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  1. I have checked my area again. Those in the "flush" that were going to sell have sold. The few remaining are just sitting festering. No new properties on the market and only about half a dozen up for sale. Normally there would be 25 - 30 on the market.
  2. Don't the new estates have to have a certain amount of social housing? You could be in hock for the rest of your life with your mortgage and still get the dregs living all around you. Edit: not saying all social housing are dregs, my daughter lives in a council house and is fine with decent neighbours.
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    Snails are very bad for dogs
  4. I've had 2 letters from NHS and 2 texts from doctors. As above, NHS letters filed with TV licence letters and I phoned the doctors in between the 2 texts to let them know I wasn't going.
  5. jamanda


    I (accidentally) had two pups at the same time. Pup1 - took him out for a wee immediately after eating, waking, playing and in between if he looked puzzled. House trained in just over a day because he was so flattered when we just about had a party round him when he performed outside. Pup2 - used same tactics but he was in a state when I found him. Went for wees OK but would then come in to do the "business". I think this was because he was too scared to take up the position outside. (around 10 months old and had never been out of a crate, never stood up properly and never been ou
  6. Sorry you are feeling so low. I agree that you need to talk to someone, somewhere. Is there someone on here you could talk to? I'd offer myself, but I'm not too cheerful myself currently.
  7. How does a child volunteer? Surely the "age of consent" is there for a reason.
  8. It is barbaric how the elderly and their families are being treated. They don't stand a chance when all they see is ppe and no-one they know. They simply don't understand. It is so cruel.
  9. I didn't know you were ooop North that far. Apparently berries grow really well, particularly raspberries.
  10. Cherries are child's play if you can run fast enough to beat the birds.
  11. I've bought cheap trees from Wilkos several times and they have thrived, even the last, lonely, sad one in the container that looked like they needed the kiss of life. In fact, one of the best trees I have is a Cox's Orange Pippin, courtesy of Wilko, which is lovely.
  12. I realised a couple of years ago that I didn't have enough life left to bother wasting any of it on people I didn't like and/or idiots. This is serving me quite well.
  13. I've only been shielding for less than a week and I'm ready for ripping the doors off with my teeth. I have no idea how the people who have been shielding for months/years are coping. Maybe your brain dies a bit and you get used to it.
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