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  1. A pox on Reeds Reins. They are a vile firm.
  2. Democorruptcy

    Countdown to Brexit

    Revoke 50 training?
  3. Democorruptcy


    I knew it wasn't your thread but thought your foreskin was a shot at the title and your other one seemed a bit dodgy’m-the-threadstarter-twisted-threadstarter/ I think I've done you an injustice though suggesting Obsessive Compulsive Thread Starting, you haven't really done enough, though now you know about the garish icon....
  4. Democorruptcy


    I know you would do anything to win the garish icon next to your name for thread title of the year but you are going to burn yourself out. It's only February and I'm sure you will think of a good one later in the year. You need to try get your OCTS under control.
  5. Democorruptcy

    Next week is a TV fest of partner abuse

    Justice for Men and Boys:
  6. Democorruptcy

    Next week is a TV fest of partner abuse

    This week it's Channel 5, 3 BBC, 1
  7. Loosely translated it seems the train companies are annoyed flexible working means too many people are avoiding paying peak fares.
  8. Democorruptcy

    Oh, the Umunnaty!

    They call it the People's Vote so I suppose they could go for The People's Party? It's the same agenda but it rolls off the tongue easier than The Establishment Party.
  9. Democorruptcy

    Oh, the Umunnaty!

    Definitely, article about it last week.
  10. It's all about doing whatever it takes to stay in the game. The main part of that for me is taking big losses out of the equation. Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes, the thing is to make sure you don't turn a small mistake into a large one. This might mean taking an annoying loss but it's something you can forget about and you know it will come back later. I've worked behind the counter at a bookies and I've often seen the 'red mist' descend. A lot of people are clearly unable to take a loss so they chase it, having bets completely out of character, throwing away winnings accrued over a long period of time, in one day. Take a loss and don't let it fester.
  11. Democorruptcy

    Bit baldist mate

    You should have told him about the recent British Medical Journal study suggesting that folically challenged men are more intelligent, more virile and have less chance of heart disease, in other words 'shut up you stupid limp dick because you are going to die young'
  12. Democorruptcy

    Next week is a TV fest of partner abuse

  13. Democorruptcy

    Favourite sporting moments

    Golfer Stephen Leaney winning the 1998 ANZ in Australia. He one-putted at least 7 of the last 9 holes and didn't lead in the tournament until sinking his final putt. I'd gone to bed that night thinking Brian Watts was well placed in Japan for my £10 each way single @ 25/1 but Leaney was too far back for his £10 each way single @ 33/1 and the £10 each way double on both. I got up next morning, both players had won and I copped over £10k!
  14. Democorruptcy

    Brexit-Deal or No deal?

    Currently 4.2 at Betfair but that's by 30th March
  15. Democorruptcy

    Next week is a TV fest of partner abuse

    It's a male abused by a woman Alex Skeel