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  1. Re vitamin deficiencies and what supplements that might be required, I think a good idea is to register at your GP to access your medical record and test results online. Patient Access I've recently had a blood test and checked the result online. I was 'Normal' for everything. I dug down into each actual reading and noticed B12 was 160 on a scale of 145 to 980, which seemed just scraping in. Looked back at my blood tests over the years and I'm always just scraping in on that. Serum Inorganic Phosphate was 0.83 on a scale of 0.80 to 1.50 but the previous 3 blood tests were all 'Abnormal' at 0.70
  2. The 3% Stamp Duty surcharge on second homes started on April 1st 2016, so lots of sales were pushed through in March to beat the deadline. March 2016 is an anomaly.
  3. It's an easy enough mistake for spy to make, spelling Yep as N O P E. It's just slightly confusing using it to reply as if someone is wrong about something but then posting stuff that backs the other person's point of view.
  4. Found a UK company in this field called BioTeq Their director: The usual position for the chip seems to be between thumb and index finger, presumably so it's handy. If it gives access to so much if someone nicks it do they get the lot? If investing in this technology a hedge might be to go long a machete manufacturer or the number of one handed people?
  5. Looks like there could be some cash to made from these chip implants then. Where can we invest some cash in the technology?
  6. The only thing worse than being talked about, is not being talked about.
  7. Yep. £897 - (£659 + £100) = £138 a month cheaper and the difference between being able to secure a mortgage or not. With the banks making £10's of £1,000's more in mortgage interest over a longer term.
  8. Yep. It might be better than nothing but crap in it's present form and needs changing.
  9. I assume you spotted the share buy backs at the same link? Using free cash flow of 168m in 2018 and 140m in 2017?
  10. The Mortgage Market Review (MMR) came into force in April 2014. At the last minute banks successfully lobbied to have the 25 year maximum term taken out. The MMR is toothless, it means banks can extend mortgage terms to reduce monthly payments until the computer says buyers can afford. The result being longer mortgage terms and years of extra mortgage interest for banks. If rates ever start rising it's going to suck pay rises into mortgage payments and Joint Income Mortgage Just About Managing (JIMJAMs) will be struggling for longer and longer.
  11. I've done some more reading on this and a B12 deficiency could be caused by Pernicious Anaemia. If that's the case there is no point in taking B12 as supplements because your stomach won't let it in anyway, it's got to be injected. The interesting thing is that PA causes red blood cells to enlarge, neuralgia can be caused by blood vessels pressing on nerves, you would think that enlarged cells = more pressure, so it might fit. It might sound far fetched but desperate times call for desperate measures and after 12 days of pain I'm up for it. I persuaded my doctor I need a blood test for the Intrinsic Factor antibodies found in PA sufferers and gave the blood today.
  12. Could 2018 be peak advertisers, after they found an extra 27 for +0%?
  13. I'm wondering if I might have found a reason for mine. I registered to access my patient record online and the results of blood tests yesterday are already there. Everything is normal but I noticed vitamin B12 was low at 161 with an acceptable range of 145 to 980. I've checked back over the years and I'm always very close to the lower limit. I can relate to some of the problems of low B12 and they include complications with the nervous system.
  14. I started with what I thought was toothache in June. A filling and a molar extraction haven't eased the pain. Two dentists have given my teeth the OK and said my problem is TN. I could do with a painkiller drip in my arm, save me having to take one every few hours. Do you use anything?