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  1. Thats why we have so many, more than any western nation, spy cameras on is and growing. They want the status quo to remain and keep us all in check.
  2. Council tax is the big concern for me looking into the future. Everything else I can more or less accommodate. The amount people pay is scandalous and will hit pockets especially savings hard.. At present my council tax is outstripping inflation. When will the govt and council take a hair cut or austerity which they like to call it like the rest of us. Even more so council tax hits those living in the north worse on an earnings ratio than those living in the south. I can see another Council Tax (Poll Tax) situation brewing here in the future.
  3. £500,000 pension pot to give £15000PA or £288 per week. Not much is it for saving hard. My father in law always looked at his investments to return £320pw to allow for fluctuations in the mkt. Today my running costs to include Council tax, electricity, Gas,water and home insurance is approx £105pw. That leaves £184pw or £26 a day to spend on food and leisure. Makes you think is saving into a pension worth it. Should have bought an HMO and sat back on my arse
  4. Im still in the mode of sell in May and go away. So no buying from me as I am going to watch the markets play out some more
  5. I must admit im still confused. Is the underlying trend still down. Are we at an inflection point. Did Brexit spook buyers that now it has been kicked into the long grass confidence is slowly returning??????
  6. Is this a bottom or a dead cats bounce in Kensington and Chelsea and westminster. Ealing yr on yr has had a great bounce
  7. Lets not forget we have had emergency interest rates at the level we are at today for 10 years. Were is the MSM, our politicians, questioning and challenging this madness.
  8. There is nothing wrong with going bald except you just have more face to wash
  9. Nearly there but just not yet. Gran Columbia a good bell weather Im also watching carefully. Is anyone got an opinion on Agri stocks, uranium
  10. Fresnillo still in a down channel but most defo on my watchlist
  11. ISA and SIPP getting battered at the moment with more red lights that the reeperbahn. I dont really know what to make of this market or how to properly read in to it, certainly not for the faint hearted. My ISA allocation is staying in cash until further clarity and direction can be seen
  12. For areas like the south East and London I would tend to agree with your comment as more and more refugees pour in to a an area already under supplied in sufficient housing stock. However I consider over time the concentration of jobs in London will migrate out more as London based firms will also relocate out due to the inability to attract the required level of staff. Im seeing this now were young graduates from London are staying in the university towns they studied at as the quality of life, rent is far better than returning to London.
  13. Stop their pensions would be even better