, we are aren't we? All of us. Doesn't matter if the oppressor asks you to flip the meat pattie and tell the John to, "have a nice day," or some other form of self-debasement.
  6. Your later comment suggests you're aware... The air gap behind the boards is important. Airflow prevents moisture buildup, and capilliary action transference of water. Not sure your membrane has any point being breathable, unless the insulation underneath is also breathable? Presume the 20mm batten will have air in between? This seems a reasonable proposition - but 20mm isn't a lot of any sort of insulation, even the good stuff. And £10 a square is eye watering. But, if it fits into the same space you had before, its probably the simplest solution, and shouldn't be too bad on labour, or too complex if you're diy-ing. ---------------------- Externally insulate the whole thing with, say 100mm of some type of foam - mesh and cement render or timber board the whole house?
  7. I'm not 100% sure, or very good with tech at all really... But I'm sure I used to have the problem described. I think it went away around the same time I opened a twitter account - which may, or may not be significant.
  8. Thanks. I suppose it is the old story of not trying to find the top/bottom -- close enough is good enough. I'm still 100% in pm miners, (mostly silver, some gold). I think they're most likely going up over the next several months as we get steadily more dire economic indicators, and the Fed gets ever looser and $ goes down. But, I don't like Octobers. I think Seasonal Affective Disorder upsets market sentiment, and this has the potential to bring the whole thing down prematurely. It probably only takes the wrong tweet at the wrong time and it could all be fucked. I think I'm going to hang on for the fed meeting, and then see what to do. Sell out, or hang on. I'll probably just make a snap decision on that at some point.
  9. The written judgement from the Scottish Court of Session case. I don't recommend getting into this, unless you'e a LOT of time to kill.
  10. Our council used to charge £600 a year for that. Now, they don't even take them at all. If its commercial, you need to go private at the moment, (although they're promising a pay-by-weight system soon, (been promising that for 9 months)
  11. Well, shipping it 238,000 miles doesn't come cheap! Only about £1.50 for the Chinese. Subsidised by Royal Mail, of course.
  12. I think it looks to swampy & me, like Labour think they've wrong-footed him, and now have him tied in a legal knot. But Boris is betting the courts will say something like, "Have you tried switching it off and back on again?" i.e. no confidence vote, then general election. "Oh, you were offered that and turned it down? Well fuck off and don't bother us until you have!"
  13. Fantastic! That's what I want to be the case. But I'm getting tied in knots by the remoaner arguments.