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  1. I try to use duckduckgo and opera on phone...no idea if that helps. More often than i'd like i end up going to google search in the end as sadly, it does seem more able to retrieve results germane to me than duckduckgo Until next week, i've used a Huawei phone, and google has just removed google play from it.
  2. yandex mail. Google seem to have an unhealthy interest in knowing my phone number.
  3. If you want to watch full movies but dont want to faff about with torrents or whatever they are (i dont either) and dont trust a lot of these online ones, i find sktorrentonline is good for new movies, or ok.ru for older ones (just do a google video search restricted to ok.ru domain, and it will find most movies more than a couple years old...usually, though not always, in english.) Both those sites have none of the usual popups with free movie sites and have never flagged up my antivirus. Also a fair few on dailymotion if you don't mind ad breaks every 30 seconds. Heres that
  4. Sure, adapted for the modern age, like a decent range, proper roof and reasonable speed on inclines.
  5. I've thought for a while there should be some kind of middle way. A lightweight, single person electric 'buggy' that has the same width of bike handlebars, but is covered and powered so those among us who dont want to get wet/hair blown around or are too unfit or dont want to smell of sweat can still get A-B without lugging round a tonne plus of metal with them.
  6. Same reason for HS2, olympics no one wants or any big infrastructure spending. Big handouts to lab-con donor contractors.
  7. Thing is, not just transport policy, but housing policy, perhaps all policy, has made the car essential. The green belt means cities growth is choked off once they reach a certain point, so development takes place 20 miles or however deep the green belt is, distant, which usually, given developers don't want to pay for infrastructure & authorities rarely make them, endless developments tacked on to already existent villages rather than single new towns alongside a rail line or something. I grew up 20 miles outside of cambridge and its typical. Sure there is a bus, and sure
  8. Ironic as most of them I talk to state the reason they left Italy (or a lot of EU countries) is to get ahead, you have to know the right people (mind, most the recruitment agents I've talked to also say Italians are notorious for lying about achievements in CVs...which perhaps flies more easily in the UK as UK employers are less likely to bother to check work histories if that work history was mostly abroad) it doesnt matter how qualified you are. Only the UK (or rather anglosphere nations) practices meritocracy...everywhere else has familial, then clan, then ethnic in group loyalt
  9. This muslims in china stuff has been known for years and years, yet no one 'important' (least of all other muslims!) gave a single shit until the virus stuff this year. Opportunist scum, the lot of them. They don't care, just bandwagon jumping.
  10. Cambridge is fucking full of them. Still, at least they're not French. Italians can be arrogant, but compared to the French....well, i'd take a thousand Italians over 10 french, put it that way.
  11. A lot of employers seemed to prefer Italian workers than the west indians. London Brick recruited italians. for example. The irony with all this 'the windrush generation rebuilt britain' is its almost entirely bollocks, especially the bit that they were 'invited'. No government programs existed to encourage west indian immigration, however, there were numerous programs to encourage our fellow europeans to come.... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_Voluntary_Workers Despite the current revisionist bigging up of the contribution west indians made to post war britain (
  12. Governments and ruling castes generally will treat the public as shit as they can get away with doing, and given the British insist on reliably voting for the red team or the blue team and regarding anyone who even dares to offer an alternative as a 'wasted vote' there's really no reason for them to behave any other way.
  13. Unless they move to everything to china, or do a BMW and charge premium prices, i dont think any western car maker has much future. Ford pulled out of Russia last year. In fact I think a number of car markers wholesale pulled out of russia over the last 2 years, in some cases their entire dealer network just going straight to the chinese manufacturers https://www.ft.com/content/fdfea59e-5074-11e9-b401-8d9ef1626294
  14. Huge tellys with silly little english living rooms inevitably seems to result in uncomfortable viewing positions. When I was a lad 21inch was the typical lounge TV, the second one 14" and that would be that. A wealthy or true telly addict family might have a 25 or 28 incher. When an uncle got a 33 inch CRT in the mid 90s it was like going to the cinema!
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