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  1. He shirt not have done that. Mind, Lutonistan could make the meekest of men lose their minds.
  2. Total debt levels to GDP in the US actually had already surpassed their 1920s/30s high in 1998 when GS was finally repealed. . I think what we see now is simply a continual process of banksters lobbying/bribing more influence from politicans, who are receptive, as there are obvious benefits in the near term, and eventually it all falls apart. In Bills Still documentary on the monetary history of the US, there seem to have been several episodes of central banks emerging, wrecking havoc, and then destroying themselves, again and again. I see our current super cycle as starting shortly after WW2 ended. Military chiefs got addicted to the power/money they got in ww2, and didnt want to let it go. hence the entry into Korea and the much trumped up cold war in the 1950s, leading to Eisenhowers beware the military industrial complex speech. This was compounded by a ramping up of the military under JFK & the launching of the welfare state under LBJ. By now deficits were getting unmanagable under a gold standard, so Nixon had to either scale back the welfare state & military, or go full fiat. Obviously being a politician, the answer is clear. However, that only bought a few years, with booming budgets sending gold to the moon and the UK to the IMF (as most countries targeted the USD for exchange rates, most the would effectively had a de facto gold standard prior to 1971), thus, as the government was tapped out, they needed to switch to loading the private sector up on debt, hence the big bang, deregulation & decimination of reserve ratios. The privatizations of the 1980s meant GDP/debt ratios for the public sector could begin to fall, as 'responsible' capitalist govts sold off the national silver that 'irresponsible' socialist governments had built up. The 1990s I guess were lucky in that the entrance of the USSR supply onto the world market meant falling commodity prices, lowering costs in the west, along with peak large baby boomer workforce presence, few retirees, however, 2000s led to a big ramping up of private debt, which the state took over from in the 2010s. Where now, how long till the bill is due? I dont see any of this as a left/right issue. Just a well tread, oft repeated exercise in never facing up to being able to consume only what you can affford.
  3. Looking at the stuff going on in these liberal cities, many whites are gleefully accepting a dhimmi like status. Kind of surprising. The white flight trend applies to all whites and kind of suggested they never really practiced what they preached. Millennials/Gen Z seem different. They seem to savour lubing up and bending over.
  4. Isnt everyone off dosbods a HPC reject?!
  5. Every mixed race person i've ever met Identified with their non-white half. Just saying. Of course, the sensible plan of action would be freedom of association. You associate with who you want to, and if that means monoracial ethnic enclaves freely emerging, so be it. But politicians will never allow that. Thats why the Democratic party went straight from 'forced segregation' to forced integration' and never bothered just saying 'no state mandated segregation' but 'no state mandated so called civil rights either' They need to be in control. Its what they get off on. I suspect, eventually, it will happen one way or another. Between the 1991 and 2001 census, white flight from cities was observed, and that extended to regions between 2001 and 2011. I suspect sooner or later whites will just give up on England, such is the level of dysfunction certain races bring with them.
  6. They even called it 'the inflation tax' in volcker/reagans day. Jan 29th 1983"inflation+tax"+reagan&source=bl&ots=C5_djfqv1D&sig=ACfU3U0FBOqvS7VC2RHWDhcQUFZkVQBTQg&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjEk63pq6XqAhUcZxUIHfhUACoQ6AEwA3oECAkQAQ#v=onepage&q="inflation tax" reagan&f=false Keynesian economics as a growth/unemployment strategy was, officially dumped after the 1970s proved that inducing a little inflation wouldnt always increase consumption and reduce unemployment. Of course, when I say 'officially dumped' I mean 'outsourced from govt to the private sector' in the form of increased commercial lending. We all know how that did absolutely nothing to improve real earnings, was of dubious use in reducing unemployment, and transferred great wealth from the real economy to the wall st/city bankers. Now we seem to have a bastard combination of the two, and thus likely the worst of both.
  7. Do they ever elaborate on this shit? Prioritize compared to what? The legions of black employers offering far better pay and conditions. Oh, right, they dont exist. I'm sure somewhere along the line people are getting fucked by Target, but theyre probably yellow and living in Asia. Not black, wearing $150 shoes, and living in a country where, even if you are in the poorest 10%, globally you are in the richest couple of percent. Soundbites. Inane, empty ones at that is all these people have. They shout, then destroy, then shout some more.
  8. Wouldnt call 8% low...its nearly 1/5th of the way to the UK's 44%, despite the UK having a population well over 10 times greater than ireland.
  9. About 360 of whom are probably the children of lithuanians who were living in Britain when junior was born, so jnr is counted as 'born in England'
  10. Lots of different boats, lots of different voyages. Thats the thing about 'windrush' or the 1948 commonwealth act. It was nothing new. British empire subjects had the right to work, live, settle in the UK for decades (centuries?) before 1948 regardless of colour. The 1948 act just reaffirmed those. It was argurably passed because so few non-whites actually exercised those rights prior to 1948, and those that did, almost all never stayed long. It was only after the creation of a welfare state that guaranteed a basic standard of living in the late 40s that they began to stay and settle. My mother told me her father told her they occasionally got sikh door to door salesmen in rural Norfolk in the 1920s and 30s. Most made a bit of money, then went home to india.
  11. Theres an entire book on how they were not welcomed by the UK govt.And its not a 'racist' book at all, far more a 'look at the hostile environment govt created for immigrants' The whole 'they were invited here to rebuild postwar Britain' is historical revisionism that has appeared of out thin air over the decade or two, I guess to offset the massive problems they've caused since with a story that is slightly more edifying (if complete bollocks)
  12. Sadly true. Architectural abominations without exceptions, the lot. Blow em up, put some allotments in their place.
  13. depends. a lot of british companies are anti-white woke central. id rather buy from the local polish shop than tesco.
  14. I guess if one good thing comes from the death of the west, its that countries like Japan may realize the utter insanity of permitting the mass entry of third world immigrants. Then again, yanks had rioting africans in the 20s and 30s, and still we went and imported then in the 50s and 60s, so maybe not.
  15. Perhaps they're worried about the shitload of inflation they've unleashed and think this will help hide some of it for a while.