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  1. I don't pay NI. have no intention of paying anyone anything I don't have to.
  2. Almost certainly not. I've done three months very part time specialist work for a charity this year.
  3. Well quite. who knows. maybe they want to lose. Or are seeing just how nasty they can be before people want corbyn.
  4. I think I suggested some time the only sensible thing is to not actually retire... it's too expensive to look after perfectly fit and able people with generous payouts just because they hit a certain age. I have not been expecting a state pension ever. NO point in looking what they claim I'll get - I've got in theory 18 years of work before I retire. Not a chance.
  5. Rip the plaster off!
  6. sarahbell


    It's been a blast sugar tits
  7. There's some very sad stories from the local dogs home. People take a dog, and it barks because it's shut in a kitchen all day. So it comes back. Next person doesn't like it because it barks and doesn't like to be shut into the kitchen all day. One dog had 4 'adoptions' before going to the dogs trust to be looked after until it karks it. They don't vet people enough. Which could also possibly be applied to the IVF thing too.
  8. Scrap councils but have a "council" to oversee things like bin services. Why does Greater Manchester have 10 individual councils all trying to run a piss up in a brewery?
  9. BBC news reviews the papers today. Two stories: IVF not for single women. Shocking report which says single parents cost society so bad. Appalling they all concur. Designer dogs bad. Where story says we shouldn't be breeding fancy dogs with issues and Michaela strachen has a rescue: adopt not shop they all concur for this story.
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    They don't open until something silly like 11am.
  11. sarahbell


    I'd like to teach the world to Skype in perfect harmony
  12. sarahbell


    I know. I was musing over the issue of never having been with someone with one. Some people hide them under clothes but still never found one.
  13. sarahbell


    I don't have any and don't think I have ever dated anyone who has had one.
  14. On 18 September 2012, Police Constables Nicola Hughes and Fiona Bone, two Greater Manchester Policeofficers, were killed by Dale Cregan in a gun and grenade ambush while responding to a report of a burglary in Greater Manchester, England. Had forgotten about these two .......... One of their dads was on the So-Called BBC news this morning.