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  1. Any Answers..entirely devoted to this. Nicky Prince frim Norfolk at 12 minutes 30 seconds nails it.... ( ignore the title...nobody wanted to talk about climate change)
  2. crashmonitor

    Celebrity Death Sweepstake 2019

    Got me tempted, I 'm on part 3/17 on youtube...this is part one.....
  3. crashmonitor

    Favourite sporting moments

    Our best ever athlete imo, Thompson retains Olympic gold, Los Angeles.
  4. crashmonitor

    Bit baldist mate

    And looks like Eraserhead.
  5. crashmonitor

    Last share you bought?

    Sold my AZN today...quick turnaround in 16 days. 53.889 to 61.885 ( 14% net gain). Basically I am in short term gambling mode with all this Brexit uncertainty. Of my recent buys RDSB up from 22.50 to 24.40 plus XD. Unilever I was stop lossed out on profit guidance only for it to turn and it would have been a great hold. Conversely the chart on Glencore was looking bearish, I cut and ran at a small profit. It did then go onto fall. The Unilever money, recovered the loss plus on HSBC, in at 641 out today at 665.
  6. crashmonitor

    Anti-materialist heroes

    A case study for what he might do to the UK economy. He apparently was supporting jobs at a local centre and got into serious debt. Now flipside of that is you could invest in productive assets and then donate to your favourite cause sharing the wealth. Corbyn has a problem with wealth. He has the laudable aim of spending everything at once to support the needy, two years down the line you are bust and the non productive jobs for the poor you were funding are gone too. Venezeula.
  7. crashmonitor

    Anti-materialist heroes

    Anti-materialistic VILLAIN....Jezza C. Doesn't own a car, dresses in cheap clothes, has no dependents ( now), lives on cold Tesco baked beans and has teetered on bankruptcy. A warning of the value for money we will get under Jezza....National bankruptcy in spite of living in poverty. Only a Socialist could turn 100k salary into a poverty wage.
  8. crashmonitor

    Freelander of Peace

    It takes two to cause a crash usually. If I hit everybody that pulled out on me at the last few seconds then I'd be having a lot of crashes. Sounds like the lady was a shocking driver with zero anticipation/ observation ability and 100% entitlement. Even if it was a side impact, I'd be very remiss not to spot a car might pull out on an empty road, I'd be slowing and veering to the middle if nothing coming towards me. The sun was low in the sky behind her, that would be an obvious warning bell re. an unsighted merging car.
  9. crashmonitor

    Last share you bought?

    advfn forum is one of my hangouts, a coincidence because there are probably only as many active posters as dosbods. You get a few prolific ones like minerve, montyhedge and essential investor...I assure you none of them are me. As a non paying member you always get timed out, but you get used to instantly logging back on.
  10. crashmonitor

    Peak Guardian

    Woman can't manage on 60k a year, will now have to work into her 70s to pay off 200k mortgage. By no means huge for somebody with no dependents. Some people have to live on 6k and this Guardian reader can't manage on 60k Cuntish lefties will no doubt be sympathetic in their lala land world of high living and entitlement. Foodbank candidate no doubt except they wont have the organic meat this woman needs apparently.
  11. crashmonitor

    Gardener's World

    Dislike all gardening programmes. Perhaps it's my aversion to education, it feels a bit like a lecture. Nonetheless, I am a keen gardener. First mow today. No doubt Gardener's World would not like me mowing in early February. The lawn is not especially big, more borders than anything else. ie lots of weeding.
  12. crashmonitor

    One of our best actors - Albert Finney

    Dialect's a bit dodgy for Nottingham barring Alan Bates ( he comes from the right latitude Belper in Derbyshire). Otherwise everybody else is more like a take on Yorkshire.
  13. crashmonitor

    Celebrity Death Sweepstake 2019

    Albert Finney would no doubt be surprised his death is only a footnote in the news. I obviously over estimated his fame and greatness. I've only just found out.
  14. crashmonitor

    Musicians you really miss because they are dead

    Another great Cohen, apart from the obvious Hallelujah.