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  1. How long till the calls of 'well, we didnt need it for the virus, but as its here, imagine how many engineers/surgeons/mensa members we can house here by taking them from the horror camps of Turkey (who'll we'll continue to give aid to & sell as a perfectly safe tourist destination)
  2. Always seemed funny to me about the only place where passive smoking is an actual 'thing' was the only place Nick Clegg didnt want a ban!
  3. I keep trying to explain in very stark terms The overall 'health' spending figures from the annual PESA (Public expenditure Statistical Analyses) reports and median/true average UK wages in the same timeframe The last year before the Brownpocalpyse (1996-97)....and today... If wages overall had risen by the same percentage terms as Per head NHS spending since 1997, the median weekly wage today would be £865 instead of £479 (ie £45,000 a year instead of £24,900). Or for every £1 your wage has gone up, the amount given to the NHS has gone up nearly £3. All the NHS fanboys don't seem to understand this. Their view is 'because real spending increased X-amount under Brown, it should increase by at least that amount ad infinitum. Doesnt seem to occur to them that if that carries on indefinetly, logically the NHS would consume the entire economy. Even during those brown years of cash being lavished in unseen amounts, even then, I still recall the usual 'NHS STARVED OF FUNDING' articles anyway. It will NEVER have enough money, regardless of how much is thrown at it.
  4. In the end, the effects of imperialism, or a top down organized military invasion, as the British Empire was, and the replacement scenario we are currently in of haphazard mass immigration, are the same. One culture and people are displaced by another. One is just more overt and instant. But the end result is the same. Between 1950 and 2050 the UK culture and demography will be no less changed from that of the US from 1600 to 1800.
  5. A huge number of high streets look like that now. I call them 'open air refugee camps' Only 10 years back, most looked totally different (ie, English, european)...does anyone actually stop and think 'This isnt normal. This isnt right' Third worlders, drug addicts, endless tat n crap shops. A majority of high streets now just look like utter dumps.
  6. Perhaps you are right about their health...i don't know, but well over half the ship was 60+
  7. Ventilators are the new fairy dust if you believe the So-Called BBC. The virus is now pretty much an aside in the MSM...tractor production who has the biggest stash of ventilators is who is 'winning the war'
  8. Despite the Diamond princess, surely the most representative 'worst case scenario'..quarantined, close proximity, and a host population almost entirely over 60 years old. The only way what you say makes sense is if there really are all these different strains of it with massively variable fatality which case drawing comparisons and trying to identify a one single 'mean death rate' seems somewhat redundant anyway.
  9. None of this makes any sense...practice extreme social distancing...but we want half a million volunteers in our hospitals where the very contagious disease we are trying to avoid is rife.
  10. 3.3 million new unemployment claims in the US last week. Previous record just north of 600,000 in the GFC. I'm assuming similar here. Currently 34,000 in the queue (been higher earlier in the day) for digidentity universal credit identity verification (i've tried post office, experian, barclays...none want to recognize me. Never had that problem before. Odd that now I need to claim a little taxes back i'm unpersoned) Zero hour / gig economy working wonders. In the 1970s, immigration from the 1960s gave us a million more unemployed than we'd otherwise have and kick started white flight. In the 2020s, immigration from the 2000s and 2010s will give us 10 million mor unemployed than we'd otherwise have, and may well render most of England uninhabitable.
  11. Will it actually be recorded as 'coronavirus' I just assume as its mainly the old it kills its probably just getting recorded as pneumonia. I doubt we'll get a clear picture of how many die from it specifically in India. They use to just record pretty much any industrial or otherwise work related lung death (asbestosis, silicosis, potters lung etc) as 'tuberculosis' in this country until the 1970s or so.
  12. Indeed...i thought dry cough was a symptom...not runny nose. I've got a permanently runny nose, particularly if the weather is bracing, as it currently is in the eastern side of the country.
  13. * Unless they were wearing a lead suit. I guess this so called 'physics genius' didnt think of that, eh?
  14. What we need at the border is a radioactive death zone through which we could MELT the insides of any would be infiltrator.... Cohen expressed support for the construction of a nuclear-radiation field along the borders of Israel as a means of protecting it from the military forces of other nations and killing anyone who approached it via gamma radiation.[16] "What I am suggesting is the construction of a border barrier whose most effective component is an extremely intense field of nuclear radiation (produced by the operation of underground nuclear reactors), sharply confined to the barrier zone, which practically guarantees the death of anyone attempting to breach the barrier,"
  15. Yes...there used to be many little gravel laybys (NOT passing places...we have them too!) people could park at near footpaths...however I guess after being turned into dumping grounds for the local pikeys they've generally been turfed over/fenced off since.