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  1. We were with coop (Got a 'cosy' from them) and now with Octopus as Coop got rid of it's customers.
  2. I've watched the two episodes that are available last night and enjoyed it very much. I've done a little bit of pottery since the first series so appreciated it a bit more than before perhaps. Is anyone a potter here or are we just all potty?
  3. I had the chat on the phone to make an appointment for them to come. I pre-empted their questions and pointed out we have solar panels. They don't have a meter that'd work with them yet so I'm ok at the moment.
  4. I think it said it was just before he got married. So 2 years old?
  5. sarahbell

    Fashion Positives: UK Exports 3.9bn of clothing and footwear a year, charity shops rely on fashion industry. highstreet kept alive by few remaining clothes and shoe shops Negatives : Low paid jobs abroad (sweatshops) Few UK jobs (Perhaps not as true as I think though) £14.6bn of imported garments. (Carbon footprint might be able to be reduced buy is abroad) Landfill (More could be recycled within the UK and exported abroad ) Exporting second hand clothes to Africa reduces their manufacturing of clothing for their population. (About 30 per cent of the clothes sent to Oxfam's recycling hub Wastesaver in Batley, West Yorkshire (UK), are shipped to Senegal — that’s about 2,000 tonnes a year.) So should we all stop buying new clothes? What'll happen: Perhaps we'd stop importing cheap shit clothes from outside the UK. This would perhaps enable UK manufacturers to continue. I imagine we import raw materials for clothing too though.
  6. That sounds batshit crazy. (Would a batshit infusion turn you into a bat?) If it's true it means it's not really your fault if you're fat.
  8. I know. It's so funny seeing some of the crap they come out with. It is like they are blind and deaf to why they actually lost the election.
  9. They've not analysed why they lost. Instead they're focusing on driving off the same cliff they've been off several times now.