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  1. PatronizingGit

    Bank notes not celebrating diversity

    Given that theyre busily tearing down monuments of many great men who simply lived in an age where what was acceptable is different, i'm kind of unenthusiastic about putting anyone on anything. Seems like Idolatry anyway. Perhaps we could put wildlife on instead?! Or geographic features, like Ben Nevis.
  2. PatronizingGit

    Immigration white paper week

    1) The UK is pretty laid back. I'm part German, still have family there (though they all insist on speaking English, so my German is not good, to say the least) and while I prefer Germany in many ways, and it is objectively a better, healthier society than the UK, the whole formality thing gets me. In the UK no one bats an eyelid if you were to wear a onesie down the street. (not that I would) In Germany, I get the feeling a granny would bash you over the head with her handbag. Perhaps like the UK 35 years ago. 2) A lot of Europeans, particularly Southern and Eastern, tell me if you don't have family connections, your career prospects are severely limited. The UK is far more meritocratic. Perhaps too much so, in so far as foreigners will often take jobs that would have gone to locals when migration was lower, and companies would train internally rather than just get an agency to scour Europe. Cambridge is chock full of Italians in public sector jobs. I wonder how easy it would be for a brit to get a plum civil service job in Italy. Not very, i'd guess.
  3. PatronizingGit

    Immigration white paper week

    The figures reported at the time generally undercounted the rate of immigration between 2001 and 2011 by about 40,000 a year (ie, the annual undercount was larger than the annual net migration totals of the previous decade!). Total net immigration was, during the decade, estimated to be 1.5 million. The 2011 census, based on country of birth and year of entry suggested it was 1.9 million. (of course, the census may well be an undercount too...though I dont think its *that* tends to correlate well with the annual census's they hold for schools and births...the under-representation of ethnic minorities at least is measured in points of one percent, not whole percents, anyway) Remember, some of the gross migration figures will be returning Brits, so while the inflow of aliens is above 300,000, its not 600,000, and some of the aliens also leave. I think non brits entering minus brits entering amounted to about 390,000 last year.
  4. PatronizingGit

    Immigration white paper week

    I would have thought most Poles who would want to come will have already come. Germany has been open to EU8 immigration since may 2011, so id guess most would go there over the UK. The Romanians seem to have deposited most their Roma problem on us. If we remained in the EU, i'd guess any new immigration would be these ex-soviet states the EU is getting chummy with. Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Turkey etc.
  5. PatronizingGit

    Immigration white paper week

    Basically British people don't want people coming from the same place Javid came from (ie muslim countries). Oh, and we don't like gypsies either. Fairly ambivalent at the Poles. But we'd like more whiteys whose first language is English, pls. Dems the facts...
  6. PatronizingGit

    A Corbyn Goverment

    Quite right. If I was Farage, I would have lobbied for the question to be, back in 2016 Do You a) want the United Kingdom to return to being a fully sovereign and independent state b) want the United Kingdom to be subsumed into a fully integrated Federal European state Those are really the only two options. There is no negotiating, there is no 'half in, half out' There is only one direction of travel, and, as numerous ignored treaty referendums have confirmed, the people be damned.
  7. PatronizingGit

    Bye, UKIP

    Like Yeltsin Mk2. Except the MSM don't actually cover this drunks faux pas.
  8. PatronizingGit

    Sadiq Khan wants to introduce rent controls in London...

    The windrush docked before the NHS even came into being. I'm sure some did end up working in the NHS, but they didnt come for that reason. As you will see from the 'skills' list, doctor and nurse are conspicuous by their absence...
  9. PatronizingGit

    Sadiq Khan wants to introduce rent controls in London...

    It is what it is. I don't blame any of them from coming, but the continual betrayal of the British people is a disgrace. On one hand, the Irish and West indian immigration waves I think should be seen separate to the Indian subcontinent one. Ireland has had a population of 3.5 to 4.5 million for most of the last century. The west indies 1.5-2.5 million. Even if they all came, it wouldnt change the overall state of the UK demography. But allowing people from Countries like India, Pakistan, countries where the population outnumbers our own many times over is insane. Indeed, the same book I am taking most of these figures from notes how the government generally 'tolerated' West indian immigration as most the immigrants spoke English, were in reasonable health, and were christian. However, those from the subcontinent were typically illiterate, did not speak english, practised alien, sometimes hostile religions. Things like the Bradford Smallpox Outbreak... 285,000 people in Bradford had to be vaccinated..i think the national total was close to a million. Cathy Newman was on C4 news a couple of months ago giving Max Mosley the fascist treatment for pamplets he was handing out in 1961 saying diseases are being bought over. He apologized for it. No idea why, as barely a few months later he was proven correct with the death of 21 people. Had immigration remained largely carribean, they probably would have not invoked the 1962 and 1971 immigration acts, but seeing the state of people coming out of South Asia forced their hand.
  10. PatronizingGit

    Sadiq Khan wants to introduce rent controls in London...

    Look at our trade balance. If we don't pay our way in the world through exports, stands to reason we have to sell bits of our country off instead. Either that or see the pound become (more) toast. All well and good Corbyn talking about foreign buyers being banned. Unless he has another way to repatriate the pounds that go abroad, its just hot air.
  11. PatronizingGit

    Sadiq Khan wants to introduce rent controls in London...

    Sorry...but rubbish. The reasons for immigration were as lied about then as they are now. The current fawning over the 'windrush generation' is just cementing this great betrayal of the British Public. Indeed, despite having jobs, the government deported several thousand chinese just 18 months before the windrush docked... The only reason we have been subjected to mass, alien immigration, was, back then as it is now. Because business interests demanded it. Then it wasnt because of a desire for cheap immigrant labour as such, but more due to British companies having investments in the Carribean and Subcontinent that they sought to protect. As postcolonial governments were desirous to export as much of their excess population as possible, borders remained open. There was no labour shortage post 1956...the first post war recession. After that, full employment never returned and government spent most of its efforts trying to keep 'coloured' immigrants out. There was perhaps a labour shortage between 1945-1955, but that was mostly filled by Irish, Poles, Germans, Italians. The idea that Jamaicans 'came to 'rebuilt' post war Britain is laughable. The last iteration of, i guess what could be called the Irish Navvies, should get that accolade. Most West Indians (even if they had skills) were relegated to being hotel porters, bus conductors, with very little economic surplus (negative once they bought their families over) Even by 1971, even despite an absurdly high TFR of 9.3 for Pakistani/Bengali women, Irish mothers gave birth to more children in the UK than Pakistani/Bangladeshi/Indian born mothers combined. Indeed, when they introduced the "voucher system" in 1961...essentially ending the open borders policy since 1948, the volume of economic immigration massively declined, as prospective immigrants had to have a job offer . The vast majority of immigration post 1961 was not about workers, but family re-unification. Men who arrived (mostly from 1955-1961) bringing over children, wives, cousins, brothers etc etc. Some figures... Between 1954-1962, 88,916 Jamaican males emigrated to the UK (during the open borders free for all) In the 10 years 1963-1972, (by which time Jamaicans had to have a job offer or a formal skill)just 3870 men were admitted. Conversely, in that same period, some 51,448 women and children were admitted (reunification) And for all this supposed love West Indians had for 'the British' The only reason they came over here in any numbers the first place was because the McCarran Walter act prevented most of them from going to the US. Again, when US immigration was liberalized, they stopped coming to the UK and started flowing to the US once more. Even post new labour, there is precious little 'new' west indian immigration to the UK. The McCarran-Walter Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1952 had established an annual quota of only 800 for all British territories in the West Indies. Besides, even if a few did come here 'for work', the deindustrialization of the 1970s and 1980s should serve as a warning over allowing alien immigration on a permanent basis. A great many of them probably did under 10 years work before becoming dependents of the state for the remainder of their lives. Its not like black unemployment was rare in the 70s/80s. Still im SURE that will never happen again...not like masses of jobs could be made obsolete in coming decades.
  12. PatronizingGit

    Sadiq Khan wants to introduce rent controls in London...

    OTOH, pretty much every landlord nowadays seems to be a mohammed too...
  13. PatronizingGit

    Northern Ireland 63% of respondents in the RoI want a united Ireland if tax levels don't change But only 31% of respondents in the RoI want a united Ireland if it means taxes go up! Anyway, the relative wealth (or not) of the RoI isnt the issue. Its the size of the RoI compared to the size of the UK. Even if the average Irishman is 20% richer than the average Englishman now, there are still only 4.5 million Irishmen to subsidize 1.8 million ulster dependents, compared to 56 million Englishmen. 20% on 4.5 million takes their ability to pay to nearly 5.5 million, in terms of Englishmen, but they are still 51 million englishmen short! Now, FWIW, i don't think its as simple as that, but the idea that Ireland, per capita being 20% poorer or richer than the UK is really inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. This is one of those rare istances where per capita takes a backseat to aggregates.
  14. PatronizingGit

    Priti Patel; rampant racist

    Though I think its highly unlikely (to say the least) when project fearers have suggested the UK will have shortages for similar reasons, their position is that the UK wants to 'have their cake and eat it' So how does 'have their cake and eat it' change to this?!
  15. PatronizingGit

    Another Darwin Award Candidate

    Ghana? Isnt that where wrinkly grannies go for their sex tourism...wonder why the teachers chose there. That said, what kind of parent actually agrees to pay for such rubbish?