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  1. sarahbell

    Car Thieves Know Where The Tracking Device Is!

    A child has been robbed of his iphone 7 in North Manchester, stripped and made to unlock and deactivate the tracker on his phone.
  2. sarahbell

    Avoiding cancer thread

    I'm not sure the grey vote would allow any party to get in with that policy.
  3. sarahbell


    Oh yes. And our council allows you to have remote building control. So some random company in kent has responsibility for houses built in Failsworth.
  4. sarahbell


    (c) divorce due to (a) and (b)
  5. sarahbell

    Worrying stuff going on in South Africa

    this is the same as why poor people make poor decisions. some talk of iq tests before and after getting money.
  6. sarahbell

    The Labour party hates Jews

  7. This is hysteria. Who will serve me my overpriced coffee? For the price of coffee it seems equivalent to a wage in a big office.
  8. sarahbell

    Avoiding cancer thread

    Empty shelves = less food = fasting = avoids cancer. Therefore brexit will cure more cancer.
  9. sarahbell

    Avoiding cancer thread

    Supermarkets are helping
  10. sarahbell

    Avoiding cancer thread

    Don't holiday in Spain for six months of the year. Bloke we know is having another cancer removed from his back before he flies back out.
  11. sarahbell

    And you thought GDPR was bad

    Drinking my dad's beer whilst on holiday. The breakfast at one of the B&Bs we stayed at. My sister falling out of the bunk bed on to me on the z-bed next to it. Playing cricket in the park by Paignton library. Getting lost up a hill in Goodrington with my big sister. Earliest holiday memory: walking up a path on a hill in Wales with my dad when I was about 3 1/2 and we got to the top and there was the sea. A lot of this is because of photos we'd take on holiday. We've got relatively few Christmas photos. I think memories are reinforced by photos. Which is why the world has changed so much since we can take photos of everything we do and eat.
  12. sarahbell

    Degree for older people?

    What are the consequences of lying about not having one?
  13. sarahbell

    Westmister car of peace

    Readers of this site be warned - if you ever crash a car you will be labelled a right wing terrorist.
  14. sarahbell

    Do you pray?

    not sucessfuly.
  15. sarahbell

    Explosion at Manchester Arena

    if women are vulnerable to abuse because they are visibly id'd because of how they dress. then change the way the women dress. i can not tell a catholic from a c of e person unless i spot a small cross,