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  1. Young climate protesters in New York leave their mark. Single use drink and food cartons strewn the streets. More hypocrisy.
  2. We've just flown 5,000 miles using money we have raised to tell you adults to change your ways, you are destroying the planet so we don't have a future. A future of travelling and consuming at a guess.
  3. Meanwhile if they are not part of the Extinction rebellion trying to stop planes flying they are bloody on board doing their rite of passage travel stuff ensuring criminal asylum seekers don't get deported. Looks like GretaThunberg's big sister.
  4. An article here regarding these priviledged virtue signalling hypocrites.
  5. It's the dream appointment for today's young people so I doubt it. Any job that involves a lot of flying around the world ( travel is rite of passage these days) and fostering cultural understanding. Second only to virtue signalling on Waterloo Bridge.
  6. Yep summer driving more fuel efficient. I average 60mph on a Peugeot 107 swinging from about 55 in winter to 65 in summer.
  7. Well it got 3 minutes on the So-Called BBC news channel at 7:O clock and not a 24 hour rolling special.
  8. The woodland should look after itself until a tree falls across the main road ( I'd worry about that). Looks like most of the grass might be grazed.
  9. I really like this. A not too enormous 1827 Georgian country house with grand rooms, entrance hall and staircase. Set in 6 acres, it is smack bang in the middle of the estate with a two acre woodland screen hiding it from the road. Only the Market Rasen area could offer this quality at this sort of price because it would have rarity value in say the North East or even some Banana Republic for that matter.
  10. Yep I had block paving at the previous house, a real nightmare for weeding. More maintenance than a lawn or border imo.
  11. Thanks VL. The vendor said what an easy job the garden was and low maintenance. She was lying, it's quarter of an acre and 95% border, and 5% lawn. Another big border....
  12. Occasionally I suddenly decide I hate something. This year it is hedge woundwort. And I'm trying to dig it all up. A non stinging nettle that smells awful and looks crap most of the time but thrives in the woodland setting.
  13. Spanish, English in our garden, haven't got a clue? Bluebells, forget me nots and euphorbia very much to the fore at the moment. The aqualegia to follow are probably the most rampant. Never spend a penny on the garden, I let whatever is there run riot so long as I like it. Could do with some rain.
  14. Yep March the low, April much the same..
  15. Truly shocking; nepotism, serious criminality...good job they are seen as a minority in need of special dispensation. End game for a white, male Tory I reckon.