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  1. I understand peoples concerns about reopening shops and Pubs etc however I know this is anecdotal but I have been collecting Mail from small Post Offices and convenience stores with zero PPE throughout the Pandemic and I am not aware of any of the people of whom I interact with on my rounds that have caught the virus. Initially I was very concerned that I could be infected but I now feel quite lucky that I have worked through this pandemic and I can sympathise with the fear,anxiety and apprehension that many people will feel after being locked down for so long.
  2. If only the media cared more about these illegal journeys under lockdown.
  3. Those So-Called Journalists ask the questions nobody wants to hear. What about asking questions regarding the reopening of non essential shops from June 15th.
  4. Another Journalist seemed to be upset that he had a safe space to go to and it was unfair that most of the general public didn't have that luxury. Most of those Journalists seemed to resort to Whataboutery which is very poor form I hear.
  5. OK well why don't you go and start a thread about it and post in there instead of crapping this one? 🤡
  6. This is absolutely textbook whataboutery: That's as maybe but children being raped by gangs of Muslims is rather more important than Dominic Cummings driving to Durham.
  7. When the press give a free pass to Islamic rape gangs I find it difficult to get het up about what Dominic Cummings has allegedly done.
  8. https://news.sky.com/story/scientific-experts-advising-government-criticise-boris-johnson-after-he-backed-dominic-cummings-11994132 I wonder if any of these 3 scientific experts voted Brexit.
  9. This is the problem, if the Left weren't so pernicious and full of vitriol I would agree he ought to be sacked if he has broken the rules but because of the reaction of the Remoaner/Lockdowners I find myself being sympathetic towards Boris and Cummings when under normal circumstances I wouldn't be.
  10. I doubt that copying and pasting 'Boo for Boris' is going to gain much traction on this site or be widely shared by other forum members. Anyhow most people post pictures or links for discussion that may or may not interest forum members,this is the premise for having a forum in the first place.
  11. The Remoaner/Lockdowners are trying to get this trending. These Lefty campaigns just give Boris sympathy he doesn't deserve.
  12. @OwenJones84 Boris Johnson has told the nation that if you stayed at home, you're not good parents and you don't care enough about your children What the fuck is he on about.
  13. https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-disappearing-so-fast-oxford-vaccine-has-only-50-chance-of-working-11993739 Looks like the Virus was made by the Chinese after all, as usual with anything they make it lasts a few months then breaks. Thank goodness for their shoddy workmanship.