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  1. Even if there was a Million people in London to protest against Brexit,when using Remoaner logic that means that the majority of people in the UK were against Remaining because they didn't support the march.
  2. It is probably extremely difficult to whip up support for a Leavers March when you are constantly portrayed as a Gammon racist by the media. Best leave the passion to the Remoaners which is mainly borne out of their hysteria and tendancy to be rather emotional.
  3. https://twitter.com/LouiseMensch?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author Louise Mensch seems to be in the final stages of TDS.
  4. That was me until I stopped drinking 4 years ago My quality of life has improved immeasurably since I have quit alcohol.
  5. You would have to be mental to do anything against people with protected status. If a Muslim attacked me in the street the best course of action would be to get away pronto rather than defend myself as I wouldn't fancy my chances with the Police or the Courts.
  6. He could have been sacked for anything i.e disagreement over transfer budgets,discipline etc. It is not unheard of for football managers to be sacked when things seem to be going well,personally I would think being Black would be the last reason for sacking him in today's climate.
  7. https://news.sky.com/story/sky-views-darren-moore-sacking-has-provoked-a-racism-debate-that-english-football-needs-11669116 Yet more race-baiting from the media.
  8. How come it is not classed as cultural appropriation.
  9. My Organs will not be Kosher nor Halal compatible.
  10. The hypocrisy and temerity of the dishonest establishment trying to belittle and shame a dishonest citizen. Normally I would have very little sympathy for this guy but after Parliaments disgraceful behaviour I no longer care,good luck to him.
  11. https://news.sky.com/story/oldham-man-arrested-over-social-media-comment-about-nz-attack-11667669
  12. David Lammy‏Verified account @DavidLammy FollowFollow @DavidLammy More David Lammy Retweeted Donald J. Trump We know why you are you licking your lips, Donny. You would pick apart our NHS and dismantle workers, environmental and consumer rights for corporate profit. The choice Britain now faces is leading in Europe as a respected equal, or become a subservient 51st state to Trump's US. I would much prefer to join the USA rather than stay in the EU,imagine how much freedom we would enjoy as the 51st state.
  13. And some school children have the gall to go on strike for the environment despite probably using more plastic than most people. World book day alone must have created tons of man made clothing that is probably only worn a couple of times.
  14. I will only donate to charities that do research into diseases or my local hospice. Too many charities are now overtly political and unethical.
  15. After looking at some Twitter posts the far left seem to be perversely enjoying this barbarity as much any Nazi would.