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  1. Some crazy things going on with the weekly Fed nowcasts over in the States this past week, sharp revisions downward, NY Fed just revised down GDP from 2.17% to 1.08% IN ONE WEEK
  2. China getting ready to export deflation to the World again, PPI YoY just 0.1% and on a downward trend.
  3. OUCH! Eurozone Industrial Production -4.2% Y/Y, biggest drop since 2009... .
  4. 2 positive factors, due to Brexit malarkey, GBP is historically VERY undervalued. UK bond average maturity 17 years, way above average 7 years of other economies.
  5. Very good! I was thinking more along the lines of “When sorrows come, they come not single spies. But in battalions!”
  6. EXACTLY...staggering really with record low unemployment and now some signs of wage growth, basically "As good as it gets" yet these two debt charities are getting more calls than the depths of the GFC.
  7. Hadn't seen the stepchange one, oh dear....
  8. Interesting tweet the other day from Christians Against Poverty (free debt advice charity), saying they've had their busiest few days in 22 years! We're extremely close to the edge folks, brace positions!
  9. A glimmer of hope for us:
  10. A bit dramatic of course, and I normally switch off when anyone is "selling" something, but this is surprisingly a great MUST watch if you haven't seen it already.
  11. Best January for the US stock market since 1987! I s**t you not
  12. Very much chimes with a few folks I follow, including Ray Dalio (of course) and Luke Gromen. Your friend's calls are uncannily similar to some elliot wave strategists including a Dane who does a lot of work on plotting the deflationary bust ahead. He sees silver at $8 some point in the summer, and not for a particularly long period either so you've got to get in quick when everyone is liquidating assets. U.S. debt is such that, as hinted by Powell just yesterday, they are ready to do ANYTHING it takes. That's when PMs and miners are going to the moon, seems he's inspired a final melt up in the mean time. On housing, flipping typical that as I now start applying for jobs in the Midlands, house prices around Berkshire, my original target area, are now seeing juicy drops.
  13. This might have something to do with it, personal insolvency at 7 year high, quite significant IMO BBC News - Insolvencies 'highest for seven years'