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  1. Le Pen's party polling ahead of Macron's for the EU elections. 24% vs 21% according to one poll. I like the quotes from Jordan Bardella... “wherever the European Union doesn’t get involved, things work!” .... “the EU is a zombie, a life-impeder”. Certainly seems to have turned our own parliament into a bunch of zombie life-impeders! Anti-EU sentiment on the rise in many countries... Globalists not exactly winning hearts and minds... Everything they touch turning to shit... Good, good.
  2. So anyway... I slung my wife out the house today and told her not to come back. She spends far too much on shoes and phone calls and things that don't get me anything. She said: "But what about Love?" I said: "Look, everything is business. Love is just an abstract concept and when the rubber meets the road, it's the money in my pocket I really care about" She said: "You heartless bastard" or something like that. Anyway, that's a load off my back now. Lovely jubbly. I'm alright Jack!
  3. Mum: Kids, what do you want for lunch? Kids: Beans on toast! Beans on toast! Mum: Okay, coming up! (3 hours later) Kids: Mum, where's our beans on toast? Mum: Oh for heaven's sake, you asked for that 3 hours ago. I'm not doing that now!
  4. Beat me to it by milliseconds. Yes, @Funn3r's definition of democracy = keep voting until I get the result that I want. And then stop.
  5. Those people didn't have shoes. And they ate eels (yeeurch) and probably said Cor Blimey a lot. How silly they all were. Look how much better London is now. Be grateful. Be glad.
  6. I've never seen so many white people in one place...
  7. I will admit that TR is not really my 'cup of tea' but I do appreciate that he is helping to expose the corruption that the establishment would rather keep hidden, and at great personal cost to himself. So good luck to him in this latest venture. Plod will find something illegal about the bus and swiftly clamp or impound it, no doubt.... Apparently that video contained something 'inappropriate or offensive' Yeah, right. "In response to user reports, we have disabled some features, such as comments, sharing, and suggested videos, because this video contains content that may be inappropriate or offensive to some audiences" Translation: "They're onto us. Shut him down. SHUT HIM DOWN!" When you have to resort to silencing and shutting down your opponent then you have already lost the argument.
  8. I am far from advocating socialism. That is what we already have... bail outs for the bankers. Socialism on a massive scale... just for the benefit of the one percent . Like you said: socialism never works. Eventually you run out of other peoples money. That's fine... print a few hundred billion quid to keep the plates spinning. Still not enough? That's fine... import cheap labour from rest of the world to keep your input costs down. Still not enough? What then? Better come up with something pretty quick because the plebs are now snarling at you and hammering on your door... I'm advocating a balance. Civic nationalism? Sounds like some of that ain't such a bad thing at this point in time. What is wrong with looking after your own for a while when they need your help the most? It is all about balance.
  9. Yikes! Kay Burley shows a whole new level of fucked up reasoning there. Apparently, proritizing for jobs in this country to go to people already living in this country, rather than taking people out of the workforce of other countries because they are a lot cheaper than the people we have here (and our people are only more expensive because our glorious masters have created a massive house price bubble, driving up our living costs) is 'racist' and 'supremicist' ! Wierd and desperate attempt to entrap and smear Farage and he handled it well. Her, and Jon Snow, and all the rest of them have a complete disconnect with a) basic logic b) economics, supply and demand etc and c) with the challenges faced by ordinary working people up and down Britain Who is watching that crap? Answer: Remoaners... people who like cheap labour as long as it is not their own labour that is being cheapened!
  10. She has a key but prefers to knock and I'm happy to indulge her
  11. I just opened the door by mistake (thought it was my wife) to a youngster canvassing for Conservatives for local elections. I laid into him a bit verbally. Had to be done. Advised him to switch to a party that believes in democracy. Told him they will not get my vote locally, nationally, or Euro-ily ever again and that they need to fucking deliver Brexit asap. The look on his face was magic. Like a whimpering dog that had been kicked suddenly by the owner. He backed away quietly and off he went.. I felt bad for a moment because he was only a youngster. But now I feel fine about it. Message delivered and hopefully he can think about and review his political choices and loyalties carefully while he is still young.
  12. The tweet says person is a #GiletJaunes. Yes, as in a construction worker wearing a white hard hat and a hi viz vest, not as in one of those pesky weekend protestors. Got to be careful with this blame game thing....
  13. Things that are best left off of one's CV: Worked for CBRE doing UPS testing at Heathrow. May 2017 Worked for Rydon(?) installing cladding at Grenfell Tower. June 2017 Travaille pour Le Bodgitte et Scarpers faire les roof works au Notre Dame. April 2019
  14. Democracy is listed in the Times obituaries today. Might pop out and buy a copy in a minute. Well done whoever placed the notice....
  15. Not sure if anyone posted this one already. Rather funny and so true...