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  1. What's happening with Go Ahead today? Down about 9%. Can't find any news on-line. Worth topping up?
  2. Phenomenally longtime lurker here from ToS. I think it was about 2003/04 I started in preparation for STR in 2004 (who remembers "Minted BTL"?). Not the best decision in hindsight but it's been great living mortgage and maintenance free for the past 14 years and having the freedom to invest where I want to. We're fortunate as my wife gets a house with her job so I haven't had the pressure of feeling that I'm paying off someone else's mortgage. Anyway, like the rest of you I'm loving this thread and I'm about to take the plunge and buy some silver coins. My question: When I look at the prices of say Silver Britannias on Coin Invest there is a big discrepancy in price between the different types, e.g a 1oz Privy Mark Horse is £18.49 and a 1oz 'Normal' Britannia is just £15.58. Is the difference just a collectors' premium according to perceived rarity? For investing I presume it makes sense to just go for the cheapest one.