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  1. Aaaannd SPX is green, thanks for playing
  2. SPX just broke through 2600 £ now at 20 month low
  3. Sajid Javid has a lot of promise, but he's a remainer, so we'll have to see what happens next...
  4. Gotta admit the much touted Santa rally (even by the bears) is looking less likely, but you never know, if Powell says he's pausing on Dec 19th then maybe it'll provide the ammo needed, otherwise can't see a way out.
  6. What a Monday this is turning out to be! As @Democorruptcy points out, vote delayed/cancelled, £ hits 18 month low, Qualcomm win their sales ban on iPhones in China, Interserve shares crashed and ISS announced 100,000 layoffs, Paul Tudor Jones has said he doesn't expect any Fed hikes in 2019, and in the chaos of today Sadiq Khan slips Crossrail another £1bn.
  7. We do well to avoid politics on here but some discussion is essential at the moment as this could go so many ways and is clearly having a huge effect in the short term at least, tomorrow's vote is the biggest thing to happen since the original one.
  8. Interserve down 46% this morning
  9. Thanks for posting, "we're almost back to 2006 peak in real terms", wow! Combine that with an enormous corporate debt bubble, trade war, weaker emerging markets, social unrest in EU, Brexit etc...easy to see why the next one will be so much worse.
  10. One thing is for sure, if reflation plays out, the ones left standing after the debt deflation are going to do very very well indeed, keeping a close eye on the sector over the next year or two will be important.
  11. Love it Stokie, you're an absolute ledge
  12. It's frustrating because I have my almighty target list of reflation stocks (thanks in part to many of you on here), but I just keep thinking we're not even in a recession yet, so whilst some great ones are down considerably since the Brexit vote, when the recession hits next year (likely), how much further down will they go? Especially if it is indeed huge debt deflation/panic. For those of us with limited funds, it makes a huge difference. Go Ahead for example, fell 66% in the GFC (over about 18 months). If we see early 2016 as the peak, we're looking at perhaps 900, maybe even less if the panic is widespread?
  13. OUCH!!! Non-farm payrolls just released, +155k vs +198k expected, significantly below. Also Oct figure revised down by 13k. One more hike (if that) and the Fed is done. Notice U.S. futures are soaring on the bad news, expectation of dovish Fed = Santa rally still on?
  14. I think he's talking about the firm itself? Thousands more households are seriously behind with their mortgage now than during the financial crisis in 2008, despite near-record low rates
  15. You just know when Primark say they're starting to struggle we're flipping close to the big one!