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  1. Maybe we need to do a list of points raised so far for thread latecomers like @Melchett I'll start it: 1. Try not to use public toilets 2. If you have to use a public toilet, when you go in if the seat lid is up, evacuate the area immediately. 3. Stock up on toilet rolls at home 4. This list is very toilet orientated so far isn't it? 5. Try avoid the public 6. If you have to go shopping wear disposable surgical gloves, so you remember not to touch your face. 7. Carry a loud personal alarm and sound it if you hear someone coughing/sneezing to warn others 8. Practice doing a realistic cough, so when people phone, you can use illness as an excuse not to meet them 9. ... sorry for the pause.. I was working on my cough... bring forward purchases of tinned food 10. Try not to be over 70 years old.
  2. Is the quality of the broadband there making it all worthwhile?
  3. Which schools? My ex lives there.
  4. This telling people they have to self isolate in the UK is complete bollocks. Who is taking them food, have you seen anyone in an hazmat suit doing deliveries? Who is walking their dog, is the spouse still going out, are their children still going to school. All the people we have stuck on zero hours contracts will make a bollocks of it straight away.
  5. I'd just looked at it after DB mentioned it. I'd looked at the NOK and thought it looked surprisingly high. Then read your comment about back to 2009 which is correct in USD but it's +50% in NOK. This buying foreign shares business might need a bit more thought.
  6. The owners of where I'm living are on holiday just up the road from there and coming back here in March. I'm looking forward to welcoming them back - NOT! A thousand people staying at a hotel in Tenerife have been quarantined after an Italian guest tested positive for the coronavirus.
  8. There's already coronavirus prepping stuff added to the Major's survival thread:
  9. You keep mentioning surgical spirit but I keep thinking thin disposable surgical gloves. Put them on leaving the car and bin them coming out of the shop after putting the trolley back. Another plus with those is that while wearing them, it will remind you not to touch your face. The damage is already done, if you touch your face in a shop before you wash your hands outside. I emailed the British Retail Consortium and USDAW (shop staff union) suggesting they got shop staff to wear them, if the virus did get worse. Neither replied must have just thought "nutter"!
  10. Too late been and done it. Hope I've returned unscathed. Used the hand gel between shops. Is it my imagination or has tinned stuff shot up in price? Princes Chicken in White Sauce £1.79 from £1. I didn't top up but my £1 tin will taste nicer now. Managed to make some people aware that the minimum price for alcohol in Wales starts next Monday. It's met with shock and stock.
  11. That's my plan if things did get worse. I'm hoping it's win win. Less people and the shelves re-stocked overnight.
  12. Wish me luck. I haven't shopped for 10 days but am now going to and risk the great unwashed. Thought it was a good idea to avoid those places at half term when a lot of snooty nosed children shepherded by grandparents were roaming the aisles. I thought the week would be an interesting test of a meal plan in a self isolation situation and it proved useful. Sad to report but it could all be academic, I've been infiltrated already. An NHS worker has moved into one of the other cottages for at least 6 weeks. I shook hands with him yesterday before I knew where he worked.