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  1. This is a fuckin diversion, to take your minds off brexit.
  2. Bricks & Mortar

    Credit deflation and the reflation cycle to come.

    I don't see this entry in the mail as sustained media coverage. They'll print this story every so often, and if it goes big they'll come back and say, "told you so." I'll be sitting up when they run it outside of the investing page.
  3. Bricks & Mortar

    Change your music tastes you sexist pigs

    There ain't no tits on the radio
  4. Bricks & Mortar

    which expensive cars

    Might be my 'every days a schoolsday moment'... I think this started with the question of the 1.6 diesel in a Fiat Doblo being a PSA or FIAT engine. Even after your above post, I'm still leaning toward it being a FIAT. I can't any reference to a psa-powered doblo online, and I'd have thought someone would have written something. The Fiat JTD engine is 1598cc, and the PSA is 1560. The wiki page for the JTD engine reads as though their 1.6 is a downsized version of their 1.9. Apologies, to the rest of the thread for getting pedantic on this. My dispatch started to make white smoke this week. Since I haven't chosen a new one yet, it's obviously a sign I should get on with it. I'd prefer to avoid the PSA engine, so I'm leaning toward Doblo, Combo, Citan or Kangoo. I'm finding used van prices seem ridiculously high at the moment. I might be tempted to buy pre-reg instead
  5. Bricks & Mortar

    The Project fear 2.0 thread

    NHS should use our large national stockpile of redundant continental quilt covers instead of lashing out on body bags.
  6. Bricks & Mortar

    It couldn’t pull my foreskin back

    Yes. And, combining this fault with the 'recent service and lots fixed', and whatever else you know about it - would you recommend another dosbodder touch it with a bargepole.
  7. Bricks & Mortar

    which expensive cars

    They're the PSA ones. Thanks to everyone who's commented here. By the sound of my old dispatch, I may have to buy somethng at short notice in the near future.
  8. Bricks & Mortar

    which expensive cars

    Defo Fiat's engine. I don't think the 1.6 made it into any PSA vehicles, although you can get the 1.3 in their wee vans.
  9. Bricks & Mortar

    which expensive cars

    Thats where I am. Class 7 Tranny and a smaller van for fuel economy when not loaded, both old and need replaced. Works out well for me, I think. Do about 5000 miles a year in each. Typical day is drive 1-3 miles to job. Then maybe 4 or 5 more 1-3 mile trips to other jobs, the merchants, and back home. DPF will be a nightmare on that. Am considering going for Euro 5 from about 2014/2015, and maybe getting the dpf hollowed out.
  10. Bricks & Mortar

    which expensive cars

    " Some 45 million vehicles used in Africa are mainly used imports. " Considering most of Africa drives on the left- these cars are imported from here, or Japan. Looks like someone persuaded them to allow younger cars in - whech should help things here
  11. Bricks & Mortar

    which expensive cars
  12. Bricks & Mortar

    Brexit Betrayal thread - Part 2

    Point of pedantic order. UK didnt become a thing until 1800.
  13. Bricks & Mortar

    The crack up boom

    That's alright for you. I have little cash to convert to gold. I have a construction business wrangled into great shape for a reflation - zero debt, tools owned, material stocks, certificates for government projects... I feel I want too know more about what a crackup boom looks like, on the way in, on the way through, and how they'd solve it in the end.
  14. Bricks & Mortar

    Brexit Betrayal thread - Part 2

    I'm friendly with several who joined Labour to make sure Corbyn won. And I follow their facebooks, which gives me an inside to the Corbynistas. They'e all been out waving 'bollocks to brexit' flags for months now. Despite himself being anti-European, it seems his own base within the party isn't.
  15. Bricks & Mortar

    The crack up boom

    Interesting. And scary. Were you one of the ones on Deflation thread who put out the 'straight to inflation' hypothesis early on? I remember some held that view, back on ToS. My gut feeling is, the Fed got pulled in a side room at Davos, where everyone agreed they'd already done enough to ensure the deflation happens. It may be imminent, in that case, as would indicate the other parties can see it coming too. I think the rate halt is just to create a short separation of time between cause and effect. Helps ward off the pitchforks, torches and lamp-posts. My probem with crackup boom is all those rate rises they did. That would mean they pulled a U-ey right there, 2 days ago. I agree we're close to something. To hear the Fed are U-turning at this stage would be stomach churning. I'd much rather think they were in control and driving us to deflation.