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  1. janch

    Colleagues habits that annoy me intensely

    I've worked in an office where you couldn't open the windows at all. We were 15 storeys up so assumed it was to stop us jumping(The job was soul-destroying)
  2. I 've just bought some GDX and would like some SIL but the broker (AJ Bell) doesn't sell it as they don't have a KID for it. I remember there was some discussion about this many pages back and I'm just wondering where it can be bought. Otherwise I shall just have to take the plunge into individual silver miners.
  3. janch

    Radio 4 audience falls.

    I'd be lost without R4. Some of the output is good eg "Start the Week" and most of the other progs at 9.00am. The Today programme can be a bit tedious and (I think) leftie. (my son an SJW thinks it's right wing!). I even like Woman's Hour except for the recent overkill of transsexual c*** but that's because I quite like Jane Garvey.
  4. janch

    Fantasy investor 2019

    Yes, it's a baptism of fire! Glad I'm not the only novice and as I intend to hold for a while I'm interested to see what happens when divis come along etc. I'm definitely on a steep learning curve and am of the mindset that "some you win/some you lose". I've watched the wretched interest rates on my savings for long enough and just want a bit more excitement in my life! I'm certainly not betting the house on anything though and will diversify to a few more stocks in the coming weeks. Maybe this isn't the best time to be investing with Brexit looming large or maybe it is and everything will leap upwards when there is more certainty.
  5. DB Do you still think we won't get inflation before the debt deflation kicks in, in earnest? You seem to be veering towards thinking we are going to get a lot of inflation soon
  6. janch

    Fantasy investor 2019

    Yes I'm going for "buy and hold" blue chips and most of my savings are in cash so this investing lark is just for fun really. As for investing strategies there's an awful lot of BS out there and I'd rather start from scratch and trust my own judgement taking into account the overall macro picture. There does seem to be a change in the air and I have a feeling that trackers (and maybe many/most funds/ETFs??) won't be as lucrative in the future. By the way I do intend to add a few more shares; two would be stupid
  7. janch

    Fantasy investor 2019

    Well I've just made my first ever trades for over 20 years! Last time I traded it was all by phone and with paper certs and I lost on Marconi shares which I bought as a share-tipster said it was a good idea!! I lost the lot and it's taken me all this time to recover. I've been following DBs thread since the start on ToS plus I read financial press articles and took the plunge with shares in VOD and Centrica. It's taken me a few weeks to go through the joining palava fpr AJ Bell with counter-signed ID docs and then they wanted a bank statement. I was nervous of doing it all by computer too (being a complete wuss). I'm going for the "buy and hold" strategy and will buy a few more "basics" soon. I'd like to go for the miners but need to get the "steady as she goes" portfolio first. I was looking at trusts/ETFs/investment trusts but was overwhelmed by the choice and most seem to have stocks which are about to go south egFANGS so I'm doing it all myself instead. I'm a complete novice and way behind the rest of you but I need to learn and the only way is to take part and not "invest" more than I can bear to lose.
  8. janch

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    Can't believe I was so close to be honest! Obviously I have my finger on the pulse. The only thing May did achieve was complete unity amongst the rest of the EU countries. What a legacy
  9. I've just asked to join...........I'm at no 73241 on their list! Could be a long wait but I suppose it's a good idea to increase their numbers gradually or they might not cope with the demand. Please keep us posted as to how it goes.
  10. I just donated my 1994 Vauxhall Corsa to Oxfam and I think it got crushed even though it still had some life left in it. It was so simple it didn't even have central locking just a key. If people laughed I told them it was a design classic. I'd had it from new and was a bit sad when it went to he honest and it never let me down in all the time I had it. So now it's public transport, taxi or on foot for me as I wasn't using a car enough to justify the cost of running it.
  11. janch

    Fantasy investor 2018

    I've gone negative too........no Santa Rally to rescue me
  12. janch

    Is this site a balanced mix of opinions?

    INTJ (Introversion, Intuition, Thinking, Judgment) is an abbreviation used in the publications of the Myers–Briggs PersonalityType Indicator. Looked it up on Google and there's a few sites........one with 25 points to see if you fit
  13. janch

    Is this site a balanced mix of opinions?

    I had to look this up! Agree we are all this rare breed
  14. janch

    Advice on cancelling energy supplier direct debit

    I too have reverted to paying a quarterly bill instead of DD. It's much easier to keep a check on whether the payments are correct. Also they are then being paid in arrears so they can't help themselves to your money whenever they feel like it. Plus I cannot stand having to phone any energy company and having to wait in an interminable queue to sort it out when it goes wrong. I take quarterly readings,submit them on a dedicated phone line and wait for the paper bill which I pay at the post office or paypoint place. The old ways are the bestand KISS