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  1. Back to reporting them as 20 men on their 8:30 bulletin.
  2. Mainly Pakistani is the So-Called BBC headline now. Clearly all Asian anyway. The fact the So-Called BBC has used the P word is indicative that no holds barred when it comes to children and female victim reporting. Usually they would never give country of origin for pc reasons. A generic bomber is a person or gang.
  3. crashmonitor

    Golly gosh words we no longer use

    And these guys
  4. crashmonitor

    Bye bye Treason May?

    Nope there are probably about 80 out of 600 plus for a Hard Brexit. The choice is probably between a May compromise or a McDonnell / Steptoe nuclear option plus unlimited immigration.
  5. crashmonitor

    new films

    Just seen First Man at the cinema. Normally hate science films, but the bewildering fact we sent a man to the moon with primitive technology is worth the watch alone. As Mrs Armstrong angrily tells Nasa you are just a bunch of kids playing with Balsa wood kits and haven't got a clue what you are doing. Indeed Armstrong is a depressive consigned to his death along those lines after many of his mates have got killed in testing. Couldn't do it now with all that health and safety, despite one giant leap in technology. Of course you can take the conspiracy view we never did bsck then with all that "Balsa Wood" technology. Well if we did, bloody incredible.
  6. crashmonitor


    Me too, I accentuate the er ( broad Derbyshire). No real confusion with northern vowels, shame it sounds so crap. Far better to soften them down even if I haven't got a clue what the'posh' speaker is talking about be it Mr Hulley or Mr Halley...especially with BBC presenters on the job...Steph McGovern excepted. Still rather listen to someone have a bash at received pronunciation and confuse us with their 'Pet _uhs' and 'ballying' at school etc. than have to listen to blunt northern vowels. I used to be taught by Simon Groom's mum. He sounds awful on the box and when I came across him with a broken down car last year he sounded posh by local standards. We should have a thread on crappiest dialects..I nominate mine.
  7. crashmonitor

    pseuds corner

    Indeed, first Western woman prime minister ought to be 'noteworthy'. Chances of getting her mug on the fifty quid Female SJW nobody has heard of..probably.
  8. crashmonitor

    Golly gosh words we no longer use

    First ever book read to us at infant school in the late 60s..Approved reading of The British Empire I guess.
  9. crashmonitor

    The numbers only DOSBODS weekly weigh in

    And some stringy buggers too like me and a few others.
  10. crashmonitor

    Dancing videos

    70s weirdo hippy dancing, my kind of video. ( connection on your other video, same actor?)
  11. crashmonitor

    Heathrow passengers prevent Somali Criminal deportation

    Charge them for the ongoing criminal detention at a grand plus a week. Plus if he gets out they can pay the bennies.
  12. crashmonitor

    Golly gosh words we no longer use

    Yep, but I guess the word flipper is long forgotten; mentioned here...
  13. crashmonitor

    Golly gosh words we no longer use

    Put your flipper on we are turning right. ( Nothing on google ....must just me, think my grandad must have taught me to drive)
  14. crashmonitor

    Golly gosh words we no longer use

    Quite contagious too and I'm easily led. Had an old aunt that used to unintentionally mess up expressions such as saying "when all is done and said" and it's hard not to repeat that to someone else in the following days. Jade Goody probably increaded the use of "Escape Goat" because she set a seed in people's brains. Colin Dexter had Morse solving a case because two people had altered the expression" Long and short of it. " ( possibly inserting tall, can't remember) and so he connected them as family.
  15. crashmonitor

    Golly gosh words we no longer use

    Miles...I ask the sister in law how far is it to somewhere...she says two hours