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  1. I took up Cycling last year and Sugar is essential on a long ride.
  2. Good idea, He could maybe open a chain of Italian restaurants.
  3. Francis is very Bullish on Silver.
  4. I wonder what Jamie Oliver will ban next when the UK population doesn't lose any weight despite ingesting all of these low calorie sweeteners.
  5. Many people could have been put at risk because of this fat tongued idiot and his stupid campaigns. It is very difficult to buy Pop without artificial sweeteners because of this busybody, not that I drink it very often but it is yet another simple pleasure that has been taken away. No more Cream Soda floats for me thanks to this Cunt.
  6. We have a few Clowns at work using the Salary sacrifice scheme to lease new Cars instead of using it for their Pension. I hope to use this scheme to retire at least 13 years before these bozo's, but alas I will never have sampled the fragrant aroma of a brand new leased Audi A1.
  7. "The Squad" as Trump calls them is being kind as I would call them a shower of shit,they are totally out of order always comparing the USA with Nazi Germany. My Polish Grandparents were eternally grateful that the UK let them settle here so they were spared a life of misery in Communist Poland. If anything Trump is showing that he is anything but racist as he is prepared to tell people the truth regardless of colour, I am sure he would say the same about a White European immigrant who thought the USA was a terrible place. Your creed or or colour does not make you a special case where you are beyond criticism.
  8. It is one of those foods I used to love when I was younger but now I rarely eat them and I can't remember the last time I bought a can of them. I much prefer chickpeas nowadays.
  9. I wonder how long before the looney left start to complain that the UK has stolen sportsmen and women from third world countries to enrich UK sport to the detriment of poorer countries. Maybe they will campaign for Mo Farah's Olympic medals to be awarded to Somalia.
  10. The decline of British culture is entirely the fault of the Liberal media who continually poke fun at old White people. In what way do you think that British people are to blame for the decline of British culture?
  11. This is the promised land for gimmegrants due to our generous benefit system why else would they come here,its certainly not for our weather. The promotion of inferior cultures over our own British culture is deeply concerning to many British people of all backgrounds including Tommy supporters who may not be the most articulate but they still have a right to express their opinions. As the saying goes "the road to hell is paved with good intentions" enjoy the ride.
  12. The NFL or NBA doesn't reflect the American population either both of those organizations are "horribly black". Usually in sport you are picked on merit.
  13. M S E Refugee

    Fuck off

    I always thought it tasted better in a glass bottle.
  14. White bread,butter, tinned ham,pickled beetroot and crisp sandwiches(preferably pickled onion crisps) are my favourite.