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  1. Indeed. Someone I know works for an engineering company now owned by a french company. They need more staff but there's a recruitment block. So he's working overtime every weekend and they have an agency staff person costing a fortune. They have been planning an apprentice but not got one yet. The NC machines are easy to get staff for but the manual machines are getting trickier and sometimes stuff needs the manual machines. He's going to see if he can retire early next year and suffer financially rather than put himself through the hours continually. He can't threaten to leave again he thinks as he did that last year and got a pay rise then.
  2. Does it cost us more to let them go to uni? The debt is in their name but it costs us money. If they never repay it then it's hung over them for years. Unpleasant and not productive.
  3. An interesting one here. Election results being messed about with on the council website.
  4. - How Many People are Poor in the UK.pdf Deprivation Items for Adults and Children Cronbach's Alpha if Item Deleted Enough money to replace or repair broken electrical goods such as a fridge or washing machine .823 Could your household afford to pay an unexpected, but necessary, expense of £500? .824 Enough money to keep home in a decent state of decoration .825 Regular savings (of at least £20) for rainy days .828 Home Insurance .828 Two pairs of all-weather shoes .829 Appropriate clothes for job interviews .829 Heating to keep home adequately warm .830 Fresh fruit and vegetables everyday .830 A hobby or leisure activity. .830 Taking part in sport/exercise activities or classes .830 All recommended dental work/treatment .831 A warm waterproof coat .832 Meat, fish or vegetarian equivalent every other day .832 Regular payments into an occupational or private pension .832 Celebrations on special occasions, such as Christmas .833 Damp-free home .833 Table and chairs at which all the family can eat .833 DEPRIVATION SCALE ALPHA .837
  5. John Major urges public to vote against Tory candidates in general election
  6. Well maybe part of her work-rehab from when her son was going to school should have been basic maths and budgeting. It's really not rocket science. If she can budget on a weeks money she'd budget on a months money. I suspect it's mostly about not having the shit loads of free money anymore. And this is part of the benefits system problem. The more you give the harder it is to take away.
  7. The logic of it is: pay all your monthly bills (And have enough for a monthly direct debit for the gas and leccy rather than sticking it on a card meter) and then divide the rest up ... Very rarely do journos actually bother asking her to do a SOA to show she genuinely has 14p left after making wise decisions.
  8. No. Being pissed off at some workshy woman's sob story doesn't exclude me from being pissed off with twatty bankers. It's not an either or situation.
  9. Costs less if you take the body away with you. With cremation its about £100. Getting the ashes back costs even more - I think another £100+ but tbh I wasn't taking notes when she was telling us. Anniversarys of deaths are awful. My dad died on my niece's 18th birthday. It's coming up and it's crap.
  10. Labour just got a ten minute broadcast of Jeremy's proof of conservative Brexit northern Ireland stuff.
  11. It is at least 24 years .. I didn't get a child benefit book .. it had to go into a bank account.
  12. If you start a job it's usually monthly paid. She could have got a job at any point in the last 8 years.
  13. The frozen fruit isn't bad value .. 3 bags for a fiver.
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    Unacceptable behaviour has Jo Cox's husband not said so yet