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  1. Pfizer and the fatties https://amp.theguardian.com/world/2021/feb/28/pfizer-vaccine-less-effective-obesity-study
  2. sarahbell

    No Phil?

    Yes quite. Relatives in a d let them hold their hand and mop brows and up the drugs
  3. sarahbell

    No Phil?

    That'd perk him up a bit
  4. sarahbell

    No Phil?

    It's so tragic. He'll play on his dead mum too much because that's the only card the rich spoiled child has to play. He has money and luxury beyond imagination for most mortals yet he sobs he's hard done to. What care but palliative should a 99 year old get?
  5. I've spent the last two hours coughing. I'm blaming you.
  6. Person bought it in on the 13th. They have no idea who as their test wasn't registered right.
  7. You can't get milk from a stone. Or blood or honey. Squeeze something that is liquid. Seriously these people are crackers. The guy on countryfile has 50 acres of extended superior land management supported by the government. How much does that earn him?
  8. Meghan and Harry. Who wears the vanity pants in their house.
  9. These Brazilian variant cases. Someone didn't register their test properly so they have no idea who has the foreign lurgy. When did they arrive back? About 13 th February so was that before the compulsory quarantine?
  10. Agreed. Although stealing pens is a lot harder. Or easier Years ago I used to shop at Viking and get a load of stationary delivered. It's Amazon now.
  11. Buying houses is a sub-econony. Not productive but good at moving money about.
  12. And almost pointless unless you have OSR you want to get them on to.
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