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  1. I used to get some decent deals 10 years ago at auction but now it is almost impossible with the internet bidding and silly old farts that watch too much David Dickinson's Real Deal and Antiques Roadshow. You usually get outbid by some old duffer that pays over the odds for a Sovereign that he could buy much cheaper online.
  2. https://seanews.co.uk/news/financial/euronav-announces-q2-and-h1-2020-results/ Euronav post some good results. Dividend of 47c per share payable in August, unfortunately I believe the Belgian withholding tax is 30%.
  3. I took a profit from Fresnillo and bought some Tritax Big Box Reit and added to my Euronav position. Euronav are buying back their Stock at a rate of knots and should announce a big fat dividend this month. I will look to buy Fresnillo again when the Silver price corrects.
  4. I really don't understand the love for Apple amongst the normie investors,surely when unemployment rises dramatically no one is going to buy their overpriced products. As for the rest of the FAANG stocks they could easily be broken up under antitrust laws.
  5. This is easily resolved just drop the i from their name,so no offence caused to Exeter's Native American minority, and the name is nearly the same as the original to keep the fans happy. The Exeter Chefs
  6. We don't want brought into the 21st Century as it is pretty shit Century thus far, keep your tax payer money and give to those dinghy people as their need is much greater than ours, and don't send them up North as we don't want them up here.
  7. Seems to be rife in Cumbria,we have had two confirmed cases at work in the past few weeks and so far no outbreak. Still non the wiser to how bad the China virus is.
  8. https://adventuresincapitalism.com/2019/08/19/shipping-update/ 50 bagger anyone?
  9. On Coininvest 500x1oz Kangaroo's will cost £12015 and they will buy them back for £9395. The only place you can sell Silver and get a good price is eBay but you have to deal with Morons and Scammers on there.
  10. As I have said a few times Physical Silver Bullion is a complete non starter in the UK due to the premiums and VAT.
  11. https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-selfridges-to-cut-450-jobs-as-sales-fall-significantly-12037780 More migrants lose their jobs. The last time I was in Selfridges there were very few British workers working there.
  12. A few a videos started showing up on my youtube feed for Oil Tanker stocks so I checked them out,Oil Tanker stocks seem to have a niche following. Here are more details about Frontline LTD. https://uk.finance.yahoo.com/quote/FRO?p=FRO&.tsrc=fin-srch I also bought Euronav but they only yield around 12%.
  13. I have been doing a little more research into Oil Tankers and many investors are expecting a supercycle to start soon as Oil Tankers have a lifespan of 20 to 25 years, currently the vessels in service are the oldest they have ever been and very few new Tankers have been commissioned, which ought to ensure that the Oil companies chartering them will have to pay more when fewer Ships are available after they have been scrapped. One of the stocks I have bought Frontline LTD were trading at $356 in 2008 and now they trade at $7.88 and yield around 35%. https://www.euronav.com/media/65361/special-report-2017-eng.pdf
  14. I have bought a couple of Oil Tanker stocks today Euronav and Frontline LTD as a speculative play. Some of the Oil Tanker Stock prices have dropped by 95%, hopefully when things turn round they will have a good run.
  15. I wonder if Public Health England is full of Remoaners trying to make the government look bad.