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  1. Well I’ll go slightly against the grain here. I think they’ll be sharper falls a lot quicker than anticipated. Already Air BnB’ers in London are panicking and causing a drop in rents in the market for long term residence. 2 million BTL landlords, start heading for the exits, voids becoming a regular occurrence and the difficultly in kicking anyone out. Estate agents going bust (yes the worlds smallest violin) £1million flats in central London won’t be as desirable after all of this as the world turns more insular and cautious for liquidity in regards to foreign property investment. Demand dries up from Chinese/Russian/Arab buyers. Domestic family buyers may look for bigger Home Counties properties with land (save ever going into self isolation again). Central London’s peak was 2016, that will fall more rapidly now and gravitate out. On the back of that lots of unfinished building projects (as well as plant hire/construction companies) that may go bust over the next few months. Construction work becoming more scarce, lots of unemployed EE’rs as well as our own in the short term (until we have the mass council housing/infrastructure building since WW2 later in the following years). Banks will be more cautious on lending due to job security. Restriction of credit, will alone cause the market to stagnate. So for me it’s a 20% drop across the country by this time next year compounded to a 40% drop in Greater London and the SE followed by stagnation. Then as DB’s 10%+ interest rate predictions come in later in the decade another 20-30% nationally.
  2. Spent several years in NZ. My best friends growing up went there and never came back. I love the place. NZ will be fucked over economically due to playing second fiddle to AUS and the reliance on Asia markets and whoring out their property market (what country hasn’t?). Overall though they have the right fundamentals in regards to massive agricultural and farming sectors for the next financial cycle. I think they’ll scrape through this relatively unscathed, but then again that’s probably why all the billionaires built their bunkers out there.
  3. Cromebook OS is end of life and won’t be supported indefinitely. It is actually possible to load on a different OS with some models, but driver support can be a pain in the arse. The other ‘cheap pc’ option is something like the odroid N2. Amlogic are doing some nifty stuff with the ARM based processors and the onboard GPUs for the price. These can easily run a very user friendly distro of Linux like Mint etc, as well as have no struggles with any HD media/games.
  4. Yup, although the 13” displays are preferable (I have a 2012 11” also that I’m selling in parts) the 2015 will take a a bigger SSD upgrade (1-2TB) and won’t have hibernation issues. You can then bootcamp and dual boot Windows and Mac OS.
  5. I make my own cider. My brother has a small orchard in his garden, so I usually make loads out of that. Cut the apples in quarters, remove any bad bits. Put the apples in a clean sanitised bin/bucket. wrap a fence post in plastic bin bag and sanitise that too. Bash em up into pulp. We've made our own cider press out of scrap wood and a car jack. Save any juice and cover it, put the pulp in a muslin bag (or clean net curtain) and press. At this stage it's up to you if you want to use a Campden (sulphate) tablet (this kills any wild yeast). Alternatively you can add your wine/cider yeast now to get the upper hand to stop the wild yeasts taking over. After 24hrs strain out any remaining juice and add sugar (depending how strong you want it) yeast and yeast nutrient. If using apples rather than store bought juice you may not need to add strong tea at this point for tannin as it'll come from the skins. Add pectolase if you want a clear cider. Decant into a sterilised demi-john (or fermenting bucket) and add an air lock (or balloon with a pinhole if if desperate). Check the gravity if you want to know how strong it'll be. Add sucralose if you want a sweet cider. Leave for two weeks, before decanting to another demi-john and getting rid of sediment. Leave for another two weeks or until theres no airlock bubbles. Decant into sterilised bottles (plastic or like grolsch swing tops otherwise they'll explode) and add a teaspoon of sugar if you like fizzy cider. 4 more weeks in the bottle and you'll have a decent cider. Alternatively if you want strong fast turbo cider use store bought juice, add one litre of cranberry/raspberry juice (sucralose already added) and 300-400g sugar, do the above steps within two weeks you'll have something fruity, strong and drinkable (about 10% volume).
  6. Well I’m sorted as much as can be (pic related) 14 days in isolation so far. Me and my daughter (sent home to isolate) have been kept busy making sour dough bread (no bread in the supermarket) and making turbo cider (she doesn’t quite grasp that aspect) All in all hasn’t been that bad and we’ve ventured out to the parks etc in our masks. This weekend we’ll be getting out of here however and extending a already pre-booked seaside holiday. The stats don’t looks good with hearing that 8% medical staff in Italy dealing with this shit are intensive care. The age thing was bollocks. China’s data was bollocks. Seems like the virus actively increases around other infected. I’ll be fucking off methinks.
  7. That would be on the likes of Guardian and mumsnet where their Brexit stashes have suddenly become 'I told you so'. The most rabid, desperate SJWs in their death throes, the atmosphere is almost palpable.
  8. I’ll continue to post as the media won’t, Italy’s mortality rate now stands at 7.9%
  9. Very much this. The black projects are decades ahead in technology, and the US have always had that advantage. The F-117 was tribute to that when no one even knew about it until one got shot down in Yugoslavia (hats off to the way they detected the bomb hatch opening on the radar signature) SR-71, probably my favourite aircraft of all time (I’ve seen one up close at Imperial War museum Duxford) has been superseded decades ago with several variants of fast mover aircraft that are still black as well as orbital weapon capability (i.e rods from god) Never underestimate the US, they have made sure they are in front with military technology for a long time. China can copy, but with innovation they lack.
  10. I’ve paid my rent and bills this month but have left my the balance on the credit card that I usually pay off. I have withdrawn it in cash instead. I am using this ‘shit the bed’ moment in the financial markets to buy more physical silver. A similar pattern happened in 2008 before rising to an all time high. I’m not to bothered about physical ETFs at this point, as a financial collapse would show it up to what they are i.e. the emperor’s new clothes.
  11. Exactly, but it's not as a result incompetence. They knew all too well the last five decades, we have whored out our manufacturing in the guise of globalism for all encompassing profit. They knew that our key decision makers and politicians have been replaced with diversity hires and point scorers rather than through genuine knowledge and skill. They knew that our police forces have been replaced by 'services' and tied up in red tape for 'political correctness' and will be unable to cope. They knew that the great saint NHS, would buckle under any pressure as all the money thrown at has disappeared into a big black hole of management, contractors and pen pushers and are woefully under equipped. They know all of this, so thats why our 'scientific' approach is to let everyone get it and hope for the best. Wash your hands and sing happy birthday (twice).
  12. You could have stopped all this you selfish cow eating bastards. Obviously bat not being a food of choice. But they have a point, why did the Aborigines choose to eat things like Witchetty grubs over Beyond Meat burgers and why didn’t the Chinese choose Quorn sausages over of anything with four legs that isn’t a table? This could have all been avoided. Now where’s my peppermint soy milk latte...
  13. The same happened in 2008. PMs had an initial rise (when instabilities leading up to 2008) and then had pullback as everything shit the bed (like they are doing now) then over the next couple of years it went peak 2011. I’m buying more physical silver in the current pullback.
  14. That's what happens when you skew the whole demographics of the country away from ownership and council housing to BTL landlords and HPI forever pricing out generations below. Some serious shit coming financially. What happens to house prices I wonder when the BTL boomers start dropping like flies, generation rent losing their jobs left right and centre, banks restrict lending and estate agents go under? The silver lining of all that is we may not see Krusty and Phil on TV for much longer.
  15. Well I thought it would be the over leveraged debt that would cause the global economy to roll over rather than a world ending virus (that would be just silly).... But at least I was right on the time-frame.