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  1. https://www.cobbcounty.org/elections/news/document-shredding-jim-r-miller-park
  2. was 28:1 for a few minutes last night, about 11pm. Mostly 27:1 for the period after the MI and PA certifications, until I went to bed around 1am. EDIT TO ADD - Just looked. 28:1 now!
  3. It'd be fair to say Trump never started a war. But if Reagan has the Gulf Of Sidra Incident on his rap sheet, (2 Libyan fighters fired on, and were subsequently shot down by 2 US Navy fighter planes, off the coast of Libya - dispute about territorial waters/airspace)... then how does Trump not have the 59 cruise missiles he launched at a Syrian air base one night in 2018? (The Shayrat Missile Strike).
  4. She's the City Clerk. In charge of hiring the poll workers. From the questions, it sounded like she was supposed to have a designated Republican poll worker in every precinct... but from her answers, she probably didn't.
  5. Michigan Board of Canvassers now on EDIT TO ADD - Comments scrolling up on right seem pretty livid. Either the US is full of Trump voters, or they've flashmobbed this thing or something.
  6. Swamp Rat EDIT TO ADD - Might have been a bit harsh. Spokesperson for hire though? Who's paying him? Looks like his opinion matches Jeb's. https://www.hamiltonplacestrategies.com/team/michael-steel-2/
  7. My jaw dropped when I saw that. Had to go to my own Twitter to verify. EDIT TO ADD - and my jaw dropped again when I got there. Totally working.
  8. Powell has also said all along that she's working on her own. She's about to take on the US Government, alleging their complicity in a vote fraud operation, (not sure to what extent, but pretty sure she'll push at least the omission of investigation by FBI). Might not be a good idea to be working for the Commander in Chief at that point. EDIT TO ADD - She's also said she expects the electronic fraud has been sold to poiliticians across the political spectrum, Republicans too.
  9. Yes. The tweet was linked below another about Judge Brann's decision
  10. Weather doesn't look so good for hillwalking this week.
  11. The official scores on the doors are Biden 79.8 and Trump 73.8m Sidney has said she thinks (note that she wasn't definite) an extra 7m for Trump. And also that Biden might have had 10m fraudulently added. So, if Sidney is right, he may have won the popular vote by 10 million!
  12. I remember a day in 1992. My teenage years, and I was round a mates house. His mum was on the sofa, almost in tears. The interest rate had been jacked from 10 to 15% and she felt certain they'd lose the house. That was George Soros, I later found out. Would it be his money again this time? Him, or someone like him? Upped my bets again. More than a weeks wages on this now. I will love it if we beat them. </90smode>
  13. Wasn't that the postal workers union? I'd be surprised if USPS expressed a preference.
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