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  1. crashmonitor

    Investing for the collapse?

    I tend to think yesterday's losers often become tomorrow's winners. Urban property has been one of the main drivers of HPI through immigration and BTL since the last crash. Houses in very well heeled rural spots with low debt and high household savings, especially from the Midlands north, have barely changed in price since 2004.
  2. crashmonitor

    Westmister car of peace

    Very unlikely he is white. the So-Called BBC always report on white ethnicity when news is breaking.
  3. crashmonitor

    Peak UK Economy

    Never understand how we have got to a position of nearly balancing the books since the majority of the country are net recipients...public sector, retired, disabled, unemployed, students, children, tax credits, working but with huge NHS costs ( diabetes etc). Just about covers everybody. I actually don't work and don't fit any category because I am self funded, don't use NHS or have ever received benefits or further education. Still pay a few grand in tax..a couple of grand council tax (well half with partner) VAT, stamp duty on house moves and share transactions, excise duty on petrol and energy etc. I guess they may eventually get a biggie off me like inheritance tax. It has to come from somewhere and I think best when you are dead.
  4. crashmonitor

    Cunts Who Play Music Super Loud In Public

    Other people's music being imposed on you is a real downer. Like Frank, wouldn't want my music going beyond the car. I'm thankful nobody plays music in their gardens near where I live, that too is a tad anti-social. Even worse through walls or ceilings in adjoining houses or flats.
  5. crashmonitor

    Never, ever take responsibility. For anything. Another family who think the solution is more help from the Government to their fatness. Their solution more welfare as they have not got enough money to put food on their table. The daughter is livid too, I'm a student how the f%%k does the Government expect me to exercise. I reckon she should sue.
  6. crashmonitor

    Why are the So-Called BBC such arseholes?

    Yep I saw this guy around Nottingham when I used to live there or saw him stacking shelves at Asda. Same half beard. Ironically I remember him being in some sort of Christian Bretheren that used to meet at the Central Library. I guess he jumped religions or maybe I just mistook their Qurans for bibles.
  7. crashmonitor

    Operation Nookie 60

    Men go for looks, women of all ages prioritise other assets imo, financial ones. The subliminal calculator is out.
  8. crashmonitor

    House of Fraser calls in administrators

    Does seem to be a pointless drive for stuff that nobody really needs anymore. Just causes overfull houses and even storage charges, just hoarding what has zero value. Stuff is the biggest liability of the 21st century crippling lives.
  9. crashmonitor

    House of Fraser calls in administrators

    I see Debenhams shares are up a couple of percent on the news. Not that thst is much consolation for shareholders the whole shooting match could be swapped for just one house in Eaton Square. One less loss making competitor I suppose.
  10. crashmonitor

    Favourite 60’s songs

    Also note he died of liver cancer aged 54. Cripes I'm 54.
  11. crashmonitor

    Favourite 60’s songs

    I see he covered this one at the same BBC venue. Which I do know. On the first vid, I thought Jeez the guy is wearing his trousers high, then I realised it was a belt half way down his shirt/ suit?
  12. crashmonitor

    Favourite 60’s songs

    Didn't know it XYY but it sounded great on first playing and very much of the time...have added to my youtube favourites. A guy that is probably overlooked this side of the pond. edit. I see he is English but probably better known in US.
  13. crashmonitor

    Population Density

    Yep I have family ties to Ashbourne too, but live in the Dark Peak to the north, both parents were brought up in villages around Ashbourne. Best thing about the area stretching from the Dovedale area in the White Peak to Hathersage and the Dark Peak in the north is the low population density. The adjoining Staffordshire moorlands and Manifold valley areas near where you are also nice for the same reasons.
  14. crashmonitor

    Population Density

    It looks worse than it is to the visitor or tourist because the congestion is concentated on the A roads and towns. I live in a tourist destination,Derbyshire Dales, population density 225 per square mile against 1350 for England. Most of it is just completely empty, I can set off walking from my home and meet nobody for ten miles on my morning walks. I do live at the end of a bridle road and hit moors or forests from the off. The minor roads surrounding the main roads are empty so no problem of traffic for those that know alternative routes. Main advantage of low population density is cheaper house prices. MIgration and Btl have been the main drivers, rural areas largely unaffected. Derbyshire Dales prices more or less at 2004 levels.
  15. crashmonitor

    Your Favourite Song

    The original five Rumours line up toured the UK for probably the last time this spring. Stevie has yet again fired her ex boyfriend, Lyndsey. After 50 years of working together you would have thought Lyndsey would know who was boss. Here da boss, don't mess with the girl...