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  1. BBH

    Fuckin' Weather

    Bloody weather is so good I can't even bloody complain about it
  2. BBH

    Water water everywhere but not a drop to drink

    Hosepipe ban in London? That should impact at least a dozen people
  3. BBH

    The Eurovision Thread

    If Eurovision was good it would sound like this
  4. BBH

    Greatest Live Music Recordings

    I love this for so many reasons.
  5. BBH

    Smart (arse) Motorways

    He's on long term sick, stress and depression
  6. BBH


    Sounds a lot like Idlewild
  7. BBH


    New arctic monkeys album sounds wank. Again.
  8. The number of threads about racism, sexism etc. on here is as boring as the MSM banging on about it
  9. BBH

    Swiss to end Fractional Reserve Banking?
  10. BBH

    Why we get up and go to work in the morning

    What, having 15 kids! 🤔
  11. BBH

    Aging and Death - the biggest Red Pills

    It seems very easy to lose your wonder at life as you get older. Just looked up in the sky and seen some magnificent clouds. Only had a couple of beers too. I probably wouldn't have seen them earlier though! Young uns are fascinated by everything.
  12. BBH

    Heads up for QT tonight

    Rich, confident, average looking. Next question...
  13. BBH


    This is on R6 a lot at the moment, from 2017 apparently.