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  1. This. I'm sure he's a good bloke. But he should be campaigning for all premier League footballers and managers to give 90% of their salary to charity. They'd still be earning far more than the average taxpayer
  2. The place I work has non stop virtue signalling communications all day long. I'm amazed no one appears to have snapped yet. I've been close several times Edit to add - same shit as per above basically
  3. Here's what's coming next... France extends curfew to more regions as cases surge The French prime minister Jean Castex has announced that Covid-19 curfew measures will be extended to a further 38 departments for six weeks because of the rapid spread of the virus across the country. “The second wave is here” and “the situation is grave”, Castex told a news conference as he announced the curfew would now affect 46 million people - two-thirds of the French population - and would include some overseas territories. "If we fail to stop the pandemic, we will be facing a dire situ
  4. the Government has borrowed £208.5bn in the first six months of this financial year, amounting to £50bn more than the deficit for the entire worst year of the financial crisis
  5. He never did look like the sort of bloke who should be dishing out lifestyle advice. Being miserable, angry and depressed kind of invalidates that Clean your fucking room though PS I guess he now has 13 rules for life. Hopefully he'll be healthier soon
  6. A vaccine is unlikely to eradicate coronavirus with the disease likely to become endemic in Britain, Sir Patrick Vallance has warned. The government’s chief scientific adviser said that the ‘notion of eliminating covid is not right’ and said people would have to learn to live with the virus. Speaking at the Joint Committee on National Security Strategy, Sir Patrick said even if a vaccine was available by the Spring, it would not wipe out the virus entirely. “I mean it is worth reflecting that there's only one human disease that's been truly eradicated, and that's from the highl
  7. I'd say the truth is somewhere between 2 extremes. the policy response has been useless throughout
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