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  1. sarahbell

    thirsty work Since 1 June 2008 it has been illegal to drink alcohol on Transport for London's (TfL) network. I haven't spent huge time on the tube but its usually for short journeys. Who has time for a drink?
  2. We've always had it fed to us that we all have to be treated the same. So why the inequalities for students in scotland and NHS prescriptions?
  3. sarahbell

    If only.

    The phrase hung parliament doesn't mean anything like that.
  4. My husband wouldn't let me buy an equivalent cost in chocolate bars and bought me one easter egg. I think he knew I'd be getting a fivers worth of the cheapy own brand chocolate though. (We have a box of twirls that I've barely touched, I think I'm seriously ill as I don't want much chocolate at the moment)
  5. I'd seen some chubster (as RJ might say) trundling along all full of self-importance, at first glance he looks like a cop but close up def a security bloke. I assume it's deliberate.
  6. I've dug them up but assume they set seed too as they just reapear
  7. no. But funny you should mention a cathedral roof
  8. We've got spanish bluebells. Have sent about 40 tonnnes of them to the tip (It'll look pretty there I hope) and given half a tonne away. They survive being left in plastic carrier bags for ages.
  9. Or even essential travel if a return journey is planned.
  10. I bought some apple blossom stuff from Morrisons. Went and stood looking at the bees and they thought it smelt lovely. Never used it again.
  11. Only when I'm ill. Or in a really boring meeting.
  12. We had two hogs on the allotment recently. So is there some guidance on what to do with the old pellets? I don't want to tell people to hurry up and use them. Suspect putting a photo of the hedgehogs on site up might discourage their use.
  13. Price is subject to VAT !!!!!!!!