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  1. Lego is a durable long-lasting toy that can be handed down from generation to generation. Some of the lego my nephews are playing with is 40+ years old. There is also a strong second-hand market as all bricks are compatible with each other, no matter how old, and of course there are those who collect rare/discontinued sets. Compare and contrast with the less durable, less modular and less widespreadly played with toys - These tend to have less hand-me-down appeal and retain less value on the second-hand market. Therefore, lego is a relatively good use of plastic in my opinion and shouldn't be compared with single use plastics.
  2. Breaking Bad and the spin-off Better Call Saul are excellent Netflix series. And they aren't too predictable. Watch Breaking Bad first.
  3. But, but, but, she 'identifies' as an American Indian. Isn't that enough these days?
  4. Rhaegal

    Gerard Batten

    He did so well to keep his cool. The SJWs apologist stance (and diversionary tactic of labelling those that voice concerns as racist or far right) is just going to drive more to be awakened by the cover ups of systematic abuse and dangerous importation of extreme ideology. As he made clear several times, it is a particular ideology that encourages / allows for such abuse on such a scale.
  5. Arrests: Could mean anything from spending the night in the local police station to a full blown court case with years inside prison.
  6. Rhaegal

    NHS Heart test

    Not saying its great, but because you didn't answer the blood pressure question, the tool has assumed you have the average UK person's blood pressure. So it's really saying that the average UK blood pressure is too high (when you don't provide it with your own stats).
  7. Xbox One connected to a dumb TV works a treat - one box that plays games, blurays/dvds and Netflix/NowTV/iplayer/itv, c4, demand 5 etc. Then just buy a remote control so you can leave your controller for just games. You can also play live tv through the xbox one's interface if you buy an adaptor, but I haven't tried that properly yet.
  8. On front page of the guardian, main article inside the paper of course: Gabrielle: ‘I’m coming back as a white male, honey’ https://www.theguardian.com/music/2018/aug/06/gabrielle-coming-back-white-male-new-album-interview
  9. I realised today that those reality police chase and catching crime programmes on TV appear to be exclusively (or very near to) be of white men causing trouble.
  10. This sounds as though they are effectively trying to operate a HMO but it's not clear to me how they are presenting this to the bank or to the authorities. My basic understanding from when I was thinking of paying to live in a HMO several years ago is that each occupied bedroom would need to have a lock on the door, there would need to be fire escape plans and compliance to other health and safety requirements. Is that how they are operating it or do you think they will just be presenting it like a normal rental (and flouting HMO laws)? As Cunning Plan questions, do you think everything is above board with declaring rental income to HMRC? If both of these points raise questions about their character I would not be signing a legal document, that's before this jiggery pockery with pretending a room in use as a bedroom is a lounge for mortgage approval purposes. On a separate point I wonder if the banks are obliged to check that the house is being legally registered as a HMO with the local authority - surely if they are presented with 5 or 6 contracts they would have to do this? As others have said, the environment and how you are treated is obviously important so if you decide to still sign the document then just put it down to facing the ridiculous situation we have in the UK with rentals.
  11. John Lewis is one of the few big name high-street shops which can be relied upon in the quest for a present that is a bit special (e.g. A handmade in UK photo frame, hand-made designer vases etc). Unless I'm looking for a perfume, cosmetics or clothing, it is JL all the way and independents. So I hope they continue.
  12. Crikey, although I can't disagree with any of your thoughts, I am left wondering what will be left! Maybe an Aldi/Lidl, Tesco Express and a Primark
  13. I found a letter of invitation for a chap from our Indian site basically stating to the british consulate that he would be coming to the UK for training, attending meetings and brainstorming for 2 months. I read further down and this visa request related to a multiple entry visa for 2 years. Incredible. I have dealings with almost all functions and have never seen any overseas subsidiary staff sticking to non-work stuff. They are all working. Even worse, we have partnerships with 3rd party companies. We have probably 30+ Indian nationals working on site through the third party companies. Staff are engineers predominantly and the odd planner. Some have been here for over two years. My understanding is that these 3rd party companies set up an office registered in UK and bring in their off-site resources to work in UK and remotely. I get the sense that it is all wink-wink, hush-hush. Probably claim that they can't get the resources from UK/EU, meanwhile the window for contractors to be converted into permanent staff members closed very quickly, Just incase I get the inevitable SJW comment: I have nothing against the people of India or individuals taking an opportunity to develop themselves. What I do not like is the murkiness of the whole arrangement and that it is not clear if all UK tax law and immigration rules are being complied with. I also would prefer we bring in apprentices to train and develop. Meanwhile we get the increasing percentage targets for offshoring rammed down our throats on a regular basis.
  14. Recycling companies: I don't think this idea has been mentioned before (possibly for good reason!): In a reflation cycle I would have thought that established Recycling companies would do very well: Zero or negative (i.e. Paid to take waste) input costs, existing high capital expenditure equipment and plant facility (depreciating on balance sheet, but barrier to entry to new entrants due to increasing cost of money), and rising value of extracted materials due to the reflation. Also the increased market price of PMs and industrial materials such as copper (I presume would be in demand in a reflation and inddustrial cycle) in a reflation cycle would encourage the focus on increasing the percentage of valuable materials recovered from e.g. Electronic waste. P.s. I've come over from the other site. I only have 60 something posts from memory but long time lurker there (mainly because I have a lot to learn!) Big thanks to Durhamborn and all the contributors to this thread, it is a wake-up call