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  1. Robert Shiller : US Housing Boom Is Already Gigantic. How Long Can It Last?
  2. Democorruptcy

    Oh for a lottery win

    If you want acres.... Scotland? £299, 9 acres £420k, 38 acres £499k, 23 acres £675k, 23 acres £700k, 16 acres
  3. Simply put, yield curve inversions are what happens when too many investors try to crowd into the same arbitrage opportunity at the same time.
  4. Democorruptcy

    Read my lips - more new taxes

    Let's hope your bigger safety margin doesn't make you hang lower from the tree for them to pluck.
  5. Democorruptcy

    Read my lips - more new taxes

    Did you notice the article is dated March 2014?
  6. Democorruptcy


    Joe is now deeply in love with an Hungarian girl. He will return home briefly to collect a few belongings for his permanent move to Hungary.
  7. Democorruptcy

    Read my lips - more new taxes

    The FIRE brigade might be in for a shock. I think a tax on unearned income is guaranteed. It's only a matter of time. The governbankment follow the money and will want their share from anyone they see that's got some.
  8. Democorruptcy

    Legal weapons

    Before you go walk on rice paper without leaving a mark. Then pick up a red hot cauldron that has dragons on each side, that burn an imprint on each arm as you lift it. Then dodge the hell out of them like Kwai Chang Caine.
  9. Democorruptcy

    Read my lips - more new taxes

    Sir Charles Bean ex-BoE was today suggesting interest rates alone couldn't do the job in the next downturn (He's a right Charlie... it's because they never raised them back up, so there's no room to cut). His answer instead is tax rises: FT link
  10. Article here from 2015 that states 51% had left FTSE since previous peak. It lists them all It's a quarterly review next one this month. Anything 111th or lower is out. Latest positions by market cap with fixed entry/deletion points: On 4th Dec RMG were 124th
  11. Democorruptcy

    Children's Characters You Can't Stand

  12. Democorruptcy

    Inheriting a SIPP

    I'd ask your own provider by email so you get something in writing. This one doesn't say they have to be of pension age HL: Funnily enough I have a SIPP at HL and just last week noticed the section of my account where I could nominate who gets it. I did that and they sent me a letter this week confirming it. Edit to add, found another that states
  13. My favourite is the India one it's the prettiest pattern and over 8%. Is 11 their lucky number, 11m and 11y seem key?
  14. If you look on HL at a share page eg CNA, then select the Dividend tab then select Full Dividend Breakdown there are details next to each date, e.g. ex-dividend, payment,1481p/dividends
  15. Democorruptcy

    Email Writing Style

    I thought you got my attempt at being a bit threatening but thought you were too far away for a fight. That's why I was sending someone to break your legs.