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  1. Just been through online chat (India based) with a Sky advisor with the usual spiel about 'thinking of leaving'. Get to keep everything the same but have to fork out an extra pound a month for the priviledge. There are cheaper effective deals out there if you include freebies but have zero issues with Sky so I'll stick it out for another year.
  2. NeoGeo

    Carnivore diet

    To save yourself time, just lick the toilet bowl after you finish. If it taste sweet then you know you got it. No need for this sciency new age quantum woo test.
  3. NeoGeo

    Not Right

    If it's a choice between this one and Jennifer Garner. I think I'll go for this one.
  4. Well, Jimmy boasted that his bloodwork were better than most of his slim audience which wouldn't surprise me as there are people that would keel over before reaching that size. He is fortunately one of the lucky one (genetics) similar to those on "My 600lbs Life" that need one side of the wall bulldozed before being winched out. Far from being insulin--resistant, they are insulin-sensitive so much so that insulin is able to shunter excess fat to the subcutaneous area. Off course, it's only a matter of time before it spills over to the vital organs and then that's where the shit hit the fan. If you see a obese, (healthy) althete, chances are that most of the fat is stored subcutaneously just underneath the skin. The ratio of where the bodyfat is stored is genetics I'm afraid. East asians for example developed diabetes, heart disease at lower BMI than the official one used for western populations.
  5. I think you can find bad examples in all camps. Here's keto guru Jimmy Moore on a mostly all butter diet.
  6. Any luck getting a favourable deal? My min 12month end Sept 12 and for the past 5 years or so since they bought out o2 (my original ISP) I've been offered either a discount or the same price to stay on current package (BB & line rental) at the last minute (last day before expiry date when I contact them through online chat retention). Currently paying £16. Checking out Hotukdeals and MSE to see if there is a cheap deal I can counter them with and also be prepared to switch over if they don't play ball this time. With my basic BB package I can give my new suplier 14 days notice so should contact Sky start of September.
  7. NeoGeo

    Fat Fucks

    Back on topic. Who here admits to being a FAT FUCK
  8. NeoGeo

    Fat Fucks

    Its the abuse of steroids that the problem. Gotta stay on top of the game and the pressure from sponsor, high earning. Film stars like Tom Hardy, Hugh Jackman manage cycling on and off when preparing for their role. Also helps if you have the best physicians, doctors monitoring and testing your blood work.
  9. NeoGeo

    Fat Fucks

    Its the Brad Pitt bod from fight club they're after. That dehydatred, not eaten anything all afternoon having done 100s of pushups look that it achieveable for every single bloke out there. What they failed to mention is you need to have Bradd Pitt's head on top as a requirement.
  10. My mind was blown when I remembered Ben Kingsley playing a jew in Schindler's List, An arab in House of sand & fog, An East Asian in Iron Man 3 And goodness gracious me, who can forget Ghandhi
  11. NeoGeo

    Fat Fucks

    Shaming of virtuistic or advanatgeous traits is not a 'thing' in my opinion. Muscle shaming Intellect shaming Player shaming I don't know anyone who would be embarrassed if they were called 'meat head', 'clever clogs' or 'super stud'.
  12. They can also take some time to balloon up so giving you ample time to plan your escape
  13. NeoGeo

    Fat Fucks

    I wouldn't be too surprised if the first two shots are the same person shot briefly under different lighting. I expect low bodyfat 5% to show more vascularity (popping veins) and stridations. Off course genetics will ave the final say.
  14. Never been interested in kids so growing up, I always assumed that it was a woman thing. For example, there is no male equivalent of the "baby rabies" I hear about or do they get broody so it was surprised to see so many men lamenting about not being able to start a family or have children. There is a desire for sex but as long as there isn't a decoupling from reproduction, you want to be out off the door ASAP. I'm not suggesting that men are sociopath or such (at least I hope this one isn't). Look at what happens when a new mum bring her baby to work, It isn't usually the men that are doing the fawning over. Man injects seed, pregant woman elated throughout entire ordeal, man tags along, baby born. Only upon interaction with child does the man grow to care and love his child. The roles we used to play as providers and nuturerers has a lot to answetr to this as it was necessary for the survival of the species. Man would be away for long stretches with limited interaction with the baby and the inverse for the other half.