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  1. Article about oil
  2. Hussman latest downdate
  3. Might be of interest re Vanguard they are launching their SIPP early 2020
  4. Amerman's latest: Calculating Your Personal Cost If Stock, Bond & Home Prices Return To Average
  5. There is no prize as low as 5 or 6 quid in our lotto tonight. The minimum prize is £30 for 3 numbers, in a must be won lottery that usually pays about £125
  6. I see the entitledto now blocks ground rent of £10k a week or over. Using £9,999 a week ground rent, aged 65 homeowner and no income get's that and council tax fully paid. I doubt you could actually get it. Pension Credit £10,254.25 / weekly Pension Credit consists of two parts – Guarantee Credit and Savings Credit (dependent on retirement date). Your Savings Credit entitlement is £0.00 , you are not eligible for this part. Your Guarantee Credit entitlement is £10,254.25. Council Tax Reduction £60.14 / weekly You should not have to pay Council Tax as you qualify for full Council Tax Reduction.
  7. Amerman's latest article includes an explanation of the repo market etc
  8. Democorruptcy


    Get one of your burds to drive you to a Sam Smith's pub. They brew their own mild and compared to other pubs the prices are BOGOF
  9. Democorruptcy


    Assuming your central heating is on... put your tumbler of red on top of a radiator. You cannot have red wine cold. I've been known to briefly stick a tumbler of red in the microwave to take the chill out of it. Australian Shiraz is an easy drink. Aldi have a Kooliburra Reserve Shiraz that was £3.99 the last time I bought any wine. If it mentions 'cherry' I seem to like it. That one is a red label (not to be confused with a purple label). Asda have a Rosemount Shiraz that is usually £5 a bottle, Wolf Blass Shiraz is currently £5 but usually more. Asda often have a 25% off wine for 6 bottles or more.
  10. I cannot believe grown people fuck about like this. NO
  11. Trim back the public sector? As if council tax isn't bad enough, suggesting the council also apply a local income tax:
  12. Why bother with banks? NS&I is 100% guaranteed and no FSCS limit. Though this account is £1m max deposit but this is £2m for any overspill!
  13. If calling it 'off topic' has made people go off topic, just rename it 'on topic'