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  1. M S E Refugee

    Bye bye Treason May?

  2. M S E Refugee

    Bye bye Treason May?

    If there is a General Election and the Tories don't become more like UKIP then I will vote with my conscience this time and vote UKIP and bugger the consequences. The Tories only got my vote the last time to keep Corbyn out.
  3. M S E Refugee

    Bye bye Treason May?

    Hopefully the DUP will put a stop to this madness.
  4. M S E Refugee

    Bye bye Treason May?

    She is absolutely woeful,inept and totally out of her depth and how she became the Prime Minister is beyond me.
  5. I certainly wouldn't like to be a White farmer if John 'Mugabe' McDonnell's Labour came to power.
  6. M S E Refugee

    Groussaka - real man o the people

    He's about as Greek as the Queen is English.
  7. M S E Refugee

    YAY...the So-Called BBC are so happy. They found a Nazi!!

    Not offensive in the UK. Highly offensive in the UK.
  8. M S E Refugee

    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    Trump should have grabbed Macron by the Pussy.
  9. M S E Refugee

    Remembrance Zealots

    We should remember all of the innocent service personnel sent to their deaths by the evil elite who still arrogantly lord it over us today.
  10. They have to keep resurrecting the Right Wing/White Neo-Nazi myth to deflect attention away from all the Islamo-Nazis they have let into Germany. I'm afraid the body-count very much favours the Islamo-Nazis.
  11. M S E Refugee

    Tommy Robinson thread

    The most worrying aspect of this is that it is a matter of time before shops,banks,supermarkets etc refuse to let Tommy use their services because his views are contrary to their diversity policies. I really hope that Tommy challenges PayPal through the courts as it is blatant discrimination.
  12. M S E Refugee

    Tommy Robinson thread

    Could Tommy take Paypal to court as they have withdrawn his account because they say he promotes intolerance. I would think they would have a hard time proving this in court as most of the time Tommy seems to use reason,facts and logic in my opinion.
  13. M S E Refugee

    They are coming for your meat

    I would like the government to bring in a takeaway tax as this industry has few if any positives,they are a blight on our high streets,creating non biodegradable litter they use very low quality ingredients that are full of salt and sugar and also often these business's are a front for illegal activities.
  14. M S E Refugee

    Is it coz I is black?

    Maybe this was her horn. You could how it would be construed as being racist.
  15. M S E Refugee


    I don't know why he is complaining because if he didn't want any attention he wouldn't have tattooed his face. Unless you are from some South Pacific Island this isn't the norm and he knows it, he is yet another tiresome attention seeker.