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    I'm starting to think more and more that "successful" charities, the online megaliths, ride sharing apps and all the other "success" stories of the sharing economy of the 2000s is all a bit emperor's new clothes. They often seem to be able to do so well by having an unfair advantage which means the little man/companies cannot compete, be it special tax arrangements, access to capital with very beneficial rules/rates, insider knowledge, friends in high places, nepotism, ways to legally but immorally circumvent the rules etc not available to the plebs. All these Masters of the Universe are like the Wizard in the Wizard of Oz. When you peer behind the curtain you realise that a lot of this success and genius is based on dubious practices, pretending and convincing, using tools which only they have been given privileged access to.
  2. Game_of_Homes

    So it's true: Women really don't need men

    But the only women able to afford them will be 1%ers.
  3. Game_of_Homes

    I'm Surprised Halloween hasn't been banned yet

    Yup. All those serial killers must be well pissed off with the appropriation of their culture...
  4. Game_of_Homes

    trans madness

    Anyone interested in completing the online consultation which ends today? If the GRA goes through it will be peak madness on behalf of the Government who will have totally ignored the rights of (biological) women and opens the doors for so much more identity politics based on feelings and emotions rather than biology and facts.
  5. Game_of_Homes

    Waitrose Rename a Sandwich Because It's Sexist

    This is so stupid as men will just retaliate by pretending to be women and getting "transgender" rights written into law...
  6. Game_of_Homes

    Poll: Male sexual thoughts

    To be honest, I stare at schoolgirls too even though I am of the female variety. Something very captivating about youth. I am sure there is a Keats poem that sums it up nicely.
  7. Game_of_Homes

    Poll: Male sexual thoughts

    So not for the intellectual conversation then?
  8. Game_of_Homes


    It's fashionable now in a hipster way to have a tattoo, so loads of London metrosexuals have them as they are considered artistic and if you want the look you have to live in Shoreditch and have some tattoos (and a beard and wear lumberjack shirts). I think they are waaaaaaaaay too ubiquitous now though. When Brooklyn Beckham starts covering himself in tattoos courtesy of daddy you know it's no longer rebellious and has gone mainstream. I would never get one myself as they are too permanent but in my younger days was quite partial to a greasy long-haired metalhead with a nice muscly arm and a naff tattoo!
  9. Game_of_Homes

    Poll: Male sexual thoughts

    But do all men regardless of age find young women attractive (as in do they feel like a pedo if they fancy a teenager or a youngish woman if they are at least 15 years older than her)?
  10. Game_of_Homes

    Poll: Male sexual thoughts

    What do gay men think when interacting with a woman?
  11. Game_of_Homes

    trans madness

    I was actually thinking about who would get priority (in terms of police sympathy) if a trans man/woman wanted to pray in a mosque in the gender separated area that their new sexual identity belonged to?
  12. Game_of_Homes

    trans madness

    There is also no requirement for male to female trans to actually remove their willies so a man can identify as a woman while still having a willy as "some women have penises" and our crazy "CONservative" Government think that "self-ID" should mean people can just claim to be one sex with no questions asked and have the same legal rights as the sex they are claiming to be. We've reached peak Orwell folks!
  13. Game_of_Homes

    trans madness

    This lady is brilliant and at the forefront of dissension to this madness! She has her own channel here if anyone is interested in watching her videos!
  14. Game_of_Homes

    Just eat. Just Feck off

    Weird that Ayn Rand has now been purged to the "right wing monster" category.
  15. Game_of_Homes

    Cheap shite with no reasonably-priced alternative

    Perhaps look on ebay or Gumtree for something old that someone is throwing out (thinking it is old and therefore useless) or selling cheaply.