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  1. Till tomorrow. Tomorrow he'll be saying something completely different.
  2. Probably. He hasnt expanded his range of arguments beyond 'everyone I disagree with is racist' for years now. Cant teach an old dog new tricks, I guess.
  3. Supposedly a lot of sterling shorts will unwind come brexit...i expect pound to continue upwards over the next 8 weeks or so.
  4. Trouble there is the last electable twat was bliar...thats not an improvement. we're talking.
  5. LOL Didnt the dems send Podesta out so her holiness wouldnt have to face her minions when it became clear Trump won....
  6. I went to the spoons in Bolsover near the castle once. Seemed a nice place. Kind of like Matlock, but less hilly (but still fairly hilly) I think such places will be prime receivers of white flight from Sheffield and Nottingham in the years ahead, and perhaps tend more toryl.
  7. Given virtually none of the citizenships issued over the last 10 years have been doled out to EU8 members, the only 'Eastern Europeans' he's likely to have got votin are Russian gangsters who not only don't like communism, but don't like any form of government oversight.
  8. Looking at the faces on the underground (well, all the stations between the very outer bits and the centre anyway), im amazed anywhere in London is still tory.
  9. Can confirm. Turnout looked similar in my end of cambridgeshire to last time. Funny thing is, this is 60% tory, yet zero tory banners, many labour ones. Mind, that was the story in 2017. The momentum mob are a noisy, dedicated bunch if nothing else.
  10. Just a matter of time before Chingford goes labour, i would imagine. Walking through it, while the eastern and Northern half do seem leafty, the other, higher density half seemed awful diverse and i wouldnt imagine particularly fertile ground for tories.
  11. The arrogance & entitlement of the tory establishment...even after 9 years of betrayals on immigration and going on 4 on brexit, never ceases to amaze me. How dare you offer people an alternative....this is tory ground...yer hear! Farage has got another party ready to go for after the election! Wonder how he's going to choose candidates this time round? Names out of a hat?
  12. We seem to have adopted the american model of shopping malls of use them for 20 years, then desert them. ie, Chapelfields in Norwich supplanted the now half empty Castle Mall. Same with cambridge with the lion yard and grafton centre. Both cities are growing, but the latter in both cities are really having trouble to occupy units.
  13. I guess similar to the GOP/DNC in the age of Trump. White working class shifting from dem to rep. Dem replacing working class with immigrants and some wealthier whites (although its long had them in the major cities) Trump embraces this with nationalist words....on immigration as a candidate, on trade as a president. Boris, far less so, just riding the wave.
  14. Same as cambridge since 2015. All libdem previously. Now mostly labour. Headteachers, GPs, lawyers fat on legal aid and desirous for new legislation...all high earners, all labour. 'Caring' for the downtrodden does pay well. Doesnt help the downtrodden much mind, particularly when the wealthy left wing administration class demand the importation of more downtrodden to grow their market. I