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  1. I wouldn’t worry. BTC will drop with the S&P500 in the BK, but once the real slap in the face (with a wet fish ) of inflation is felt in everyday life, both gold/silver and crypto will run together (IMO obviously) as the sentiment of what worked for the last 40 years has changed and no longer applies. The younger generation is investing in physical silver as well as crypto regardless, they understand it’s value, it’s industrial use and its role with green energy and how the price has been manipulated over the years.
  2. I will change direction back to contrarian investing and sell my PMs in the ‘unloved’ FAANGs and tech stocks when I see gold/silver vending machines and ‘cash 4 gold’ shops on every run down high street. When 70+ year olds are paying to attend seminars on blockchains and crypto I also know the BTC will be at a precarious point for government regulation. I will however still be holding Chainlink
  3. Yes the ‘help’ that absolutely no one wants. Browse the comments of the FT or even the Daily Mail you’ll actually find boomers nowadays that think things have got a bit silly and the continued pump of the HPI bubble isn’t a good idea. That should ring all kinds of alarm bells. However, why get angry? It’s all part of the longer term plan. May as well sit back and watch it all implode.
  4. I fully agree and it aligns with my thoughts on the things that are coming. However you wonder what they’ll do to those who own outright? Easy, tax. You’ll pay increased taxes through ‘wealth tax’, ‘property levy tax (bigger the house the more you pay)’, income tax, pension tax, savings tax/reduced ISA thresholds, increased daily living costs, energy and food price inflation. It just won’t be worth owning privately anymore and will be a struggle to keep up with costs for the average person. Just like owing a big older diesel 4x4 in London, they’ll tax it to oblivion until ownership
  5. I don’t think the general masses see inflation coming at all, you give them far too much credit. What we’re seeing is a one way bet of ever increasing debt, backed by ever increasing prices and being encouraged beyond all financial grounding (i.e what people actually earn). They think the government will never let it fail and so all financial risk is taken off the table. Ultimately they’ve continued to be proven correct.
  6. Unfortunately we called it. Absolute tossers. You will own nothing remember?
  7. What was the one thing we all discussed on here and said that they would do as it was the ‘last chance saloon’ option? Absolute tosspots the lot of them. Actively destroying the future for the younger generation. Just confirms to me my belief in crypto and a currency reset. These loans won’t be designed to be ever paid back or to ever ‘balance the books’. It’s a fast train to clown world now and there’ll be no stops as the trains gone out of service.
  8. Oh well, SP has it in that case. Further usage (After all we all know the MSM read this thread ) owes royalties payable to SP. The one another thread I liked from HPC was Suntory's ‘We Are Facing Another Global Financial Crisis Of Epic Proportions’ but no need to resurrect that one as I think we all know we’re already there.
  9. I thought it stretched back on HPC (we’ve all been preparing for some time)....
  10. Don’t give me anymore ideas please. My partner will go mental if I start hoarding broken machinery for spare parts on top of everything else. I’ll end up like this guy. https://metro.co.uk/2020/10/07/britains-biggest-hoarder-dies-suddenly-leaving-behind-4000000-treasure-trove-13386396/
  11. Can we get clarification on who coined the phrase Big Kahuna aka BK on this thread? If it was me could I request that everyone puts a ™ mark afterwards?
  12. Yup my brother ships in from China for his business, container price went from $3500 to $13500.
  13. Moving away from the rings of ‘Uranus’ Uranus is actually the other way around to Jupiter and Saturn, the Greeks named Ouranos and then Romans associated with Caelus who severed his fathers genitals (Saturn/Cronus) and threw them into the sea which created Venus (Aphrodite) how lovely.
  14. They certainly did, that’s why I find artefacts like Antikythera mechanism fascinating. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antikythera_mechanism
  15. Sorry to be pedantic, but it was Cronus (father of Zeus) in Greek mythology which was later adopted by the Romans as Saturn who they revered as a god as was Zeus with Jupiter.
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