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  1. Hochschild nudged up to 200, so sold about 20% of my holding that I accumulated at 149 in November. The plan is to sell another 20% if we continue to see the initial PM run at around 250.
  2. Yup my mistake, only briefly looked last night, misread it as tonnage not percent.
  3. I’m gonner need a source on that Errol, preferably not Sputnik based.
  4. Hochschild up 20% in my daughters ISA so far, definitely feel it’s up from here for the initial run until the pull back. Cruise ship boomer critic group program on ITV at the moment defines the essence of excess mass consumption to me. I’m sure our future descendents will marvel on the excesses available to the post war generation.
  5. Same for me but priorities are different. If you had spoken to me 20 odd years ago about the merits of portfolio allocation, dividends, and financial cycles I would have glazed over (as others do when I talk to them about these matters now). My priorities then we’re simply chasing women... which I wasn’t too bad at I might add. I also came from a blue collar manual type family (into cars) who didn’t (and don’t) know the first thing in regards to investing, although both my brothers earn more than me and their businesses are doing well, so who am I to say? I however regularly involve my daughter in finances and show her where her ISA is invested, how finances and savings work and and she is generally quite interested. I’m trying to make sure at least she will have that head start and a bit of knowledge surrounding it that a lot don’t have. It’s a mystical subject to a lot out there who think investing is gambling but fail to see that their own pensions are invested.
  6. Why not combine both? A bit steep at £500 and even looks like their standard spongey foam base though unfortunately.
  7. We haven't had a discount post in a while, so I take it you're still working your way through your chest freezer DB as well as your bargain pizzas. Pretty happy with my haul this evening, cleaned Iceland out of frozen low fat steak mince in their clearance section as well as the usual half price pork chops. They also decided to get rid of their frozen xmas turkey joints (a bit late I know but still) so they finally appeared in the clearance section, so along with the 10% iceland card discount in January I thought may as well so cooking one of them tonight which will last me a few dinners/lunches for work. Investment wise I think we may be starting to see your initial run in PMs DB, I've been investing my main allocation into Hochschild (as well as GDX/J and physical ETFs) as discussed before (and which I believe MajorPain is also doing), if this is the start of a run, we'll see if they do suspend Arcata, but I like the low debt aspect, geographical area of operations and potential as well as the CEO having skin in the game. So now turning my attention to VOD and RM and will gradually start to increase my allocation there.
  8. Sideysid

    Politicians lie. Who would have thought?

    Her reason quoted today for her wanting to continue as an independent MP is because it’s her ‘only source of income’. She’s appealed, and I don’t think the by-election can be held until after that decision, so expect it to be dragged out as long as possible for maximum gibs. MP positions are now akin to benefit recipients
  9. Sideysid

    I’ve bought a home..

    Quite hefty reductions starting out there, it proves that things aren’t moving. But we all know there not really reductions, more like realisations. I’m not talking in about new build (gentrified- ghetto) Londinium flats or McMansions in the shires affected by stamp duty either. Take this average two bed house for instance within commutable distance of London that would of had the likes of an ‘open day’ two years ago. Yes I know Redhill, but £50k reduction in 6 months proves shit ain’t shifting.
  10. Used to stooze, but for the last 10 years I haven’t found that it’s been worth it. I go for airmiles/hotel points instead. I rotate Amex gold/platinum charge cards in my and my partners name (as once cancelled you have to wait 6 months to be eligible for the point bonus again). I refer when the membership year is ending (bonus points), renew (more points), and then cancel and get a pro-rata fee refund. Anywhere that doesn’t except Amex I use a Hilton visa. All this jiggery-pokery enables us to have our holiday flights sorted each year in business (although this isn’t much short haul), lounge access etc. Also have the odd night or so staying in a hotel on points, free brekkie, lounge access, room upgrade with status etc.
  11. Sorry to hear that Barnsey, sometimes even the best of us get caught up and go against the basics. Obviously not teaching to suck eggs etc but I try to stick to the classic rule of either sell the news, or ride it out to the other side.
  12. Sideysid

    Windsor Davies

    Dukes Head?
  13. Sideysid

    It’s all going a bit biblical.

    Well, you may want to be careful what you wish for...
  14. One bonus where I live is that the boomers moved out to greener pastures long ago. Reductions are pretty mean however, Co-op usually 10-20% (although occasionally half price) Lidl slim pickings. The most I seem to get in Iceland at 50% off, mostly bacon, gammon, sausages and chops at half price, which due to the demographic is not really sort after in my area. 10% further off that too in January with the Iceland card, and a further 10% off using Love2Shop vouchers to pay, so been making use of it recently.
  15. Sideysid

    Retailer Crap Christmas thread

    Interesting you say that about Debenhams, same here. I went to collect an xmas present after ordering online (first time I stepped foot in there in years). It looked dilapidated and empty, with lino tiles missing on the floor, to half empty racks. I remember in the 80’s when my mum would take me to these places, which were always heaving. She would tell me to hold my arms in when walking through the crystal department in Allders entrance hall to save knocking anything expensive over, and the smells of the perfumes all held a sense of grandeur. It’s sad in some ways to see it die an undignified lingering death. In regards to Halfords, cars are becoming so electronic and dealer dependent with the likes of even having to ‘code’ a battery in, the skill of self maintenance has been lost. £5 Eastern Europe car washes has killed the rest of it’s market, and parts as you say can be bought online. Cycles are the only thing keeping it limping along but that didn’t save Toys R Us.