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  1. I did some work for them in IT a few years back. They seemed pretty dysfunctional to be honest. Obviously glad I missed them out now!
  2. Interesting, thanks. I decided a while back that I didn't have enough to split across a full selection of companies in each sector so I've ended up with slightly higher risk but I've got my cash spread across BP, BAT, BT, GSK, RBSB, TEF & VOD, as well as some silver and gold. I'd welcome feedback if you're willing but also very concious this isn't a stock tips thread, and I'm obviously responsible for my own research. I suppose I could do a lot worse than continue to drip feed into these guys, rather than worrying about how to find what else to buy (something I'm not very good at yet)
  3. Agreed and I think I am in a similar boat. The challendge for me is working out where to save the cash I'm earning monthly while I'm earning well, to insulate myself from nasty surprises such as no longer earning well. I'm well positioned as a result of this thread but it's not life changing money at the moment
  4. Interesting, thanks very much. Do you follow any groups on there that you think are worth a look? r/options and r/thetagang are interesting but a bit above my head. I timed my Shell buys less well than a lot of you guys here but I finally turned black today. Like a lot of the other posts though, just think it's a shame I won't be able to get much more while their still hated
  5. Is there potentially any correlation with the various Reddit pump and dumpers? The horde seems to have been spraying money at different sectors for a few days at a time, and could be that they're wondering if cheap goldies might be in the crosshairs next? It'd take more nous than I have but there's probably good money to be made front running the meme stock pump and dumps
  6. I think a certain set of Swiss gentlemen could help you there, see below. In all seriousness, there has been some serious serious money made by people collecting all sorts of vintage watches over the past decade (sometimes attributed to the same asset inflation effects that are discussed here), and they are as likely as any other asset to either lose you money or be cash cows. Add in the potential for fakery too and things can be dicey. An example; old watches used radium paint for the glow in the dark capability, so a vintage Rolex should set off a geiger counter as the radium is still g
  7. Does anyone have a view on Royal Mail and where they are valued currently? My reason for asking is that I've learned some figures around projected volumes required to enable the governments latest corona scheme involving mail order testing for the whole country. They're estimating circa ten times the volumes they handle every Christmas. And this is for something that we keep hearing will be required for years. I know Amazon logistics are involved in delivering kits too but that capacity number really stunned me and I thought it may be of interest here. If the previous statements are true then
  8. So can I ask a dumb question. If you had 5k to try and buy a bit of the bargains floating around today, how would you allocate it? Oil, telco, PMs seem to be popular but is there anything more specific anyone would be willing to suggest I take a specific look at? I struggle to keep up on this thread but have a horrible sense of fomo
  9. Really basic question and I apologise, but if I were looking to buy Shell in a SS ISA with AJ, what code am I looking for is it RDSA?
  10. I hear you. I'd like some roots though; moved 7 times over the last 5 years and it gets old quickly. I do want to be here for now as I'm near very good climbing for the sort of climbing that I can currently do, and I'm accessible enough to get to the kinds I'd like to learn. IDK man, whatever you do there's a bunch of risk isn't there
  11. My local supermarket had nothing but Carling. Not even in a pandemic it seems
  12. Thanks for expanding, I appreciate it. I think you're bang on WRT fucked either way and I guess I'd rather be fucked and with a house... Appreciate the thought dude
  13. Yes but I'd like to keep some monthly income for investing and also flexibility to do things; I like climbing and mountaineering and I'd like to do that while my knees are still good so I'm ok extending my repayment timeframe in order to let me do these things. If I knuckle down in the short term then I'll be pretty old to be making a start on those things We are dragging our heels as much as we can to slow it down as much as possible and I'm hoping things are clearer by the time we have to make a go or no-go decision. Are there any indicators you would look at to inform your decision?
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