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  1. Lotus to partner up with the C word.
  2. Seems like sound advice. I probably need to get this whole dream (delusion) of finding a job I love. Finding something that's bearable and pays ok is better thsn most people manage.
  3. The reflation that has been long talked about in these parts looks like it may now be around the corner. Talk about big infrastructure spending seems commonplace now along with all the free money the government looks set to deploy. Interested to hear opinions on booming sectors in the next 5 or 10 years. Toying with the idea of a career change myself; mech eng grad currently working as an M&E consultant. In all likelihood I'll stick with it as im only a few years into it (albeit it in my mid 30s) and I suspect certain areas of building services will do well out of it. But not sure I'm entirely sold on the industry.
  4. Must dig my microscope out. Pretty sure there's a violin here somewhere.
  5. In fairness to them I believe its UK law that you have to have a prescription within the last 2 years. The online contact lense sellers that don't insist on up to date prescriptions are based abroad (Netherlands quite often) where its not law.
  6. Bit harsh. As I don't spend my life posting on Internet forums please elaborate on my apparent forum faux pas. Seems like a pretty straight forward question to me. Or perhaps you sir are the troll, as you appear to have got a rise out of me. If so we'll done. You win.
  7. Glasgow getting a lot of love. The main thing that would put me off there is the weather and distance to other parts of the UK. Is the weather as shit as I hear (I know London is hardly the Seychelles but outside of winter it never really seems to rain much)? For context I've livened in London for 3 years, grew up in Hull (until 20s), spent 4 years at uni in Leeds. Also spent a short amount of time abroad (far east). Looking for somewhere cycle friendly (I do drive but ideally want to commute by cycle). Cheap to buy somewhere (don't we all), good connections to rest of UK. Preferably not full of twats and thots. Easy access to the countryside would be nice. Sheffield is on my radar. The town centre really does feel grim and depressing whenever I visit. Nottingham too, but similar feel to Sheffield re. town centre.
  8. Currently living in Central London but tempted to move away to somewhere more affordable. I've got a lot of time for London but given the stupidly high cost of living I just can't see it as a viable long term option. Especially as I could probably earn almost as much outside of London doing the same thing; at least at the moment as I'm not very senior within my field. Problem is most cities seem a bit dead and depressing in comparison. Interested to hear the Dosbods opinion on top places to live. For context I am single, early 30s male, working in Engineering (building services).
  9. Social anxiety is no doubt a factor but there is definitely some form of mental barrier when it comes to the opposite sex that I have problems overcoming. More than likely a handful of minor negative experiences and probably upbringing that have reinforced it. Low self confidence definitely and maybe even a degree of narcissism. It also doesn't help that as an engineer I virtually never encounter women on a regular basis. The older you get without getting going, the harder it feels like it gets. Hitting 30s was tough. One of the hardest things to deal with is anger at myself for missing out. I try to practice mindfulness these days which helps to control it but there are still times when I get worked up about it. The positive (if you can call it that) at least is I'm now directing that anger at myself rather than in my head blaming other people (mostly other women) for what is my flaw. I do however get sick of hearing about people splitting up or meeting people who treat them like shit - I struggle to sympathise as I've never had a relationship of any sort at all, so why the fuck would I feel sorry for someone who is newly single because their bf/gf has cheated on them. I try to put myself out as much as possible. I'm a bit of a regular at speed dating in these parts, with moderate amounts of success but ultimately these never materialise into anything. Dating apps are shit as the top few % of attractive guys seem to hoover up everything. Even if I could get myself into a situation to progress things the stress and just not knowing what the fuck to do would make it awkward. Maybe at 16 you can get away with it but not at double that. At the end of the day women expect guys in their 30s not to be complete novices at this kind of thing. At the end of the day I haven't and continue not to do anywhere near enough. I try to make sure i'm in the best position I can be (try to stay in reasonable shape, maintain a career of sorts etc etc). I don't think I come across as your typical loser virgin. At the end of the day I'm too much of a pussy to go chat up women in the street or wherever which is what I need to do. It just too bloody hard.
  10. Depressing to watch this. This is me basically. Unfortunately I'm older.
  11. I will throw my hat in with $5k. I can see bitcoin bleeding to below $3k in the coming months, followed by somewhat of a steady recovery followed by another rapid bubble, perhaps by 2020.