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    sarahbell reacted to MrPin in Dog walking at night   
    Wear a high viz jacket, even it is uncool. Put the dog in the sidecar.
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    sarahbell reacted to Happy Renting in Dog walking at night   
    Get a luminous genetically-modified dog, and carry a Toc H lamp.
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    sarahbell reacted to The Masked Tulip in Dog walking at night   
    Carry some blood from the butchers with you so you can hurl yourself against the driver's side window of cars at junctions, leave a big smear of blood on the window and then disappear into the darkness? Who the feck thinks of these things?
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    sarahbell reacted to Caravan Monster in Dog walking at night   
    I would make use of the darkness and go where you like, trespass (for the time being) is a civil offence. Satellite images are handy for recon. Just don't shine big powerful torches around and be vaguely aware that IR motion cameras are common place around things like pheasant pens if you or the dog are likely to be recognised.
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    sarahbell reacted to spygirl in First gender pay gap now class pay gap
    Here you go, in writing:
    Women should have the right to know what their male colleagues are being paid if they suspect pay discrimination, a gender equality charity has said.
    The Fawcett Society is calling for a change in the law to try to cut down on instances of unequal pay.
    But men can help by simply telling female colleagues what they earn, the charity added.
    Does it work the other way around?
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    sarahbell reacted to Frank Hovis in Slow Down Cloggy   
    Yep, a friend has always sat and slept with her feet wrapped or even under her when she's sitting and is getting really bad knee pains as a result.  Exactly like mine from driving so I was able to identify it.
    The knee support doesn't solve the problem directly; what it does is make you aware that you're twisting your knee which acts as a reminder to you to straighten it.
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    sarahbell reacted to spygirl in The GREAT BIG General election thread

    Again Labour are the party of useless public sector wimmin.
    Maybe they need to remain Labour to 'Fat ditzy print wimmin party'?
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    sarahbell reacted to BadAlchemy in The GREAT BIG General election thread   
    Wow! Just wow! JFK beat me to it but it's worth repeating... I demand to have the right of free movement into Ana Oppenheim's house and the right to tell her what she can watch on telly and what food she can keep in the fridge. It's me human rights, innit.
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    sarahbell reacted to MrLibertyRedux in The GREAT BIG General election thread   
    I just read this on Guido Fawkes and came over here to post a link but you beat me to it.
    We really are living in the fucking Matrix now.
    How can things have deteriorated this quickly? I can't begin to articulate how batshit mental this is.
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    sarahbell reacted to spygirl in The GREAT BIG General election thread
    After the Labour Party conference – something Corbyn views as the sovereign decision-making body of the party – voted for a ‘defend and extend free movement’ immigration policy, the So-Called BBC’s Today Programme was understandably inquisitive as to what this would mean for Labour’s immigration plans. Laura Pidcock failed to answer the question five consecutive times…
    Guido has compiled a handy reminder for Labour Shadow Cabinet members of what conference committed party policy to do:
    Oppose the current immigration legislation and any curbing of rights Campaign for free movement, equality and rights for migrants Reject any immigration system based on incomes, migrants’ utility to business, and number caps/targets Close all detention centres Ensure unconditional right to family reunion Maintain and extend free movement rights End “no recourse to public funds” policies Scrap all Hostile Environment measures… and restrictions on migrants’ NHS access Extend equal rights to vote to all UK residents regardless of nationality
    She studied politics at Manchester Metropolitan University,[8] and was a mental health support worker before working within, then managing, the education team at anti-racism charity Show Racism the Red Card.[8] She completed an MSc in Disaster Management and Sustainable Development at Northumbria University in 2012, with research focusing on children's institutions in Bulgaria.[9] Pidcock was a councillor for Cramlington Eastfield ward on Northumberland County Council, losing her seat to the Conservative Party candidate in the 2017 UK local elections.[8]
    That might come in handy on the day afterthe GE ....
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    sarahbell reacted to crashmonitor in A town called Fishlake   
    Damned if you go, damned if you don't. Political photo op if you turn up, don't care if you don't show.
    Raining more than forecast just now in the Pennines. Whether yesterday being dry  was enough to prevent another event God knows.
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    sarahbell reacted to Snark in A town called Fishlake   
    Cheap house prices overall, probably half what you'd pay around where I live for the same property, anyone would think there's a flood risk or something..........
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    sarahbell reacted to Frank Hovis in The Black Death   
    I assumed you meant that but you didn't say it and it's very easy to sound like a Bond villain when discussing this subject.
    I think that the UK would be an absolutely superb place to live if the population was back to the late Roman era population estimates of three or four million.  There isn't however a nice way of getting from here to there; though massive pandemic looks the most likely.
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    sarahbell reacted to LC1 in trans madness   
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    sarahbell reacted to Frank Hovis in The Black Death   
    Or rather it's going to be horrendous.
    But in terms of genuinely saving the planet rather than making Greta Thunberg, her parents, and employers rich massive depopulation is absolutely the best thing that can happen.
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    sarahbell got a reaction from Frank Hovis in High court drama - CWU   
    Outrage over being told forcing people to open ballot papers at work is wrong. 
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    sarahbell reacted to Happy Renting in Slow Down Cloggy   
    The irony of the new Netherlands speed limit is that it will affect non-emitting electric vehicles as well.
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    sarahbell reacted to spygirl in The GREAT BIG General election thread   
    Cons doing their migration pitch.
    Labour activists offering UK plebs something different.
    But delegates have continued to debate and vote on policies - and cheered as the motion on extending migrant rights was carried unanimously in a show of hands.
    The motion urges Labour to:
    Defend the right of EU migrants to live and work in the EU under free movement rules Give the vote to all migrants in the UK Reject any immigration system based on quotas, caps, targets or incomes Close all migrant detention centres Guarantee the unconditional right to family reunion visas for migrants from outside the EU End "no recourse to public funds" policies, which prevent some immigrants from claiming benefits Scrap so-called "hostile environment" polices, which restrict access to accommodation and the NHS Ana Oppenheim, from the Labour Campaign for Free Movement, which put forward the motion, said: "In 2017, it was a source of shame for many activists that our manifesto included ending free movement.
    "Now we can move forward not only committed to defending free movement, but to giving migrants the vote."
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    sarahbell got a reaction from dgul in The People's Republic of California   
    Fewer people to disappoint
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    sarahbell got a reaction from wherebee in Bataclan Monday   
    There have been reports (from outside the UK I think) that gunmen have asked people to recite from the koran in order to not be shot. 
    Or I've dreamt that. I don't know.
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    sarahbell reacted to One percent in Bataclan Monday   
    We remember Grenfell though. This stuff is deliberate. 
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    sarahbell reacted to The Masked Tulip in Epstein   
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    sarahbell reacted to Roger_Mellie in Hong Kong. Tiananamen square part deux?   
    How do you know they're not Chinese agent provacateurs with the aim of turning international sentiment against the protests?
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    sarahbell reacted to twocents in The GREAT BIG General election thread   
    Yes and putting on a tartan scarf for half an hour or so to try to persuade them to vote for him, he's on their side - it's an insult.
    Him siding with jihadis of all shapes, sizes, colours and different nationalities is also an insult.  An insult to the Labour Party as it was originally formed to avoid need for violent action.
    Not that the rest of the LibLabCon are any better with them allowing hundreds if not thousands of ISIS jihadis into the UK.
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    sarahbell got a reaction from man o' the year in Shitting Holy Bricks