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  1. Agent ZigZag

    What a woman

    A very thoughtful piece
  2. Agent ZigZag

    Brexit Betrayal thread - Part 2

    It is all slowly coming to an end. People are slowly waking up. The question to ask is to whether they will give way to the people or suppress the peoples wishes. If the latter then it will end very badly. I consider it will be the latter regrettably
  3. For the South East Prime Central London Top spec fit out £150 - 200sqft with the upper end if a complete rip out and refurb is required. Zones 3-4 for typical london house at £50-75 - £100sqft range.
  4. And that desk will be still be around from were we are today to the next cycle some 300 years later
  5. Auction houses and trade fairs. Usually held during working hours that is a pain for most. Google local auctions rooms close to where you live. Go to their viewing usually a weekend and if you cant bid in the room bid on line or phone.
  6. what is old always becomes new - That is an old saying my mother use to say to me, that you do not hear very much today. I have always been attracted to the opposite end of the fashion spectrum and current trends although there are times that I do run with the herd. One item that I am currently running against the trend is Brown furniture and paintings that are wholly out of favour. I am buying a lot good quality furniture/antiques these days, usually because I like them and use them but also an eye on potential future resale value or hand down to the next generation. The craftsmanship in say a mahogany/walnut table or side cabinet can be picked up for between £100- 450 whilst a similar modern piece from IKEA etc is at the upper end and plus of this price scale for a inferior product. Are there any other forum members seeing value in other tangible assets other than the obvious gold and silver etc. If so what are they and would you care to share.
  7. Tell me about it I have been buying physical gold since 1995 and got caught up in the 2010 mania from listening to forum internet bull shit imerchants to Jim Sinclair. My fault my learning curve. 219 ounces later I’m-just above breakeven. Thank god I invested in properties as a hedge. With respect to this forum topic the reflation cycle may take place but when is the all important trading point of entry that is very important. Government may tax the populace for an extended period of time before printing* direct into the economy to inflate the debt away. I think the novice investor reading this forum needs to be fully aware of all the pit falls and understand that investing like all things in life has risk attached.
  8. Agent ZigZag

    Take that BBC - 860k cancelled their licences last year

    The rule of law in the United Kingdom is not for you to prove your innocence but those making charges to prove your guilt. Learn this and remember it
  9. I am very tempted to take some profits from my miners but I need to step back and look at the bigger picture. I have bought so I will hold for the ten year time frame. A pull back is fine following which I can add more if need be. After all as I work full time I can allocate £20k into my ISA and the same in my SIPP every year.
  10. Agent ZigZag

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    Well they are in the Eurovision song contest after all
  11. Agent ZigZag

    Log Stoves

    Can you burn coal in a clearview burner ?
  12. Agent ZigZag

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    Its was also the Blair government that removed the death penalty for treason. Cant think why
  13. Agent ZigZag

    Last share you bought?

    I s 1) I used to smoke their brand and my grandmother used to work at BAT. 2) When one age group gives up another takes their place 3) I like their yield 4) they have corrected alot over the last year
  14. Agent ZigZag

    Last share you bought?

    My monthly drip was made and Added to BAT and Fresnillo yesterday
  15. Agent ZigZag

    How Britain's £239billion buy-to-let bubble burst

    A typical 2 bed new build help to buy flat is circa £1600pa service charge reviewed yearly with a Ground Rent of circa £300PA RPI index renewable every 10 years. If inflation kicks off then the ground rents could be problematic. Throw in Council tax at say 1300pa, thats nearly £3000PA that needs to be paid before you get out of bed (excluding heating, elec and water)