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  1. Derbyshire Dales coming out at zero, sounds suspect ( would have thought 1 to 2%). I know it's in the top ten of least enriched. Might explain the relatively cheap house prices for a very affluent area, that the younger generation clearly don't want by voting for immigration friendly parties.
  2. That's how it's supposed to sound a bit gravelly/ Leonard Cohenesque.
  3. crashmonitor


    Stewart's still got a year to go before he can match Dixon played by Jack Warner as a police sargeant aged 81 in 1976.
  4. Yep I always carry a plastic cup and fill it from my own flask in the rucksack.
  5. Leftist lovies already trying to make Fox a pariah. Shutting down free speech as usual if deemed the wrong sort...
  6. I knew of his role in Lewis ( a poor sequel to Morse imo). But the Fox family are pretty much acting Royalty, so I would have probably heard of him anyway. His father, James (Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines). His even more famous uncle, Edward, his aunt Joanne David and their child ( his cousin) Amelia Fox. Somebody should have told Billie Piper marrying into Royalty aint easy. Cousin Amelia Fox...
  7. Fwiw I have kept accounts since 2006 ( well before then actually). But I can give you my aggregate returns on unmortgaged property and investment returns over the last 14 years since property peaked as I keep running stats. Our house is SSTC so my half share of the profit is up to date on property returns. Anyway, 125k on my investment returns and my half share of house profits over the same period just 21k. I've probably had an average 65/35 split in favour of investments including two years of not having a house between 2006 and 2008. Clearly investments have done better than property. I've not invested that well either. But not putting all our eggs in the property basket has more than made up for that. It has made sense to have a house to avoid rent these last ten years or so, just not an expensive one. The maths might be different in London or Oxbridge.
  8. Chakrabarti's face during Fox's replies priceless. The moral superiority of her type pissed off most reasonable voters last month.
  9. I agree, it's very area sensitive. I live in a rural area and real prices have been falling for 15 years in real terms ( as has most of the country per HPC chart above). A really good detached house in a third of an acre in the very best Peak District villages would have risen about 30% against 50% rpi since 2005. ( somewhere like Parwich, Baslow, Curbar). The fact you could swap one of these for a maisonette in Cambridge seems very odd to me when these villages are incredibly affluent. Best policy in places like Stoke, Peak District and across to the likes of Bassetlaw and Bolsover would have been to buy a cheap house as Stokie says ( not 1997- 2003 obviously) I wouldn't like to make a prediction going forward but I suspect the N Midlands may see a bit of catch up over the next two years. Notwithstanding the fact prices were stupidly high in 2005 and probably still are in the north. I am slightly bullish because of the price differential with the South East.
  10. There's probably a bigger standard gap in football between genders than any other sport. Physical differences and the fact Women's football is a recent professional sport probably are the main reasons. Unfortunately the male supporter is probably synonymous with dirty old men in raincoats at a Strip joint. A stereotype not helped by what I would consider a hostile pc image the female game has. No wonder the idiots get a handful of supporters attending the highest level professional games. Or have to ship in school kids to bolster numbers at Internationals. Men not welcome.
  11. Yep, they will even know what Stokie's watching.
  12. Fwiw Harley, I can't reconcile this boomer's money ill gotten/ but the inheritance for the kids is sacrosanct. I think IHT thresholds are a tad generous, will just increase wealth inequalities down the line and certainly social care costs should be paid by the recipient and not the taxpayerand not enabling Johnny to get his million pound inheritance intact.
  13. Let's get this right she's paid 190.5k in 2005 ( about 300k in today's money) for five minutes in space and there's probably a level of risk ( ie. death) involved. I wouldn't be paid to go..
  14. Some people are More Equal. You were a young fit guy and they probably figured you had the wherewithal to sort it out and in the meantime you'd survive. If you were a 50 or 60 something obese benefit lifer with type two diabetes or a migrant with children you'd get emergency accommodation immediately.
  15. Just heard this on BBC4 from Rumer (2010). A very haunting descant in the chorus. Reminds me a bit of Matt Bianco in that regard. Matt Bianco (80s)