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  1. People reporting difficulty getting tins of beans, tomatoes and the rest of the usual I imaging. It begins again.
  2. In my area there were quite a few properties for sale. Two higher priced "sold" and are now back on the market. I have noticed that hardly any further properties are coming on the market. I suspect everyone is waiting to see what happens towards the end of the year. The rush seems to be over for now.
  3. Me, of course. I'm female. To be fair, DIY places aren't in town centres and I imagine lots of shopping is being done on line. High street appears very sad though.
  4. I had to go into what used to be a thriving market town yesterday afternoon on business, expecting it to be very busy. Half the shops were boarded up, the other half had at most 2 or 3 people in and some were completely empty. 3 or 4 market stalls only and no-one around. There were very few people around. I haven't been into town for months and was actually very shocked at the deterioration in such a short time. On the other hand, traffic was an absolute nightmare coming home (I think I hit pre-rush hour)
  5. We've got some of those cabbage plugs to plant. Cleared the bed for winter onions at one end and the cabbages at the other. Having time to plant them, however, is a different matter.
  6. It isn't Brexit itself, it's the bloody idiots' reaction to a rumoured shortage of something that annoys me. You know - the ones that don't have a pantry/stocks of anything.
  7. What with virus, Brexit and my mum my disposition isn't as sunny as perhaps we would like. If anyone tries these silly laws/tricks on me, I feel sorry for them.
  8. I wish I hadn't read this thread. My mum has been in hospital for the last 3 weeks with a broken hip. She also has dementia. Due to the lack of recovery progress I have had to take the decision to put her in a care home, since it takes two strong trained people to move her with hospital equipment. I would say though, that during visiting I have seen lots of covid testing around the wards, and when the care home manage to extricate her there is no visiting for 14 days, even though she will have been tested before leaving hospital. Between the devil and the
  9. I drove past a secondary school at turning out time this afternoon. It was like herds of wildebeest - obviously no social distancing. Daughter works in school kitchen. They are in a proper mess doing food in different sittings and everyone trying to keep the kids apart. Then the fire alarm went off. Entire school stacked in a tennis court. You couldn't make it up.
  10. Our plum tree hasn't done much this year either. I've got sore hands having strung up all the onions (lots) and we've started digging the spuds up ready to store. I noticed some of the trees are wearing their autumn colours now, so that motivated me to get cracking.
  11. Don't know about all these seeds I've bought for next year. If this rain keeps up I'll need to be planting rice.
  12. On the dog front, when we lost our dog to old age we were desperate for another. Tried to rescue one but we weren't allowed what we wanted because our hedges (wire meshed at the bottom so dogs couldn't escape) were only 5ft 6 high and they stipulated 6 foot. They had just been cut and would have grown within a couple of weeks. We bought a lurcher pup. Before he was allowed to go out when his vaccines kicked in I went for a walk and found an almost dead border collie. He had been thrown out of a car. Broken leg, starved, unmentionable dreadlocks, stunk to high heaven. He had a
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