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  1. No dental appts either. Looks like dialling 999 will be the only game in town soon. By-pass all the systems and get seen quicker (maybe)
  2. There's always Peter Hitchens............no link but he's called it b******t from the start
  3. I kept my small stake in GDR Genedrive which has also gone up a bit in the past couple of days but I can't find any news/press release to account for the rise.....not so good today though. If it carries on going up I might even get my money back
  4. Why bother with a test anyway? If you feel ill take paracetemol and go to bed and stay home. Surely driving miles for a test which may not be accurate (17% apparently aren't and give false +ve or -ve) or may not even happen is a sure fire way to make any illness you may have worse. If you take a turn for the worse dial 999 and get an ambulance. I'm sure when you get taken to hospital they'll do any necessary test then. As far as I can see the whole test thing is a complete nonsense. It doesn't happen for any other illness in this way. What's so special about this one?
  5. Many thanks for this. Your explanation and experience shows why some of us are doing less well than others. The small account size makes a big difference too mainly because of the disproportionate effect of fees as well as the laddering ability.
  6. I think we can all probably see in hindsight what we've done wrong! Quite a few on here have only been in the stock market for a couple of years (or less) and it's a steep learning curve even when we have an experienced "guru" pointing the way. My main reason for not doing better is selling the winners too early. I had POG/SIB/AAU/SLP all of which did nothing for ages and then when they did rally I sold when I should have kept them. (Let the winners run). One of them SLP did well last year and I held on only to see a 100% gain dwindle to nothing so I didn't want that to happen again.
  7. He could start a Go Fund Me fundraising page https://uk.gofundme.com/
  8. Perhaps this is the start of a fight back against the human race by the animal kingdom.......it would serve us right
  9. janch

    Best decade

    I think it's the decade when you were a student rather than when you were 10 that seems like the best.
  10. It seems China is also injecting huge amounts into their economy and more than was expected: https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/china-injects-500-billion-new-monthly-credit-surge-us-real-yields-looms in August China injected a whopping 3.58 trillion yuan into its economy ($520 billion), above the highest Wall Street estimate (1 trillion yuan above the consensus estimate of 2.585 trillion yuan) and the biggest monthly injection since the March record. we are not about 6 months away from the next major spike in real yields, which while probably not as violent as Stanley Druckenmil
  11. I was talking to someone about this the other day and they told me about a company which recycles batteries: https://www.aceleronenergy.com/ I don't think they have listed as yet so could be one of the little companies which get bought out by the big energy companies. NB There is a US company of the same name which is a pharma company.
  12. Maybe you're right and that is quite a worrying thought (cf all the C-19 bullshit which I can't say I've been worrying about at all). You alluded to a fight with China. Let's hope it doesn't come to that. Plus not long ago they were showing huge parties in Wuhan as if the virus had gone away. In my more mad moments I did wonder if Greta really had got her way and everything was being shut down for the sake of the planet. My other pet theory was a great reset of the world financial system.
  13. I've never heard of it either and I bet we've missed the boat on this one unless it's widely adopted ie across the world. I took a punt on GDR and it dropped the minute I put money in (although to be fair they did a "placing" and I was so green I didn't know what this would do to the share price ) I've kept it so far in case they suddenly turn up trumps. I suppose the only people who would know about all these tiny companies are those who more or less exclusively look at the biotech/medical industry and keep up with all the relevant biochemical/medical research.
  14. He also started " By the way............" which is equally annoying. As for every answer beginning with "So..........." That is outright offensive to me now.
  15. I had small stakes in POG and AAU...........I should have kept them and been more patient. Instead I sold at 33.4p for AAU and 36.1p for POG. I could have doubled AAU...... I looked at UFO and decided it was too risky......doh
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