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    sarahbell got a reaction from Frank Hovis in trans madness   
    people with vaginas.
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    sarahbell got a reaction from Frank Hovis in trans madness   
    people with vaginas.
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    sarahbell reacted to Hail the Tripod in How do you know if someone is Vegan?   
    It's not easy being a sheep on camera.
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    sarahbell reacted to Van Lady in Fucking RSPCA...   
    That is why I only ever give to small local charities now.
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    sarahbell reacted to Happy Renting in Fucking RSPCA...   
    Why a warrant?
    When my Aunt and Uncle died*, their remains kept their dogs fed for weeks.
    After that I just spoon-fed the Pekidoodles through the letterbox until the smell got too bad.
    * suicide pact, although my Aunt didn't actually tell my Uncle.
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    sarahbell reacted to JackieO in Fucking RSPCA...   
    Thanks for that I'll let said relatives know. They are really upset and stressed...
    Honestly isn't enough to loose a brother, arrange a funeral, bury a brother and be left with sorting out a literally and financially messy estate at around 80 without the ffing RSPCA sniping from the sidelines!
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    sarahbell reacted to Frank Hovis in trans madness   
    The judge gives him a "moderate" risk of re-offending and still lets him out?
    It sounds like his concern is for the attacker rather thna his lats two victims and any future ones.
    Banning him from having contact with children?
    Does the judge somehow think this man will not be visiting women's toilets again?
    Their next assault happens in 10, 9, 8.....
    Though at least the judge can go to bed with a smile on his face because he has given "Katie" a second chance whilst two young girls cry themselves to sleep every night.
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    sarahbell reacted to DocH in trans madness   
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    sarahbell reacted to DTMark in Oh, the Umunnaty!   
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    sarahbell reacted to zugzwang in Oh, the Umunnaty!   
    Corbyn's responded. Zen-like as ever.
    NEW - Reaction from Jeremy Corbyn:

    "I am disappointed that these MPs have felt unable to continue to work together for the Labour policies that
    inspired millions at the last election and saw us increase our vote by the largest share since 1945.”
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    sarahbell reacted to dgul in Oh, the Umunnaty!   
    BBC just mucked up their microphone and had to go to a secondary mike with a wider input -- just heard one of the journos whispering to his mate:
    Choice comments so far:
    'He's mad' 'We're fucked' 'Conservatives are going to win' [on the So-Called BBC news feed from about 10:36]
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    sarahbell reacted to dgul in Oh, the Umunnaty!   
    I thought Berger was okay, but very disappointed with her argument for #TIG.  [ed -- apparently she's Jewish (I don't see Jewishness unless Haredi etc).  Not nice that she's been attacked, but it shouldn't be a reason for this move.  I now think she's been taken advantage of]  
    Angela Smith giving a good argument -- sounds old-school.
    Chris Leslie -- pointless management politician. 
    Gavin Shuker --  Pointless career politician.  Sounds like Blair without the charm.
    Anne Coffee -- Sounds like she's been taken advantage of.
    Mike Gapes -- Fair enough.  Sounds passionate about it.  It'll probably destroy his career.
    Chuka.  Busy putting his personal interest above everything else.  A career politician of the worst sort.  I can only hope that this'll destroy his career.
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    sarahbell reacted to JFK in Oh, the Umunnaty!   
    See the liebore party steer more towards common purpose Momentum idiots, Corbyn looks even more weaker than ever being surrounded by SJWs with a large dollop of anti-semitism.
    Lucianna Berger is a MP who was parachuted into the Liverpool Watertree area despite a local labour candidate who actually had something to do with the area, she has fuck all connections, another climber who was supposedly shagging Chukus yer money-I'm-not-gay-Umma.
    A plague on all their houses.
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    sarahbell got a reaction from JFK in Fucking RSPCA...   
    My lasting memory of contact with them was regarding a stray cat.

    "have you got a blanket and a car?"
    "put the blanket over the cat and put it in the boot of the car and drive far away from your house and then open the boot"
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    sarahbell got a reaction from The Masked Tulip in Oh, the Umunnaty!   
    can not stay in party that is institutionally antisemitic.

    Bullying, bigotry and intimidation.

    The seven are Luciana Berger, Chuka Umunna, Chris Leslie, Angela Smith, Mike Gapes, Gavin Shuker and Anne Coffey
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    sarahbell reacted to dgul in Oh, the Umunnaty!   
    It is IMO shameful to take advantage of the spectre that is antisemitism for personal political gain.
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    sarahbell reacted to Gloommonger in Boilers in bedrooms   
    Move that house to my road and it would be 700k. I would buy it in a heartbeat at that price. Odd place to put a boiler, but box it in and use it as a guest bedroom 😂
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    sarahbell reacted to Wight Flight in Boilers in bedrooms   
    I don't see the problem.
    Same price, my neck of the woods.
    You are just being over fussy. 😁😁
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    sarahbell reacted to zugzwang in Oh, the Umunnaty!   
    Chucka's effed off.
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    sarahbell reacted to ashestoashes in The Idiocy/Futility of Replacement Migration.   
    ireland 2040 project—-stefan-molyneux-destroys-every-argument-for-displacing-irish-people-through-tsunami-immigration.28626/
    30% The number of non-Irish prisoners in 2008 according to the Irish Prison Service. The figure reduced to 17% in 2014 — possibly masked by the increase in citizenship given to migrants. In 2008, Africans who were less than 1% of the pop were 6.9% of prisoners. That dropped to 2.1% in 2014.
    — 'Nationality of Persons committed by year from 2008 to 2014' | [screenshot] 66: The number of nationalities in Irish jails in 2016 with Polish, Lithuanian, British and Romanian men forming the largest ethnic groupings.
    — The Irish Times | 5 Dec 2016 The Communications Officer for the Irish Prison Service remarked in February, 2018:
    — | 11 Feb 2018

    “We want the best talent we can get to join the IPS. We would love to see more ethnic minorities putting themselves forward because we need them. The prison population is completely different to what it was about 30 years ago.”
      In April 2018, the Chief superintendent of the Laois-Offaly Garda Division told a local radio station that foreign criminal gangs from Eastern Europe were travelling to Ireland to commit burglaries. He said the gangs would come in for a short stay, commit serious amounts of burglaries and leave Ireland afterwards using EU free movement.
    — Midlands Radio 103 | 12 Oct 2018 African gangs went on a mugging rampage and beat-up several youngsters in Portmarnock & Malahide in North Dublin this past Halloween. A pregnant lady who intervened in the assault of one child was told that her baby "would be cut out of her". A source told Dublin Live that the towns were chosen over a lack of police presence. The pregnant woman was quoted that she had been told by one gang member that she was 'just giving us hassle because we're black' Several locals told how the gangs used social media to organise their rampage, even bragging to their victims online about how easy it is to organise “posh-bashing” sprees.
    — Dublin Live | 06 Nov 2018 The rampage wasn't the first time African gangs in Dublin have organised for violence in a town with no police station. Shoppers had to flee in terror in 2017 in Donabate when 100 gang rivals clashed.
    — Dublin Gazette | 18 Jan 2017 In January of 2018, the town of Lusk were forced into lock-down when a 100 strong African gang invaded the village, throwing stones at buses and smashed up property
    — Dublin Gazette | 18 Jan 2018 In west Dublin, Irish vigilantes were suspected of taking matters into their own hands after a number of taxi & delivery drivers were robbed by African gangs, when one home in Tyrrelstown was fire-bombed twice in the same weekend.
    — Dublin Live | 12 Feb 2018 A 16 year old who attacked and robbed a delivery man in what a judge described as an “extremely vicious and mindless assault” was given a four-year suspended sentence in October, 2018. His youth prevented him being named but one report revealed his parents had moved to Ireland from the Congo.
    — | 05 Oct 2018 When African muggers started targeting the wealthier area of Clontarf, national media reported on the problem for the area.
    — Newstalk | 07 Dec 2018 Though Gardaí (Irish police) have a low presence in many towns they have been using sophisticated methods to catch criminals. In November 2018, they used thermal imaging from a helicopter to catch two African muggers who had robbed a man with a long steak knife in Lusk after they hid under some brambles during a chase.
    — | 30 Nov 2018 In 2015, the racial tension in Balbriggan was highlighted on radio phone-in show after a video of a brawl between black and white school children had gone viral.
    — FM104 | May 2015 Mosney, a Direct Provision centre for asylum seekers is nearby Balbriggan and many former residents have settled in the seaside town and surrounding areas. When 700 Balbriggan residents protested outside the Garda station in November 2017, they referred to "anti-social groups" terrorising the town but they were still branded racists by some callers to a radio show about the protest.
    — 98 FM | Nov 2017 — 98 FM | Nov 2017 In November 2018, the government announced that it would spend €20 million on a redevelopment scheme for Balbriggan while the council would spend a total of €50 million in capital investment over the next three years "to solve the socio-economic issues".
    — The Herald | 26 Nov 2018 — Fingal Independent 08 Dec 2018 Sentences can often be lenient towards migrants. When three Nigerians were found guilty of sexual assault on a 14 year girl, they each received a two year suspended sentence for three years. The three, on one occasion took turns to rape the girl in a forest clearing. The court heard that one of them said, “You look like you’re going to cry.” The girl slapped him across the face and asked: “Can you blame me?”. She said she was still on anti-depressants, and has had suicidal thoughts. On delivering her sentence, Judge Mary Ellen Ring noted that the sexual offence conviction might “cause them not to get employment, or to lose employment” and that this was punishment in itself. One of the Nigerians subsequently went on to be nominated for Young Player Of The Year at a Dublin football club.
    — Examiner & Irish Times | 21 Oct 2014 When a Bangladesh national was found guilty of sexual assault on a six year old girl in a mosque, Judge Pauline Codd sentenced the man to 18 months imprisonment but suspended the final four months for a period of one year in part because his being a Bangladesh national "may make his imprisonment more difficult". — Examiner | 19 Nov 2018 In May, 2013, World Bank figures revealed that €468m in 'remittances' was sent from Ireland to Nigeria in 2011.
    That was average of more than €26,000 for each of the 17,642 Nigerian nationals in Ireland, including children.
    — Irish Independent | 19 May 2013 [archive] €600k: The amount per day the Immigrant Council said organised crime gangs were making by running an international sex trafficking network stretching from Nigeria and Cameroon to Ireland in 2015
    — Examiner | 26 Sep 2015 One of largest welfare fraud cases in Ireland involved a couple who had arrived from Nigeria in 2006. The combined fraud totalled more than €400,000 and took place over a period of more than eight years.
    — | 12 Mar 2018 An Irish police operation in September, 2018, targeting a Nigerian money-laundering network linked to a €15m fraud saw 15 homes raided in five counties across the country. The police stressed that the operation was about gathering evidence to be used against the global criminal organisation who have been linked to massive fraud in countries as far away as China.
    — Irish Independent | 07 Sep 2018
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    sarahbell reacted to crashmonitor in The cult of corbyn   
    Plebs do as I say not as my family does. Son... 400k profit on 2016 right to buy. Turned into £150 a night Airbnb. Is Emily, Lady Nugee his mentor.

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    sarahbell reacted to The Masked Tulip in Unisex toilets. Another brilliant idea   
    Very considerate hosts the Welsh.
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    sarahbell got a reaction from one mile two pence in The make us laugh or fuck off thread   
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    sarahbell reacted to Frank Hovis in Unisex toilets. Another brilliant idea   
    Yes, it is a silly idea to prioritise 0.1% of transgenders over women who are 50% of the populaton.
    Yet it keeps happening on the grounds of "inclusion" for the 0.1% when the reality is exclusion for the 50%.
    The last place I went with unisex toilets was the Bank of England.  It was a right pain in the arse because the women took absolutely ages; I was beginning to consider pissing in the sink.