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  1. crashmonitor

    Songs about Heartbreak

    The score to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was high quality and high quantity. Heather Ripley ( the girl) was a bit of a heartbreaker for a 5 year old boy, my love affair with older women started.
  2. crashmonitor

    giveing the system the bird

    I've always liked that song. Technically it is extremely well written with a verse, a pre-chorus and a chorus with the monster on the keyboard ( might be a woman..God knows) joining in for a mega crescendo. I'll add it to my playlist.
  3. crashmonitor

    giveing the system the bird

    the So-Called BBC is pushing this one for Christmas number one covered on Breakfast. (youtube won't embed)
  4. crashmonitor

    Beautiful Old Buildings

    Good job the Victorians built their brick arches to last.
  5. crashmonitor

    Froggy Music

    Jeanette big in France, safe to say there were no dental cosmetics back in 1974. Reminds me of a Continental bar singalong with a live singer...the Germans especially do it so much better than us. Like the weird fashions too , from the singer's maxi dress to the two ladies behind, one in an all orange and one in all lemon jump suit. Edit. Ah just checked wiki was number one in Germany...sounds a bit German, they like weird bouncy songs.
  6. crashmonitor

    Worst Wigs

    Something is wrong here; the clothes, the wig. Looks like Tammy might have done her styling drugged up on painkillers.
  7. crashmonitor

    Question Time

    I reckon we need her on QT donning her Izzard disguise in the event of a second referendum. Lest we forgot he/ she gained a few hundred thousand votes for Leave.
  8. crashmonitor

    A Corbyn Goverment

    Bliar first on his hit list here and the country in ruins....
  9. crashmonitor

    A Corbyn Goverment

    Worked out well for Treason on her Welsh trip.
  10. crashmonitor

    killing vipers

    An adder crossed my path in Devon about 15 years ago moving its fat body in a classic coil. I was surprised how big and colourful it was, quite luminous. This guy is wrong saying this one is pretty, he's laughing all the way to his grave...
  11. crashmonitor

    ASA bans gender ads in UK

    I think that's already happened. The general perception of a healthy weight is probably a few stone above where it should be because you perceive what you see.
  12. crashmonitor

    Beautiful Old Buildings

    We couldn't build a cathedral today short of spending half a trillion or so each and then the Carillion workers would not have certain skills. 800 years ago too when we were fairly unadvanced. It costs 100k per flat these days to do a bit of cladding in Kensington.
  13. crashmonitor

    ASA bans gender ads in UK

    Today's Guardian. Yep I know, I'm reading the Guardian...public library. Meanwhile this one does the rounds today during family television.
  14. crashmonitor

    Beautiful Old Buildings

    I agree with you. I think buildings gain an aura of their own based on films, literature and folklore. If Tower Bridge was in Sunderland I guess nobody would take much notice ( a bit like referendum preferences really). I put TB as number two as an icon I guess, just like St. Pauls at three.
  15. crashmonitor

    Children's Characters You Can't Stand

    Another fuck me musical interlude de ja vu moment at 8 minutes too.