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  1. Fucking hell I am furious that the police and press have ruined the life of the Crawley couple. Absolutely shameful. Hope they sue the police and the papers that plastered untruths about them all over their front pages!
  2. The drone that police claim doesn't exist? The mysterious phantom drone of Gatwick. I can picture the scene with the Benny Hill music accompanying it.
  3. Does it have an "I heart Tommy Robinson" sticker on it perchance? But there was video footage?
  4. That's why I described them as "working class".
  5. Oh look, the chav patsy's are innocent. Who'd have guessed! . Still it's only a couple of white, working class people who have had their lives ruined, so no worries.
  6. Jane Birkin; Young Nigella Lawson (she still looks pretty good!);
  7. I haven't seen the video but apparently the girl in it has knickers on. I doubt jihadis would be prepared to behead someone on video but would be concerned about preserving her modesty if they raped her .
  8. The couple arrested don't look like eco-warriors or the kind that would protest about deportations of illegal immigrants. Just standard working-class chavvy type middle aged couple.
  9. I don't think they were raped. Poor girls. Absolutely horrific. I've heard lots of stories about letchy men following female tourists around in these kind of places. Wouldn't be my first choice for a holiday...
  10. It's not 72 virgins. The translation is wrong. It's 72 raisins.
  11. How do members even find out about this hidden forum? How many reps do I need to get in and do I have to request access?
  12. Can you give us any specific examples of things she does? Sounds like she is very passive aggressive, not a happy person so take some solace from the fact that she's obviously jealous of you in some way. You need to find a coping mechanism for the short period of time you have left remaining with her. If it would help you to move to another section of the room, just do it. It shouldn't matter to you whether she will interpret this as "winning", just do whatever is best for you, she should have absolutely no bearing on your consciousness and honestly don't worry how she interprets this. You can't negotiate with crazy and she will interpret whatever you do in whatever way her crazy mind sees fit. You honestly can't win by playing her at her own game, so just opt out, don't engage or engage as little as necessary, focus on your own mental health and do everything that makes you feel better and makes the situation more palatable for you whilst you are stuck in it. You will be out of the situation in no time and you will never have to give this person another thought. Really try to think of her as being really unimportant and transitory in the scheme of things.
  13. Sorry you're going through this. I've experienced this kind of thing too and it made me realise that female "solidarity" is a load of crap. I've had more problems from other women in the workplace than men. I think you have to try and find a way of not letting her affect you. She is only a colleague, not someone you love or care about and you should try not to care whether she thinks she has won or not. She won't have any power over you if you don't let it affect you. Bullies always look for a reaction and this is what they thrive on. If you don't give them one they soon lose interest as it means they don't get any attention. I know it's harder said than done but just think of her as being meaningless in the scheme of things and in your life. There is a saying (by Dr Seuss I think) which is; "Those that mind don't matter and those that matter don't mind". She really isn't worth you wasting your valuable energy or mental health on.
  14. And Steve McQueen; Robert Redford: Ironically Brad Pitt looks quite similar but RR had more personality in his little finger!