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  1. well spotted "This measure introduces a new Financial Institution Notice (FIN) that will be used to require financial institutions to provide information to HMRC when requested about a specific taxpayer, without the need for approval from the independent tribunal that considers tax matters. It will also allow information and documents to be obtained for the purpose of collecting a tax debt and makes some technical changes. Published 3 March 2021"
  2. Lord Sumption considers himself a liberal with a small "l" and has been outspoken about lockdown from the beginning......... He thnks it's OK to rebel in small ways eg having a friend over for a drink and he thinks many are already doing so. https://www.zerohedge.com/political/lord-sumption-warns-civil-disobedience-has-begun-amid-lockdown-lunacy ON WHAT THE GOVERNMENT SHOULD LEARN: “My first proposal is that governments should not treat information as a tool for manipulating public behaviour. They should be calmer than the majority of their citizens;
  3. I don't understand this bit ( "leaving positions" )as I thought the main thesis is to be in the reflation areas until around 2027/28. One thing I've been wondering is about interest rates. In the 70s they were very high and I know no-one expects that again especially if there is any financial repression in play but I do remember more recently before its demise Bradford & Bingley were paying 6% (around 2010?). If interest rates go this high again would it not be a good idea to go at least partially into cash as this is likely to be as good a return as the stock market? Or is it unl
  4. I wonder what these instruments are? Pity he didn't tell us so we can also partake.
  5. Another "is this true?" comment from me as: The US govt can't run out of money as they just print more so US govt solvency isn't an issue. The more they print though the more the dollar is devalued so I would expect the price of PMs to increase. (This could well be too simplistic on my part!)
  6. It's not only Tesla but other trendy things which are falling. I've been in and out of a couple whilst awaiting the rotation to the reflation stocks. This is one which is falling hard:
  7. Here you are: https://www.theguardian.com/society/2021/feb/19/matt-hancock-acted-unlawfully-failing-publish-covid-contracts-high-court @sancho panzaalso posted this in the covidsceptics thread. Here is a snippet: The GLP highlighted three PPE contracts to illustrate their case: a £252m contract for the supply of face masks with a finance company, Ayanda Capital; a £108m contract with Clandeboye Agencies, which had previously supplied only confectionery products, and PPE contracts worth £345m with a company trading as Pestfix. GLP is Good Law Project which brought the case.
  8. I'm in the same quandry for the same reasons! I do remember @DurhamBorna few pages back saying he's sold his BHP as the big miners were running too fast and @sancho panza's charts of metal futures also look "toppy". Yet the City am article posted by @Heart's Ease is screaming "buy". I'm thinking some of the people who in the past would have invested in oil were put off by the ESG stuff and so put their money into commodities instead so maybe there'll be a pullback in the large miners as people take some out and put it in the oilies now they see the price of oil going up. I shall ke
  9. But they won't lose their jobs. They will just go long-term sick.
  10. I had a notice attached to my holding with AJ Bell (added yesterday) about a general meeting for Argo with voting rights but frustratingly the link they gave didn't work so I've no idea what it is about Is anyone else able to throw any light on it?
  11. I think it'll be worse than that as most won't realise they've been had. They will just carry on accepting what they're being told and it'll be the next thing on the agenda which gets their attention. I'm expecting there could be some long-term adverse effects from the vaccines especially as they've been given to all and sundry regardless of medical history. We won't know for years though and likely will be explained away as caused by something else.
  12. Looks like PHAG/PHSP are both shooting up. Pity I sold my PHSP when we had the spike a couple of weeks back. At that time I bought FRES and HOC which obviously then went down But FRES looks to be on the rise along with the two above. HOC isn't doing anything. Does anyone know what's going on?
  13. I missed the announcement yesterday and I see it's down a bit but I shall also continue to hold.
  14. I've done the same with our current darling............ARB (see Argo thread) So now everything else is pure profit. I've been caught out before with pumping......
  15. We missed a trick because there's another one which has also shot up: Online Blockchain plc Share Price (OBC) Ordinary 5p | OBC
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