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  1. All those who have moved away to be near the sea. What could the options be now: Stay and go back a couple of days a week (might affect promotions and job outlook). Stay and do a lower paid job (if you can get it). Stay and create a startup or go self employed in what you do (not everyone can do this). Stay and carry on remotely before being pushed out and spending any savings before facing the reality of a lesser lifestyle or trudging back to the big city.
  2. Yes a tax surcharge for working from home. Probably needs to be 20-30 pounds per day to compensate the trains and food and drink retail. 🤪
  3. Yes indeed you can use that for anything bit like vitamin D really 😀
  4. AIBU. You learn something new every day. Is UB40 still used?
  5. It’s all big game of monopoly for the big guys to play and take to extremes. George Carlin would have a ton of new material if he was alive today!
  6. Thanks. How about using the LOL This thread seems to be morphing into a mumsnet thread.
  7. Alright for some I suppose. My job ends soon and it’s straight onto jobseekers at £74 a week. No furlough and worked all through. ☹️
  8. I partially agree with you. Depends on everyone’s circumstances and where they can afford to live. Also family seems a big pull to stay in some areas. For some it’s certainly no nirvana!
  9. Completely agree. Been in a couple of companies now that have gone to the dogs when the Americans took over. Substitute ‘drone’ for ‘associate’. First one moved manufacturing to Mexico. Brought a team of the little men over who could hardly speak English and were shown the ropes by the current workers. Very soul destroying. At my current place due to the success of WFH and following office closures the R&D jobs are moving to a new ‘centre of excellence’ in Poland where they can employ people at half the rate.
  10. Must be a Tuesday. You downbeat lot! This thread wouldn’t have appeared later on in the week! https://www.unilad.co.uk/featured/tuesdays-are-so-much-worse-than-mondays/
  11. I have driven around there and can confirm. My grandparents final days spent in the park home close by. The park homes will probably better the houses in appearance for longer and they are temporary structures 😀
  12. I agree with a lot of the above having the same company politics and the other employees bullshit. You do become jaded in middle career. I remember the old man working Saturday mornings as well as all week in his job back in the 80’s. What has changed for the worse is lack of remunerations. Just a basic core salary which doesn’t increase for years at a time. The use of technology to facilitate being contacted and distracted constantly.
  13. HR bods seem to do alright. Always the last to exit a company after it gets closed or restructured. Currently my place of work is going through a collective consultation of which I am one earmarked to go. My role is going to Krakow where they can afford 2 devs for the price of one.
  14. They have shops all over the world surprisingly. In the main cities anyway. They are also a big employer in Poole, Dorset. On the opposite side of the table with another Poole product- Sunseeker. Sunseeker now owned by the Chinese. Who buys this shit!?? 🤪
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