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  1. Media response is interesting. Obviously a huge story. But not getting the coverage it would, if it had happened elsewhere. Bit racist.
  2. A reminder that this blast could not have come at a worse time for Lebanon. The last story written by our Beirut-based correspondent, Martin Chulov, was about how the country is on the brink of financial collapse. Coronavirus has compounded longstanding failures of government corruption and financial mismanagement. Since March, Martin writes, prices of most goods have nearly tripled, while the value of the national currency has fallen by 80% and much of the country has ground to a halt. Those who still have work are surviving month to month.
  3. Guardian is saying 10 people feared dead. 10??????
  4. wtf could go off like that? 2020 isn't going well is it?
  5. If I were you Joe, I'd put a tidy sum in Vandelay Industries. There's huge upside in the latex market right now. DYOR
  6. Agreed. There has been very little discussion of this, granted it's kind of an unknown. https://www.ft.com/content/8a8c9630-7cce-417a-8732-f0589009be14?shareType=nongift Fatigue plagues thousands suffering post-coronavirus symptoms | Free to read
  7. Is that an oxymoron? I've no idea what one is really, but it sounds good