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  1. Our gp closes Thursday afternoon for 'training' Corner shop shuts 2 hours for lunch. Butcher closed Sunday and Monday.
  2. Jim McMahon 7mgtSgponsoredi · The Health Secretary has not yet replied to my letter, but there has been progress made to address the practical issues in areas experiencing more local restrictions. It has just been announced that there will be an exemption on household mixing in areas experiencing local lockdowns - including Oldham - for childcare for under-14s. Meaning that parents can once again rely on fam
  3. We're in (Oldham) fucking lockdown. but can go to the pub. So what are they going to take away? I've only been to the pub three times since lockdown proper was lifted.
  4. Bag for bed: lucasade paracetamol and something to eat that doesn't leave crumbs.
  5. It's a headline at the moment but they're getting graphs and diagrams out tomorrow.
  6. I've got to take supers off tomorrow.
  7. Pm considering relaxing rule of six for Christmas day. FFS. Firstly Christmas under rule of six will have people suicidal. Secondly people either need to stay safe or not. A special day isn't an excuse. If it's so vital to stay apart more. Thirdly just tell the police to not deal with snitch calls on that day rather than issue an open invitation to fuck about.
  8. News said it was on top of benefits for the unemployed ... but him indoors looked and said it's for workers. I've not looked. We can't ever claim it so it doesn't matter.
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