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  1. RickyBacker

    Gold and Other Precious Metal Investing

    Quite possibly one of the best presentations I've seen on the topic arguing a return to some form of gold standard.
  2. RickyBacker

    Gold and Other Precious Metal Investing

    Still hoping for a return to sound money... is there anything to read here, or just coincidence? JP Morgan have spent the last seven years or so accumulating physical silver and have now taken a 'long' position. http://news.goldseek.com/GoldSeek/1516109220.php This last week it's been reported that their ethereum based blockchain will be used to digitise precious metals. https://www.ccn.com/jp-morgans-ethereum-based-quorum-blockchain-will-tokenise-gold-bars/
  3. RickyBacker

    Premium bonds

    75 quid on 25k holding, happy with that.
  4. RickyBacker

    Gold and Other Precious Metal Investing

    Exactly. That's why I was really surprised when the Royal mint first announced that they were putting gold on the blockchain. Personally, I have some 'onegram' coins that I can now trade for Bitcoin. I also have a small amount invested in a company called 'Lionsgold' ... They are also developing a gold backed crypto bank account which is due to be up and running early next year. It's certainly a fascinating time to live in, but the plates are spinning much longer than I expected them to after the crisis of '08.
  5. RickyBacker

    Gold and Other Precious Metal Investing

    I'm surprised that this thread isn't more popular, especially with all the discussion about PMs on DurhamBorn's credit deflation thread? Anyway, something very interesting caught my eye today. For quite some time I've been watching developments with regards to linking blockchain technology with PM investing. There are now numerous ways to do this and I was/am thinking... maybe this could be the future of sound money. One thing that surprised me was that the government backed Royal Mint also joined the bandwagon... very strange I thought? The last thing governments want is sound/gold backed money... why would the Royal Mint offer gold backed tokens? Alas... news out today that the idea has been scrapped. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-gold-cryptocurrency-royal-mint/wary-of-crypto-uk-government-blocks-royal-mints-digital-gold-idUSKCN1MZ1SZ
  6. RickyBacker

    A house that could be an investment

    Not familiar with the area at all, but get a few properties selling at that price and it will soon drag the rest down. I also use that chrome plugin and it's been showing drops in the North-West for the past couple of months... still waiting for it to show up in the official data though. Sentiment will soon be changing.
  7. Nice buy, I've had my eye on this for a while hoping that the price would come down a little. May just bite the bullet as the price didn't move much even with the drop in spot.
  8. Hi all, long time lurker from the other site and first post on here. Firstly, thank you all for such a wealth of information regarding the possible path of the global economy. I just wanted to add something regarding the use of silver in industry, in particular the solar industry. There is no doubt that solar is becoming more and more important, and indeed the use of silver in this industry has been increasing over the last decade. Just be aware of disruptive technology. Graphene is one disruptive material that could really shake up a number of markets due to its extraordinary properties. I won't go into all the details of graphene here, but well worth a research if you are unaware. One particular stock that has saved my portfolio is a small British company Versarien (VRS). I bought it last year at 15p and it's currently sitting at 1.25... I sold some recently as there is a lot of 'blue sky' in the price at the moment. If it drops I may buy more, if it continues its upward path I'm happy with my holding. Worth some time researching though if you believe in the technology. Back to silver though, I'm invested via miners and physical mainly due to my belief of the return to sound money after the 'event' It's certainly an interesting time to live in and I hope that I can continue to learn from all your posts and I'll try to contribute where I can.