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  1. So this episode which ranked more seriously on the So-Called BBC than a terrorist running amok with a machete turned out to be no crime at all. Must be a big disappointment to the Witchfinder General and his BBC cheerleaders.
  2. Doesn't help that Woodford is transparent about his holdings. Worked in his favour when his reputation was lauded. Another wise man bearing gifts whose reputation is compromised. Gold... Frankincense.. Myrrh .....
  3. Yep or surf social media like this woman in her driverless car...
  4. Absolutely and John McDonnell I see broadcasting about the glorious Revolution of 2020 on the big screen.
  5. The Market has done better from 2010 to 2019 than from 2005 to 2010. But looking at the last 14 years as a whole things are down in real terms in my area, Derbyshire. We might be moving, subject to it going through. The house is way short of even CPI from the last sale in 2005 and they have rewired, new double glazing, both bathrooms and kitchen replaced, new roof, totally stripped and redecorated. So really the damage was done by Brown tripling prices in just eight years to 2005. The house would have gained 30% in the last 14 years in nominal terms should the sale go through. Brown 200% in 8 years, since 2005 just 30% in spite of improvements. The adjustment from Brown's lunacy could takes many decades.
  6. Think they will switch from cars to houses if cars are culled. Bedroom tax for private owners, land tax etc. Might make council tax look like a walk in the park. Taxing the public for the population explosion that had been stable for a generation until about the turn of the century.
  7. Looks like the future is going to be fun; confiscation of personal transport, confiscation of retirement pension.
  8. Ok it's a cooperative. But if you wanted all that kit back then it would have set you back thousands in today's money. You'd have to be pretty geeky to want to shell out that on something so useless unless you were making a career out of IT and it was a learning tool. "So what do you use it for?" Well I use it to track what food I have got in the fridge. " .Talk about a sledge hammer to crack a nut. I guess they were the trail blazers, however, that got excited over nothing so most of the rest of us could join in when computers could actually do something. Tbf I was always a bit of a computer luddite. When I was an accountant in private practice I used to just complete business starements of accounts from control accounts without recourse to trial balance or computer because after 30 years of doing it the mechanics fell together just using my brain. So hearing people need a computer to manage their fridge appears to lack commonsense.
  9. Yep ask the expert. Her salary gets the Charity 123 views on youtube.
  10. Wouldn't like to comment on this as the Charity is in my local area and Mrs Watson may not have done anything wrong. Wendy Watson had been lauded by the So-Called BBC for many years. 97% wages/ 3% charity work in 2015 allegedly.
  11. Getting fat on the profits. See this a lot with charity types, the entitlement extends to no austerity when it comes to their food.
  12. My chief suspect is exercise. Just read an article that said the 50s housewife expended 1,000 calories in exercise compared to 500 in 2003, so it's probably got worse. All that walking to the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker. I walk btw, about 60 miles a week, high carb diet no probs.
  13. I think he's waiting for his hero Cuntbyn( Patron Saint of Terrorists) to seize power. Ideal candidate for a well paid school visitor as a reformed Decapitator. Clearly a Prodigal we need to welcome back with open arms to enrich and educate. Being a reformed baddie is worth more in the jobs Market than a degree if you want to work for a leftist Council.
  14. Homeopathy, Diluted Berlin Wall seems like a sensible idea the NHS bods might consider. Queen's doctor too.