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  1. crashmonitor

    Where Am I?

    That's bloody impressive detective work, Philip's approach on the B1439.
  2. crashmonitor

    Where Am I?

    Top one London Street, Norwich perchance? Never been, cheating on Winsor Bishop, google.
  3. The future under McStalin and Corbyn. Never seen so many White people demonstrating in one place before. Send them all for re-education.
  4. Don't think Brexit have got much chance either tbh...Peterborough perfect seat; by-election, perfect protest vote. I can see something like Labour 25%, with Con, Lib and Brexit fighting it out in the mid teens. Could give Corbyn and McStalin an overall majority but more likely a Sturgeon/ Corbyn axis.
  5. Kier imploding, -35% Just like Carillion recognised as champions of Diversity in the 2019 awards. Guess that's alright until nobody has a job. A microcosm of UK under Corbyn perhaps.
  6. Meanwhile concerning her husband's health 9 months ago, nothing quite like a danger bang for him I guess.
  7. Cultural enrichment, and bringing a bit of ghetto to Teddington. "Neighbours weren't respecting my kids bro. You know what I mean."
  8. Looks like we are exporting a bit of diverse enrichment to the Antipodes from Southampton. A few million on the tower block refurb and a lifetime on bennies all good for Aussie GDP I guess.
  9. Jeez, I've just got to the disabled comedienne's first diatribe. Starts off with Boris closing ten fire stations, guess he must be responsible for the Grenfell deaths and moves on to the Tory's genocide of 130,000 people because of Austerity. I think we must expect no less than the Islington Trials once the left get in. She makes Barry Gardiner and Lady Nugee's propaganda of hate look pretty tame. Villiers, what a self controlled, polite individual. I really like her.
  10. Always looks a bit bewigged like one of her illustrious ancestors. Barbara Villiers mistress to Charles II Theresa Villiers
  11. Ecky thump and you're a Lancastrian too. I bet you hate Lancashire Hotpot and Chorley cakes too.
  12. Bilderberger club obviously rushed the lizard suit in Rory's case.
  13. Hancock really doesn't come across well on television . He claims dyslexia so that might explain his odd arrogant demeanour when being questioned; but getting to Oxford University with a serious disability undiagnosed 25 years ago, yeah right. Smacks of badge of honouring a difficulty not a disability. One candidate who would be a disaster, hopefully out of it.
  14. Dummy enough to try and deliver May's Brexit yet again, confirmed on Daily Politics. Stewart.... Loy's monkey...
  15. If they are spending more than we do per capita, surprising that there are 570 shanty towns in France against zero here; must be a case of all or nothing for those Africans. Brits are a bit touchy about their environment and will throw a lot of money to try and keep cities clean and that means guaranteed housing for all comers. Periodic social housing refurbs alone cost 100k per family in London apparently. More than many indigenous families see spent on them in a lifetime.