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  1. Wearing a yellow vest is likely to increase your chances of getting colncussion.
  2. Unexpected


    It fits in nicely with the MGTOW movement.
  3. Unexpected

    Bye, UKIP

    Anyone here think that joining UKIP now could one day mean the police come to your house and take you away? Or in a totalitarian One World Government, privileges could be removed because of the political party you were once a member of? Is it crazy to be thinking along these lines atm?
  4. Sounds like the alternator has gone.
  5. I rely on that! Don't think I could do my job without it sometimes.
  6. As a design engineer I have to think in images when I design something. I picture a mechanism/structure in my mind before I start to draw it or make calculations. I'd really struggle if I had to think about it in words. When I'm p1ssed off about something I am very much thinking in words. in fact the challenge there is to try and shut them up. I would therefore suggest that people with good logic or reason may well be thinking in images.
  7. I always see that as a positive because then one can clean the seat with paper using the pee as a cleaning agent. Unlike cr4p, pee is germ free and will eliminate most of the germs. A dry seat and wiping with dry toilet paper will not remove germs. Probably worth peeing on the seat before wiping it and taking your dump.