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  1. Mitsubishi Jeep. They got the license to make these after WW2, and made them up to 1998. I'd go for a late model, because they come with the same diesel engines you'd find in a Shogun of that time. Citroen BX GTi. 1983 - 1986 (pre facelift) model. Considerably less power than the later 16 valve. But, you only got the 8 valve in the early years, and they changed the dashboard in the facelift, and I'm all about the dashboard when selecting this one. Toyota Dyna box truck. I plan to make a camper out of it. I know, this is fantasy and I coulda had whatever luxury camper... I jus
  2. Oh good! I was wondering if HL was broken. My portfolio of 15 silver miners/explorers has been sat on the same exact value for last few hours. Is this the point that paper hands have been cleared out, and all that's left are diamond hands?
  3. I think we have them bang to rights. https://www.boutiquefeel.com/product/single-breasted_cropped_casual_white_top/f6c33a5d-61cd-42eb-9256-e834826cedbf.html
  4. I'm short on space too. Got a lot of gear I could be selling to make room, (kwikstage scaffold, cement mixers, generators). But, I'll get better prices for them in several years. So, I'm not buying big stuff right now, just stocking up on the little things. Thinking about half a tonne or so of assorted galv nails next.
  5. I think John the Pessimist has a point. If Biden shuffles off and leaves Koala in charge, she'll be highly likely to win the dem nomination in '24. Deselecting a sitting Pres is practically unheard of. (only happened once, to the Pres that arguably set the country on its path to civil war.) So, if Biden steps down, they've pretty much selected their candidate, for '24. She doesn't look like the best candidate to me, and only something like 2% of Democrats thought she was last summer.
  6. Ha! Same here. Need a new truck because the old one has the tin worm. Considering a Toyota Dyna. Wondering if I can import one from Japan, or if shipping costs will kill me. All the Dynas made in Portugal were 3.0D4D. But if I import from Japan, I could get a 2.0 petrol instead and save several grand. Does about 6000 miles a year. So, I'm thinking the diesel might do 25mpg, and the petrol 15mpg. Present day, the petrol costs £750 a year more. I guess that would increase with inflation, but so too would the cost of injectors, DPF's, fuel pumps and the like. In practice, I
  7. The Wings Over Scotland blog is my favourite for coverage on this. Check out the latest: https://wingsoverscotland.com/top-tips-for-tealeafs/
  8. Those hyperinflationistas will be entertaining. I mean, let's remember the thread thesis. Perhaps a wee bit of meltup, of indeterminate size, as the $ falls a bit more... then wham, bam, BK you, Ma'am. And what will those hyperinflationistas be doing as the the $ falls and melty signs appear? Selling their grannies and taking 3rd mortgages to get tickets on the last express to the moon. I hope they buy my silver miners in the weeks before the top.
  9. Endeavour Silver numbers much improved. Stock up 3% so far today. http://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2021/03/01/2184067/0/en/Endeavour-Silver-Reports-19-9-Million-Earnings-in-the-Fourth-Quarter-2020-and-1-2-Million-Earnings-for-the-Full-Year-2020.html
  10. Beware of inflation indicators, such as "company X has announced a 15% rise for all its products from April the umpteenth" (think we've had a few in this thread, and seen more on twatter). Tell you a story from my time as a desk jockey materials buyer... They do that every year. EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. Even 2008 and 2009. Sometimes twice a year. And, the first day of the first week after the price rise, everyone gets offered that price. But, by day two, the larger customers, with professional desk jockey materials buyers are asking, "is that your best price?" "Company Y is 10%
  11. FOI request: Could you please give the total deaths since the start of this year of all that have died within 28 days of having Covid 19 vaccine ? Response: Waffle, waffle, No chance. https://www.ons.gov.uk/aboutus/transparencyandgovernance/freedomofinformationfoi/coronavirusvaccinedeaths
  12. TLT is about the same as IBTL. An ETF based on US treasury bonds. But TLT isUS-based and doesn't have a KID. IBTL is a UK available equivalent. Afraid I'm also inexperienced with bonds. My thinking goes 1. TLT mentioned years ago, on these pages, as a possible BK safe haven. 2. When the EU shut down US based ETF's, someone on these pages mentioned IBTL as an alternative. 3. I've kept an eye on it since, and saw what it did in March crash, which I hope it'd repeat in a BK.
  13. IBTL, (an ETF based on 20 year US treasuries, and considered by some on these pages as a possible place to shelter a BK event)... Well, it's looking pretty attractive today, at 366p. Back in March, it topped out at 519p, and that's where I'll be hoping it goes back to in a BK event.
  14. On the listing for Vangold, (a silver junior), it reads "As of 06/06/2020 they have no debt and ~C$2.38M cash." I would warn there's been some major changes since then. They've raised finance, bought a nearby mine (El Cubo, recently closed by Endeavour - wasn't economic at $16 silver), and have a plan for trucking a large pile of ancient tailings from their El Pinguico mine to be processed. Alls I'm saying is, not the most up to date. (I've been considering vangold for a punt myself).
  15. Agree on the last 30 years. I'm looking forward at things like the Paris Climate Accords. I'm guessing they're actually serious and prepared to apply it down the supply chain.
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