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  1. As Wales still has the 5m travel limit until Monday, it's saved me £15k not being able to go on holiday to Skegness today.
  2. They will be getting rid of the old crap out of date beer this weekend. Better to wait for some fresh stuff next weekend?
  3. The top few % pay most of the tax..... must mean it's nearly time for the bail-in and wealth tax.
  4. I cannot believe that @Van Ladycharacter talked me into wasting £2.50 on the Euromillions.
  5. They need a few wiping out, ready for the extra spread on Super Saturday. It's 4th July because Boris was born in New York!
  6. I won't be doing it, my body is staying pure. I've never had a jab for anything, just all the diseases instead, whooping cough, scarlet fever, measles, chickenpox, mumps and glandular fever. They keep suggesting the NHS will struggle when the coronavirus is combined with the normal flu season. This flu season won't be normal. The measures people will be taking to combat coronavirus, more hand washing, social distancing etc. will mean less people get flu.
  7. Rushed poorly concocted vaccine, turning them into indestructible armed zombies on a worldwide killing spree.
  8. Why don't you suggest they sell their children, then they could pay you more for the house?
  9. I had a weak moment and did the same with Wildwood 50% off deals. Even at half price I was a bit ashamed of myself thinking of my Homepride Pasta Bake @ 79p from Home Bargains (Same jars are £1.60 at Tesco)
  10. The amount of furlough helicopter money going in will diminish our chances of winning £1m: How savers have piled billions into Premium Bonds during the lockdown Month Total Premium Bonds in the draw New Bonds in the draw June 2019 81,180,745,735 July 2019 81,646,957,120 466,211,385 August 2019 81,979,282,936 332,325,816 September 2019 82,518,577,254 539,294,318 October 2019 83,121,568,735 602,991,481 November 2019 83,678,794,092 557,225,357 December 2019 84,379,826,041 701,031,949 January 2020 85,042,266,956 662,440,915 February 2020 85,346,436,256 304,169,300 March 2020 86,147,886,134 801,449,878 April 2020 86,430,926,941 283,040,807 May 2020 87,664,243,494 1,233,316,553 June 2020 89,218,660,280 1,554,416,786 July 2020 90,917,241,141 1,698,580,861‬
  11. Next time you meet up, please casually slip into the conversation, that I've always liked her.
  12. This €112m isn't going to last you a month at this rate. Your dream £1m house isn't good enough now, it's got to be a whole island. This is why I've given over half of it away, to keep myself grounded and nearer the food bank.
  13. It says "These polls asked the opinions of British voters, not specifically Scottish ones." They won't be voting for her anyway and might be mistaking her for a celeb, remembering her face from the comedy duo.