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  1. sarahbell

    Education, education, education

    S'fucking not! 600 a day. Plus expenses. According to someone who's been approached to do it.
  2. sarahbell

    Disabled boy sues

    But Mrs George says the size of the toilet at Flambards and the equipment do not meet Adam's needs, and that she was not consulted when the park put in the new equipment. She also disputes the £40,000 cost of a changing places loo, claiming one could be put in for closer to £10,000. -- Well she should source them one for 10k. Is it that she wasn't consulted that she's mad about? Does the equipment work but isn't quite what she'd like. Does she feel left out?
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  4. sarahbell

    Just smile Looking at this story made me smile. Especially when you have the muck man's phone number.
  5. sarahbell

    Disabled boy sues Adam George, 11, claims Flambards Theme Park, in Cornwall, discriminated and failed to make reasonable adjustments for him under the Equality Act. how did he get on to the rides? If he could be put / get on to the rides then surely his bathroom needs can be met in a similar way?
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    Excellent. Bring it on.
  7. sarahbell

    Taxes to rise to pay for the NHS

    Make a rule that anyone getting on a flight to the UK has health insurance for their visit here. And then send anyone back who doesn't have any. Let them have their babies on airplanes AND sue the airplanes for anyone they let on without checking the insurance status.
  8. sarahbell

    Old aerial photos

    I knew a housing officer in Manchester whose bf did hot air balloons and took photos and then went and sold them...
  9. Femilift ? Wtf. Waxing anything is wrong. Even lemons.
  10. sarahbell

    Islamification of Europe

  11. sarahbell

    trans madness

    As soon as they remove the need to speak to a doctor to get a certificate saying you're a bloke (when you're clearly boobed up like a proper girl) then I will be applying for a certificate and then every crime against me will be a hate crime and then the police will have to deal with the cunt next door.
  12. sarahbell

    Water water everywhere but not a drop to drink

    Won't work for people with concrete drives, or people on a shared water main.
  13. sarahbell

    Water water everywhere but not a drop to drink

    No idea how you ration it by household unless you stick a water meter on every house and then price increase it for volume... Not every house can have a water meter fitted inside.
  14. sarahbell

    My PC is significantly more fancy than yours

    My desktop is very old. But the recent update to windows 10 has apparently solved the issue of it not powering up straight away.
  15. sarahbell