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  1. Bit of a pause for me now to see what gives. Still have some cash to allocate. Tullow my first oil in the black.
  2. I feel happier this week than last. Psychologically dont want to go back in the red. Even with knowing the reflation play the whole thread is based around and why I kept buying in. Funny thing the mind, having part of my mind wanting lower lows to buy in more and the other part not liking all the red is interesting to work through.
  3. Was around 7k down last week now about 3k up overall.Bought both bp and shell at the lows and had a bit left to deploy if went lower. Still down on bp and shell as a whole but not far from either being in the black. My biggest mistake was exiting rolls royce at a 1k loss when they announced the rights issue. 2days after I exited went through the roof. Already been through this rights issue with IAG and wasnt keen on throwing more money at RR
  4. No problems here with x-o but didnt do a trade,nice to be in the black. Might be cos a smaller outfit so less users or basic website,5.99 flat fee per trade.
  5. Phenoenoma Watched this last night on bitchute. A girl can communicate with insects and this ability helps her track down a serial killer. Not as bizarre as it sounds. Jennifer Connelly and Donald Pleasance star in this Dario Argento film.
  6. I'm getting a little ground down by this 2nd lockdown. I'm a part time dot com driver who has worked all through this shitshow. I also have a supplementary income via arbing/value betting strategies. I have done well enough at the arbing to have a decent enough bank roll (excluding me from all benefits) which enables me to work part time. Most online bookies have shut me down so the majority of my now dwindling profits come from shop bookies. So no income for at least December from that . I also visited the swimming pool 4 or 5 times a week and self taught achieved a d
  7. I hardly post but do enjoy reading the forum. I agree with the general ethos of the site and not really sure I can add anything more than just repeating the same stuff. Not really a big fan of writing stuff on the internet either and prefer face to face. Most people I talk to in real life are not as far removed from the thoughts on the site. I sometimes think the general population know something is wrong but dont know what it is. Bit like hazel from watership down. I guess the the powers shadowy or otherwise want to put that back in the box.
  8. I had a very good run and that fact my betfair was down enough to trigger account closure means I know I did make some very good profits with full underlays always my strategy. Smarkets in the main very good just now and again dont have the markets I require.
  9. No I don't use facebook. My account was a big net loser. So I had to keep making new deposits,i believe that triggered the investigation. I suspect that in the current climate of problem gambling I got lumped into that category, maybe an easy win to show how responsible an operator they are. I could be wrong but it seemed that the paddy power side of the business was dealing with me and they didnt like I openly admitted arbitrage and certainly didnt like me using their shops to do it.
  10. Not entirely true I recently had my 15 year old betfair account closed. I arbitrage bet and was on a 'losing run' on my exchange lay bets. That prompted an investigation into my account. Despite in depth explanations and documented proof of my activities they have refused to re open my account. They didnt seem to care about the commision and implied commision my account generated. Big loss to my arbitrage armoury.
  11. I got quite excited back in late march early april buying all sorts. Some are still very grim and may well go bust ( Durhamborn did offer that as a very real possibility with big upsides on others mitigating those losses) Stocks wise I was down 17k at one point but now a mere 6k. I dont include pms in any of this as bought in years back and exposed more than enough on the that front.
  12. Just gone in for a bit more bp and rdsb. Average 1260 rdsb and 290 bp now and quite relaxed about further falls to buy in to bring those averages down further.
  13. Betfair and smarkets are. I did carry a decent balance at both for betting arbitrage activities. Betfair closed my account due to high losses and bizarrely would not accept my arbitrage explanation even with documented evidence. I'm pretty sure both would require you to turn over your deposit at least once before withdrawal,very easy to do if familiar with arbitrage gambling.
  14. Any thoughts on metro bank? looks like just hit all time low was 3500.00 now 260.00
  15. Whether offensive or not is debatable seemingly on another thread I'm not on. I just get a bit fed up when I see a topic about this subject and people come across as diversionary or apologists, even if that is not the intent. I've seen it on many other forums and wonder what the agenda is.
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