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  1. I have a small amount in Sibanye and have just today 'bottom sliced' (is that a thing?) out my initial stake leaving the gains of 333% invested. Now I get to fire the same 'bullet' a second time but at a different target. What an insane trade this one has been. I do have my share of beginner's bad luck too though... currently 75% down on Mirasol, 25% down on Endeavour and 35% down on SWN. Hold and pray for those... Maybe I should hang on to some of this Sibanye cash for when some scrote comes along and steals the catalytic converter off my car ?! Thanks everyone. I'm learning a lot and enjoying the ride so far...
  2. Disclaimer... I haven't watched the advert, nor am I going to. (The negativity of these types of 'message' is definitely to be avoided, I believe). Laughable how they say... "When analyzing the pattern and volume of reactions we have reason to suspect an online attack and that the campaign has been hijacked." No! It's just that normal, sane people hate this shit and your cultural suicide wish has been 'hijacked' by common sense, and decent human pride and dignity. It's okay to be Scandinavian!
  3. BadAlchemy

    TV Licence

    the So-Called BBC don't care about "the country" - this one or any other one. They are biased towards the EU and the federalization of Europe. Now they cynically put "the country" as a shield between them and us knowing we despise them but love our country. "Oh don't hurt us or you will hurt this lovely country". the So-Called BBC have done enough all by themselves to weaken the country over the last four years by consistently failing to fairly represent the 17.4m majority that voted to leave and, in my opinion, did their best to overturn democracy itself in this country. I really hope the decriminalization consultation passes, leading to their funding taking a hammering as more people turn their backs on them. Be gone, traitors! #ScrapTheLicenceFee
  4. I do wonder about these large companies that are now taking a blanket inside IR35 or PAYE approach to all their contractors and to what degree they will struggle to get certain work done, in a cost effective and timely way, in future as a result. As a contractor I provided specific infrastructure migration services. The sort of thing a company only needs to do once every 5 to 10 years and which the permanent staff weren't trained up for or were fearful of and not prepared to do themselves. I could only develop this service offering by moving from one client to the next doing this specific set of tasks and becoming expert at them because each client's infrastructure had its own unique and peculiar set up and challenges etc Along the way I also bumped into one or two people like myself but with even more 'get up and go' than I had who had gone the next step and were subcontracting out work and employing other staff. Gosh.. you know.. providing employment for other people. Shock horror! What a silly idea. There is an element of throwing out the baby with the bath water in all of this.
  5. The pro EU lefty FBPE shitbags on Twitter about this... On the one hand they complain BBC is actually pro-tory !!! (Yes you heard that right) and say they gave Boris an easy ride at the election. No you fuckers you just lost Brexit because that's what the majority want that's all. It wasn't BBCs fault... BBC did their very, very best to overturn it. Sorry that BBC wasn't left wing enough for you. But of course if you point out BBC is left wing then they can call you 'far right' because they say it is actually right/pro Tory. Okay... then we move on to question of scrapping BBC license fee and suddenly they all leap to the BBCs defence and want to save it. They know it is left wing and is currently their best hope of holding back the 'evil tide of far right white supremecy' that haunts the dark corners of their fucked up minds. How do they manage to hold so many contradictory and illogical positions at the same time without exploding is beyond me.
  6. Here is a link detailing the 8 week consultation on decriminalising TV licence fee evasion. It invites responses from members of the public. I hope they have a very large mailbox and lots of people to read the responses! Please share far and wide and let's give them the bollocking they deserve...
  7. BP has bounced up to 4.72 from yesterdays close of 4.52. And I set some ladders only this morning to buy some more but at prices lower than yesterday's close I think I will wait then. Without ladders I would probably be panicking and diving in right now.. so it is probably the most useful lesson I have taken from this forum so far. Cheers and good luck!
  8. All the comments are from Guardian reading FBPE types, squealing how it is straight out of the Trump playbook. Well.. reap what you sow guys. One of them calling for a #NationalStrike Not sure if they mean a left wing journo strike or a wider strike of remainers still unable to accept that the world is moving on with or without them. Either way I'm not so sure anyone would care or notice. White van man and his ilk do all the useful work and they are mostly leavers. The meltdown continues....
  9. Time for a bit of William Walton ?
  10. Impressive list of British inventions right here so they can fuck off for a start.
  11. They just don't know when to keep their heads down/mouths shut do they?
  12. Am seeing this a lot recently. Liberals/lefties saying.. oh well if we are not allowed to express an opinion then why should conservatives? Sorry guys but you weaponised the whole thing where "my opinion, and my vote, and my rights count more than yours and so I will now shut you down with insults such as racist and bigot". Nearly four fucking years of it. Reap what you sow. Not nice is it?
  13. I dedicate this to all the sneering creeps at The Guardian snoozepaper.... Happy 'Brexit' everyone. Need to keep a very close eye on all the traitorous bastards going forward though...
  14. I don't have it but I am curious too. I recently tried doing some scoring and comparing of various miners and Centamin seemed unusual in that they have very little debt. i.e in 2018... only $60m total liabilities compared to $1300m total assets (I could be completely wrong of course!). Most other miners seem to have higher debt levels.
  15. BadAlchemy

    More remoaning

    Imagine... remoaner twits holding everyone up at petrol stations and coffee shops until they get the 'correct' change... with white van man in the queue behind them just wants to pay for his brekkie and get on with the day. I'd like to see how that pans out