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  1. I too haven't enough for laddering but can see the advantages. With regard to winners and losers I have a few (CNA/CARD/RG) which are showing considerable losses but I'm ignoring them and will hang on for the turnaround. It's only luck but I have two which I took a punt on which are running (SLP/AAU) so I'm keeping them to see how far they go. I only put a very small amount on each so of course I wish I'd put more but there you go.............win some; lose some. You learn to be philosophical. I've definitely made some mistakes eg I sold Sibanye and then it carried on going up plus I sold SSE and NG which should be in my "hold" group for the divis and of course they've both gone up a lot since I sold them. I'm hoping I've learnt to stop trading and just hang on to the ones I want for the long term. It's definitely a learning process and fun. I'd hate it as a job though and responsible for other peoples' money.
  2. Laura Ashley: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-51529201 shares down to £1.80
  3. Otavio Costa again: To set the stage: China’s credit imbalances dwarf anything ever seen. 400% growth in banking assets since ’08. Incomparable to any other major economy. The Coronavirus is just the tip of the iceberg. China is largest credit imbalance in history now facing its Lehman Brothers’ moment. The bust will be globally contagious.
  4. I know it's ZH but it does tie in with the themes in the thread: https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/ticking-timebomb-heres-chart-convinced-albert-edwards-helicopter-money-its-way US debt out of control; inflation to come to get the debt down but thinking it will be helicopter money (direct to people?) rather than infrastructure spending.
  5. Silver miners. Leading the way up again after re-testing a 3-year breakout. Outpacing overall stocks and gold miners. Looks to be the beginning of another leg up for the entire precious metals space. Above is from Otavio Costa
  6. I'm hoping this is going to rocket as I bought it a few months ago and now it seems to be going places. According to their website they have one of the lowest costs of gold extraction of the gold miners. DYOR as I don't have much of a clue what I'm doing
  7. RMG is looking a lot like CNA except CNA looks as if it's started to turn. RMG still seem to be stuck in the 70s with their union problems but all the old trouble-makers should be retiring some time soon so maybe they'll be able to push ahead with their plans. They sound really frustrated in their press release! My brother-in-law is a postie coming up to retirement and had to fight to get a 3-day rather than a 5-day working arrangement so as to wind down gradually. His son is also a postie but employed through an agency so rarely works as many as 5 days. He works when he's needed which suits him fine while he's still living with his parents. You'd think the company would prefer more flexible working. I'm not sure whether it was the company or the union which my brother-in-law had the fight with.
  8. I find myself googling all the terms I don't understand (which is quite a lot) and I'm slowly starting to understand........
  9. I had something very like this on Christmas Eve and over Christmas. I was tachycardic too which was completly new for me. I even called 999 as I was quite worried. I was checked over by the paramedic who decided it wasn't bad enough for hospital but took me to the GP who prescribed an antibiotic for the chest infection. I had a bad and persistent cough plus going hot and cold for a few days but without much of a raised temperature. My tastes changed quite a bit too eg I went right off coffee for a few days. Afterwards I didn't feel right for a couple of weeks and then got a urine infection which I think must be linked. This was cleared with another antibiotic but then recurred a few days later and I'm still on a different antibiotic. I've been saying I've had flu but it's a bit different from any flu I've had in the past and before that I don't think I'd even had a cold for about 10 years.
  10. I worked in an insurance company for a few years and they gave employees shares plus there were one or two in the office who used to buy and sell shares. I used to read the financial pages in the papers and started to buy the odd share here and there but with no real understanding of the macro situation or what I was doing but it was fun to come home from work and look at the share prices on Ceefax! That was until I made the dire mistake of buying Marconi because of a tipster and because my late father had worked at Plessey (which was taken over by Marconi). Basically they were bust and the shares were worthless. I held on thinking they would recover which they didn't and I lost a months wages as they sank to zero. That put me off for more than 10 years until I came across @DurhamBorn on ToS and have taken the plunge again with a little more understanding this time although I'm still a complete novice.
  11. https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/coronavirus-contains-hiv-insertions-stoking-fears-over-artificially-created-bioweapon .........a bit worrying if true but maybe not enough to make me sell everything as @confused is planning
  12. If true this is a bit worrying..... https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/coronavirus-contains-hiv-insertions-stoking-fears-over-artificially-created-bioweapon
  13. and SLP Sylvania platinum which has risen quite a bit recently
  14. But you can lose a serious amount of money by buying a house. Anyone who had to sell in 2008 when prices were plunging or who has bought in a neighbourhood which has gone downhill etc etc can live to regret buying instead of renting.