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  1. Appears to be some energy behind the miners at the moment. Is this a false move or is there firm momentum? If momentum is in place what are your opinions as to which miners which are best placed as I would like to add further money to my holdings already in place
  2. Agent ZigZag

    Men's Winter Hats

    Do you stick your head between those two dirty puppies to keep your ears warm. If so your on to a winner son
  3. Agent ZigZag

    Now that's what I call a MAN CAVE!

    As a kid we were always making dens and hide outs. Its in our DNA.
  4. Last few weeks have been brutal against my isa and sipp. As I am not a trader but rather a yield seeking long term investor it shows the importance of regular and evenly spread out share purchases.
  5. Agent ZigZag

    We've been Brexited!!!!

    I must dig out my homebrew book written in the 1970s. But, like all things now it is all readily available from the internet. Tips. Wilko has all the kit available and well priced. Recycle centres you can always find demijohns from back shed clear outs. Get them free or slip the Council worker on site a drink. Brown bottle for reds, White bottles for white wines. Follow the instructions and timings especially racking the wine and you will be just fine
  6. Agent ZigZag

    We've been Brexited!!!!

    Best two wines I make are Elderberry (out of season now) that I turn into mulled wine and ginger wine using ginger root. The ginger wine is surprisingly good
  7. Going to pinch that line if you dont mind. A short sweet sentence that just about sums up the philosophy of our time.
  8. I should add that it is the mood of women that is the key factor for any real change to happen. When women rise up against the existing lies and deceit the game will be up. I do sometimes wonder if the establishment knows this already and would help explain the thought programming of women towards feminism, white male privilege bashing etc
  9. A very large percentage of politicians at Westminster are career politicians that are self serving and are mostly concerned about their job and pensions and getting re elected. All short term rinse and repeat thinking. Labour, Conservatives and the Liberals are all part of the same club and want more of the same liberal ideology that has swept through the Western World. Regardless of Party Alliance the leave vote must not go through and will not go through. I consider they believe that Trump is a short term blip and will soon be vote rigged out and the status quo will be returned. What they fail to grasp is the people have changed and that mood grows darker among the general population. Governments will tell us that us to fear terrorism and right wing group etc. It is the average man in the street that they should fear. History shows us the manual as to what happens.
  10. Agent ZigZag

    Bye bye Treason May?

    I would be interested to know the nameless and faceless team of civil servants who are working behind the scenes for and on behalf of No 10
  11. Agent ZigZag

    Bye bye Treason May?

    I think she is going to resign. Her body language after Rees Mogg addressed her today in the commons was hunched shoulders head cowerd and would not meet eye contact with her addresser. Shes a gonna.
  12. Agent ZigZag

    Bye bye Treason May?

    The position we all find ourselves in the Western world is coming slowly to a head. The trust in politicians is now fading at a pace. The man in pub years ago spouting off about conspiracy theories were once laughed at, yet now are more clearly accepted or at least considered. As with every cycle this boil will burst hopefully for the better and the cycle will start again ending some 300 years later with rinse and repeat.
  13. Agent ZigZag

    Bye bye Treason May?

    Build up as much capital as you can that is tax free ie ISA, Gold/Silver, your main house whilst you are here and then sell up and take your gains when your done with this place. It will be the UKs loss not yours
  14. This may be a seasonal thing but I have my doubts, or should I say the feed back i got was somewhat muted. If there is a trend in place is this marrying up with the current oil price trend? i read another comment on here regarding Metro Bank , that a big short position is held against them. Their residential mortgage book I would view as generally OK ish. i know they lend alot with older clients and that their checks are not as thorough as other lenders. Does anybody have any further info on this lender.
  15. Nationwides work I think are panelled to countrywide and are a desperate lender. Countrywide are tick box merchants and do not really value accordingly but rather appease the lender.My source is from another a major panel lender.