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  1. They should just make the really wealthy and large corporations pay some tax. They will evade a wealth tax like they do any other.
  2. It's a trick question. It implies politicians still have some control. They are just puppets on strings held by the financial sector.
  3. By the way my decision to buy BP had nothing to do with you being less keen on RDSB lately, my previous oil purchase was also BP as I decided I have enough RDSB. There is no reason why MOS should drop in the current environment except in a general sell off. Plus I could see oil still dropping with more covid woe and lockdowns reducing demand. My only excuse is that I just cannot resist taking profits off the table, it was such a nice round figure
  4. Why has RDSB fairly recently become your least favourite of the oilies? It always seemed to be more favoured than BP I was over 50% up on my MOS which seems too much too fast. Sold the lot this afternoon and put it all in BP. When you get to the stage where you daren't add up how much you have in oil, it's fair to say it's too much. Where are those nice OPEC gentlemen, isn't time they had chat over lunch?
  5. The governbankments of the world will just sweep it under the carpet via a long dated covid bond.
  6. * Something to Wear - Wherever I Lay My Hat * Something to Drink - Whiskey in the Jar * A Place - Barbados * A Food - Brown Sugar * An Animal - Eye of the Tiger * A Number - 99 Red Balloons * A Colour - Blue Eyes * A Girl’s Name - Michelle * A Boy’s Name - Hey Jude * Profession - The Boxer * Day of the Week - Manic Monday * A Vehicle - Little Red Corvette
  7. British retail sales had already overtaken pre-COVID levels in July and now stand 4.0% higher than before the crisis. https://www.hl.co.uk/news/2020/9/18/uk-retail-sales-rise-further-above-pre-covid-levels?
  8. At the same time as EOTHO they were suggesting people coming back from certain countries had to quarantine. No doubt lots of them didn't quarantine and went for a cheap meal instead.
  9. Any sign of riots they could just increase the free stamp duty to £1m and do EOTHO again. They know how to keep most of the population happy.
  10. EOTHO wasn't right at the start. We were heading to towards zero until they crammed tens of millions into small spaces during August. The lag before infections started rising, nicely mirrors the earlier spread from Italy, etc. Has anyone in the media dared ask if EOTHO was a mistake yet?
  11. Keeping the bank balance low enough for bennies.
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