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  1. Just catching up and I see Cosmic Apple has already replied. I used Coininvest and no ID needed but I was out when the courier came to deliver the parcel and had to go round to the corner shop to collect it! Typical.........I was only out for an hour and that was when he decided to deliver!
  2. Took delivery of my first 10 silver Britannias yesterday. I'm way behind you lot but I think it may be time to open an HL ISA ac and start buying Vod/Centrica and the other stocks DB has mentioned as things seem to be on the turn. Maybe this is the big one.
  3. It's worth remembering that in the UK people can't walk away from their mortgages as they can in the US so even if their property is repossessed they will still owe whatever was left on the mortgage.
  4. I believe NW reflects the south and Halifax is skewed more to the north of England so maybe the gap between north and south is narrowing a little.
  5. janch

    How Rich Are DOSBODSers

    I just put myself in the wrong category as I forgot to include my house in my net worth so I look poorer than I am really. Oh well......don't think I can change it.........Sorry to mess up the stats
  6. 50% for me. I would like to move back to the SE where I grew up. I moved away years ago and can't afford to move back. At 50% I might be able to get something modest. Looks like I may have to wait awhile yet although where I am now half way along the M4 is levelling off whereas the area in the SE I want is falling.............
  7. @SP I'm the most untechy person you could hope to meet and I've done away with a landline. I use a mobile for phone and a "dongle" for internet and "freeview" for TV so no games or streaming. I doubt I'll have a fixed line again.
  8. Well.........I'm one of their stats. Sold house using EA and was in a chain of 3. At the very last minute (I'd even booked the removal van) my buyer got cold feet and tried to "gazunder". This was after his mortgage offer and most of the legal stuff had been done......we were about to exchange. The chain collapsed and I decided to stay put for a few months as I couldn't go through all that again straight away. This was in 2016. I lost money on the legals but didn't pay a bean to the EA (their point about paying upfront for online is salient). The EA must have had the cost of listing on RM and time spent chasing people in the chain etc. Interesting to see what they have to pay out upfront to RM from the article.
  9. There has been a ‘significant’ rise in down-valuations which are now running at the highest rate since the crash in 2008. The Victoria Derbyshire Show yesterday looked at the problem No problem I can see
  10. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just got the same and I only posted my little criticism here a few minutes ago...................
  11. Things have definitely turned in the SE though. It's not exactly a crash but my hunch is the autumn may see it gain momentum as that's when things usually happen. Everyone treads water over the summer. Let's see what happens in October (the stockmarket too). To amuse myself I go to several places in the SE I monitor and count the number of reduced properties on RM. There seem to be distinct "legs down" some weeks and then a bit of a plateau. It happens at different times at different places eg this week in Petersfield it was approx 50% reduced. There are signs of typical BTL properties coming down too eg typical 2-bed terrace newish builds are now £265K in several places in SE and a few months back they were £300K or more. That is still outrageous but a step in the right direction. These are asking prices and if there's a BTLer whose done his sums and is desperate to sell well.................. I like Durhamborns analysis in which everything is about to turn south (see the deflation thread)
  12. I agree. HPC is not what it was and the additional adverts are extremely annoying..........makes you think their primary objective is now making money. I still pop over for an occasional look.......it used to be my favourite website and was very informative but not any more.
  13. janch

    Premium bonds

    I still get the grey Glasgow envelope every so often but never for more than £25 sadly. It's more exciting than clicking a mouse but I suppose you wait a day or so longer to find out you've won