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  1. I have some friends who are let me using their address. I've redirected my post there and switched post and car/financial stuff but not the doctors yet. I'd have to register at their doctors and have to decided to wait until it's a necessity. They are within 10 miles of my last address and not far from my storage container but it's a different doctor. They will also let me leave my car there at theirs. I wasn't going to switch everything but payments for mobile etc don't like it when the bank address doesn't match. I think these days with people being so social media driven, broadband is expected. Holiday lets that don't supply it won't last. I'm still in the UK and my broadband is fine here and I use it for catch-up TV etc. The people who own this holiday let also have one in Spain that I can use and they say the broadband/TV is fine there.
  2. Thinly disguised "I've slightly reduced my overall losses on the lottery" thread.
  3. This is where you can search the FCA register to check the current and previous details of IFA's etc.
  4. Rewards?
  5. If you are only paying £1,500 for an IFA to do a transfer report then you are doing very well. My pension administrators were very keen that I had to request any info personally but only in the post with a signature, they wouldn't have given info like the transfer value to a 3rd party. Of course that might be mine being awkward and your situation completely different. Good luck, I hope you get what you expect.
  6. I'm a bit confused as to what you are paying for if you don't already know the transfer value(s). I contacted my pension administrator, got the transfer value and pension options then sent them to the IFA, after first agreeing a price for him to do a report on whether I should transfer it or not.
  7. RIT started a HYP a few years back, links to the companies he decided to purchase here His latest update here
  8. I am not a customer but was lining up AJ Bell (Youinvest) in case my IFA's advice was against a transfer. This was their reply when I asked if they would accept a transfer against IFA advice.
  9. AJ Bell accept transfers into a SIPP, even if IFA advice is against a transfer. I found a lot of IFAs want to manage the money themselves or via some firm they are associated with. Then they get ongoing fees and exit fees if you decided to move it. Typically they ask for your risk profile to decide what sort of portfolio to put it in. No. You have to pay for advice. Then if you decide not to take the advice, that's up to you.
  10. AJ Bell accept a transfer into a SIPP, even if an IFA advises against a transfer.
  11. Well yeah... New Labour bought elections wins pouring money into the public sector, that largely went into wages not services. Now the pensions will be going up due to those salary increases. The public sector are going to have to think of more ways to charge us more while cutting services. In Cheshire I noticed car parks that were always free, now having council pension machines installed. My GP had a house, a farm, a BTL and a holiday let. He was cutting his hours down. Aye... we need to pour more money into the NHS, so they can afford to work less hours and buy more property for us to rent.
  12. Surely you cannot pick someone you love for this? I played safe and selected central bankers.
  13. Latest prices on Betfair for most seats Brexit Party 1.10 Labour 12 UKIP 44 Lib Dems 50 Conservatives 160
  14. Do you mean because a single person gets a council tax discount, they should be happy to pay more for meals?
  15. I thought it was going to be about Marston pubs. I went in one yesterday, the meals were two for one but they said if dining solo we will do you a deal. I asked what the deal was on a £10 lasagne, she said 20% off. I told her I spell deal, D E A L not R I P O F F, her 20% "off" is 60% more at £8 than the £5 someone might be paying on the next table. Pub was almost empty - no purchase made. Awaiting reply from Marstons.