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  1. BadAlchemy

    Over the Border (Brexit thread)

    Brexit means Brexit. My arse! Brexit means BRINO
  2. BadAlchemy

    Ways to earn extra money

    Company slogan/purpose... "Offering common sense to the public at competitive rates." ? Not much demand for common sense out there though. It will never fly.
  3. BadAlchemy

    Ways to earn extra money

    As FH says definitely maximize tax efficiency of what you already do with SIPP contributions and so forth. And contracting rather than employed should increase your income. If your living costs are cheap as you say with no mortgage to pay then any voids between contracts won't be too big an issue for you? There is however uncertainty to bear in mind with IR35 at the moment which has been a concern for me the last few years. How old are you and do you enjoy software development or are you looking to make money from something completely different? On DB's deflation thread (around about page 120 or so) there was some discussion about private enterprise/business ideas and somebody said this absolute gem... "find out what you enjoy doing and are good at and the business will identify itself" So do you have any hobbies or interests that could make extra income for you? Could you combine those with the software development. E.g say you like photography could you write an app that helped people take good photos.. work out all the exposure, aperture settings etc and sell that?
  4. BadAlchemy

    Basic video editing software for Windows

    It's not free (though is fairly inexpensive) but I know the basic version of Sony Vegas can do that sort of thing.Very easy to use too.
  5. I recently discovered the same with some sealed tubes I bought years ago. Never opened or touched them. Any new tubes I buy now I am putting in a ziplock placcy bag together with one of those little silica gel bag things. Then I am putting all that inside another ziplock bag. No idea if it will work but seems worth a try. Apparently you can remove tarnish by puuting the coins in hot water with some tin foil and baking powder. I havent tried it and maybe its not worth the bother. Tarnish doesnt affect the weight or value AFAIK.
  6. In a Brian Sewell accent: "An honest execution which captures the angst of modern Amsterdam life and yet alludes back to a scene from Lowry had he been in possession of a helicopter. The two central figures, like Magritte's frustrated lovers, dominate the scene and we are left to wonder... did they cross the bridge and board the tram to their destiny or did he take her back to the knocking shop and settle for a waffle instead?" Joking aside, good effort and way better than anything I could do.
  7. Yes they are excellent drawings. Maybe you already do, or maybe you don't need to, but you could easily make a good income with work like that. Just set up your easel at your nearest tourist spot and watch them sell like hot cakes. Well done!
  8. BadAlchemy

    The Sweden is fucked thread

    I can almost hear the conversations among the EU bureaucrats this morning... "They don't complain so much after all do they?" "You're right. Let's double their quota..."
  9. BadAlchemy

    Over the Border (Brexit thread)

    One of Selmayr's nicknames is Darth Vader. LOL I wonder how construction of the EUFOR Death Star is progressing? Help us Obi Wan Farage, you're our only hope
  10. BadAlchemy

    It's great oop north.

    Maybe they should have rebranded in Manchester.... call them Mongbike or something. Ha ha Its a shame. I came across these in Oxford. Obviously a slightly different clientelle there and they were all well looked after and parked responsibly in useful places (i.e not in the Thames!). The price seemed to be very reasonable and I almost signed up but the app was asking for various personal details etc so I decided to walk instead.
  11. BadAlchemy

    Trump's progress

    It says she attacked them because she needed to "express her political feelings". Oh that's okay then, why didnt you say. (Should have applied some more Butt Hurt salve that morning)
  12. BadAlchemy

    Whiskey in the Jar

    Laphroaig for me. Smokey but smooth. I get a bottle at Xmas to go in my crystal decanter thing (pretentious git) and it lasts me all year. Was recommended to try Ardbeg by a colleague but found it quite harsh by comparison. Dont think I've tried Jura yet... maybe this year. I guess the smokey flavour isnt to everyone's taste but I love it ( and also enjoy the occasional lap sang su chong tea ... even more pretentious git )
  13. BadAlchemy

    The Germany is fucked thread

    Some great comments under that KTHopkins tweet. Gives hope that common sense may prevail. Just thinking that if this mass migration into Europe thing was intended to be the next stage of globalization and source of cheap labour then it has seriously backfired on them. Most ppl dont really care that the call centre or IT team has been moved to India. If anything its a bonus and they can maybe get stuff a bit cheaper than before. But suddenly present a threat to people from all walks of life like this and people will pretty soon wake up and say No!
  14. BadAlchemy

    The Sweden is fucked thread

    Get that complete fuckwit at 18.26... "What do they do with their so called benefits. They go shopping so businesses make money from immigrants on welfare." Wow! Economic genius. Lets all break a window so that glazing company makes money fixing the window. Lets dig holes and pay people to fill them in. We will have a booming economy in no time. I really despair. Sweden is fucked alright. Seems we all are.
  15. BadAlchemy


    Happy Birthday! It's a great time of life IMO. But if it bothers you then you can start doing birthdays in hexadecimal like I do. The wife and I are both 33 now