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    sarahbell got a reaction from Kilham in European Election: How will you vote?   
    It is about brexit.
    We shouldn't have these elections if the uk govt had pulled it's head out of it's arse, told the EU we're leaving and that if they don't want all their EU citizens returned the next day they need to negotiate.
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    sarahbell reacted to whocares in Muslim parents lead group of 300 in protest outside school gates against equality lessons on homosexuality and gender   
    Very worrying. Push, push push. 
    Eventually ppl of the UK will have to choose which side to be on and there's a risk of conflict between the 2 groups.
    The (white) convert woman says the schools are brain washing their kids and she knows this as she is a psychologist. So what would she say kids being brought up as muslims is - isn't that also a form of brain washing/conditioning? 
    I believe we cannot chose our sexual orientation - we can merely suppress it if we wish to do so. But religion is 100% a choice.  So what she is accusing schools of she is more guilty of herself? (How ironic.)
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    sarahbell reacted to Malthus in Dosbods Tripadvisor   
    Tank museum Bovington excellent 
    Titanic Belfast boring rip off 
    Giants Causeway - always good but under no circumstances pay to go into the rip off National Trust visitor centre 
    Arizona Memorial Pearl Harbour , really well organised and very moving 
    Hawaii big island volcano, probably the best day out looking at stuff I’ve ever done , and very reasonable 
    Petra, Jordan chaotic and the most expensive day out I’ve ever had but an amazing place and well worth seeing 
    Dubai , amazing and very expensive 
    Chiangmai , fantastic place 
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    sarahbell got a reaction from onlyme in Dosbods Tripadvisor   
    SB's interactive beekeeping experience is worth a visit. You'll do all the lifting of heavy supers, moving things around and have a fun time playing with bees.
    Suits provided. Cuppa tea after too.
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    sarahbell reacted to BurntBread in Dosbods Tripadvisor   
    Great thread idea, SNACR! I may be taking this a little off-topic, but there are two places across the North Sea I'd highly recommend.
    The first is the oldest museum in the Netherlands, the Teylers museum, in Haarlem, so it's a bit of a museum of a museum. You go in, and they have a beautiful collection of fossils from the Solenhofen lithographic limestone (where they found the archaeopteryx, of which they have a specimen). I spent a couple of hours just looking around that section, before heading further in, and finding the collections of old scientific instruments. If you're into that sort of thing, it's magical, and all arranged in the original, cabinet-museum style of the late eighteenth century.
    The second is just something for a quick visit if you've got an hour to kill in the Hague. There's a little gallery displaying pictures by a reasonably good artist, called Hendrik Willem Mesdag. Nothing terribly special. However, if you remember to go into the room at the back, you are confronted by his master-work. If I describe it, you wouldn't think there was anything worth travelling to see: it's a big oil painting which you view from a platform. In reality though, it's like stepping into a time machine back to the 1890's. It almost brought a tear to my eye.
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    sarahbell reacted to Wight Flight in Tourists Fuckoff   
    Went to Osborne House today. We were the only non pensioners in the queue.
    We had to visit at the weekend as I have a job. But why the Feck do they?
    And why do I have to pay more than they do?
    My solution - no concession prices at the weekend.
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    sarahbell reacted to SNACR in Dosbods Tripadvisor   
    Do you enjoy looking at old motor vehicles or traipsing round other museums looking at Roman artefacts, from nearly two millennia ago, and pondering how the historical timeline doesn't seem to stack up quite right and worrying if we might be like the cowboys in Westworld who've found the remains of the old Samurai sector after a higher power wiped the slate clean and started again. Well this could be the thread for you but I'd appreciate anyone else doing some of the heavy lifting in reviewing any attraction they've been to recently.
    I'II kick off with the Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Exeter. I recommend a visit and - stop blowing into the brown paper bag - it's actually free. I'd only pencilled in an hour but swallowed that up and had only finished with one exhibit room so will have to revisit. Due to the city's strong medieval past there's a lot of archaeological artefacts going right through the ages, back to Roman times, and also a big Roman coin hoard find all well displayed with good descriptions. Not sure how much kids would get from it as didn't seem to be a great deal of the interactive or brass rubbing type stuff. Cafe looked Ok although I didn't try it and went to Five Guys, a few doors down, instead.
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    sarahbell reacted to Erik in European Election: How will you vote?   
    UKIP. Obviously Brexit will win overall which is great, but my concern is that they will disappear if we leave before the next general election. Therefore I think it’s important to keep UKIP viable for the longer term benefits.
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    sarahbell reacted to Southmartin in Eurovision 2019   
    Why can’t we just enter a song next year called “so long, farewell, go fuck yourselves we’re taking our 39 billion and we’re off, good luck with all the muzzles”
    i mean, it’s not as if it could actually do any worse is it? ... we’d probably get 24 points form Russia and Poland!
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    sarahbell reacted to XswampyX in Islamification of Europe   
    It's worse than you think.
    Ignorance... It will be the death of us.
    You ain't no mooslem brov'. 
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    sarahbell reacted to XswampyX in Tommy Robinson thread   
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    sarahbell reacted to twocents in Tommy Robinson thread   
    Men in black jackets with white robes seemed to be playing an active role in
    1.  Handing out the eggs to a gang. 
    2.  In the apparent gun drop/transfer after what sounded like a gunshot. 
    3.  At least one amongst the men of violence and terror near TR's rally.
    It must be some sort of leadership uniform?
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    sarahbell reacted to Shaneyson in Tommy Robinson thread   
    I think we are past that stage. Everything I have done to support TR I have used my real name, including writing to him in prison. It's time to be counted.
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    sarahbell reacted to Frank Hovis in Has someone started a war without telling me?   
    Until Tony Blair, riding a pale horse, pops up on the news accusing Iran of something fanciful I refuse to believe that we or the US would be sufficiently callous and stupid to decimate Iran purely to win some more Saudi contracts.
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    sarahbell reacted to unregistered_guest in Brexit Party - European Elections   
    Don't you actually have the backing of some real political parties to be able to do that?
    Or is this some new sport of "Fantasy Politics" we can all sign up to?
    If so, I'll have a cabinet headed by Oliver Cromwell, Jim Hacker and William Wiberforce to enact a law requiring all journalists to tell the truth at all times or be forced to parade around in a fluorescent dunce cap for a year and a day! That's how we play this game;  isn't it, Chuka? 
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    sarahbell reacted to spygirl in European Election: How will you vote?   
    Nice to see that Cuntbyn is using the euro elections to raise issues that matter to uk voters.... kiddy poverty.
    “The levels of poverty in remain and leave areas are very similar; the levels of child poverty. I think we have to be responsible about this, and appeal to people across those views.”
    Hes like a stupider version of that idiot cunt Brown, if such a think could have thought possible.
    By same levels you mean 0, by any sane rational measurement you stupid old cunt?
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    sarahbell got a reaction from Bedrag Justesen in Londonistan   
    but not their daughters?
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    sarahbell reacted to The Masked Tulip in Gatwick Drones   
    Manchester airport closed due to, supposedly, a masssive power cut. Hmmm...
    Drones. Power cuts. Not the right air will be next.
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    sarahbell reacted to Alonso Quijano in Eurovision 2019   
    UK came last with 12 points. The song was pants, however for years now we are getting nowhere in the voting. Irony that most songs are in English. Lots of professional writers writing to order (Swedish pop writers everywhere). Competition was more fun back when it was more nationalist and culturally reflective. Having become samey it has to stand out by ever more bizarre SJW wokeness.
    Nul points.
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    sarahbell reacted to unregistered_guest in Tommy Robinson thread   
    I've been looking at the source data used by Election Maps - the people referenced by Guido Fawkes.
    Two things to note:
    Some of the people responding to the Twitter post are crowing about how Labour and Conservatives have so far apparently haemorrhaged more votes to the LibDem and Greens than Brexit/UKIP - conveniently ignoring the fact that 2014 was a year when UKIP supposedly peaked and people were still punishing the LibDems; and the giant pachyderm that shows that the Brexit Party alone is polling higher than LibDem/Green/SNP/CUK  combined.
    Secondly, that the two biggest groupings after "Brexit Party" for polling intentions are "Don't Know" and "Won't Vote" (23, 16 and 16%). For all other parties, apathy and complete antipathy are both seen as more favourable options. The most interesting part is that voting intentions indicate that 49% of the electorate actually plan to vote. We've never seen that many for EU elections in the UK. It's more than double the percentage who voted in 2004! But with one in six voters still undecided, there is everything to play for.
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    sarahbell reacted to Ina in Islamification of Europe   
    Currently at Headingley having secured a last minute ticket for the 1 day England v Pakistan international.  Managed to get 2 fkin bottles of wine past the green team.   It is Ramadan.   Never is the cultural difference more acute then here.  The English are steadily getting merry, drinking warm beer, eating sausage rolls, chips gravy etc.  It is a great street party.   The Pakistani fans to the left of me have not eaten a thing or drunk a drop of water.  The are blinged  up to the eyeballs in designer kit and big watches.  They cannot relax or stop twitching.
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    sarahbell reacted to Mirror Mirror in Islamification of Europe   
    What if the woman were the patient, and the area to be examined were under the veil? Do we go back to the dark ages, when the patient indicates on a dummy the area of concern, and the doctor is forbidden to touch her, or even ask her to remove the veil?
    What if I go to my GP and the doctor is a veiled muslim woman, and I cant communicate with her? Am I had up for racism if I request to see another doctor?
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    sarahbell reacted to goldbug9999 in Tommy Robinson thread   
    Preparations for a peaceful protest.

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    sarahbell got a reaction from the gardener in European Election: How will you vote?   
    It is about brexit.
    We shouldn't have these elections if the uk govt had pulled it's head out of it's arse, told the EU we're leaving and that if they don't want all their EU citizens returned the next day they need to negotiate.
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    sarahbell got a reaction from S Brule in European Election: How will you vote?   
    It is about brexit.
    We shouldn't have these elections if the uk govt had pulled it's head out of it's arse, told the EU we're leaving and that if they don't want all their EU citizens returned the next day they need to negotiate.