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  1. M S E Refugee

    Islamification of Europe

    I feel that sympathy is on the wane in the UK and Europe for illegal migrants and I don't want to tempt fate or sound like a conspiraloon but Islamic attacks seemed to have ceased for the time being,perhaps our leaders don't want antagonise the silent majority at the moment. Sometimes I can't help but wonder if some of Europe's governments have something to do with these atrocities or maybe our security services are just shit hot nowadays.
  2. M S E Refugee

    Smoking - what else is known to be bad

    My late Mother was told to by the Doctor to drink plenty due to medication she was on,so she ended up drinking huge quantities of diet coke as she didn't like water. She steadily gained a lot of weight and became diabetic despite not eating a great deal, I am convinced that the diet drinks were instrumental in her decline and ultimate demise.
  3. M S E Refugee

    Odd childhood things that you took as normal

    My Grandmother smoking John Player Specials and my Grandfather smoking roll ups in their Datsun 1200 whilst my brother and I sat in the back,the stench was terrible. I'm glad its now against the law to smoke with kids in the car.
  4. M S E Refugee

    Trump's progress

    This is probably one of the most articulate and well thought out arguments I have seen so far from one of these Bozo's.
  5. M S E Refugee


    Since moving to the country I can't believe how many arseholes think it is okay to throw their rubbish out of their cars into the hedgerows. A great deal of the litter seems to be from McDonalds which is a good 14 miles from my house,I think anyone using a drive through ought to be charged an extra £2 per order to go towards cleaning up after the moronic patrons of McDonalds.
  6. M S E Refugee

    World Cup 2018 - Knockout Stage

    I'm afraid that is their best ever chance,all the major footballing superpowers will have rebuilt their squads by the next World Cup.
  7. M S E Refugee

    Trump's progress

    I have not seen any mention of the counter protest in the media even though it has raised far more money. Funny that!
  8. M S E Refugee

    World Cup 2018 - Knockout Stage

    I'm afraid that England can only beat what's put in front of them,it is a very strange World Cup in that the semi-finals are going to be contested without any of the usual suspects such as Brazil,Argentina,Germany,Italy,Spain and Holland. All of the traditional Football powers weren't good enough so it has opened up for England,I think even the most ardent England fan would admit that at the moment this England team aren't one of the best teams to ever grace the World Cup but they have every chance of getting the job done.
  9. M S E Refugee

    Feel Bad Music

    Anything by Ed Sheeran. I find myself wishing I was both temporarily deaf and blind when he is on TV and the radio is instantly switched off in my Car as soon as his musical dirge is played. Fair play to him though he has made a fortune due to the easily pleased tone deaf general public.
  10. M S E Refugee

    World Cup 2018 - Knockout Stage

    Anyhow Cameroon are Champions of Africa not Tunisia.
  11. M S E Refugee

    World Cup 2018 - Knockout Stage

    I think calling England's group "the group of death" is gilding the lily somewhat. Belgium are a very good side,Tunisia are bad regardless of them being African champions none of their players play for any top flight European clubs, and Panama were the worst team in the World Cup.
  12. M S E Refugee

    Trump's progress

    Can't see that Trump Balloon lasting long as it will probably get stabbed to death.
  13. M S E Refugee

    World Cup 2018 - Knockout Stage

    https://timfarron.co.uk/en/article/2018/1258786/mp-calls-on-england-to-boycott-world-cup-if-fifa-fail-to-withdraw-it-from-russia Hopefully if England get to the Final the cowardly remoaner homophobic Christian Russian conspiraloon Tim Farron will be lambasted along with any other MP's who wanted the England football team to virtue signal and boycott the World Cup.
  14. M S E Refugee


    I never knew there was a difference but I worked with a couple of lads originally from the North East,and the one from Newcastle said that the other lad could never be a Geordie as he was from Gateshead which was the other side of the Tyne in County Durham.
  15. M S E Refugee


    I thought you had to be born north of the Tyne to be a proper Geordie.