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  1. I know you would appreciate this little antidote DB. Managed to pick up 4 demijohns, 10 swing-top bottles and brewing accessories for £10 on Shpock this weekend (just missed out on someone giving away 20-odd demijohns for free too) So got myself some Apple and Raspberry juice (4l for £3) and some Young’s super yeast (might put a few hairs on your chest), and it’s happily bubbling away in the airing cupboard. Aim is to rack it off in two weeks, leave to mature for 6 weeks or so then bottle with some brewing sugar to prime (make it fizzy) Was thinking to make it a nice spiced cider for Xmas (if it lasts that long and at that ABV it maybe more an Apple wine than cider)
  2. I actively follow this thread everyday, just like I did on HPC for the last year or so. That's not because we have 'vested interests' but a collection of thoughts of a similar outlook in the financial and political basket case of the world we find ourselves. I find it fascinating to hear opinions from people working in different fields and the expertise they bring. I may be able to throw my hat in the ring with cellular infrastructure (with the likes of Vodafone etc) as I am currently working within cellular networks and working with the top defence/prosecution cellular experts in the country. A collection of knowledge is an invaluable resource.
  3. Exactly this. Only that the general populous will blame the likes of Brexit or whatever the MSM narrative is once that time comes around. The real cause... boomer voting policies, government handouts to house builder CEOs with HTB and props, selling off of council housing to the BTL infestation, tax credits/HB more lucrative than working, massive student loans/debt etc etc will all be swept under the carpet.
  4. When the airline and hotel industry drops, they start to offer increased deals and earning point bonuses on their affiliated credit cards. I made the most of it after 2008, good opportunities for those with no debt/in control of their finances etc.
  5. Hochschild Mining nudging upward with the rest of the PM miners. Q3 results out, costs down, production targets upped Also joint venture with Mirasol in Chile
  6. I’m waiting on Westfields in Croydon to be mothballed. Absolutely hundreds of overpriced ‘luxury’ flats have been built on the promise of the redevelopment Westfield will supposedly bring. If Westfields pull out, the housing market downturn in Croydon will be spectacular.
  7. The majority of people I meet/friends/family have no idea of how the monetary system works, or how it ever came to be incidentally. When the average working person donates 1/3rd of their life given on this planet to earn it, you would like to think people would have a better understanding. I typically send them this video, mildly amusing, easy to watch and a bit of a red pill to boot.
  8. The PAYE working masses generally have no idea of how tax credits/universal credit works or how much equivalent in salary it amounts to. All they hear of in the MSM is food banks, and how worse off people are on universal credit. My mum was telling me the other day about her friend’s son and his Polish girlfriend. She has a child from a former relationship and doesn’t want him moving in the place. My mum explained that even though she gets help towards the rent with universal credits she works very hard in three jobs. My mum couldn’t quite believe it when I told her she would have a full £1200 rent paid which is under the LHA, and that the three jobs would be to meet the income requirements for universal credit on top. And that’s the kicker with Browns tax credit shitshow. Everyone looks to be working ‘hard’ while maintaining the charade, so Mr/Mrs working/struggling Joe Average hasn’t got a clue where their taxes are going. That’s why tax credits haven’t got the ‘shame’ attached to them like unemployed benefits in the 80’s. But as I’ve said before we’re going to have a hell of a lot of 50 year old mums turfed out by private landlords when they’re kids grow old enough and come out the education system. Absolute time short sighted time-bomb.
  9. Sideysid

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Exactly. Not sure what all this ‘Romantic approach’ advice on here is all about. This girl already has a boyfriend, which alludes to the fact she will do the same again and again when she gets bored. Nothing wrong with that. I’ve had a few 9/10s in my time that were hopelessly out of my league that were exactly the same. You just have to see it for what it is and realise you have a short window of opportunity, and strike while the iron is hot. Maintain the ‘mystery’ and ZFG as mentioned above. She will make all the advances. Do not play the lap dog otherwise its a fast track to the ‘friend-zone’.
  10. Sideysid

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    I agree 100%. In my experience, (which is ridiculous backing on the internet) that's exactly what's missing from todays society.
  11. Sideysid

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    In this day and age raw masculinity is hard to come by as the MSM beat it out of the masses and the traditional balance of nature, left right and centre. Buck the trend and do what nature intends. Stop thinking too much, and as said before radiate confidence and in general 'I don't give a shit' exuberance. Watch it all roll in. Maybe in the 1970's, not now in the 'look at me' social media generation
  12. Again another anecdotal, speaking with a defence/prosecution network expert today earning six figures. He overheard my talking of averaging in on Vodafone in this current period as I'm currently working alongside him in the field myself. He had no idea in regards to pensions/investments as I explained the basics of dividends etc, even though he has taken stock options as part of his role and his pension was in an index tracker etc. It's scary to think how much money is in passive investment funds blindly ploughing in. When this sucker turns it will be carnage.
  13. Sideysid

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Simple. You have played the hard-to-get card. She has 'had' this other guy and any mysteriousness has turned into the mundane over time, now she wonders 'what if?'. Not a girl for long term, but maintain the aloofness, always let her be the last to message, never message back straight away and keep her on the line. She'll work herself up into meeting/doing whatever. Show her a good time, make excuses and leave, rinse and repeat as necessary. You won't be an orbiter, you'll be the alpha.
  14. But how many housing benefit claimants actually own any housing equity? Thats why BTL has been so rampant over last two decades. The majority example being claimants working minimum hours/salary for max tax credits, renting a 2-3 bed rental for £1k plus a month, with the housing benefit being paid by the government straight into the landlords pocket (via the tenant of course). Most HTB purchasers would be working millennials indoctrinated in the belief that bricks and mortar only goes up. I do agree with DB though in the fact that we are going to have a whole impoverished generation of 50 year old mothers being turfed out on the street once the kids turn 18, and they can’t have any more children to keep the credits flowing.
  15. I would agree with this but would just say that £50 is about the lowest I would spend in each stock per month. Depends on the stock price of course, but any lower and investment capital is eaten away even by the low fees. I’ve been doing this in an ISA with H&L for the past year or so. There is a more restricted number of shares and funds to choose from, but the big bluechips are all there alongside the commodities. This way you average down your investment, so by me increasing my contribution allocation say in Vodafone as it drops and say reducing in Drax (which has done quite well this year) I make the most of stabbing the bottom of wherever Vodafone finds it. PM miners are more restricted on the monthly investment list, but Hochschild mining is my choice there, (long running company, geopolitically stable sites, reduced debt, expanding mines sites etc) Randgold (too expensive) Polymetal/Kaz minerals (too much political risk/debt etc).