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  1. Absolutely. How can you justify taxing wealth earned by yourself, if you get money earned by someone else's blood, sweat and tears handed over to you tax free up to 700k plus. Crazy. Got to rethink IHT.
  2. Lol the BBC claimed builders would be idle at the start of lockdown and when the economy reopens you would have the whip hand on home improvements. The roads are clogged with white van men serving the idle furloughed on their mountain of Sunak billions. Try and get a tradesperson and you are lucky if they will deign to answer the phone just now.
  3. CPI close to zero, courtesy of restaurant prices and clothes..0.2% YOY. Meanwhile if you need tradesperson I'd guess prices through the roof. They are so busy you can't get them. Millions of people with Sunak's billions sitting at home, not allowed to go in holiday and unable to spend it. Some parts of the economy bust and others never been busier. https://www.thesun.co.uk/money/12681987/uk-inflation-plummets-cost-clothes-restaurant-prices-drop/
  4. Got to be your wonder years surely, say 6 to about 13. 1970 to 1978 for me. I voted 70s. At 15 in the summer of 1980 I was working full time, the nightmare began.
  5. Perhaps the few folk with money looking for a hedge against Covid money printing. I guess a house price crash is preferable to a Rishi Sunak Weimar Republic suicide. Fwiw we hedged a bit more of our assets into property from 35% to 45% now we are living in a Socialist money printing State. ( trading up, not second property)
  6. That is bloody depressing behaviour. Shit, I feel sunk if I greet somebody out on a walk and they just stare and look weird and threatening... a young thug family with kids everytime. A neighbour to do that is just reprehensible. We are the new weird neighbours. And hell I can't fault the new neighbours. (1) Bottle of wine and house warming card on the doorstep. (2) Went around to thank them, guided tour of their house and coffee and cake. (3) Took out the dustbin and the next minute I was having wine with the wife next door on a bench in front of her house. ( 4) Wife
  7. Socialists like immigration, it's their job innit...judiciary, health, education, social work, media, btl so long as they don't have to live by them or send their kidsto the same schools as the gimmegrant's kids.
  8. We completed yesterday and funnily enough the house we bought was off a husband and wife who were both doctors working in surgery and far from propping up the Market they were selling up and renting after just two years of living at the house. Their excuse, they were being called out to surgery at two in the morning and were doing a reverse move from country to city. More on that later. The first two in the chain required mortgages, the guy buying ours didn't and we didn't. But hell, the Nationwide dragged out the two at the bottom of the chain for 17 weeks, threatening to crash the whole
  9. Lineker has been part of the pro- refugee propaganda campaign to get these refugees over from 'war torn' Calais. One is nowhere near enough, he needs to house a few dozen to start covering the cost to our Nation. ( I see he wasn't risking it when his kids were at home)
  10. If it were just about the insurance arm they would not be at 13p a share and a mere 150 million mark cap. this morning. Some clown CEO decided he wanted big boys toys to play with about three years back and ordered two of the biggest cruiseliners in the world ever made entirely on finance...the Olympic and Titanic ( aka Spirit of Aventure and Discovery). Basically sunk the company...600 million pounds of new cruiseliner on borrowed money against a Market cap of 150 million. Perilous is it not.
  11. Lizzie from EA, Chinneck Shaw, of Portsmouth..' busiest property market since 1883'. Bloody hell the EA claims are getting bigger by the day. How do you trump that one...hottest Market in the history of mankind? https://www.portsmouth.co.uk/lifestyle/homes-and-gardens/portsmouth-property-market-surges-people-rush-sell-and-find-their-dream-homes-post-lockdown-2956581
  12. Me and my girl. Six year old girl and daddy who eat out everyday on Eat out days from Hartlepool. Priceless interview at 6:54. Lunar, quite rightly, gives Minchin an eye roll and ticking off for calling her a little girl...'I'm six!!!!!' https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000m7vr/breakfast-31082020
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