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  1. PatronizingGit

    Over the Border (Brexit thread)

    To my mind, we have had a proxy brexit vote every 4 years in the form of EU elections. Elections that have, in every instance, failed to get anywhere near 50% turnout, and have in the past, seen turnout below 25%. Thats no democratic mandate. They just failed to pass a referendum in Romania due to insufficient turnout. And argurably, given the number of tory and labour voters who voted Brexit, the vast majority of voters in EU elections vote against the EU. Perhaps if the remoaners thought the EU is worth staying in, they would vote in EU elections.
  2. PatronizingGit

    New Car Registrations

    Probably more reliable than the actual thing...
  3. Isnt this inbreeding more 'cultural' than that the dowry stuff is all over the subcontinent, and many non Indian subcontinent muzzies dont inbreed...Mohammed married a cousin so its 'allowable' but isnt by any means commanded.
  5. PatronizingGit

    Paris is a Shithole

    meh, i've had drunk women pinch my bum more times than I care to remember on a fri/sat night...not just in bars either, in the street too. Beware hen parties! And men are still a lot more likely to fall victim to assault by stranger.
  6. PatronizingGit

    AIBU bathroom

    Later in the thread she? says, of his/her Landlord... He seems like a nice guy. Although, I've never actually spoke to him, so. Im guessing his/her profession is 'teacher'. I'm certainly getting that vibe. Never quite sure if mumsnetters are real people, or just a massive exercise in trolling.
  7. PatronizingGit

    Creeping Trivialisation Of Hate Crime Law

    I seem to recall back in 2010 the Cambridge Libdems wanted 'hate speech directed at cyclists' to become a crime Starts with the racial bunk, because 'no one can choose their race' (unless they're called Elizabeth Warren, apparently) Then moves onto Religion. Im still not sure why, but certain religions are, at least in this country, regarded as 'brown people religions' so I guess that sealed it. Then moves onto everything else. Of course, many saw it for what it was back at the race stage.
  8. PatronizingGit

    Where's Jamal?

    and another one. somehow i feel like our governments are going to rope us into internal saudi affairs.
  9. PatronizingGit

    Merkel’s Coronation, or the german election 2017

    Indeed. For 20 years or so, its always been about 50% for, 50% against...with the against membership moving into a majority when the EU does something seen as either anti-british or anti-democratic. First mad cow/BSE, then the forcing of various nations into so called bailouts, then the unilateral German decision to invite the world...only to find that decision, taken unilaterally by the krauts, was in fact something all other nations were supposed to accept. I didnt know when they would hold the referendum...I was thinking 2017/18. I figured 2016 was too close to the migrant invasion, but 2019, though they would be more likely to win and stop a brexit, was too close to the 2020 election, and they probably feared even if they lost, UKIP would take on an SNP like role and unite the 48 or 49% disenfranchised leavers who would very possibly deliver a UKIP government. It was as much a referendum to destroy UKIP and maintain the two party system as it was anything else.
  10. PatronizingGit

    Merkel’s Coronation, or the german election 2017

    You really credit May with that much nous? Her nose for politics and the public mood is as deep as what her minders...highly paid, highly successful, and highly removed from everyday life for the vast majoritty of the public....tell her. I don't think she really understands the Brexit vote was a symptom of much deeper problems and unease. Nothing she has said since becoming PM has struck me as The sidelining (and in the case of Britain first, direct persecution) of fears over islamization, the obsessing over make belief anti-semitism, of which no one in the real world has any interest in, the fiddling-while-rome-burns politics of diversion by becoming obsessed over plastic straws. All says to me she is completely lost.
  11. PatronizingGit

    Heathrow passengers prevent Somali Criminal deportation

    Should let them rot on a prison ship till their mother country can get round to picking them up.
  12. PatronizingGit

    Islamification of Europe

    Saudi is a funny one. They are muslim, obviously, but foremostly, they seem to be a bunch of Arab supremacists. They've spent the last couple of decades demolishing any art and architecture that is of alien origin, for example... FWIW, the Turks seem to have largely preserved, to the extent they can, Roman/Byzantine relics
  13. PatronizingGit

    Join our Dhimmi army ... Muslim advert

    Already working wonders in Russia... In 2010 the Russian media mentioned a “Muslim riot,” when about a hundred conscripts from the North Caucasus based in the Perm region refused to follow orders. [33]The same year the Army Headquarters decided for the first time to create mono-ethnic military brigades in order to avoid interethnic tensions. [34] Still, i'm sure it will be better here. Its not like our neo-con establishment has a nasty habit of poking muslim hornets nests, is it? I'm sure our muslim continent will be more than happy to fire on other muslims for the rather dubious goal of 'spreading western values'
  14. PatronizingGit

    Where's Jamal?

    I find it odd that Branson and all the other luvvies are 'revisiting' their investments in Saudi because some muslim brotherhood dude 'might' have been killed, but seemed to have no problem with 'sodomites' being executed, blasphemers whipped etc. Same way I found it odd that celebrities lined up to demand we basically transplant the population of Syria into western europe, but were largely silent on Darfur.
  15. Indeed, denninger did some calculations a couple of years back, and figured, based on productivity, the man of the 2010s should have to do 3 days a week to achieve the same living standard as the man of the 1970s. And yet, real earnings in the US have in fact been stagnant for those last 45 year, despite still working a 5 day week. His main answer was financialization..the capturing of excess productivity by the real economy by the banks control of the money supply. Everywhere banks flood with credit, credit they get to create, and credit they get to charge interest on, and prices rise, and rise beyond wage rates as the money supply growth has continually outstripped wage growth other than a couple of years after 2009 (and a few months in the early 1990) I'd add to that the inflationary effect of unproductive non-jobs that we all subsidize one way or another. And the now obscenely massive foreign aid budget.