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    crashmonitor reacted to Dave Beans in Best Songs of the Eighties   
    This could also go under one hit wonders...
    This sounds as if it could have been made yesterday...
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    crashmonitor reacted to The XYY Man in Best Songs of the Eighties   
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    crashmonitor reacted to Van Lady in Favourite 60’s songs   
    Another all time favourite of mine for more melancholy moments!
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    crashmonitor reacted to Bedrag Justesen in Favourite 60’s songs   
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    crashmonitor reacted to Dave Beans in Favourite 60’s songs   
    Best thing they ever did...
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    crashmonitor got a reaction from Van Lady in Your Favourite Song   
    Love this one too, Don't fear the reaper..
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    crashmonitor got a reaction from Bedrag Justesen in Operation Nookie 60   
    She'd kill me Bedrag...knows I go on Dosbods.
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    crashmonitor reacted to Bedrag Justesen in Operation Nookie 60   
    Any pics ?
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    crashmonitor got a reaction from Bedrag Justesen in Operation Nookie 60   
    If it were me I would not be deducting years, I reckon blokes probably reach peak demand around age 60 because of sex ratios. At 54, I'd probably be adding six years. There again I don't mind older women, wife's 58.
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    crashmonitor reacted to Happy Renting in Bloody Metric   
    You bloody amateur.

    They go for about £70 now. That's 67,200 times face value.
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    crashmonitor reacted to eight in Favourite Youtube Videos   
    So, I'm sat in the departure lounge at LBA on my way to Portugal, and some cunt has to drag me back in....
    I've seen that before - the chances that one or more of my relatives appears in it must be close to 100%. Here's another bit of nostalgia for times before I was even born.
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    crashmonitor reacted to Sgt Hartman in Operation Nookie 60   
    Mate of mine used to use tinder and spent a bit of time showing me how it worked. 
    Looked like an utter shit-show to me, just endless selfies of people who either screamed 'mentally unstable!' or 'consider yourself privileged to just be looking at my image!' 
    He eventually met his future wife during a cycling tournament.
    Marriage certainly isn't the be all and end all but the thought of entering the dating game again these days makes me friggin' shudder.
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    crashmonitor reacted to JFK in The normalisation of female obesity   
    Jeez. Those measurements are scary.
    I'm just seeing doughy bodies blokes (or the extreme - beanpoles, although that's vanishingly infrequent), it's the skinny fat thing - blokes with weedy arms/legs and a podge, combine that with some neckbeard, sex-pest looking features and it's not looking great for the male of the species.
    Just how out of condition the overwhelming majority of blokes (and women) are is just depressing.  I know that in a month and a bit the new crop of University students will be hitting town, I'll be seeing the current intake at the university kickboxing club/society I'm a senior at now.  The last 2 years I've noticed a huge proportion of fatties, the real increase has been the blokes with really fat legs, that's just a bad sign.
    So I plug my figures into the equation above, height: 5ft 10, weight: 185lb (85kg), waist 34in (although 34 in jeans are loose around the waist on me  ), chest 44in ... I feel like a genetic freak walking around as I'm not a fucking michelin potato man.  My BMI is 26 and I'm 'overweight' lol
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    crashmonitor got a reaction from gilf in Poundstretcher - good or bad?   
    Main reason it is on its way out is they are located on streets several yards from a car park which is probably pay and display. Not too practical for a big food shop...they survive on tiny transactions from each shopper.
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    crashmonitor reacted to Captain Cavey in Bloody Metric   
    Does anyone else see minty cock and balls?
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    crashmonitor reacted to spunko2010 in Poundstretcher - good or bad?   
    Call me a snob but I think most of their patrons use public transport going by the programme. 
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    crashmonitor reacted to Byron in Bloody Metric   
    With Brexit looming, just how soon can we dump metric and get back to proper measurements.,
    Horse power not Ps
    Feet, inches etc.
    Pints and gallons
    Probably most of you are too young and would prefer to carry on with this Euro nonsense.
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    crashmonitor got a reaction from Lone Lurker in The normalisation of female obesity   
    This article does imply that it is down to your body type as per your post. Like Joe I have an  extra active lifestyle and eat mainly carbs as a veggie. I am five eleven and not much over ten stone. Wife's the same, she is eight stone 5'5".
    But if you're carb intolerant then fat is a better route apparently...

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    crashmonitor reacted to JoeDavola in The normalisation of female obesity   
    I eat a low fat high carb diet (most of the time). I weigh 140lbs at 6 foot 2. I very much doubt any of these women were eating low fat (or low anything) diets.
    I think it's just a case of people eating more calorie dense highly processed food. Concentrations of calories/fat/sugar/salt that are not seen in nature.
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    crashmonitor reacted to Chewing Grass in Westmister car of peace   
    As the saying goes 'the devil makes work for idle hands' so what does the west do. It puts a roof over the heads and money in the pockets of the ideologically unhinged so they can sit on their arses at their 'community' centre and plot against us.
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    crashmonitor reacted to Stunley Andwin in Westmister car of peace   
    It was a serious point. Individual people are making decisions to bring in terrorists into this country to kill and maim us. Are there ways via freedom of information to find out who approved this? Is it possible to charge the people who approved this with supporting terrorism offences? Can we get the people who approved this sacked? If these officials faced consequences for their treachery, maybe they would be a little less likely to do it.
    I can't think of a more effective legal way to protest.
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    crashmonitor reacted to M S E Refugee in Westmister car of peace   
    These people will be happy though.
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    crashmonitor reacted to Fischer in Non SJW celebs.   
    Jimmy Somerville seems to be pretty clued up.
    This was from about ten years ago as well.