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  1. Yes £10-12K per acre is about the going rate, in the south east anyway. Oop north, and other less pricey areas of UK, it can be nearer half that amount... that was the case when we were looking about 8 years ago and it sounds like prices haven't changed that much. You will typically pay less per acre the more land you buy, and there are even some half acre/one acre plots which are very pricey for what they are...I don't see the point of those. For me, when I was working 5 days a week, I wouldn't have wanted anything bigger than our 5 acres - that was more than enough to maintain (unless you ar
  2. Lovely sunny day today so we had a walk along the river into Leatherhead. Got a coffee from the shop, sans mask (wasn't the only one either).. no problems. However, a few people walking down the street masked up...idiots. Back to the riverside to drink our coffees. A young lad, maybe 18 years of age, leapt out of our way as we approached. There was fear in his eyes and he was actually wearing TWO masks... the blue green flimsy type underneath with a black face hugger type on top of that. We told him not to worry, that we don't have the lurgy and at his age he is unlikely to be in danger from
  3. It's a tried, tested, and highly profitable model. Bill Gates loves it. Roll up your sleeves for "Vaccine for Workgroups" (don't worry, just the ocassional narcoleptic system freeze to deal with) followed by "Vaccine 95" ( much, much better but watch out for the Blue Vein Of Death)
  4. Haven't been to shops yet and still working out how to play this but am saddened to hear that most people seem to be sheepishly going along with this. To me this feels more about social engineering than virus control. We've had all the emotive labelling... if you vote to leave the EU then you are a racist... if you don't wear a mask you are narcissistic and should probably be publicly shamed. Now we are at the stage of having to wear actual labels... in Nazi Germany enemies of the state were made to wear a little cloth badge. Today we have face coverings for the friends of the state
  5. https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2020/05/we-can-prevent-a-great-depression-itll-take-10-trillion/611749/ No time for meganumerophobia! I thought this article chimed well with the thread. The idea of massive fiscal spending becoming more accepted/mainstream perhaps... "Claiming that there is no risk to the government spending any amount of money over any time period would be dishonest. But those risks are somewhat knowable. Let’s consider three. First, there’s inflation, the risk that too much money injected into the economy will cause prices on everyday goods to sk
  6. Didn't have it when I was a kid. Instead we would all take turns taking some skin off our knee caps and hands until we learned to be more bloody careful. The rest of the world isn't made of soft rubbery stuff!
  7. Does anyone know what happened to Telefonica today? They've dropped 9%. I wondered if perhaps they've also cut their dividend but can't find any news on that.
  8. Interesting. I listened properly for first time this week and it is not a spontaneous thing at all in my street. Clapping started just before 8pm in other streets. Nothing in my street until someone came outside vigorously banging on a pot. Then the clapping gradually picked up in my street and didn't stop until 4 mins later when the pot banger also stopped. Next week I need to see who the pot banger is. Important that I know so I can make sure they stay the fuck out of my life.
  9. I bought about 4 acres of broadleaf (coppice) woodland several years ago, partly as a way of getting some of my hard earned cash out of the banking ponzi but also because my wife and I had been interested in the idea for some time. If you like the outdoors and are the practical, self sufficient sort (most people on this thread, I'm guessing) then you can certainly look after a small woodland. Excellent fun and gives you a real connection to nature that cannot be surpassed. I got mine from the woodlands.co.uk site. In the southeast, prices were about £10K per acre. In less 'rip-off' parts
  10. I'm thinking a bluetooth jammer device may be a good investmemt if things do get too Orwellian? Something like this... https://www.jammer-shop.com/de/8341HA-5-bluetooth-wifi-stoersender.html
  11. Here is my phone .. I also still have a 20 year old O2 XDA somewhere. They can do a version for that? I suppose they could always send me a purpose made device of their own making... however I am terrible for misplacing and losing things. Oh dear. I never thought this day would come. #MakeOrwellFictionAgain
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