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  1. I'm currently sat in my shed. All the outdoor chairs are wet and it's easier to sit here than be arsed going and drying one. I'd need a coat on too out there. Bastardy drizzle.
  2. No sign of it here in Oldham. Have put a jumper on.
  3. You can have de-sensitization treatment for bee stings. It takes 2 years with lots of visits. Why not for other stuff?
  4. Tin can cook. New book by that Jack Monroe. She's donated copies to food babks.
  5. Yes one near us. Can work in food industry too. Bargains to be had. Police etc can go in too.
  6. She was the other side of the world from him though.
  7. £12 a visit Book a Visit Prices include unlimited hot and cold drinks! Please note that we only allow children aged 10 and over into the Cat Cafe. Which Cat Cafe would you like to visit? Would you like any add-ons? No thanks, just cafe time Occasion Package A reserved table with confetti A helium balloon A piece of cake and a card from all the cats! Birthday Baby Shower Graduation Hen Party Anniversary Congratulations Add £13.95 Seasonal Afternoon Tea A selection of seasonal sandwiches, cakes and pastries Add £8.95 per person
  8. Nasim Ashraf a member of the Oldham interfaith forum which receives funding from Oldham Labour Council (£18,000 this year) is behind the protest group complaining about same sex education in Oldham schools according to The Guardian even though his children are not affected. It’s no to the sexualisation of children in Oldham (sexualisation being educating them about diversity and equality) but yes to the theistic indoctrination of children.
  9. His parents founded the charity Gambling with Lives Do people ever start charities without being personally affected?
  10. A controversial fundraising page set up by sacked Australian rugby player Israel Folau has been shut down for promoting the exclusion of LGBT people, website GoFundMe says. Folau is a Christian who argues his contract termination was an act of religious discrimination. He had received about A$760,000 (£414,000; $530,000) in donations since the page was set up last week, Australian media reporte
  11. Which is why quiet indoor hobbies are essential. Stuff you can do in your bedroom. Again with the smutty thoughts, stop it! Football. Did I mention that before? Tons of places to play football (assuming they haven't built on every bit of green space yet)
  12. Gardening. Keeping spiders as pets etc. What does appeal to testosterone riddled young boys? I don't actually want to know. But: cycling climbing bmxing boxing judo etc all use energy.
  13. Crafts: too many to mention. Many cheap as chips and end result can be sold at a profit. Drawing. Painting. Reading. Photography. Writing. Making clothes. Beekeeping (expensive). Drama. Music. Singing. Also available at a cost I imagine all over the country. Computers ... So many things on these to do including programming, designing levels and objects for games. Internet browsing forums research. They effectively carry a mini computer around with them
  14. You're not allowed to say that though.
  15. Everyone on question time seems to think youth clubs and pcsos are the answer. If churches or maybe church halls can be opened as supervised play areas then we can test that theory. My thoughts: children need quiet cheap solo hobbies as part of a wider range of things they're interested in. If you can not occupy yourself then you have a problem.