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  1. I was trying think of more tinned food for my stash only to find that Heinz discontinued these a couple years ago the bastards.
  2. IveGotBillsTheyreMultiplying Sun 23-Feb-20 17:50:58 I can't believe corona/covid etc is not trending on Twitter. A while ago it was permanently top of trends with all its misspellings. There's a huge volume of tweets on the feed, doesn't make sense at all. Wow,these Mumsnetters aren't the brightest are they! That nice Mr Dorsey couldn't possibly manipulating Twitter could he!
  3. You are the first person to notice in the couple or so years I have had it. I don't really think he's a twat just a little camp and annoying.
  4. You are free to voice your concerns without censure.
  5. You will receive the usual response.
  6. Why do you rarely get car mats supplied when you buy a car? Do the previous owners keep them or do car dealers sell them on. I always get the impression that the dealer thinks he is doing you a massive favour if he gives you some mats as if it is some kind of deal breaker,it is bizarre.
  7. I wonder whether the Scousers will be thwarted in their bid to win the Premiership as there could be a situation where they have to start cancelling games like they have been doing in Italy. If this situation continues it will be difficult for this season's matches to conclude.
  8. It still doesn't be taking hold in warm climates which is hopeful.
  9. I find it peculiar that Ash Sarkar doesn't think it is racist to hold the view that people from Eastern Europe are only good for serving Coffee and wiping old peoples arses and they are glad of the work because British people are too good for such things. I bet they also love sharing a house with 20 other people to make this kind of work financially viable. If they had Brown faces Sarkar would say they were being exploited.
  10. I thought that Ultraviolet light from the Sun killed viruses rather than just the heat.
  11. Royal Mail have offered us a pay deal,our Union Rep isn't happy but when are they ever! The deal looks okay to me but we shall see.
  12. I would imagine the Chinese government are working these Doctors to death,Lord knows how many hours a day they have to work.
  13. I watched little bit of CNBC and Bloomberg for the first time in a few years and there was a distinct lack of interest in COV-19, apparently there in nothing at all to worry about.
  14. I would get down there and beat the queues.
  15. After cashing out of most my investments a couple of weeks ago I am back in the game. My new portfolio consists of Precious Metals,Healthcare,Pharma,Biotech,Consumer Staples,Utilities,some cash and small shorts in the S&P 500,FTSE 100 and the DAX30.