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  1. You are correct,my Uncle whose parents were both Polish is not at all keen on Polish migrants.
  2. The Austin Princess morphed from this to this.
  3. Does Megan know that one of his great passions used to be machine-gunning Brown people.
  4. I am a member of a Union that has voted for industrial action by a margin of 97.1% on a turnout of 75% and very few of my colleagues would admit to voting Labour. They are screwed and facing annihilation.
  5. Labour/Momentum have got Brexit very,very wrong with the working class.
  6. There seems to be a common thread from the Remoaners on Twatter in that they are saying that Boris is acting like a spoilt child who isn't getting his own way.
  7. Nobody I talk to even mentions The Brexit Party,most of them are quietly switching from Labour to the Conservatives.
  8. The Brexit Party have no chance in a General Election unfortunately and any significant vote for them would help Corbyn's rag-tag mob of communists. I think Boris would get a decent majority or even a landslide victory.
  9. They don't want to leave the Union despite the SNP protestations.
  10. The Germans really need those elite Kurdish Hairdressers .
  11. PR will be brought in at some point for that reason when demographics become more favourable towards Islam.