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  1. Its a strange one. While encouraging Ireland to become a 'booming Island of 10 million' (Ireland 2040/50 spiel) Veranda is demanding the US open the doors to Irish emigrant grads who they are apparently awash with. Its almost like its not about skills shortages at all, its just about alienating people from their homeland, people, and culture. (kind of like the Heinz 57 Veranda himself) Now he's even saying if young Irish people cant afford a home in Ireland...Emigrate... Usually a decline in Emigration would be a good thing, but for Varadkar, its a national emergency...damnit, just not enough Irish are leaving Ireland...where am I going to house all my brown buddies?
  2. I always figured Bliar, Mandelsohn etc were the WANTED Corbyn, but figured the only way to get there was slowly boiling the frog. Now we have Corbyn, and I see nulabours hatred of him, I realize that no, Bliar, Mandelsohn etc were just the latest stage of Tory money grabbers. Importing muslims into Britain on the scale Bliar did, he must have known this kind of politics was inevitable? They cant be that dumb...surely?
  3. It IS breitbart. So long as you don't criticize Israel or mention the word 'Soros' you're alright there.
  4. Pretty sure i've posted the figures before, but the actual increase in elderlys hasnt been anywhere near as great as we are led to think...and the rate of increase was faster in the decade 1991-2001 (when NHS expenditures rose at a pretty restrained rate) than 2001-2011 when NHS spending rose a far faster rate. An ageing population is one cause, but numerically, it wouldnt seem to be the biggest one.
  5. I mean, words cannot describe what a scummy, duplicitious, hypocritical publication the Guardian is. 'Hundreds' of Poles 'flee' Britain (with a million or so more coming in since) and its news. Millions of British fleeing their own cities, to the point of being a minority in their capital. Not a peep. And yet, for the last 20 years stats have been available, blacks have been killing whites at a rate of over 3 times the reverse. Given the far smaller number of blacks, a black is roughly 100 times more likely to murder a white than is the reverse on the streets of Britain.
  6. The anti-British MSM running these kinds of stories is nothing new... Gruaniad, 2007 (since when the Polish population must have doubled, if not Tripled) Gun crime and racist attacks are driving many to return early to eastern Europe I like how they lump 'racist attacks' (unspecified) in with 'Gun Crime' (a Polish care worker was shot by some black gangbangers who cant shoot straight) Then then go on to cite two murders of Polish girls (sexually motivated, i believe, not 'racially') Sadly, there is no centralized database for Polish-British inter ethnic crime, but, in murders at least, Poles seem to kill as many Brits as vice versa. Think the Guardian will do a sob story on white (British) flight from our brown majority large cities...or is it only when people who have the luxury of a country of their own to flee back to that the Guardian becomes concerned? Where could all those white girls abused by muslims flee to? Wherever they went, the muslims found them, and the rapes, the abuse, the torture, continued.
  7. Indeed. Baldy blacks have several advantages 1) Little contrast between scalp colour and hair colour, so its more difficult to work out where the scalp begins and the hair finishs 2)Black hair is frizzy, so bends back on itself numerous times, giving the impression of more thickness and 'volume' 3) Their pattern of baldness seems to be a gradual shifting back of the hairline (which remains straight) instead of receding at the temples, thus you might just think 'my, he has a big forehead'
  8. I dare say if you were to fashion yourself a combover, that additional triangle of hair would prove pivotal.
  9. nothing new In early 2005, Gilchrist and Simcox rallied over 1,200 volunteers to carry out the first border watch. For one month, activists guarded the 23 mile Arizona-Mexico border, keeping count of the number of migrants approaching, reporting their presence, and scaring them away from crossing through this stretch. Many activists came from Utah, and soon after joined forces with local groups to form the Utah Minuteman Project (UMP), which focused on raising public awareness regarding the "threat of immigration" through local media and public debates
  10. Bliar flooded the wrong part of the UK with muzzers. A few hundred thousand of them into the heart of Ulster ought to get the papists and prozzies to put their differences aside.
  11. Didnt Britain First (and the EDL before that?) have something like 1.6million facebook followers until Sharia May decided after Herr Fuhrer Trump 'liking' one of their videos made them a little too dangerous and too much of a threat to our erm 'peaceful, settled' order. In the few places BF stood, they did predictably badly. Thing is, i've no idea how many Sargon fans are in fact american, and how many are even just 16 or 17 year olds.
  12. One of the reasons UKIP did pretty absymally last election was they didnt stand in a great many they did well in last time. Not saying they would have done 'well' last election, but I suspect had they stood candidates in all seats instead of barely half they'd have probably got 6% of the vote instead of 2. They didnt stand in my area (and I presume a lot of other areas) simply because my (remainer) MP voted in favour of art 50.
  13. People say 'you inherit baldness from your mothers side' So explain to me this. The Queen spawned three princlings. One, Charles, went bald from the back. Another, Edward, bald from the front. The third, Andrew, didnt go bald. Perhaps he is thinning now, but clearly if he has the same 'baldness genes' as the other two (itself I dont understand, as they both have different patterns of baldness) then environment must account for a lot. What does Andrew do that Charles doesnt?
  14. Quintessential specimen of a NW7...Steve Ballmer...the worlds richest NW7? Steve shed his hair early, here he is sporting a NW6 in 1980, aged 24
  15. Its a shame theres not an option 8. I used to work with an old boy whose little remaining horseshoe had also started to go, he was down to a little square at the back of his head. The side bits had thinned to almost nothingness. He looked a bit like sloth from the goonies. Nice old chap though. He was in his younger days a boss of my mates dad when my mates dad was an apprentice. My mates dad apparently had very long hair back then and was very proud of it and took the mick out of the bald old boy. The Goonie chap/bald old boy was thus overjoyed to hear my mates dad was now as bald as a coot also. Though in the intervening years had become a millionaire too, which I guess must be some consolation. Hamid Karzai IMO would be moving on from a NW7 to a NW8 if there was one. His side bits look a bit thin...