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  1. Wealth transfer in action. Portugal pulling in all the strings they can.
  2. Sideysid

    Pet peeves

    There are some instances that never fail to grind my gears. Let’s hear them. Boomers gazing in an estate agents windows, congratulating each other on how much their houses are ‘worth’. The other day I overheard the conversation regarding the next door neighbor’s had died and the house was going up for auction, and they were thinking about putting in a bid as it was ‘cheap’ at £500k.
  3. The key there is to switch contract each year from BT to Plusnet and back. Use line rental saver and look for the Black Friday offers. Using topcashback will usually net you a fair bit back, and BT usually throw other things on top like Amazon gift cards etc. Ditch (or sell) the plusnet router and keep the BT homehub (much better) for both services as you can use it on either service as Plusnet are part of BT. Doing that will net you a fair way to having cheap discounted internet every 18 months. I’m currently with Hyperoptic on a Black Friday deal for £15p/m (no line rental). It’s hands down the cheapest way to get fibre broadband in the UK but is only available to literally 1% of the country.
  4. My HOC holding just nudged into the red today. I really want to add to VOD and keep averaging down in my monthly allocations, but I feel the PM miners will be the first to spring back, so I need to add more there while I can. I think the likes of VOD etc could still fall more in a market sell off where everything is effected (even if it’s just a slight drop due to being so undervalued at the moment) so I may have a bit more time to accumulate in those holdings.
  5. Well, I have a real world example of margins being squeezed. In keeping up with the usual bargain discount posts, Iceland have now invented new stickers and reduced their near date items to a 1/3 rather than 1/2 price. Still picked up a few packs of chicken breasts, but not great. In other news in the spirit of the thrifty (tight bastard) ways off this thread, I thought I'd share that I gave away my longest serving jacket today. 12 years old North Face coat that travelled around the world with me, still looks as new, only the inside lining a bit worn (although still exactly same design as the modern version). My elderly parents bought me a new one as a gift today as they said they wouldn't be around to see me finish wearing out the next one. I was going to give my old one to a charity shop, but my partners best friend (who genuinely doesn't have much money) took my old one and thought it was in great condition and gave it to her son who thanked me. Hopefully it will see a good few more years use yet.
  6. I assume you mean by that in rolling back the block that was spouted around? If so I’ll answer my thoughts on that a bit more in depth. But coming back to previous points, at first they ignore you, then they laugh at you....
  7. Mining will tail off eventually (already is) as the likes of even in China it gets too expensive to mine using ASIC (special hardware designed for that only purpose). You have ASIC resistant coins, and algorithms are changed to keep on top of this (so it can only be mined with GPUs etc), but inherently that’s the PoW (proof of work) currency. You also have PoS (proof of stake) in which you receive a subsidiary amount of either the same or another currency for running nodes (to process transactions) or just holding the coin. Yes there’s lots in it for greed, (some see massive upside as real world currency devalues - as explained above). However for some that are enthusiastic for crypto, it’s sticking a sharp decentralised pointy stick in the eye of the banker elites, saying we don’t need your fixed system. The younger generation that have inherited a lifetime of debt and servitude will increasingly realise this and could start to distance themselves from the traditional monetary system.
  8. No offence taken 😉 With crypto you have to ask yourself what is money? When I was in Fiji, I was surprised that communities still have a barter system in place in some places, so 3 fish = a couple of kava roots (national drink) etc. Crypto in Venezuela is actually used, because obviously the currency is toilet paper. Myself and my daughter collect pre-1920 coins as the silver content was .925% before that date. After that it went to 50% then later to none (real world devaluation of currency). Now 1s and 0s are precisely what your bank account ever is, when you get paid, spend on bills etc. The government is all for moving to a cashless society, as everything is more easily tracked than using paper promise notes (or plastic - who had thought we would be passing bits of plastic around as a form of money). In the event of panic QE, and worst case scenario of hyperinflation, a store of wealth that everyone agrees is worth something and can’t be increased (21 million max) has to be a hedge against it. As real world use increases away from the dark web (and like I posted the other day, real world funds including allocations of BTC) more regulated banks/exchanges will be governed by existing financial regulatory standards making it more accessible for the average person. Until that time, you can use hardware wallets (Nano Ledger S) to store your main stack of crypto which is incredibly secure, or even paper wallets (private keys printed on a bit of paper kept somewhere safe) which means they are offline and can’t be hacked. Big exchanges like Binance have several security protocols in place. To access my account I have to have a Google Authenticator, 2FA, password and pattern lock to enter. In the latest hack, only Binance hot wallet (online wallet) was affected, no user accounts.
  9. In other news BTC seems to be motoring and holding through supports. Tether, Bitfinex saga and now Binance being hacked and getting 7000btc stolen still has not caused a pullback. Binance have suspended all withdrawals/deposits due to the hack so normally stable alt coins in relation to BTC are currently at all time lows. These should have a massive rebounds next week.
  10. Yeah I just meant in regards to how quickly the share price has dropped. Obviously from a fundamental perspective, it’s completely different and Countrywide certainly isn’t in the running to appear in my ISA any time soon. I’m still looking to get an allocation in my ISA for Centrica, due to the sector and position for the future upside, just trying to judge if it’s balancing on the bust side before then! I may likely keep adding to my Drax allocation in the meantime. On LSE chat there’s even talk of possible takeover in the future.
  11. Centrica SP is starting to resemble Countrywide. I only have a small holding at the moment and my monthly allocations are taken up entirely adding to my miners at the moment in the current pullback. I’m sitting on the fence on this one, surely the bottom isn’t far off, but I do think if the stock market turns this could could spiral further down. I think we’ll have a bit of time to sit on the sidelines and watch what happens here, as PMs will be the first to run.
  12. Sideysid

    Atomic Pi

    I was looking to upgrade my android/Linux boxes to the Odroid N2 obviously more expensive, the atomic Pi looks like a good bang for your buck
  13. I’d have a go at this, but my local river is normally filled with shopping trolleys, condoms and the likes so doesn’t appeal to me to get dinner from there. The licence is free and you can apply from the following link, however you would need to get the landowners permission. Fines can be up to £2000 if caught by the environmental officials. Just thought I’d add that for anyone interested.