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  1. Career move maybe but you need to be pretty bitter towards men to start with to even conceive of such a thing. I wasn't even aware of the term manspreading until fairly recently. Wonder what the cucks will take offence to next. Here's how I would suggest the chairs be used... female moves to chair on right, is tied to it and dunked in local pond like the witches of old. Male moves to chair on the left, whips out his todger and proudly displays it on the purpose built 'penis plinth' Put your cock on the block Put the cucks into shock!
  2. Partly laziness I suspect. Also if the car is on PCP/leased then maybe they think the cameras in the car park will save them if they get a ding or a scratch. £6 per day extra 'insurance' premium though... no thanks.
  3. I know a couple of young (20s/30s) people doing minimum wage jobs. One drives a fairly new hatchback and the other has an Audi sporty thing. Okay I'm a tightfisted Dosbodder but anyway... at their age I was earning really good money but never got out of the habits of my student days... driving cheap old Fords even though I could afford something quite fancy. I earn fuck all money now at 52... cannot stand the rat race and am carving my own niche at my own pace instead...and it's not a problem for me. I am very happy. I am from an ordinary background but I have everything I need now for the rest of my life. I don't think many average people like me will be able to say that any more. The change in attitude to money over just a couple of generations is shocking. The consumer driven brainwashing appears to be complete. Young people have had their lives financialized to oblivion with student fees, crippling housing costs etc so I suppose why bother worry about driving an expensive car or whether the money (debt) is in your hand or just a wave of a phone/implanted chip. Drop in the ocean I suppose. I was lucky to be born when I was I suppose... and that stinks. Anyway, I don't worry about what form the currency takes... physical cash or a chip in my fucking arm. I worry more about the (lack of) foundations of the currency itself. Make sure you have some gold, silver and some of them reflation stocks mentioned on the Deflationary collapse thread. And some tradeable skills etc. Shit will hit the fan sooner or later...
  4. I do this too and find it very satisfying to know the spots ( quite often not too far from the paid parking areas ) where you can park for free and also avoid the stress of busy car parks and dealing with ticket machines. I grew up, and started my driving life, in a time when you could more or less park anywhere for free. What happened! Sigh...
  5. I had completely forgotten all about that woman. She has no admirable qualities whatsoever so she is easily forgettable. They are all like that really. In fact, I have taken the step of completely forgetting about Bojo already, ahead of him becoming PM. That way I won't have to remember to forget about him later, when his time is done. Useless wastes of space the lot of them. Anyway here is Mrs May... (h/t to whoever posted this here before)
  6. 28 years... but, who knows, long before then prison cells will have joined 'controlled borders' and 'nation states' as things which are "fascist" and therefore against his human rights so he will be free again? </cynic>
  7. "Because of the way the allowance is calculated many consultants will face a significant tax bill even if their earnings are only just above £110,000 a year. NHS Providers, which represents hospital trusts, said senior staff were now saying they could not afford to work at weekends to bring waiting lists down." Aren't they all balls deep into BTL too? Those things don't pay for themselves you know...
  8. I had no idea there were other spin offs from ToS. You learn something new! Was there ever a 'Dead Monkeys' or 'Dead Salmon'? P.S. Thankyou @spunko and all contributors. Best site on the whole goddamn internet!
  9. BadAlchemy

    Bad to the bone

    Insane! See that bug splatted on the camera lens? That's probably what the rider would look like if they fell off at that speed. That's a special kind of crazy I think.
  10. MEPs? Look like a bunch of primary school teachers to me. My fave comment on there... "You put the band back together"
  11. I'd be certain to throw up Ha ha. I hadn't spotted those two. Fantastic! Their names are Duh and Whateva
  12. How did they let this guy on Question Time talking common sense and getting cheers from the audience. It will not do!
  13. Got an Ideal Response 120 fitted to our house in 2001. Gas fitters recommended them and I didn't know any better. Absolute fucking nightmare. I cannot tell you how many times it broke down. We actually kept it going for 10 years under various warranties. After countless engineer visits requiring me to take time off work etc, pretty much every component of the boiler had been replaced. It then stayed working a bit better but I would still keep jam jars under the thing to collect occasional drips and drops. I am told Ideal invented a bleeding edge boiler but it was shit. They lost so many customers because of it. That's why they had to offer 10 year warranty in an attempt to win back customers. I dont know if their stuff is any better now but I would not risk it. I have Worcester Bosch now. Very reliable. I'm very happy with it. Chap who services it says they are very good but Vaillant even better still. Just to add... I have just poured myself a very, very large brandy which I attribute to just having to recall the events surrounding that piece of shit boiler they called the "Ideal" (some kind of sick joke having that name I always thought) that I had the misfortune to own. Hope that helps anyone considering buying one !
  14. Fuck yeah! That's how you negotiate with the EU