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  1. PatronizingGit

    What the So-Called BBC fail to report on thread

    Currently on BBC news featured stories i have Kofi Annan (OK, i don't know anyone similarly famous who has died today...fair article choice) A story about 'crazy rich asians' (why? What bearing does this have on UK news) Black Stepmums and mums (in an 87% white country, why?) Why august is good for the soul (slow news day I guess...still beats reporting about actual things) Something Something sexism Immigrant Feel Good story England needs asian football players, not just blacks (perhaps they aint good enough...not many in premier teams. Why is this shitstirring nonsense 'news') Some 3rd world segment Daily Drag/Tranny celebration. Thats it. No recommended stories about the rampant theft and criminality of our political class, banksters. The dodgy foundation of most of our foreign policy. The obscene costs of housing and stagnant wages. Nothing. No actual news, just SJW distraction space fillers that are music to the ears of those who wish to plunder while our attention is elsewhere. Vile establishment mouthpiece.
  2. PatronizingGit

    What the So-Called BBC fail to report on thread

    Indeed, its not so much the bias on what they do report on the So-Called BBC that stuns me, its rather the complete willful ignorance of any narrative that might harm their agenda.
  3. PatronizingGit

    Tajikistan attack: Four cyclists mown down are identified

    Kids are generally shitty, particularly in their teenage years. A lot of kids who were real shits aged 13-18 turn out perfectly OK when in their 20s. Some admittedly never change, but I don't really think you can judge people who are little shits at secondary school for the rest of their lives on that basis.
  4. PatronizingGit


    wonder how common this kind of stuff is. Searching for something non-gay, I came across this
  5. PatronizingGit

    Where is your favourite and least favourite place to be in the UK?

    Least favourite...any airport, but particularly Luton airport. Over the last 20 years, the relevant authorities seem to have made a passably reasonable experience into the most hellish imaginable. Most favourite. Not sure. Anywhere with historic architecture, a nice selection of pubs and reasonable locals does me fine.
  6. Reasons for voting leave visualized by frequency size Odd then that the one thing that is likely to stay is freedom of movement, or something damn close to it. And the one thing both labour and tory have basically entered into a 'DONT MENTION THE WAR' like pact,, immigration.
  7. PatronizingGit


    Denninger saying on his latest interview the big problem in Turkey is a big loading up on dollar denominated debt since 2009, with rates in Turkey >6% and in the US <1%. Havent we been here before? Japanese Carry trade in the 90s/00s? The banks will never learn, not until they actually get closed down and their executives go to jail and get train robber like sentences. I kinda hope Trump really does pull up the drawbridge on the turd world. US will be oil independent by 2020. Fully energy independent 1-2 years later. Lots of tariffs, no easy access to cheap dollars. Might actually get our soft European politicians to take their heads out their collective arses and realize a few hundred million (and shrinking) european people cannot heave up growing billions of brown people. They are going to have to do it themselves.
  8. He boosts GDP though. Economic benefit, innit. Well, to someone. Probably not the 99%.
  9. PatronizingGit

    Massive bridge collapse in Italy.

    I like to read the russian road trip reports on Some are in the UK. Russians seem to think our roads are fantastic compared to theirs. Though I guess given the size/climate/underpopulation and cost of maintaining such a road network on scant resources, that shouldnt come as a surprise. Germany ten years ago seemed to have great roads. Last couple of years i've been though theyre almost as bad as UK roads.
  10. PatronizingGit

    Massive bridge collapse in Italy.

    Have to say, even though I'm not one of those permanently offended types, good god ITV/Tom Bradbys segment on it was crass. Presented more like some US "WORLDS MOST UNBELIEVABLE ENGINEERING DISASTERS" catastrophe porn than a just happened tragedy. I really do wonder what planet the media class inhabit nowadays.
  11. PatronizingGit

    Boris the buffoon strikes again

    question me, get the racist line thrown at you. Low grade politics of distraction.
  12. PatronizingGit

    Westmister car of peace

    subsaharans (except maasai) indeed are the only `breed` of human with no neanderthal dna. East asians have most...
  13. PatronizingGit

    Westmister car of peace

    Apparently the would be Jihadist is of Sudanese origin...coincidentally thats where the illegals on this aquarius ship refused entry by Gibraltar come from. Instead Malta let them enter Europe, and they are now safety accommodated in Lille...which just happens to be a short drive away from the channel tunnel. Odd that. Almost like France and Malta know where they really intend to end up. I give it a week before theyre claiming asylum and benefits in the UK. I believe he was indeed born elsewhere...whether thats the Sudan, or another EU state as a proxy to enter the UK i dont know.
  14. PatronizingGit

    Boris the buffoon strikes again

    Whenever I see one on TV, I almost expect the other hand to be clutching a recently removed head.