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  1. Or a horseburger. Didn't realise that Redrum tasted so good. I'll have to try out the proper stuff the next time I'm in Europe. Good thing it's not bat meat though.
  2. NeoGeo

    Escape from LA

    Think this one takes the biscuit.
  3. NeoGeo

    Escape from LA

    My man. Brother from another mother about to give him the high five.
  4. NeoGeo

    Escape from LA

    Nope, just the race traitors, jews and kebabs. Be awaiting Spielberg's Hollywood oscar blockbuster sequel "Fimble's spreadsheet"
  5. NeoGeo

    Escape from LA

    If he's not then he's definitely a jewish plant. Oy @MrPin. What one of these is you
  6. She needs to be sent back home. We don't want them in our country
  7. Is there a way to go to the first unread post from within the thread instead of going back up to the topic listings?
  8. NeoGeo

    Escape from LA

    I remembered seeing demonstrators walking thorugh Northampton Town Centre carrying a framed portrait of the lad many years ago. It was so quiet and peaceful, I nearly bump into one of them walking from the side into the main square.
  9. I guess the obese are a bunch of maschoist by constantly filling their bellies with unappetizing junk. Try doing a survey on the great unwashed on which they would prefer. A plain baked or boiled potato or a packet of (insert favourite flavoured) crisp. I may have spent too much time indoors but I'm willing to bet that most would prefer a can of coke than a glass of tap water. People aren't going to follow every guidance or advice dished out the government especially if it inconvience themselves. When life is shit at least you have your comfort foods. When you're fed convenience food all your life cause momma can't cook then changing course will be like steering the titanic.
  10. Great, now if people just follow it rather than talk about it but proper food just aren't as tasty.
  11. Plenty of nice colourful pictures of fruits and veg, even whole potatoes at the link.
  12. Really weird statement as whole foods are the least calorie dense food out there compared with the alternatives concocted by food scientists. Are folks becoming obese because they ate too many boiled poatoes, vegetables and fruit?
  13. I just don't think most people are following it. There are government advice on saving more than you spend but we have record personal debt. I certainly don't follow their guidelines when it comes to alcohol