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  1. What do you think about Sprott Physical Gold and Silver (CEF.U)? OK in SIPP, ISA Lifetime ISA on HL They bought the Central Fund of Canada's physical holdings earlier this year
  2. Have you gone as far as asking for a transfer value yet? I've done that this year and last and the value had gone up 4%. I didn't move it because the fees quoted were very expensive from those that were prepared to do it, several refused. Good luck Monday and don't forget your flask and sarnies!
  3. Democorruptcy

    Golly gosh words we no longer use

    Moral Hazard
  4. Democorruptcy

    Golly gosh words we no longer use

    Wasn't it golliwog not gollygosh?
  5. Go long NHS pay/pensions and PFI payments. 1 doctor doing the work of 15 but the governbankment are throwing another £20bn into the money sucking black hole.
  6. Democorruptcy

    Ways to earn extra money

    I've been involved in the betting industry for a long time but never fancied poker online. I have a friend who works in security for one of the large firms and he spends his time trying to identify which players are colluding at the same table. It all seems very dodgy to me and like real gambling where you could lose money. Even if you are coding your bets I'm not sure it would stand up to cheats. It's no good skimming a few profits and then losing that and more at one bad table. Like you I was a software developer but for the gambling industry. I'd always been interested in betting and started using exchanges in my spare time, saw the potential, took a redundancy and now haven't worked for 15 years and just gamble. With exchanges you don't have to pick winners because you can back and lay, so being right about price movements is enough. You could have a look at Betfair first and they have an Betfair API Unfortunately Betfair floated and have got greedy with their charges but there are also Betdaq (has API), Smarkets, Matchbook and maybe others.
  7. President Trump was saying interest rates were too low but also that the USD was too high. As if he didn't realise raising rates would raise the dollar. Politicians say what they think people want to hear. I wouldn't trust any of them further than what I could throw one.
  8. Democorruptcy

    Cold Winter?

    Using your most recent bill what are your estimated annual costs? Octopus energy £327 Electricity £343 Gas
  9. What do you think of what Smither's suggested in the CAPE and Q article I posted earlier today? That would seem to suggest the sell off this week might be because President Trump is attacking the Fed for raising rates?
  10. Democorruptcy

    S.A.D season

    A lot have sound as well as good quality streaming pictures like Los Cristianos I had a google to find the source of that one, the black stones are on here if you scroll around,-16.718743,152.36h,-26.18p,0.42z
  11. Smither's recent CAPE and Q article is worth a read, it covers market overvaluations, the effect of corporation tax cuts, share buy backs, etc
  12. NS&I isn't subject to the £85k FSCS up to a £1m in Income Bonds or £2m in Direct Saver both easy access Returns below inflation but it should be returned!
  13. Funnily enough the 2nd biggest dropper on HL's own FTSE heat map is themselves but they are also ex-dividend today. A sea of red so far
  14. BDEV is ex-dividend today.
  15. Democorruptcy

    The first Unexplained Wealth Order

    Banker's wife may lose property worth millions. I did check the most recent threads in Property Prices and the Economy. Hope your cough improves.