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  1. That's normally the case.
  2. That's alright! I was just confirming my agreement as much as anything else Everything else apparently has been a shitstorm so why would being first to licence a brand new shiny barely tested vaccine be a good idea?
  3. I said something very similar this morning
  4. LOL BBC what the papers say last night. The girl (Possibly from the sun) was saying well the govt have got everything so wrong during this entire pandemic - too late, too early not enough - etc so "isn't it a good job we're approving this vaccine first out of all of Europe"
  5. Good point. Isn't there a bonus some companies can get in January for still having staff employed?
  6. https://www.newsweek.com/mysterious-object-earth-nasa-asteroid-1551202 Oh no! alien space craft on the way
  7. Our local one serves food. Not been since covid though. Don't drink during the day so have never had a drink there.
  8. Do you think they should chop just one off? One of the things I remember from the two Ronnies show us big Ronnie with half suit half dress.
  9. It was very cheap. The beer tasted a bit cabbagey if you were lucky. I was at the opening night of the old monkey.
  10. With that hair and beard and eyebrow styling?
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