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  1. Joe will look after the bankers then.
  2. Sorry didn't mean to deflate you. I'm £3k red on <insert name> at the current price. I should have done a @Castlevaniatook the loss and invested it in a winner. I kept it as a punishment to remind me of the mistakes I made. Purchasing 2 lots in my SIPP when I thought the 2nd was in my ISA. Realised my first mistake, made another doing the ISA purchase before selling the SIPP extra purchase. Price then dipped slightly left the extra SIPP sale for later but forgot. Hadn't noticed <insert name> were doing a trading update 2 days later, then it plunged! Catalogue of errors for which I
  3. I didn't go 'all in' with the money outside my SIPP and ISA, possible house purchase money. I didn't want a non tax wrapped account but should have gone long on my spread account. I wouldn't have declared winnings on that. Last week before I started selling I had over £200k in BP/RDSB tax wrapped. I know you aren't supposed to put too much in one share but I get carried away if I smell value.
  4. Our latest rule is no new ICE cars from 2030 but old ones are OK. New Hybrid cars and vans can be sold until 2035. There is going to be a consultation about HGV but no date set for it. https://www.spglobal.com/platts/en/market-insights/latest-news/electric-power/111820-uk-government-brings-forward-ban-on-new-ice-cars-10-years-to-2030
  5. I didn't think the hens were coping well with the cold weather, first day they weren't in a rush to get outside this morning but there was snow on the ground for the first time. I did them some golden syrup porridge for supper. They absolutely loved it.
  6. I did OK on MOS but that was a could do better, I went in a little too early. Since swapped that for BP for the divis. My biggest regret was thinking of going all in on oil at the bottom in a non tax wrapped account but decided against it largely for not wanting to get back in the tax loop. I should have just opened a big long position on my spread account.
  7. We could do with a market wobble before a mainstream under supply. It's being greedy so soon after the other but I'm feeling I could have done better. Greed is good.
  8. Just noticed looking at your quote of my post I put RSDB when I meant BP in reply to @working woman's post about the golden cross. It was BP that ticked up when it happened and RDSB is not there yet. After posting that I checked a few more but they didn't show upticks for the GC, though it seemed to act as a support level after, so far. Your chart has a very condensed price axis. What are you using for it? Your conclusion then is on the fence at the moment? I've been selling and taking March profits but don't know what to expect. I can see pluses and minuses.
  9. Just looking at properties somewhere sunnier and like how each online view is recorded. I've just made a vendor happy, first view since Nov. A total of 14 since July but remarkably consistent, never getting to the dizzy heights of 2 in one day.
  10. If not rushing to buy my earlier £495k penthouse, you can snap up a 2 bed detached with a view of the Menai Straits for only £800,000 https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/77352882#/
  11. 100? Is that all? Are BBC staff working from home so are less productive?
  12. If you are talking about money rolling in.... if it transpires that delaying the second jab means there is less immunity than needed, the second job would become the new first jab and people would have to have a 3rd jab (as their second). That 3rd jab would be a boost to GDP. The NHS must be playing a blinder with it's contribution to first quarter GDP, with 6m vaccinations. Every visit to the doctor etc contributes to GDP, so presumably each vaccination also adds something. For example the NHS contribution to GDP was lower last May 0
  13. That's the problem. Most people here in Wales, have been in training for ages now, for a life without any enjoyment. Constant pain plenty gain. They don't remember or miss enjoyment now, it's too long ago.
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