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  1. M S E Refugee

    Outbreak of commonsense in the Army

    I wonder if the Scouts can bring in similar rules.
  2. M S E Refugee

    How popular is your name?

    Most Piotr's and Szymon's who stop in the UK will just be known as Peter and Simon their English equivalents. I have given up pronouncing my Polish surname I just spell to people nowadays.
  3. M S E Refugee

    Fat shamed by Piers Morgan

    Its her choice but there is nothing to celebrate in being a fat mess.
  4. M S E Refugee

    Leopards trying to change their spots

    With the benefit of hindsight Thatcher's alleged attack on the working class in the 80's pales into insignificance compared to the Blitzkrieg that the Labour Party unleashed on the working class. As a Postman of nearly 30 years I come from an industry where the Union was all powerful and almost everybody voted Labour, nowadays very few people I work with have a good word to say about them as they have betrayed their grassroots support. Many of my colleagues freely admit to voting Tory and UKIP which would be unthinkable 10 years ago.
  5. M S E Refugee

    Unintended consequences of making people work until they drop

    Where I work it is nothing to with people having to work until they drop and it is more to do with them being the greediest bastards imaginable. I have to listen to these moaning bastards who constantly complain about how shit their jobs are whilst they are simultaneously picking up a good wage plus overtime and allowances,occupational pension and finally the state pension and yet all the younger ones have never had it as bad as them. I believe that some years ago they had to scrap the default retirement age of 65 to comply with anti-discrimination laws. If this trend continues I can see my employer keeping a private ambulance on standby in the car park.
  6. M S E Refugee

    Should the Trades Union Congress apologise for their racism?

    Agreed, but that is all that the Left do.
  7. M S E Refugee

    Should the Trades Union Congress apologise for their racism?

    These Union types like to talk about Lord Rothermere's Daily Mail supporting Hitler but strangely remain silent of their own persecution of minorities. I'm sure trade unions took a dim view of workers that arrived from the colonies after the War.
  8. https://www.tuc.org.uk/blogs/apologies-empty-promises-and-no-change-windrush-immigration-fiasco-continues Leftist bandwagon jumpers the TUC have stood up for the rights of the Windrush generation and used this issue to make political capital. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polish_Resettlement_Corps However around the same time as the Windrush the TUC lead a Racist campaign against ex Polish Soldiers and their families who settled in Britain by getting their thuggish members to resist against the employment of Polish workers. My Grandparents were most probably victims of the TUC's discrimination and this has given rise to me having hurty feelings about this issue, perhaps Frances O'Grady could apologise or even better send me some compensation.
  9. M S E Refugee

    Formula 1 Grid Girls axed

    https://news.sky.com/story/dwarfanators-organiser-suing-cancelled-venues-11499488 First it was the Grid Girls that have had their employment choices restricted by SJW thinking and now they want to make Dwarfs jobless also. SJW's have an odd way of fighting for the rights of people that they think are oppressed.
  10. M S E Refugee

    Using your child as a political tool

    If this family feels so strongly about Aboriginals they ought to lead by example and fuck off back to whence they came most probably Europe. They seem to have a Scandinavian surname so maybe they could go back there and campaign for the rights of the indigenous Swedes.
  11. M S E Refugee

    Black guys and white women in adverts

    I find the whole Black/White thing rather passé ,the advertisers really need to think outside the box and come up with some different combinations.
  12. M S E Refugee

    Black guys and white women in adverts

    We never seem to see adverts featuring an Orthodox Jewish Husband and his Sunni Muslim Wife, perhaps Labour could use this idea in their next Party Political Broadcast.
  13. M S E Refugee

    Prepping (for Brexit)

    Brexit could be as bad as Y2K, I never want to go through that again!
  14. M S E Refugee

    tag heuer watches

    Most watch aficionados take the opinion that he just ruins watches although now he has permission from the LMVH group to customise their Watches. Rolex will not service a Bamford Rolex as they take a dim view of third parties customising their Watches.
  15. M S E Refugee

    Islamification of Europe

    Why were so many Allied lives wasted on this shower of shit