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  1. Must be a bit embarrassing for the left who claim to be the only victims of Hate crime seeing a mob surrounding the child of a Tory MP. I hope these thugs haven't been rabble roused by all the screaming antics of those precious female Labour MPs.
  2. Leroy was bloody irritating, the teacher's pet, can't have been the only viewer to have wondered why he was singled out as the special one. Funnily enough Janet Jackson was one of the kids from fame. Remember her? me neither; apparently that's because the producers didn't see her as stand out. There again when you were Jacko's sister I guess you would eventually go places.
  3. Bloody hell special dispensation for this mob hurling abuse at Rees Mogg and his 12 year old son Peter Theodore Alphege. No arrests. Protection for Anna Soubry only. Police response appears to be For God sakes Mogg keep moving, not our fault if they kill you.
  4. Yep the stereotype is spoilt teenage boy moping around the house cluttering up with a mother on their backs. I get that message from dosbod mothers who post on here. Actually, like you I was a bit ashamed of my mother's untidyness and has made me minimalist for life. I reckon it's more common than is perceived.
  5. Indeed, I'm surprised she has fallen under the Dosbods radar. Not one mention on Dosbods ever before today..
  6. A few unexpected Labour rebels, Melanie Onn, Grimsby, declared for Deal. Never even heard of her, let alone having been touted as a rebel. But for every Onn that votes with their conscience there are several Labour Leave bullshitters that will never vote with the Tories even if it's their preferred option with bells on. That will suit most of us on here ( judging by the poll on here), however MPs being disingenuous cunts does my head in. So all credit to her anyway...
  7. This might scupper things for the deal if true. Rees Mogg maybe?
  8. The woman is a total snob. She is an inverted snob in pretending she has ultra working class roots. Nope, mother was a highly paid NHS executive. But her real claim to fame is her intellectual snobbery in claiming other MPs and business leaders were surprisingly thick ( inference of course that she is mentally superior). She has that chip on her shoulder and certainty of her superior faculties and moral awareness ( female version of Owen Jones) that really is poison to the electorate. One reason the public hate Holier than thou Socialists.
  9. Newcastle at (4) and Brighton at (1) here... So Brighton it is then....
  10. Came across this today ( the novelty story in most of the papers) re. a stately home enthusiast actor called Jon Trenchard who has been building his model stately home since the age of 12 ( now 42). He hopes to have finished it by the time he is dead and leave it to the National Trust. Two points come to mind, it's taking longer than the real thing and how the hell could he produce the quality at 12..unless he has redone those bits. I'd have made a right mess of it at 12, I still would. Some room detail from another link..
  11. I'd vote for Tory, Deal or No Deal ( and we might still get a no deal). I think a vote for The Brexit Party would split the Leave vote and let the Remain side in. Just being pragmatic. The Tories will lose the middle ground if they go No Deal, so I think their chances of re-election are about the same either way.
  12. Another Play for Today 1973, Kisses at 50 starring a youthful Bill Maynard and written by Colin Welland. Thought it was going to be a bit grim and slow at the start, but actually it turned pacey and very watchable. Maynard forsakes his family for the bar maid at his working men's club to get a last shot at love.
  13. Flint, Skinner, Mann ( banker) Field, Stringer, Snell, Hoey, Stewart? just off the top of my head. But plenty of disingenuous Labour MPs who will never back the Tories even if it was their deal with bells on, Lisa Nandy comes to mind. Andrew Brigden ( ERG ultra ultra) on board. Looking like they will get the numbers.
  14. Yep fits the profiles of your average extinction rebellionist. Lived a good life whilst pillaging the earth's resources. On the teat of the State. Doesn't have to earn a living anymore. Wants to restrict access to the resources he has had so he can make 110 presumably.
  15. Should flush out the disingenuous Leavers on the Labour benches if there is a straight choice of Deal or No Deal. If no deal is the disaster they reckon they should vote for a deal. They wont because they will always put Party politics first.