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  1. I've edited the Morlocks and Eloi out. even though I quite liked the literary analogy. The Eloi are the beautiful people like err. Lady Nugee and the Morlocks are sub humans that do naughty racist things like decorate their home with the George flag when the football is on.
  2. The Morlocks did the work, the Eloi ponced about feasting. Yep they ate them, an analogy of the workers turning against the elite Establishment.
  3. I think it's more economic reasons why the poor working sub class are Tory. You have a closed shop of female and University types in premium public sector white collar positions ( Labour). You have a Labour Party whose spending promises are being spent on wealthy cohorts (Waspi) University ( Middle Class) Public Sector ( Middle Class) and a nod to the Benny Class and immigrants too. So you have a sub class of White working class males. They are bottom of the pile. While the elite in Oxbridge, Labour, feast on the public purse. Do the people of Mansfield, Bolsover and Workington like Corbyn. No they hate him and his pals with every sinew.
  4. That 6% ComRes poll now erased and a new one now at 8% lead. God knows...
  5. Can't find any press release on this. But Comres has just released a poll showing a 4% gain on the week to Labour ( the Mori one was over a fortnight)...a gap of just 6%. Against the grain of the other polls, will worry the Tories as this is close to Hung territory.
  6. I've been trying to find an hilarious advert of Peter Purves playing himself as a guest speaker sitting in an empty room for a Night With Peter Purves and looking pretty cross because no tickets have been sold. Can't remember what was being advertised, must be on youtube somewhere , anybody remember?
  7. God knows why Bozza didn't go with Monday 9th as requested by the SNP and Libs. I agree it's too long.
  8. The debate gone 52/ 48 in favour of Boris again apparently. It was very dialled down and lacked the usual Hate and Hyperbole. Credit to Corbyn there. Even the audience were well behaved and not loaded with Momentum Ultras. What a change not having to listen to rabble rousing Hate Preachers...yes you Barry Gardiner.
  9. Panelbase, sixth weekly poll in a row with no movement to Labour. Ignore the Ipos Mori that's movement over a fortnight picking up on Labour's stellar Waspi week. Corbyn will have to up bribes.
  10. Nobody suffered a blow. Hardly a game changer. Thought Nick Robinson gave Boris an easy ride.
  11. This BBC television debate is friendly stuff so far, will suit Bozza.
  12. I think Conservative Central Office will see tonight's debate as damage limitation. This format doesn't suit Bozza imo. He has a weird choppy stuttering linguistic style when it comes to answering questions. Seems to work in the Commons, not sure what is going wrong, pressure I guess. By contrast Jezza seems to have the fluent, smooth, confident linguistic style of a man with nothing to lose. 10 point lead in the polls, but Jezza only needs to take five ( on a 2.5% swing ) to be Hung territory. Now watch Bozza surprise me.
  13. It was a bit of rubbish irony in your new dosbodder 72nd Virgin status in crossing 10,000 up votes. I'm not surprised you didn't get it.
  14. Rather apt that that post got you into 72nd Virgin territory.
  15. This was Amateur Dramatics in my day, 25 years ago. Not in the cast, but I knew pretty much all the people in there. I always thought the burds looked ok, but with the quality of the video God knows. The musical was written by one of the cast, they were a talented lot. Spooky how young my peers look ( first time I have seen this in 25 years) there are one or two older ones in there too. The leather suited guy, dead aged 58 in September this year....just found that out 5 minutes ago doing a search.