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  1. I certainly agree that GM is a fcuked up company. It reminds me a bit of the UK governments involvement in British Leyland all those years ago! GM, Chrysler-Fiat and Ford all got bailed in the 2008/9 financial crisis, and lets not forget the US import tax of 25% on imported trucks that 'protects' these producers in the US; I'm sure these workers will get another job when they are turfed out, but will they be manufacturing something, or will they be flipping burgers at MacDonalds?
  2. Surely that's an oxymoron to coin a phrase. Why would they back out of these dollar holdings if the dollar is going to be the last man standing???
  3. I disagree.
  4. Yes a very telling chart with respect to what a credit deflation (aka 2008) does to virtually every asset class. What also stands out (to me anyway) is those EM stocks in purple. They are either at the top, or at the bottom. I'm sure for 2018 they'll be bottom again as the strong dollar takes its toll, but I'd put money on them being at the top in 2019!
  5. NogintheNog

    Last share you bought?

    Very true, provided you are absolutely confident in their long term ability to perform.... I'm living in hope! These are long term holds for me.
  6. I know the feeling. Just bought another batch of FRES only to watch it drop again Me thinks it's time to get ready for the continuation of the 2008/9 deflation.....
  7. NogintheNog

    Gold and Other Precious Metal Investing

    Harry Dent changes his mind on Gold..... He states that there's not enough Gold in the modern era to support the world economy. That is of course a load of tosh! There's just not enough Gold in the modern era to support the world economy at $1200 an ounce.
  8. I used to work for the once great Monarch, although I left in 2015 just as the shit was really hitting the fan and the Mantagazza family who owned it were on their way out of the door. They were making hay in the days when the old A300B6's and Boeing 757's were rotating 3 times a day out of the Canaries and the rest of the Med, the A300's with 360 pax on each sector! We also had our two A330's rotating on Long Haul destinations to the Caribbean, Goa, and the Maldives. Great days to be crew! The Company never declared much profit though, as most of it got funneled out to the Mantagazzas leasing companies based in the Caymen Islands! LOL! The writing was on the wall as soon as those aircraft came to the end of their serviceable life, and reliability suffered. Delays aren't accepted by the traveling public now, or the Charterers who Monarch were flying for. The remaining fleet of A321 Airbuses (Short Haul only and now owned by Greybull capital) was trying to compete with Ryanair and Easyjet, along with BA and Norwegian on scheduled routes. That never really worked, and there was never any offers to Greybull for the carcass left leading to failure in Oct 2017. Flybe??? Yes, possibly worth a gamble, very different to Monarch! I hope it works for you Barnsey!
  9. I'm not so sure about the FSCS limit, a quick google and this comes up; The truth be-told, we won't know until it happens...
  10. Yes, this is complicated No surprise with government policy I suppose! Basically if you've taken a pension and are not a UK taxpayer you can pay £2880 back into a pension and get the 20% tax relief. See here; If you have taken a pension and you are a UK taxpayer (it could be you pay tax on your pension you have made live), you can pay the full £4000 a year back into a pension and get the 20% tax relief. See here; I must admit it really is as clear as mud Only really relevant for those nearer to taking a pension or contemplating it. These are the sort of government rules that will quietly got rid of by any future (more) cash strapped government a la Gordon Brown. For the younger guys n girls on here you need to keep your eye on it as it will be changed!
  11. I took a pension in 2015 under the new rules as a small lump sum payment. As soon as you access any pension you are restricted to the MPAA, which that year was £10,000 but dropped to £4000 a year later Further more if you are a Non Taxpayer a £2880 limit is applied for tax relief, see As DB says you need to be looking at Draw-down to minimize tax, and topping up using ISA's. Pensions have become very restrictive for you at this point.
  12. NogintheNog

    The countdown to US$100 Brent crude thread

    Agreed. Interesting that when Oil hit $150 dollars a barrel in 08 it was $2=£1, so effectively £75 a barrel. So at $1.3=£1 and $80 a barrel = £61.5 a barrel. Still a fair way to go in sterling terms... Saw that OPEC and the Russians told Trump to do one on his request for cheaper oil yesterday, maybe they can see that day of reckoning coming??? Ironically even the Frackers in the US don't want a lower price!
  13. A different view from Harry Dent. Not sure I agree with him.....
  14. I have a holding in BT, probably slightly down at the moment as I've averaged in. My only concern with BT is the possibility that the regulator forces a split with the Openreach division being hived off. I used to be an Engineer with Openreach and the value of the Company was in the Copper network to consumers houses and the Fibre DSLAM network. I used to do installations on behalf of Sky, TalkTalk, Vodafone etc. Those Companies are very critical of the ownership of Openreach by BT. To my mind that would make BT worth a lot less than it is now! Not sure how that would work, but possibly Openreach taken into Government public ownership, effectively re nationalized??