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  1. Great feed back kibbuc been waiting to hear such positive news. Hopefully it will now run
  2. Last year Fifa prevented English clubs having a poppy on their shirt as a mark of respect for the glorious men that gave up their life for our freedom and right to free speech. The gloves are off now and the fight back to this shit has started as the silent majority have had enough. So let's start with the privileged privately educated and wealthy right back for Liverpool Alexander Arnold sporting his BLM boots the other day and all other professional black footballers that earn vast amounts of money and were obviously discriminated againstcan fuck off.
  3. Another way to look at property (area depending) is if the cost of rebuild is greater than the current value.
  4. The likes of the Daily Mail and all the other news media outlets are trolliing in order to get media attention hits. After all news papers are rapidly declining. All the same they are crossing a fine line here and the editors need to be brought to task by government. The further they poke the bear that is the general British public they will in time if matters get worse be dragged onto the streets and attended to. History tells us and shows us what happens.
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    Old Statues

    1980s labour Derek Hatton by any chance then I can understand your comments
  6. I am now leaning to any big sell off if any to be very short lived as Central Banks cannot afford a sharp economic decline to take hold Especially in light of current social unrest as the two running in parallel would be a disaster. Any whiff of markets correcting Central Banks will be in like a shot. As was mentioned earlier any hope of a meaninful industrial led recovery in my opinion will not materialise instead it will be an unstructured spray and pray by Governments. Yes commodities will go up but so will social anger as many will not be a recipient of this money injection. I am very likely now to restructure my sip and isa to be leaning very heavy towards oil and gas, miners and telecommunications. I have been buying into the miners over the last week top pining up my existing holding and adding new.Very likely these will be buy and hold regardless. I am leaning my portfolio to what society and people need require and desire. on air rifles i am a weichrauch hw 80k .22. These air rifles whilst below 12lbs for the Uk mkt were designed for a much higher lbs and can be very easily tuned up to 30lb that would make it a powerful fire arm, not that I have attempted to do so. Al the same an excellent hunting rifle as whilst heavy built to last, powerful and accurate.
  7. I can also see the Uk breaking up
  8. Which model No 5 would that be chewing Grass as there appears to be a few with some significant variance in price
  9. Question Building my workshop and need wood hand planer. So dosbods what make model do u you recommend for general use
  10. Whilst a different time the economic and political storey is the same today except in a different place with different actors. All part of life's cycle. Nothing ever changes and there is nothing new under the sun.
  11. Getting fit and healthy is the number one self sufficient priority to put in place. Second is to learn to run fast away from trouble.
  12. There is a thread growing here in its own right. Essential tools needed/required for the home workshop. You dont see it much nowadays but an older generation had a back shed with every screw and nail carefully stored in its own appropriate coffee jar, with a small workbench and vice with hammers saws spanners carefully arranged on the wall
  13. Im slowly building up my garage workshop that extends from bike parts and tools, car to house
  14. When governments and central banks engage in printing money in order to maintain their promises they can not stop and we therefore have a mega inflationary trend. The key is working out which areas will be a beneficiary of this money printing. The last round of money printing 10 years ago I took positions in all of the key stocks discussed here especially gold and silver. So In affect I was a whole business cycle timing wise out and it has taken me the same period of time on some of my gold and silver buys to get back even. I was lucky over this period as I was working with good money and also was hedged with property and did very well. Now I have retired I really need to be on my toes as current events suggest to me that governments will not invest all this printed money on a sound business cycle but use it for political appeasement.
  15. That is the plan. Plain and simple for all to see. If Trump does not get re-elected, the USA will descend into civil war. We all need Trump to remain in office. Trump like Brexit is a reflection of peoples dis-satisfaction. The left of centre are of a cruel mind set and must be resisted.