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  1. PatronizingGit

    Bit baldist mate

    Should have told him 'ITS A PARTING'
  2. I prefer the molyneuvian "Treat everyone how you want to be treated the first time you meet them. Treat them how they treat you back every time after that" Feck this 'turn the other cheek' nonsense if they aint reciprocating. There is a difference between being tolerant and being a mug. Sadly, we seem to have lost the ability to differentiate.
  3. PatronizingGit

    Oi Wanka! Get in da facking H'army

    Someone did one and it said "SOMALIS....YOUR ARMY NEEDS YOU..and YOUR 65 IQ"
  4. PatronizingGit

    Oi Wanka! Get in da facking H'army

    I read there never was any issue with the number of applications, only the morons they contracted out the hiring process to (centrica or someone...began with a c anyway) made such a dogs dinner of it that close to 90% of applicants dropped out during the process.
  5. Maybe she lost hers, and being a pikey type, thought she'd snatch one of the muzzer?
  6. Could be worse. That school where a roma girl pulled the headscarf off a muzzer girl last autumn in sheffield and a mini riot ensued...that had 97% of pupils for whom English was not their first language!
  7. Its ironic because in the 1960s, when they started bussing kids out to white schools, sociologists said integration became 'all but impossible' when classes were over 30% 'immigrant stock' In 1960s and 70s Britain, immigrant ethnic minority children were dispersed across schools in the hope that it would help them integrate. The process saw children - largely of south Asian and African or Caribbean descent - being "bussed" out of their local areas to go to school. Eleven Local Area Authorities (LEAs) decided there should be no more than 30% of immigrants at any one school. As of last year, 30% immigrant stock is the average. Not just in the inner cities, across England. There arent enough White British kids to go round if what they say about integration is right.
  8. If it's any consolation, its nothing new. The figures from Jan 1997, prior to Nulab show just 16 (4.2%) white British pupils. Its long ceded from the west & been an outpost of Pakistan (and presumably somalia, given the growing african contingent)
  9. You gotta laugh at the demographics for this school. Some poor white British kid is still there. 1. Lone. British. Kid. Maybe we can start a gofundme to get the poor sod out. Enrollment, Jan 2018 White British: 1 (0.1%) White Irish: 0 (0.0%) Traveller: 0 (0.0%) Gypsy/Roma: 10 (1.4%) White/Carib Mix: 0 (0.0%) White/Afric. Mix: 0 (0.0%) White/Asian Mix: 3 (0.4%) Other Mixed: 14 (1.9%) Indian: 4 (0.5%) Pakistani: 475 (64.4%) Bengali: 76 (10.3%) Other Asian: 11 (1.5%) Carribean: 2 (0.3%) African: 98 (13.3%) Other Black: 3 (0.4%) Chinese: 0 (0.0%) Other: 40 (5.4%) First language English: 14.9% (110) First languge not English (84.1%) 621)
  10. PatronizingGit

    Sausage theme park fails because Brexit

    Went into a greggs i'd never been to the other day. Thought it would be alright as my nearest one is. This one should have been named 'Dreggs' Everyone in there, the staff included, looked like Opie off family guy.
  11. PatronizingGit

    Brexit Betrayal thread - Part 2

    Remoaner fail You'd think, of the millions of Brexit voters, they might be able to find one who had changed his mind (or at least say he had, and have no history thus is unable to debunk it) Its almost like they pathologically are compulsed to lie...even if it's perfectly possible to avoid lying. Or, they're just really really really lazy and never bother doing any homework. IIRC, half of BoJo's black 'yute ambassadors' when he was Mayor turned out to be an assortment of thugs, drug dealers and so forth.
  12. Because a large section of our 'highly integrated and completely peaceful BRITISH' muslim contingent would likely riot and call our lickspittle ministers ISLAMOPHOBES if we don't? The vanity of MPs is more important than the safety and wishes of the British people, in short. If the US spend as much as us, given their population, it would be around 2.5 billion...
  13. PatronizingGit

    Project fear over

    Free trade and its ugly stepsister free movement is why people voted leave, why an earth would we wan't to compete with Pakistanis when competing with Poles was detrimental enough. Still they don't get it.
  14. PatronizingGit

    While you are at it, can you please arrest the barber

    Thats Dappy, innit? Little Scrote Manchild with punchable face from rap outfit N-Dubz Must be something in the Balkans/Greece. I do recall going up to Bradford some years ago to view a car. The garage was officially 2nd hand cars only (perhaps the only white run 2nd hand car business in Bradford!), but from the number of RoPers coming in and out going round back in their Toyota Carinas, they also appeared to have a side business in selling red diesel, or some kind of illegal fuel to the RoPers and their taxis. Anyway, I kid you not, but this Paki came in looking like something out of the 70s. Moth eaten cardigan, and a 'hairstyle' if you could call it that, resembling Jacks Creation, (who someone on HPC had as their avatar)
  15. PatronizingGit


    Haha...having family around there (or used to. All dead or fled now) I remember going to the (then new) Bentall shopping centre back in 1993. It must have been virtually all white then. Can't remember any foreign types, and I doubt my gran (gawd bless her) would go to anywhere foreign types frequented anyway lol. Lot of shopping malls opened in the early 90s. Or else various relatives of mine lived in places blessed with new indoor shopping centres. Lakeside (oct 1990), Bentall centre (nov 1992), Castle Mall, Norwich (sep 1993), royal vic place Tunbridge wells (opened oct 1992). All seemed empty for the next 5 years. Come to think of it, Castle Mall Norwich is still mostly empty! On the plus side, the Spanish/Portugese nurses all seem slim, quite unlike the diabetes time bombs most the african ones seem to be.