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  1. Agent ZigZag

    SIPP Advice

    Dont put it into Gold as the fees charged such as Standard Life are excessive.
  2. Agent ZigZag

    Simple acoustic songs + singing

    If you want to learn simple songs with simple chords a great foundation start would be three chord blues/country and western and learn a few licks within the 3 chord structure of the key you are playing in. Then learn skiffle/boogie woogie/rock nRoll. Keep it simple as there are so many great songs that are simple at face value but your technique in how you play them is what makes them great ie strumming style/rhythm. For me learn the beatles early stuff progressing to their later years. The chords in their songs is a great template to learn from. If you want to sing learn from the Everley Brothers and how harmonies work. Like you Im still learning and like to learn something new every day.
  3. Agent ZigZag

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Dear Joe Just go and slip her one then come back and tell all the lads about it
  4. Dont despair' Banned it is their choice, but I am angry that the system is set up the way it is and taking advantage of uneducated people. The lender I consider should also shoulder some blame. Why are they not asking the question of the borrower how they intend to pay back the Help to Buy loan.
  5. Agent ZigZag

    Have we got everywhere covered? England

    There are some counties missing. Put me down as a nomad
  6. Felt sad reading this as it has a perverse back to front outlook that faced many young people in the 70s and 80s in the North that were depressed through long term structural unemployment. The solution meant they had to leave their family in search of work in the South. This in turn broke up family structure and community. Moving 40 years on it is not work you are in search of but security of a roof over your family. This may push you up North to seek a solution to your problem and hopefully contentment.
  7. I am very optimistic about the North and if this thread plays out I can see the North outperforming the South or at least a partial rebalance. If there is an infrastructure drive then a triangle between the two ports of Liverpool to Hull and from Birmingham to Leeds I can see doing very well. If we take one of the favoured shares Drax mentioned on this thread, the wood pellets are imported from Canada to the docks at Liverpool. The port does not have the capacity to then transport the increasing volume of Bio Mass by train to the power station. So what are they doing. Peel Holdings are pushing ahead with significantly expanding the port. In addition they will need to expand the rail terminal at the port and beyond. All of this will require Private and Government collaboration as well as a skilled and semi skilled workforce to implement. The southern ports are significantly over congested with poor transport links to the North were over half the products are destined. I therefore see a big drive for cargo to be delivered nearer its end destination with carbon footprints an important factor in future decision making. Good look Barnsey in your career move I wish you well
  8. What I dont get is why are valuers valuing such flats at the agreed purchase price that through my observations are price fixed by the developer significantly above the second hand sales market for an equally desirable/comparable property. A simple bit of due diligence on the part of the valuer must reveal such new build flats are clearly above market expectations. iF they valued accordingly then such flats would not sell as the buyers would fail to get the required mortgage.
  9. If the market suggests $8 what would that likely be in £ terms
  10. Agent ZigZag

    Decent wellies

    Get yourself workmans Rigger boots, lined for warmth, steel toe cap and unfashionable yet are the biz
  11. Teach her life lesson No 1, 'Never turn money away from the door'
  12. For those worried about silver coins tarnishing dont. Its still silver. TIP cleaning tea stained spoons, silver knives and forks, the inside of your tea pot, just soak them in washing up powder and water.
  13. He was a senior trader at Goldman Sachs Oil and Gas/Energy based in London that just happened to be in my company briefly at the time (about 6 weeks ago). He was also taking into account the strengths and weakness of Sterling, Brexit etc. and the effect these will have on the UK economy. Anti Brexit he was that I found odd. Anyway So we have Brent Crude ETF (never done before) or The Majors that will a) go up in price and B) give a dividend If we are to keep faith with this forum topic and we have a new reflation cycle then the majors will be a safe bet to start acquiring and hold from a conservative trading point of view
  14. Your the second person to mention this, the first was a trader I was engaged in conversation with recently. I want to take a punt on this. Which oil majors are worth buying in your opinion now