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  1. When he was talking about negative rate bunds (german bonds), "I need to find these people" with respect to the buyers of said bonds, presumably to get them to buy negative yielding US debt at a future point. Germany a country with trade surpluses, you could see why buyers may buy. The USA, a country with growing trade deficits, why would anyone buy their bonds if they were negative??? There will be buyers of course, it will be the federal reserve! With the next round of QE. Personally I think he's full of shit! But then so are most politicians.
  2. I thought Trumps interview with CNBC at Davos last week was pretty scary....
  3. It's a fair point. To me wealth is also about liquidity, and houses don't seem very liquid to me! If you sell out into cash, yes you are liquid. But you are probably up-sizing or downsizing, so the liquid money goes back into property. There's a lot of people with housing and other debt, and very little liquidity!
  4. ###tell that to the thousands living in tents and queuing at food banks Yes, rapid QE (FED, BofE, BoJ, ECB) to support the financials and associated assets (stocks, housing, commods), all the things that would have fallen steeply in price before anything else. However it only flowed so far in counteracting the deflation that was fighting the other way, and didn't get to the real essentials like food. A substantial increase in the food price may have created a hyperinflation. Also had the desired effect of pushing interest rates down to virtually zero, where they've been ever since! But hey, give the central banks a chance, they've only just started! Where do they go from zero when the deflation rears up next time? It's plain to see they've not managed to 'normalize' rates during this cycle. Massive QE, probably as much again and probably directly fed into the economy. Then we'll get some inflation. ###look at the newspaper headlines from the depression... They didn't tell people it was a depression till they thought it was over. My view is we are still in a depression, real wealth has evaporated (good wages, savings) and 'on paper' wealth has replaced it (high house prices, stock prices). A lot of paper has been applied over the cracks... ### I still don't get the... We're buying investments now ready for the stick market crash.. The party is still going, but I'm not drinking the punch anymore. I've got my coat and umbrella ready for the approaching thunderstorm as I'm walking home! As DB says, my priority is to just maintain +1% above inflation on my asset wealth.
  5. 10K invested for about one and a half years, about £200 in prizes, so near the 1.4% tax free. Which at the moment is better than pretty well every other liquid savings account out there...
  6. I have to say I don't think that graph is anything other than wishful thinking by an inept Building Society which pays its Directors far too much money and savers far too little! How the F**k did they get that red line? House prices are way out of touch with real wages and are just propped up by cheap debt and HTB. If you see a load more of that coming down the line, or your wages double, buy in. If not stand well clear.
  7. Branson owns part of it, and with him being one of the worst crony capitalists in the country this is presumably why there are discussions about giving this billionaire taxpayers money. Shouldnt even be discussed that there is a chance of a bailout where yet again the super rich dont pay the consequence of their incompetence, let the market decide what happens to them. Totally agree, this makes my blood boil! I used to work for an airline that went bust, lots of reasons, some bad luck, but very poor management. Much as I feel sorry for the loyal employees, this airline (nor any other) should not be given any helping hand from the taxpayer. If they do it for Flybe, then they'll have to do it for all the others! The government got out of the airline business 30+years ago when it sold off BA, no need to get involved again now! This is one of the reasons I spoiled my ballot paper in the last election, as there was no Brexit candidate. At least I can criticize to my hearts content the crony capitalism in play. (Not that commie Corbyn would have been any better!)
  8. If you are a non taxpayer (like me) you are restricted to putting in a max of £2880 p.a.
  9. AJ Bell looks like the best option. To some extent it's swings and roundabouts though, these companies can all bump up fees any time they like.....
  10. That sounds very good. Maybe not...... Unless you are planning on doing lots of trading!
  11. Just to confirm that I have an Investdirect plus account with HSBC. I acquired it about 15 + years ago when Sun Life Canada demutualised and I picked up a load of shares which I later did bed to ISA with. I've since sold those shares in SLF to buy UK insurers with higher dividend returns. As you say £42 a year currently (was free until about 2 years ago!) and £10.50 a trade unless you do more trades in a month then it reduces to £6.95 I think. Only managed that once! You actually end up with four accounts, a stocks and shares ISA, a cash ISA (where your dividends are paid), a trading account (non ISA), and a cash account (non ISA). So I've ended up also utilizing the trading account in an effort to use up my £2K tax free divi allowance! However you only get access to the UK and US markets, so it is a bit restrictive in that sense. DB stated that HL don't charge you any flat fees on their SSISA, but they do. This is from the HL website. However I think probably HL is the way to go as I think you have more markets to buy from and therefore greater choice.
  12. Very good question, personally I don't feel hard done by, but I do feel the road we have been forced to travel is the wrong road, and the consequences for some of the population has been theft by wealth transfer. Agreed, my portfolios, property and pensions have all performed very well (without much input from me I would add!) I just don't feel comfortable about how we've arrived here.... Got plenty of losers, luckily plenty of winners to balance them out!
  13. There is of course a huge change in circumstance between the era of William McChesney Martin and Ben Bernanke as chairman of the US Federal reserve. William McChesney Martin presided over the FED in the Bretton Woods era, and US$/Gold convertibility. The US had been on a 60's and 70's spending spree in the Vietnam war, the Apollo space program, and US Homeland government spending which it really couldn't afford. Other countries saw this as their wealth and labour supporting US lifestyles and Companies and eventually starting buying back Gold at the $35 official rate, France being the first. Bretton Woods began to fall apart as countries took themselves off the system after repatriating Gold. The US was literally running out of Gold when after William McChesney Martin had left the FED in 1970, president Nixon ended Gold convertibility (temporarily!) This was a debt default. So in fact William McChesney Martin had in reality totally failed to “To take away the punchbowl as the party gets going”, to the point where the US had lost a large proportion of Gold reserves. Countries Central Banks have been repatriating Gold again recently, why?? What happens when the deflation hits and the FED has to print enough dollars to cover the coming losses and defaults? History doesn't always repeat, but it sure does rhyme!
  14. I forgot, I have some FRES, another poodle I'm down on! But happy to hold.
  15. Long term holder myself. But only about 15% of my stocks and shares ISA, the rest in pharma, oil, telco's, energy etc. Generally I'm up on NEM, FNV, PAAS. Down on AUY but bought more at $2.60 so should be even on that dog soon. As I've said before I consider Gold/Silver and the miners as SHTF insurance. I don't really do any serious research other than watching the waves! If Gold and Silver pick up though to say $1800/$26 though I may well sell a chunk to deploy elsewhere, provided I can see some perceived value (oil services/big oil???)