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  1. This one brings tears to my eyes...yes really. Dating the wife in 86, and although we were briefly separated in the noughties we are still together and I do wake up beside her. And yep she could still ponce about in a floaty dress like Boris' burd now. Bunny your the best. Shit this sounds like an episode of Simon Bates' Our Song.....
  2. Thought this guy has come across well. I was questioning why is he not subliminially dropping into every sentence white people are evil, kill them , BAMES are enslaved like the London Mayor, The Cunt Khan does. He even seems happy clappy and not got that attitude. Then I found out he wasn't the Mayor and was Head of Leicester Public Health.
  3. Good reminder, I've added to my place list. Female lead, old Piranha gob, is lovely isn't she...imagine getting a blow-job from her. Hilarious trio of backing singers too.
  4. I agree on the Coronavirus jab. This autumn, they sre referring to the ordinary jab. Presumably they think over 50s who visit their GP once a decade or less might be bed blockers.
  5. I see the Government may try and get everyone over 50 to have a flu jab to free up the winter capacity. That will be interesting, I've never been contacted by the GP for anything in my life or had the jab. Suppose I will have one if I do get contacted. Anybody not going to take up such an offer?
  6. Me neither, thought everybody flew about in helicopters around the Bush, kangaroos aplenty and watch out for those naughty natives. Mind you I got my introduction to Aus from watching Skippy in the late 60s. Liza Goddard accosted by the natives.
  7. This looks cheap in Herefordshire*. On the Wye Valley towards Brecon Beacons, elevated above the flood plain. Decoratively well presented, attractive grade 2 listed Georgian country house. Sort of thing I like, but nearer a million up North Midlands? An area that I am clueless about. * a country lane but close to the A438 now I have looked at " street view". Not so great.
  8. Nationwide -1.4% MOM -0.1% YOY I'm frankly amazed by this. As per previously mentioned we got outbid on a property we viewed even though our bid was a "cheeky" snap your hand off 2% under asking Phil Spencer special. It went at asking. Three properties we intended to view all gone SSTC. Estate agent rang us up cancelling appointment this afternoon on one. Anyway I'm very pleased being SSTC ( completion supposedly end of this that overrun)and renting a certainty if we sell.
  9. I'm guessing some recipients will have never accrued any collateral and as soon as planes start flying to Benidorm the lot will get blown. We had ridiculous examples of tattoo artists wanting 50k bounceback loans. For bloody what? presumably just themselves and a shop rent to support.
  10. Really not keen on swimming pools in Marketed houses. They are fairly expensive to heat and maintain and I would imagine less than 10% of the population would want one for that reason. For the 90% who don't you are left with a bit of a White Elephant. I do notice houses with them tend to stick, same with stables. Actually something that is extremely expensive to install that probably knocks quite a bit off a property's value. Tbf a bit of a bug bear of mine. 2 acres, but a heated indoor swimming pool, so 325k......
  11. Hmm...I wonder who whipped him up into the frenzy of hate he described he had for Whites. US cop kills black man and he sits in his hotel room watching BLM propaganda from probably the BBC.
  12. The problem with hoping for large nominal falls across the country is that for 16 years( since around 2004) houses have been falling in inflation adjusted terms north of Watford. Now I'm back in the Market I research properties I am interested in on zoopla and usually they are around 25% to 30% up from 2004 if they have changed hands around the northern Peak...considerably shy of cpi let alone rpi. This is pretty much all properties on a latitude from N Wales across to Lincolnshire. The inflation adjusted house price chart still falls from that time even with the distortion of the Home Counties and London lunacy that has had its own micro Market and more recent boom. Sure if you go back to 1995 to 1998 you are looking at more like 200 to 300%. A broken record to say the damage was done in Brown's tenure, but it's beyond argument. ( Spy is 100% correct in repeating it) Sometimes the commentary on here appears to suggest that the hpi has just happened in this generation. No, it's been propped up for a generation and been teetering. Maybe further adjustments down, once this mini Covid lockdown pent up buyer demand burns itself out. Not expecting a major correction like 2008 to 2011 though.
  13. Anything half as bad as that unearthed would be instant suspension from Twitter and dismissal from her job too. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Indeed the media have got hold of this...not the fucking BBC obs.
  14. Playing arrogant sods must have gone to his head.
  15. Well we've not increased the offer, so we will see how substantial this higher offer is. I expect with all the current hysteria it will be genuine. However much we like the house a bidding war would be nuts just now. Edit. EA called back full asking price achieved, so we are out. Gone SSTC.