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  1. sarahbell

    chai latte

    It tastes really creamy - I suspect it's just as it should taste. Bleugh
  2. sarahbell

    chai latte

    I've got some beanies flavoured coffees and have got to the chai latte one. WTF. It's minging.
  3. I'm not bloody going! They can stuff it.
  4. She just needed a bit more Belinda Carlisle.
  5. Yes, being tired and hungry after work is not good for wanting to cook.
  6. As a sheet of acrylic is 300 quid then I don't blame them. We got given two huge sheets last year. Husband has been lasering it this last week playing with a laser cutter. Tons of thin acrylic has been sent to landfill as splatter guards. Greta would be spinning in her grave.
  7. Hairdressers on the news. One is going to test people's temperature. Not in guidelines but she feels she should.
  8. In the kitchen at number 10 ?
  9. But all those chefs could be cooking for takeaway versions People hate cooking. Hence the Millions of places to eat
  10. Broad beans. Better than podding the buggers. Even broccoli isn't as bad as it used to be. Edame beans. French beans .. but cut them up more. They do sliced runner beans which are not bad. Frozen onion seems decadent but they do red and white.
  11. Two different royal oaks. Sounds stressful going out for a lunch. The royal Oak near me is still going to be doing take out Sunday lunch.
  12. IMPORTANT INFORMATION - PLEASE READ As previously said due to Covid-19 our pub will be changing a little bit. Here's some of the new rules we will be putting in place until we are told otherwise: - Tables will be 'first come, first serve'. However, you are welcome to ring 07395939878 to check our capacity level on your way to avoid disappointment on arrival. - Everything will be table service. The staff will come to your table to take drink/food orders, take payment from you at the table, and then bring it over. You must NOT come to the bar at any point. - No one is allowed to stand in the pub or at the bar, everyone must be seated. - Toilets will be limited to 2 people at a time. - We also ask that children MUST BE supervised at all times and seated at the tables with parents/carers. - Pool table will be covered and unuseable. - Doormen will be on throughout the day/night to control capacity and monitor toilets. As you can imagine it will be tough for the first week until we all find our feet. Please be kind to the staff and be patient with us. We will be working as hard as we can to make sure everyone is happy and satisfied. Also, please follow the rules and respect the staff when enforcing them. We are not in charge of any of this, unfortunately we are just following government advice. We understand it may be frustrating, but it has to be done in order for us to be able to open for you! 😁 Thank you very much for your patience and cooperation. The Royal Oak Team 🍻 We are opening Saturday 4th July here are the rules and guidelines customers must follow when visiting the pub. • You must call in advance to book a table • All customers will be expected to provide full contact details on arrival for track and trace • Directions for entering and exiting the premises will be visibly clear and easy to follow • All customers are requested to sanitise their hands on entering the premises using the sanitiser provided • All customers need to make their way to the reception point clearly marked, where they will be dealt with by a team member • A maximum of six people only over two households on any one table • Table service only, all food and drinks will be ordered at the table • Cutlery and condiments will be brought to the table with food • Carvery: Tables will be called up to the carvery one table at a time. Due to new guidelines staff will now have to plate up your carvery behind a Perspex screen. You will still be able to pick and choose as much or as little as you want • Use contactless or card payment where possible • A one in one out system will be in place for the toilet facilities • All tables have been spaced out to maintain social distancing guidelines • All children should be supervised by an adult at all times and follow the social distancing guidelines We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding during these unsettling times. The safety of both customers and staff is our main priority. We look forward to welcoming you back.