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  1. Where is Reading in this table? I cannot see it?
  2. They should rename Bournemouth beach by the pier - Furlough Beach. More apt me thinks πŸ˜€
  3. Pent up demand. The problem with the conurbation too close to Southampton and heading north east to London. At least open up more businesses and cash in!
  4. My company had said when people come back (only 50%) they will be expected to have no face to face meetings but use Skype or Zoom. Seems to defeat the point of coming back to the office!
  5. The album has grown on me in recent years. Much preferred new adventures which followed it at the time.
  6. Yes thanks to the Chinese Virus - I'm off to play some golf before my Trump tower and everything else is worth....
  7. Was that Basingstoke by any chance?
  8. We need full VR technology like in the matrix πŸ˜€ then we could all stay in for the rest of our lives! Shame it’s still a 100 years away. Ok for the next pandemic I guess and it will be there for future generations. We could also ignore climate change a bit more if we can VR our way out of it!
  9. Memento on DVD had a feature to watch it backwards to see if it made more sense! Here is a few more.. 21 Grams Mystic River Children Of Men One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Agree with most of the ones listed so far. Posters - are you in the 40's-50's group by any chance?
  10. Re - Not letting a crisis go to waste - Boris should do a quick video from his hospital bed. That would have more of an effect on people observing the distancing measures this bank holiday weekend!
  11. Faster testing however no mention of accuracy -
  12. By bar you mean a drinking establishment? Like this one Might be open too. Bring you mask though.
  13. Yes my feeling too. Close the borders to non-essential travel of people. If you go anywhere and come back then get taken to a holding centre for two weeks to wait and see if the virus is present. Not sure on the impact of truck drivers though? This will limit holidays abroad for a while!