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  1. Been on a sabbath journey in the last 2 years. I hadn't really been exposed to them before but heard war pigs and had a wtf moment and took the plunge with the paronoid lp. Went back to the 1st lp and then in chronological order. Currently on the headless cross lp. Sabotage and sabbath bloody sabbath being my favs. Edited to add vol 4 how could I of forgot that Sometimes I just can't believe how fucking good they are.
  2. Joined last week. Got my membership letter and card. First time I've ever joined anything political. Voted ukip in 2015 and 2017. Never voted previously despite being early 40's.
  3. I joined on Saturday morning.
  4. Please show some respect and don't use the lords name in vain. Your go straight to the hellfire if you don't repent mate.
  5. All just a conduit to funnel taxpayer money to our betters. Cons talk tough on benefits and the soundbites convince enough but they won't turn off the free money taps until forced.
  6. I don't wish to appear a pessimist but we are so fucking fucked.
  7. supernaut

    Sajid Javid

    Worse really, lots of people I speak to actually think they are tough on immigration and benefits so no need to consider voting for a party that may actually sort all this shit out.
  8. Has that ship not already sailed. Wont you think of all the new consumers it generates. Edited to add I would advocate the harshest possible regime to halt it and indeed reverse it.
  9. Whilst I'm glad there is a kickback in some euro countries they will all probably just end up here with our suicidal benefits system.
  10. Bit strong calling someone a git . Hope this doesn't escalate out of control.
  11. Definitely but I'm new at this so your have to show me the ropes. That doesn't mean I want to be tied up so don't get any ideas
  12. In true Cathy Newman style "so what your saying is they all look alike"
  13. Don't be coy about your interest . Just ask the worst I can say is fuck off you cunt