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    sarahbell got a reaction from whocares in Dyson wtf   
    Fooking hell. 
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    sarahbell reacted to JFK in TV nonsense   
    Would require watching the BBC  ... bit tricky.  Ah well  ... 
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    sarahbell reacted to Lipid in Pandemic coming? - Coronavirus January 2021 onwards (Part 5)   
    Anyone who thinks CPR is a lovely fluffy treatment that brings people back from the dead to leave them in perfect health to live long and happy lives should read this:
    It backs up what my mum told me about 30 years ago.  She was an A&E sister, and when yet another of the doctors and consultants she worked with died of a heart attack in his 50s, I said it was terrible.  She told me that she agreed with their opinion that a heart attack was one of the best ways to die, and all of them would prefer that way of dying instead of wasting away in a hospital bed over a period of months, ironically, a fate which eventually befell my mum in her 70s.
    I'm about 50, in good health, enjoying life, single with no kids but have lots of nieces and nephews, and having watched my dad waste away with deteriorating health throughout his 80s to eventually die last summer, I'd happily sign a DNR form right now.
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    sarahbell got a reaction from Caravan Monster in Every adult will be offered the vaccine by the autumn   
    Well if you take their made up 90% it's different.
    It's got to stop people needing hospital care or its even more useless than I actually think it is
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    sarahbell got a reaction from JFK in TV nonsense   
    Bloody hell. She's for the electric chair. She's just said protect the NHS is wrong like it's a religion.
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    sarahbell got a reaction from JFK in TV nonsense   
    Seriously insane.
    All lives are equally important no matter the quality of life. Protect the NHS at the top of the pyramid.
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    sarahbell got a reaction from Loki in Pandemic coming? - Coronavirus January 2021 onwards (Part 5)   
    Vaccine hesitant.
    BBC just coined a new phrase.
    The locked in are desperately keen to get it.
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    sarahbell reacted to Option5 in The make us laugh or fuck off thread   
    A guy sends a text to his next-door neighbour:
    "Bob, I'm sorry. I've been riddled with guilt and I have to confess: I have been helping myself to your wife when you're not around, probably more than you. I know it's no excuse but I don't get it at home. I can't live with the guilt any longer. I hope you'll accept my sincerest apology. It won't happen again."
    Feeling outraged and betrayed, Bob goes into the bedroom, and without a word, strangles his wife until she's dead.
    He's just heading to the front door to go and kill the neighbour when he gets a second text: "Bloody autocorrect! It was supposed to say WiFi."
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    sarahbell reacted to eight in What date will a UK covid vaccination program first be halted?   
    I've seen some fairly concerning stats regarding deaths directly attributable to the annual flu jab. I'd say if the Norway figures are correct then they're in a similar range.
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    sarahbell reacted to eight in EU Compulsory Vaccine Certificate to Travel   
    He got that handwritten card thing, which apparently he now has to carry with him "at all times".
    You'd like to think that there is some system side record being kept!
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    sarahbell got a reaction from eight in TV nonsense   
    That was my starting point. They don't have to travel to the studio and mix with so many people.
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    sarahbell reacted to The Generation Game in Wales is fucked   
    You only have to look at the situation with the Australian Open to see how ridiculous the situation is. 
    Every precaution taken, make sure that everyone has a negative test within 72hrs of flying out and still get 4 positives on arrival. 
    If a vaccine doesn't stop you catching the virus or spreading it, then a vaccine passport is absolute bullshit. 
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    sarahbell reacted to working woman in TV nonsense   
    Just switched it on and watching now - very interesting.
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    sarahbell got a reaction from JFK in Every adult will be offered the vaccine by the autumn   
    I too would like it legally challenged.
    It's a fucking piss take
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    sarahbell reacted to JFK in Pandemic log - please only post if you or someone close to you gets the lurgy   
    So someone with a prior high risk (cardiac problems,  previous cancer), gets the coof,  develops a high temperature (105oF he said? ) ... but decides to DRIVE FOR OVER 45 MINUTES TO TWO DIFFERENT HOSPITALS  .... sounds reasonable. 
    Staying home,  cold bath to reduce temperature,  paracetamol etc .... 
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    sarahbell got a reaction from Melchett in Every adult will be offered the vaccine by the autumn   
    Only when they've had two jabs?
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    sarahbell got a reaction from JFK in Pandemic log - please only post if you or someone close to you gets the lurgy   
    Could he have stayed at home and treated with paracetamol and fluids?
  18. Lol
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    sarahbell reacted to working woman in Pandemic coming? - Coronavirus January 2021 onwards (Part 5)   
    Yes I remember him - it was unbelievable.
    My family used to trust GP's but we have learned that they don't always get it right.
    I now call GP's "sign posts". They are your first port of call, their knowledge is general, who send you on (sign post) to specialists. 
    There have been several instances in my family where we weren't taken seriously by a GP, not sent to a specialist or for tests and we were later proved right: 
    My Dad (35 at the time) went to the GP with strange symptoms but wasn't taken seriously. He kept pushing and 15 years later was finally diagnosed at 50 with Multiple Sclerosis (Primary Progressive).  The signs were there in his mid-30's, stumbling when he walked. That isn't normal, why wasn't it taken seriously? Several years later he was driving one day and his eyesight completely went and he had to stop. They took him seriously then.
    My husband had a wart like lump on his bottom eyelid. The GP thought it was nothing and said it would be hard to remove. He decided to get a second opinion, that GP (Asian) wasn't sure, but took it seriously and  refered him to a specialist. It was removed, and found to be cancerous.  He now prefers to see a foreign or British Asian Doctor.
    In my mid-30's I thought I may have Ovarian Cancer. I asked to be tested and the GP said a flat out no. I was not asked why I thought that or what my symptoms were. A couple of years ago a scan for something else found I had Fibroids, which would account for some symptoms and is very common in women.
    I think if a Doctor isn't sure, there is no disgrace in them asking a colleague to have a look for a second opinion. 
    Based on our experience, we have decided to go down the preventative route, look after our health, eat well, grow our own veg, exercise, take Vit D for Covid and if we have to go to the Doctors, not be fobbed off and get a second opinion.  
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    sarahbell reacted to onlyme in The Presidential Election, Trump-Biden   
    Bruce Springsteen kicking off the Inauguration with Not Born in the USA.
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    sarahbell reacted to MrLibertyRedux in If you have to have one of the vaccines to travel or work, which would it be?   
    Your autoimmune system has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down. Would you like to tell Microsoft?
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    sarahbell reacted to spygirl in Is Marcus Rashford a danger to the long term welfare of the UK population?   
    Sunday, Housework.
    Broadcasting House on in the background.
    And here we have <greekname> who runs a charity in Tower Hamlets
    <voice breaking ..> we have people who are so hungry they are eating fag butts ....
    Swearing. Cleaning material hit the wall ...
    Heres the org:
    About First Love Foundation
    We believe no one has to face crisis alone. Since 2010, we’ve helped thousands of people in one of the UK’s most deprived boroughs get their lives back on track with our highly regarded, bespoke, Enabling Lives Programme, which provides instant access to high quality advice, support and food at the point of need.
    Our holistic model and solution-oriented approach works to restore dignity, build resilience and reconnects individuals to society in order to find a path to purpose.
    For the non familiar with Tower Hamlets, its just to East of The City. A casual  walk of 2 miles West will take someone past vast number of jobs and opportunities. .s They might not be the best paid but if you are being provided with with free/subbed council housing then its a no brainer.
    Heres the UK starving bennies zugwang
    They say:
    We work to tackle hidden hunger in Tower Hamlets, by providing emergency food support to people facing crisis.
    And another report:
    In Tower Hamlets, nearly 1 in 7 children in reception (4- to 5-year-olds) and over 1 in 4 of children in year 6 (10- to 11-year-olds) are obese. Tower Hamlets has the fifth highest proportion of obese 10- to 11-year-olds in London and the sixth highest in the country. However, levels of obesity in 4- to 5-year-olds have been decreasing over the last 5 years and, following a steep rise, the levels of obesity in 10- to 11-year-olds has plateaued over the last 3 years.
    They have some handy stories, to wring out money
    “But they were very friendly and asked me how I was living, and if I was getting any benefits. I didn’t have my National Insurance number because my ex had it. And I couldn’t do anything without it. That was stopping me getting any help.”
    You have your own NU number, its not shared. Becasue you are foreign?
    Sasha’s story is heartbreaking the first time you hear it. She moved to London from Ireland with her two young sons to escape a violent marriage. When she arrived, she sought support but was told she wasn’t eligible for any benefits, despite what she had read.
    AFAIK Oirish are entitled to bennies. Although Id suggest she takes up the violnce with the Oirish police..
    https://www.irishtimes.com/life-and-style/abroad/social-welfare-payments-guaranteed-for-irish-in-britain-and-british-in-ireland-after-brexit-1.3785556#:~:text=Under the pre-existing Common,healthcare%2C education and social security
    Under the pre-existing Common Travel Area arrangement, which predates both Ireland and the UK’s EU membership, Irish and UK citizens have reciprocal rights and privileges living in each other’s jurisdictions, including the freedom to work and study, and to receive access to healthcare, education and social security benefits, including pensions, child benefit and maternity benefit.
    Of source she could have come from Oireland after coming from somewhere else.
    “People in authority who were paid to help me, whose job it was to help me, did not help me. I can say that from my heart because I went through so much.Then these people, they can just give you food and say bye – but they become your support.The way that they are selflessly helping people…they are more than friends and family to me.”
    Entitled or what? Fuck off.
    A bloke!!!" AT Last!!!!
    As a welfare rights adviser for Child Poverty Action Group, Martin gives on-the-spot advice to people visiting the Tower Hamlets Foodbank and helps them to get any benefit issues sorted. He says he was immediately impressed by the way people were treated by the First Love Foundation.
    Working with the First Love Foundation is the best thing Lee Fearon has done in his 30-year career.
    Lee is the Tower Hamlet Council’s benefits policy manager and has worked in various benefits roles since 1985.
    Terene’s world fell apart when she was unable to keep working due to her 9-year-old daughter’s escalating health issues.
    The 34-year old scientist is a solo mum who worked as a laboratory chemist. She was commuting for four hours everyday, when her daughter, who has a serious blood disorder called Sickle Cell Anaemia, was also diagnosed with epilepsy.
    Her daily seizures meant that Terene had to stop working.
    “If my daughter had a seizure, I was two hours away,” she says
    “I did the necessary applications and managed to secure a disability benefit for my daughter but I was told that I wasn’t entitled to income support, carers allowance or housing benefit,” she says.
    Shes not a scientist  FFS. Shes a lab tetch at best.
    She also needs booting out. as she foreign.
    She had been unemployed for nearly 16 years and was living in a hostel when she was referred to the foodbank for emergency food support.
    How in fuck sake can you be unemployed in London for 16 years?
    6 months HB then it stops and she has to fuck off.
    “I got more than I ever could’ve anticipated or imagined. They gave me hope straight away. Although I got food, which I was happy for, more than that I got someone who listened to me and was non-judgmental to help me,” Sandra says. The born-and-bred Tower Hamlets resident ran into difficulties when she was fighting drug addiction.
    Alfred feels like the First Love Foundation saved his life.
    He only had £10 a week to spend on food when he was referred to the Tower Hamlets Foodbank.
    Out of work for 3 years and struggling to live on a low income, Alfred’s income had been drastically reduced following the introduction of bedroom tax. After it had been deducted from his benefit, he was left with just £43 a week to cover all his utilities, council tax and other living costs. “I was eating a sandwich, maybe once a day. You’ve got to make £10 last a week before you get paid again.”
    Although looking for work, Alfred was struggling with confidence and losing hope.
    “It’s no joke. When you don’t eat properly you starve. You lose your self-esteem and everything. I was sending out my CV 15 times a day to companies. Sometimes you get replies back and sometimes you don’t.”
    When Alfred came to the foodbank he was stressed and had to bring a friend with him to speak on his behalf. He was referred because he had three months’ of rent arrears.
    He needs to move to a HMO and he needs to start working 14h x 6 in the West End.
    When you meet Lorna, you’d never guess that she was once unable to feed her children and living in fear of eviction.
    The mother-of-three works 16 hours a week as a school kitchen assistant and receives benefits to top up her very low income. When she went on maternity leave in the  winter of 2011, her benefits were suspended because her circumstances had changed. “It put me right at rock bottom. I couldn’t provide my children with the basic things that they should have. It was devastating.”
    She ended up keeping her son home from school because she couldn’t afford packed lunches. Because she works, her children weren’t eligible for free school meals. Her son’s school liaison worker visited Lorna at home and saw that she needed help so referred her to the Tower Hamlets Foodbank. Lorna was embarrassed and reluctant to visit the foodbank, as she mistakenly believed that she wasn’t eligible for help.
    “I am a working person, I thought foodbanks were for people that didn’t work,” she says. However, when she walked through the doors, Lorna remembers how she was immediately made to feel at ease.
    No youre not.
    In her situation, bennies onyl get stopped due to fraud.
    If shes doing 16h then she';; get free school meals. The entire story is a lie.
    From her Poplar flat’s kitchen window, she had a clear view of all the big banks in Canary Wharf. She and her sons would sit wrapped in blankets in their unheated flat, watching the lights going on in each level as cleaners moved through the empty skyscrapers.
    At the time, through no fault of her own, she was also facing eviction from her flat due to rent arrears, caused by the on-off nature of how her benefits had been paid over the past few years.
    Simple fix.
    No non-national is required to receive any benefit or  free public service.
    Set min wage to 30k with a PAYE job offer. No job, kicked out.
    HB set at max of 600.
    Social tenancies review every 2 years and lease removed when requirements change i.e. no kid under 18.
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    sarahbell reacted to Yadda yadda yadda in G7 Summit June 2021 in Cornwall   
    They're looking for the positives from climate change. It can only improve Glasgow.
    If a load of UN climate change people get covid having flown around the world for a meeting it will serve them right.
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