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  1. Not clicking on a DM link, but upvoted you for Bernard Manning level political incorrectedness.
  2. Well, thats another thing. Import people from societies where child marriage, is, legal or not, still quite common in certain areas...should we really be surprised that massive amounts of muslims in this country are quite OK with raping little girls. FWIW I dont think its a racial thing in that they go looking for white girls (plenty of stories about abuse within Madrassas) its just that most broken families, or, if not broken typically late 20ths century "hands off" parenting is more prevalent in white households, so it makes sense to target white girls because being white is a proxy for parents who arent spending 24/7 protecting 'the honour' of their daughters to ensure they are still 'pure' when the time comes to marry them off. I recall that vice? documentary of policing in 2010s Afghanistan. Quite candidly, on camera, the local police chief said, when caught abusing a young boy 'theres not a head of a police station in the whole of Afghanistan who isnt raping young street boys. Bacha Bazi they called it. Our politicians knew what these countries were like. We occupied them for long enough. We really should call it 'government sanctioned rape' not Muslim rape gangs. Its the bastards in westminster who bought it in.
  3. Didnt even see your comment and was thinking...was that taken in Middlesbrough? She looks like about a million Chavvy girls in the UK there...well, aged about 18/19 before they start piling on the pounds. (incredible how soon girls leave FTE, and I guess have PE, and some kind of daily structure, leaving sixth form in good shape, and within literally a year or two turn into obese kebab chomping land whales. Used to be people - women and men - would gradually put on weight throughout their lives. Now it seems girls put it all on in their very early 20s, men when they start having kids, nowadays in their 30s or 40s)
  4. My belief is that there is a conspiracy of silence. The muslim community is incredibly tight it in politics, business, religious affairs or whatever. I remember at uni sometimes muslim girls might pluck the courage to join non-muslim girls on a night out. However, they'd be looking over their shoulder the whole time. If someone was about to take a photo they'd make a hasty exit or swat the camera away. Not just for fear of the immediate family finding out, but one of the legions of cousins, uncles etc. I mean, we all know how common the cousin marriage thing is in Mirpuri communities. Given even towns like Banbury, where the 18-40 year old muslim male population numbers only a few dozen, had grooming gangs, the idea that it wasnt common knowledge 'in the community' that this stuff was going on, frankly, stretches credulity. If it isnt, which I find hard to believe, at least do something symbolic to condemn it. Muslims seem able to march and protest and suspend all other commitments at the drop of a hat if its to protest Rushdie books, the latest Israeli transgression, or, as it currently en vogue, Indian Hindu nationalism and their possible colonization of Kashmir (oh, the irony, of muslim colonists in Europe protesting about the possible colonization of Kashmir) How about a muslim march against grooming?
  5. Hardly news...they already admitted this when the 2011 census results were made public.. This press release from back in 2012... Long-Term International Migration (LTIM) is the most comprehensive estimate of long-term migration. It is based primarily on a subset of the International Passenger Survey (IPS). ONS has published (July 2012) a reconciliation report (361.9 Kb Pdf) explaining that net international migration to England and Wales over the decade 2001 to 2011 was underestimated compared with the census, particularly for migrants from Accession countries. Annually they undercounted immigration typically by around 50,000 (ie, 25%) What gets me is back in the 1950s, the home and colonial offices compared our records for people coming in from the west indies to the west indian governments emigration records. They tallied to within about a dozen people (out of around 30,000, iirc) How is it over half a century ago, our grandparents, with rudimentary equipment managed an almost perfect degree of accuracy, while the overpaid bean counters of today, highly qualified though I'm sure they are, have no idea whats going on?
  6. Seems to be a desire to be big at all costs in some sections. ie, Youtube bodybuilder rich piana who died a year or two back. Guy looked like he had jaundice for years before he died, doubtless linked to all the PEDs he was taking. Awful skin, awful breathing...sounded like a panting dog on most his videos. But at least he died with big muscles.
  7. Fast food the biggest problem IMO. People blame car culture etc, but car dependancy hasnt really increased in 30 plus years in the UK and over 50 in the US. What seems different in the last 15 years is chicken shops literally being everywhere.
  8. They were moaning about this back in 2013 before brexit was even on the horizon (before even EU2 members got open door immigration rights) Perhaps some jobs arent worth doing...theres a reason we dont have shoe shines on every street corner anymore. Arent the So-Called BBC usually shilling for some "socially conscious" hipster with a bizness selling 'luxury shipping containers' to local authorities as a 'green' solution to the housing crisis?!
  9. Is carrying 20-30kg of excess muscle actually any healthier than 20-30 kilos of excess fat? Lots of wrastlers, bodybuilders, strongmen etc die young from heart the same thing fatties succumb to. Your heart cant tell the difference between lugging round muscle weight or fat weight...and healthy types of exercise, ie cardio, dont tend to massively increase muscle mass. To sustain a given amount of muscle also requires more energy than to sustain the equal weight of fat, so its argurably putting more pressure on the digestive system and increasing liver, pancreatic, stomach, bowel, colon and kidney cancer risk than obesity.
  10. Arent they all made by machines anyway?! Why is an Indian robot producation line cheaper than a German one?!
  11. Speak to whom...a police who wont listen, a media who arent interested? A brown man named mohammed got me drunk, then a bunch of other brown men called mohammed each had a go on me. Its not like prosecuting your dads mate who felt you up when no one was looking. You know his name. Its just him. If there are dozens of men, cousins of cousins of a man called mohammed, as they all are...could be anyone really. They got you pissed or on drugs only have vague horrific flashbacks. Probably all talking urdu...who even knows if they used real names. Got the panties you were wearing that night 25 years ago sweetie..might be able to get DNA off em.
  12. I just dont understand why white gentiles arent as angry about the defilement of their honour as are Jews about theirs... ie this a couple of years ago. Leader of the worlds 4th most populus nation blames whitey. Blue eyed whitey (ie, scandinavians) Imagine him blaming the Jews. Complete, universal outrage (even though names like Blankfein, Madoff, Greenspan come to mind a lot more than 'blue eyes'. But i'm better than that. I wont go there. Its not just jews. Its a human condition. Same thing happened in Japan, and african bankers are corrupt too)
  13. Well given its over a 35-40 year period, i'd imagine that yes, most of them upto the late 2000s were without social media.
  14. Why do you think we've not heard of any grooming cases from Brum? Sarah Champion reckons a million raped girls. She's probably privvy to info we arent. Rotherham 1400 (lower estimate) to 1900 (upper estimate) Telford 1200 Combine the other cases, thats another few thousand. It could well be in excess of 100,000 schoolgirls have been groomed in Birmingham alone.
  15. I had to do a door to door job in Brentford a few years back. Seemed to be mostly sikh. Few muslims. Pleasant enough people im sure. OTOH, could I live there...well...I don't care if they're nice people. The constant stench of curry would mean i'd have to move to somewhere free of such people. And given the fact I saw literally not one white person for hour periods at a time, most probably also feel the same way.