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  1. ISA and SIPP getting battered at the moment with more red lights that the reeperbahn. I dont really know what to make of this market or how to properly read in to it, certainly not for the faint hearted. My ISA allocation is staying in cash until further clarity and direction can be seen
  2. For areas like the south East and London I would tend to agree with your comment as more and more refugees pour in to a an area already under supplied in sufficient housing stock. However I consider over time the concentration of jobs in London will migrate out more as London based firms will also relocate out due to the inability to attract the required level of staff. Im seeing this now were young graduates from London are staying in the university towns they studied at as the quality of life, rent is far better than returning to London.
  3. Stop their pensions would be even better
  4. I see your a Guardian writer
  5. You sure they weren't paintings of cherubs, otherwise your comment is fake bias
  6. The crowd were heard shouting up to Quasimodo for him to jump from the bell tower as the flames engulfed him. He pointed to his back and replied what do you think this is a fuckin parachute
  7. Low volume sales only the best of the best is selling. Static mkt to rolling over
  8. Pier foundation failure is the word on the grape vine. Pull it down if this is the case and build a new bridge. Richmond and Fulham Council rake the money in for parking charges. More than enough there to build a new one. But councils up and down the country think they are businesses only one way and that is to extract money .
  9. £2.55 a pint weeatherspoons 4 nights say 5 pints = £51per week = £2652PA old school bevi after wok. Saturday misses. Kids takeaway Say £5000k a year booze meals smokes min
  10. The rule of established law is very important to international investors. Investment likes long term security and stability. Investors with half a brain will now be looking in on the Uk as a serious risk to capital because of this show put on my members of parliament and the serious division it is causing amongst its populace.
  11. It is amazing how many people misunderstand the role of MPs and parliament One thing that annoys me about the media is when one party wins an election they are in POWER. No they are not. The use of the word power is very wrong and we need to start using the correct terminology and that is 'they take up Office' to serve and represent the people'.
  12. very true. This is they way we are
  13. That is why there will be massive social unrest/civil war. It is nailed on. See the line of thinking under Durham Born Credit Deflation. I consider that we will have one more boom in the economy say another 8 -10 years, After that I am very very fearful. It is all in our history books. In the end the right/ free market will win out but to get there could be over a long period.
  14. History shows they never are. they are of the worst kind
  15. The further you pull on the elastic band the more brutal the snap back will be. Look as a fiorum we think we are the enlightened ones who only think the way we do. The truth is the more moderate populace think the same except they only give lip service to all this shit, in agreement. Behind closed doors they are not very happy at all with the status Quo. Hence Bexit, Trump, 5 star etc etc. The trend is in place and will grow until the time is right for the snap back. When that time is I dont know but it will happen