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  1. Good old Wonnie was in the news only yesterday. A car decided to drive into him. Zero fucks were given...after all...its Wonnie Pickerwing.
  2. 50k would last someone like her a couple of months. Probably go out and buy a porsche. Realize she has no driving licence, then spend the rest on taxis, televisions and takeaways. I remember the cleverclogs going on about trump 'only' being worth a couple of billion...saying 'he be no poorer than that if he'd just stuck his fathers inheritance in the S&P 500' 1) Surely thats a pretty good achievement. Keeping pace with the top 500 companies 2) Given trumps lifestyle..private jets, women, cost of maintaining his estates, its fair to set he likely extracts a fair bit from his businesses anyway. People have no idea of how difficult it is to stay rich. Most of these chav lottery winners end up broke again within a decade.
  3. Not exactly unusual to see minging girls with 'hot' guys...or ageing/short/bald creepers who have a sexy young thing on their arm. Half the couples I see out and about look several deviations from another in terms of (obvious, at least...might be a train wreck under the clothes) physical attractiveness. Im guessing this chap wasnt, erm 'rich'
  4. I was under the impression you are under no legal requirement to insurers. Mine never asked, anyway. In my case it was a 'driver awareness' not speed awareness. (Careless driving, NOT Dangerous driving, i might add!) also, it wasnt guaranteed i'd even get careless driving, rather it would go to court and i *might* get careless driving, or I *might* get nothing at all. Cop wouldnt tell me anything other than maybe 50/50 chance of either outcome. Other motorists backed up my version of events (or so the cop said...very low sun... I mistook sun shining on car in fronts brake lights, panicked they were doing an emergency stop, so I did one and skidded straight into the car beside me to avoid the one in front I thought was braking but actually wasnt....doh.)
  5. Money for old rope, if you're running these things. Last tester I had seemed to be one of those obsessive hypermiler types. Had nothing to say on safety and lots to say on 'how to maximise your fuel economy' He kept bragging about how he averages 70mpg (likely with a massive line of cars waiting to overtake him, probably increasing the chance of a crash) and how his 'hypermiling techniques' allowed him to drive all the way from Milton Keynes to Grt Yarmouth without coming to a standstill or ilding once, purely by driving slow and steady and spying traffic lights from afar. He liked regailing that story to me because he made and won a bet with his son in law 'I BET I CAN DRIVE FROM MILTON KEYNES TO THE CAMP SITE AT YARMOUTH WITHOUT STOPPING ONCE BEFORE ARRIVAL' Again, this was a 'driver awareness course' not a 'skinflint on petrol course'
  6. net migration what? 8 per 1000? 8% per annum? over the 40 years? and why is Eastern Europe as a whole positive, but all its consituent nations below it negative?! You're such a tease with your inaccessible FT articles SG!
  7. Well...i'll be..when im wrong, im wrong. Boston body in river identified as 33yo local man, Scott Butler...not EE
  8. That was the excuse (the only non racial/religious one) i've heard before. Perhaps that accounts for a small wedge of them. But the 'send in a young family member to befriend girl....either at school or care home. Then get her hooked on drugs, control her, isolate her. Then pass her round a large section of the Pakistani community to be their personal plaything and/or punching bag, aside from where money is pimps, thats quite apart from what is 'normal' abuse. Thats pretty mercenary/methodological/industrial and planned. And appears to be broadly replicated wherever Pakistanis are found. Most white paedos/abusers, other than sharing photos/videos online are lone wolfs. They know its wrong. They keep it quiet. For Muslims, is seems to be invite all your cousins/brothers/uncles. There is no shame. Its quite alright to view the white girl as subhuman.
  9. Bodies piling up in Boston, lincs, this week... By pure coincidence, around 45% of births in the town were to EU migrants the last few years (2% 20 years ago) and it had the highest per capita murder rate. in England/Wales for 2015 Another dead EE street sleeper.
  10. Burnham cant even bring himself to call it muslim or pakistani grooming...still with the grossly unfair 'asian' What that thing about the first step to solving a problem being calling a spade a it what it is. Quick reminder of why dhimmi twats like Burnham have to be on their best behaviour around their muzzer chums...
  11. at least the trains will run on time, which seems to be most london commuter types main concern anyway.
  12. Its simply keeping the plates spinning now. Its not fear of being called racist. Every time a white copper tries arresting a black or brown criminal, he'll be called a racist. Water off a ducks back. The authorities have several realities. Whether they or the media care to admit it, muslim groups are highly tribal, and outnumber police hundreds, thousands to one in some areas. With those odds in mind, its simply a case of not raising the ire of 'the community' If they kick off, short of bringing the army in with live ammunition, theres nothing that can be done. Consider, in liverpool in the 1980 riot, there were only a few hundred west indian males aged 15-45 in that city at the time. Yet look at the damage they did. Then there were the Burnley riots. Police couldnt do anything but sit back and watch it burn itself out and wait for the 'community leaders' to decide 'enough is enough' (probably after getting some handouts from daddy government) My only shock is why are they even getting arrested at all now. Community leaders paid off to surrender the guilty? Only prosecuting those in less muslim areas (rotherham and telford arent all that muslim....i'll be interested to know if the surely monstous scale of rapes that must have happened in Birmingstan or Bradfordistan will ever see the light of day)
  13. Some pakistani lady on R4 earlier schreeching about how its not fair they are labelled as child abusers (staple r4 approach....remind their listeners, regardless of whether its the war-rape of 1000 girls or a dozen being blown to smithereens....muslims are always the victim) and how they knew nothing and have done everything to shine a light on it since. And yet, even today, Muslims will march and demonstrate against or about anything. Cartoonists, the Indians, the israelis, the americans...not one march against the cancer at the heart of their own community. not one. Even after all that has happened, they cant do so much as such a simple gesture like that.