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  1. Owen Jones 🌹‏Verified account @OwenJones84 FollowFollow @OwenJones84 More From LGBT sandwiches to Nike's feminist ads - are corporate giants just exploiting our idealism to part us with our cash? Here's my piece on 'woke washing'... No shit Sherlock,It has finally dawned on Pea brained anti capitalist Owen Jones that large corporations maybe exploiting SJW's to make money. Which corporation wouldn't exploit mentally challenged people who don't think twice about paying a fiver for a Milk-shake.
  2. Vince Cable from 2.02 "I welcome people with dark faces I was married to one"
  3. All the Brexiteer Tories need to join the Brexit Party to save their seats if we have a General election. And what's left of the Conservative Party may as well join the Labour Party and Liberal Democrats because the Remainer Tories are Conservatives in name only. We need unity in the Brexit camp and it is imperative that The Brexit Party,UKIP and the Brextiteer Tories come together to thwart the anti democratic Politicians and Media.
  4. That man ought to be detained under the Dental Health Act.
  5. Did you find the market on the Betfair site or did you have to go through oddschecker?
  6. Just had a tenner on Tommy to become an MEP on Betfair. Bizarrely you can only find the bet by going through oddschecker first, I can't find the market anywhere on the Betfair site.
  7. Yes, probably just wishful thinking on my part.
  8. I would like to think that some of the Tory Brexiteers would defect to the Brexit Party if there was even the prospect of there being a 2nd referendum. If Farage wins big on Thursday there could be an exodus of Tories,then I assume there would have to be a General Election.
  9. Antifa are the Bourgeoisie who think that they are the Proletariat. Meanwhile the real Proletariat supports Tommy,UKIP and the Brexit Party and wishes these Public sector Champagne Socialists would shut the F**k up.
  10. And yet he seems to have no qualms about selling alcohol which can lead to violence, health problems and death when abused.