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  1. janch

    Advice on cancelling energy supplier direct debit

    I too have reverted to paying a quarterly bill instead of DD. It's much easier to keep a check on whether the payments are correct. Also they are then being paid in arrears so they can't help themselves to your money whenever they feel like it. Plus I cannot stand having to phone any energy company and having to wait in an interminable queue to sort it out when it goes wrong. I take quarterly readings,submit them on a dedicated phone line and wait for the paper bill which I pay at the post office or paypoint place. The old ways are the bestand KISS
  2. janch

    Reasons not to buy a new build #354

    Have the builders fallen out with the government? I only ask as it's always been the case (but perhaps not well-known about) that new-builds come with a list of "snagging" faults and in the new-build I lived in for a while recently (bought in 2008) the builder put them right straight away and I was impressed with their service. They were very minor things though and sometimes new-builds have major issues which must be a nightmare for the buyer. The article doesn't really explain what the problems were although to have that many faults would imply some of them at least were major. For the So-Called BBC to highlight this now makes me wonder if there is a hidden agenda..........
  3. That is some chart! A great article and I didn't really know about margin debt so very informative. Thanks for posting.
  4. janch


    May needs to go. There needs to be a vote of no confidence then a leadership election to get a proper Brexiteer to get on with it as the last 2 years have been wasted. In hindsight May was never going to do it as she is a closet Remainer. She's had the benefit of the doubt for 2 years but no longer. The Tories need to get their act together and fast.
  5. janch

    Fantasy investor 2018

    Wow, I'm up 7.74% at the moment..........I'm beginning to wish I'd done this for real
  6. Has anyone seen "Aussie Gold Hunters" on Quest. Seems there is gold on the surface in the Australian outback and people are going armed with metal detectors and finding their own nuggets. Some are doing OK too although the 50 degree temps and dust would put me off. I imagine it could become quite addictive...........
  7. A housing expert (didn't catch his name) on the So-Called BBC Today programme this morning said that HTB was a direct subsidy to housebuilders. (This was in relation to the news that Persimmons CEO is leaving.) I nearly choked on my coffee..................someone telling the truth on the So-Called BBC, whatever next
  8. janch

    Fantasy investor 2018

    Many thanks for adding my selections Leonardratso. With this fantasy money I sleep very soundly.............I'm sure it'll be different when I play (sorry invest) for real with real stocks. At the mo I'm still in cash on the sidelines. Still, with DB pointing us in the right direction maybe we'll all be winners.
  9. janch

    Fantasy investor 2018

    I too am a complete thicko in anything to do with computers! I'm thinking 20K each on the FAANGs stocks ie Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google. I know this is madness but I like being a Contrarian so will go against everything DB has said so far but my reasoning is that there will be a "Santa Rally" until the end of the year. If it was all my real money (I should be so lucky) I would take it all out on Jan 2nd 2019 and do something more sensible with it. Please leonardratso could you add mine to the spreadsheet (or anyone else who is so inclined)
  10. janch

    Autumn Budget

    More money for Universal Credit to ease the pain for all those who lose out currently when they are switched over to the new system
  11. I'm all for LAs thinking more as entrepreneurs but investing in commercial real estate is not what they should be doing. The average council tax payer has no idea we are all on the hook for any losses they incur. Do you think they realise values may fall as well as rise? I knew a lot of what we pay in council tax goes to pay LA pensions which is bad enough but this is another ball game altogether.
  12. I'm in the SW and I don't see this at all. Rents are falling if anything...........maybe they're basing their analysis on Bristol which I don't keep an eye on so don't know. Anyway it's another reason for a lean Christmas for EAs if PIE are correct.
  13. I guess it will be a lean Christmas for EAs this year
  14. janch

    Why can’t you afford a home?

    In 2008 a crash had started and had even reached where I live (mid-way along the M4). I was trying to sell at the time and prices were plunging. Potential buyers couldn't get mortgages. I did sell in the end but had to take quite a hit. Luckily the place I bought also came down substantially in price. It was a new-build and people who'd bought in the summer of that year paid 000s more for the same house. (I bought in Dec). Building on the site slowed substantially and the share price of all the major housebuliders sank to rock bottom. It should have been allowed to run its course but he government panicked and that's when all the props started. The crash such as it was didn't even last as long as a year so everyone saw it as a blip and has been long-forgotten by the bricks and mortar brigade. Maybe this time it will be a slow grind down but once momentum starts it could get going properly and this time there is the perfect excuse............Brexit!
  15. Just catching up and I see Cosmic Apple has already replied. I used Coininvest and no ID needed but I was out when the courier came to deliver the parcel and had to go round to the corner shop to collect it! Typical.........I was only out for an hour and that was when he decided to deliver!