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  1. Cash for Crash insurance fraud (muzzers) Pickpockets (Roma) ATM fraud (Roma) Acid Attacks (various variants) ...could go on all day.
  2. I can't help but think the 'biggest economic crash of the last 80 years' was, if not caused, certainly catalysed by the kind of ponzi importation of immigrant renters that assisted the rent-seeking economics and its associated bubble in credit. Also note, they restrict to EU immigration. Things don't look nearly so rosy for non-EU groups, muslims in particular. But Farage never mentions that.
  3. Looking at how our best and brightest have 'handled' brexit (done nothing for 3 years, and then ask for an extension, like a kid with late homework) whats clear is none of them have any skills worth anything. Statecraft, as Thatcher called it, died off at the end of the cold war. They've outsourced the economy to private contractors, consultants, think tanks. They've outsourced democracy to the EU. They like it this way. Whenever they get quizzed about the destruction of real wages, they can just say 'its the bank of Englands area. Our hands are tied' Whenever they get quizzed about immigration they can say 'we want to cut it, but cant due to freedom of movement' Basically they get paid to go on TV occasionally and lie to the public in the nicest possible way. I don't think theres anything intrinsic keeping them that way, they just don't pick up much of the immigrant vote purely because 90% of immigrants vote as a block, for labour.
  4. I must admit, I thought Chuka was the kind of c*nt to only do something if there was a lot of money in it, so figured CUK must have been some well funded Soros operation with lots of wine, presidential suites and chauffeurs to keep our Chuky happy. Actually seems no, CUK was an actual thing, borne of the substandard, talentless morons...the worst Lab and Con have to offer, who paraded themselves on telly, with accordingly unproductive results. The question is, why would the libdems want anything to do with any of them?
  5. I think I last used it around 2008, on any regular basis at least. When I first signed up in 2005, myspace was the big thing, though that always managed to slow my computer down so never bothered with that...i cant think of anything more annoying than myspace...when you entered someones profile you were greeted by their dire choice of music blaring out at you, some gaudy backdrop, and usually glitter or something falling down the screen. Facebook then was a breath of fresh air back in 2005. Uncluttered, clean, mostly peoples photos and messageboards not much else. It was far more efficient at posting university bulletins and events than the Universities own service was. From about 2008 onwards it seemed to be more advertisements than anything else. Surprised something better didnt replace it long ago.
  6. Always comes across a bit 'tim nice but dim'ish to me. Almost like his wife is ushering him to do stuff. Mind, watching the 2017 election doc, same could be said for kinnock. Well, except for the nice part.
  7. Boris also said something about letterbox ladies. I don't know how this impacts the day to day operation of the country, but apparently it also is of vast importance.
  8. Old holborn putting a bet on Rory whatever his name is on being a 'dark horse' candidate. The same old holborn who thought labour would be destroyed in 2017 and Brexit definitely, certainly, absolutely would happen back in March. I won't be taking advantage of this particular tip, though. I'd love it if Rory did win, however. That truly would finish the tories off.
  9. You have to wonder why they essentially made two 'tories' (well, corporate candidates), Sourby and Allen the figureheads of a movement against Brexit, something remainers have tried, and largely succeeded in painting as a battle against lefty progressivism and righty traditionalism. Not sure why Umamamama wasnt the leader from the beginning. Ole jug ears would probably get the bored housewives vote purely by virtue of looking a 'bit exotic'
  10. I'm quite happy to be open minded on it, and entertain that most of it is environment, not genetics, as the input..but the output of that, is, currently, that subsaharan africans, on average, have lower IQs than the other major races. The reason behind it is irrelevant. If I come last in a test because I didnt study, I dont get to say 'well I would have come first, but I didnt study' I still came last. Even if my reasoning is correct. Bigotry is unfounded prejudice. That is not bigotry.
  11. Last time I went to asda (a small co op sized one) there was no one on the tills a massive queue for the self service tills and about two dozen staff stacking the already overflowing shelves or else just chatting to each other. Triffic management.
  12. Sorry, I dont mean dosbods specifically, more the general pro-brexit online media. I think they are aghast that they managed to lose somewhere that voted 61% leave, but its a more complex issue than that.
  13. A lot of people seem vested in pretending that is it. Or rather assume that the plates are spinning fine at the moment, so always will be. I find a lot of this discussion of postal votes rather ancillary. The population of Peterborough seat has gone from about 86% white British around the time of the 1992 election, before which, 95% of the time, it went tory, to, probably today 50% white British. Muslims going from maybe 5% to 20%. Maybe you'd get another tory or brexit win if postal ballots were eliminated, maybe not. Ultimately though, fail to recognize voting fraud is just a function of this particular rather unwelcome form of 'diversity' and sooner or later, next election, the one after, it goes labour. Or, assuming the whites desert the labour party, some far more explicitly islamic replacement. If as much time was spent discussing demographics as is spent discussing damn postal votes we might be getting somewhere.
  14. Thing is, as shown by the 'Battle for Gorton' in 1995 (BBC documentary), they only need a relatively small muslim population to hijack democracy. What they did there, was all join the local party on mass. As most people arent members, they don't need huge numbers, a couple hundred will do it. They then proceeded to attempt to get Gerald Kaufman deselected...not particularly because he was a Jew, but because he wasnt Pakistani. They know that the white majority in that part of the world will vote labour regardless, so its just a question of getting 'their man' in. Underestimate the muslim block vote at your peril. Another instance was Bradford West in 1997, when Labour stood a sikh instead of a muslim. Despite, again, muslims being not much more than 10% of the vote, they were able to form a 12% swing AGAINST labour in that election when the typical swing was 12% to labour. A 24% spread. Not enough to stop the sikh becoming MP, but enough to warn labour to never ignore the power of Muslims. In many more marginal seats, it would have cost them the election.