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  1. Regarding time frames and trading calls I haven't got a clue and am unable to answer that for you.
  2. Depends on how big a window deflation is allowed to take hold and for how long.
  3. When central banks start printing they can not stop, therefore in my opinion there is an inflation mega trend in place. Phase one was property and may continue to do so. Phase 2 - I guess this thread is all about were the next big tranche of money is going to go in order to keep the game going. This is what we are listening out for through shared ideas. In my opinion the market thinks it will be back to the races as before. This thread takes a contrarian view and is saying otherwise. The bottom line is no one knows we can only attempt to position ourselves.
  4. It took me a while to work out how the game was to be played were before I sat on my hands twiddling my thumbs thinking about work progression and such rubbish. It is inaction that wastes time rather that getting on and having a go. The eureka moment for me came in about 2000, and I started to follow the money into property and have done very well out of HPI and property as a whole from buying selling refurbishing etc. If the next cycle is inflationary and migrates to industry I might change course in my work and follow the money again. Health & Safety Officer doing Method Statements would suit be just fine. I would even consider moving North. The market is what it is and the ability to adapt to it and make the most is what is important.
  5. Barnsey - As you are not buying an investment but a house to live in and develop in with your family find the best house in the best area within your budget. There is never a wrong time in life to start a family, buy a home etc. Just got on with life and enjoy it. To many people are putting their life on hold. Ignore how much something is but focus on the amount of debt you will have, how long will it take to pay off and will you be able to service the debt in the years ahead. If we are heading for an inflationary period get the best long term fixed mortgage and let the bond holder take the hit if inflation runs high. Hedge some of your debt within your ISA/SIPP with inflationary shares, gold and silver. Once a home debt free owner your perspective and out look on life changes. Wishing you and your family well
  6. Going to make more of an effort this year in the garden. Just acquired from a Charity shop The Vegetable Jotter by Dr D.G Hessayon. I nice simple book and introduction to growing veg. So far I recommend.
  7. Ignorance is bliss...How I would long for such a simple way of life
  8. Im really hoping my oil road map at $43 is right as id really expand my holdings at that level.I still think sterling has $1.38 in site even if they cut. I really hope so as whilst I have been adding on a monthly basis into the oil and gas sector I am still very lightly invested. I would like to have my SIPP and ISA have the largest percentage of capital in this area. So far I only have about 10% that I would at least like to double. Lets hope the Gods will be kind to us
  9. Here in London the estate agents have been retrenching from the high street for the last 2 years to a single shop front unit or to a central hub. A number of high street Arab supermarkets I know in west London are considering throwing the towel in as the cost of rent, rates staff and general overheads make it no longer worth their while. Whilst it is only January and general gloom is about this time of year, there is a certain uncertainty about the place
  10. The key word you have used is the lack of self awareness that people as a whole people today have. To add to this I would consider a lack of self respect.
  11. Is MMR and mortgage application income stress tested against rising interest rates or just the current rate?
  12. I was in conversation with an analyst from Odey Asset Management a few weeks back and I could have been talking to our very own Durham Born. the only difference was they were too early in their call to market direction 2014. In summary they were long Gold, Barrick Gold was one share, long the Builders and were short for a time with Legal & General that was a call they got wrong (for now)
  13. Time to go long the Builders or at least start taking up a position to benefit
  14. Who cares what others think your the one with style and a bit class