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  1. Operation sigmus ? _4 years ago showed NHS not able to deal with a pandemic. As its the forth it fifth largest organisation in the world apparently then I suspect it really does need to be dismantled and out back together properly.
  3. roast chicken dinner . apparently it's not Sunday though.
  4. The govt said stay in for 14 days if you have temperature and cough and are in a household >1
  5. Just eat now charge everyone 50p even if you don't pay by card.
  6. Does sowing seeds and digging the veg patch count?
  7. I was last out past my front hedge on 14th March. Stop rubbing it in about having been out.
  8. Italy now. Exercise indoors. Don't walk your dog more than 200 yards from your house.
  9. Ring and order a click and collect maybe? That way at an arranged time when you've paid you can get the stuff you want.
  10. Print him some monopoly money and confiscate any assets he has in the UK to pay his staff. Or let him pay his staff
  11. ISOLATION DAY LOST COUNT ....Seems one of my neighbours was taken to hospital last night with suspected Covid 19. Fortunately he has been put on one of the new Dyson ventilators and is now picking up nicely.