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  1. Santa Rally cancelled methinks. Fed move on the 19th already factored in.
  2. My thoughts exactly. I’ve been steering clear but watching the sector with interest. There are two WH shops on my road within 100m of each other. In fact there’s a total of six betting shops all within a stones throw. Whatever time of the day, there’s only one or two people in each of them, and these take up double fronted shop spaces. I can only conclude that FOBT was the only thing keeping these open and fully expect most to struggle. They tend to be ex post offices and banks, and as betting and chicken shops dominate in downtrodden areas, what will replace these in retail apocalypse? I like the sector and will continue to watch going forward, as well with the likes of Diageo that tend to do well in a financial downturn.
  3. Sideysid

    Oh, those Russians

    Did you not mean comrades? *narrows eyes* You must be one of 'them' spreading non-conforming opinions about Auntie.
  4. Sideysid

    Tyson Fury or Deontay Wilder?

    I had it as Fury by two points. First knock down was on the back of the head, second knock down was brutal. The second punch connecting as he was going down would have sparked any other boxer out there, Fury has one of the best chins I've seen to get up from that. If he managed to avoid just one of those knockdowns theres no way they could have swung it as a draw. Well Joshua needs to step up to the plate now. I'd like to see Wilder take him first, and I think Joshua will have his arse handed to him. Then a Fury re-match in the UK and a less ring-rusty Fury may then nick all the belts.
  5. Sideysid

    Tyson Fury or Deontay Wilder?

    It’s going to be a difficult one. I would say Fury 100% if it was proven that he’s back from the brink in terms of fitness. He is very good at getting under his opponents skin psychological wise. Growing up with gypsies (and reluctantly admit related to) it’s in their blood to overwhelm and intimidate, doesn’t matter who, rival families, police, getting people to agree to allow them to tarmac their drives etc. When you pair this up against the typical brash ‘gangsta’ persona, it often appears the opponents are somewhat bemused when they are being out-trash talked, by some guy with a funny British accent. In the ring he is unpredictable. On top of his game he can switch stances, confuse his opponents and move quickly with decent footwork of guy his size. As mentioned before it’s a myth that he’s not a hard puncher, the sheer weight behind him makes those punches hurt. If he can goad Wilder into going for a knockout in the early rounds, he’ll keep him on the jab and pin his weight on him when he gets within distance try to wear him out. Fury’s hopes are in the later rounds in a TKO or points win, but it’s questionable if his fitness is up to that. If it isn’t Wilder will succeed with sending him to the canvas once or twice in the earlier rounds.
  6. With the bargain £ stores the issue won’t be with sales, as you have pointed out in a recession, the wider demographic will look to cut costs wherever they can. The issue will be on the supplier costs, transportation and increased business rates/rents and managing with a paper thin profit margin. As DB has said before, goods (and tat) from China have increased in cost, and that will be the key difference from 2008/9 and the future financial crisis we will face.
  7. I’ve said before on here that I’m watching the £1.4bn Westfield development in Croydon with interest. It looks as though they are already throwing the possibility of delaying the completion until 2025 - 10 years after given the go ahead. What’s laughable is Croydon council saying they’ll step in if they fall through - all thanks to the tax payer.
  8. Lucky there’s a ‘shortage’ of property, I’m sure these will all get snapped up post Brexit on the cheap, when foreign investors are fighting tooth and nail for a shit box in Croydon.
  9. Most crypto is pure speculation. Some currencies do have a real world use however on the dark web (BCH, BTC, XMR) and XRP is being pushed somewhat as the bankers coin. I dip in and out and have bought some BTC at the $4.5k mark as that’s a support level. I’ll most likely sell this if/when it retraces above $5k in the next day or so. But the longer term direction looks to be sub $4k.
  10. Sideysid

    There are only two choices; on bennies or on the game.

    I wonder if the ‘self-employed’ hours she puts in goes towards her universal credit claim
  11. Sideysid

    Subway (food) closures

    Bit of a tip. Some Maccy D’s with drive throughs/service stations don’t take those £1.99 vouchers. If you go to the self service screens, you can use the vouchers anyway as the POS system is generic. By the time you go and collect they’ll say we usually don’t accept the vouchers, but as the system has let you do it, we’ll allow it this once... blah blah
  12. What you have to take in consideration is that the masses have very short memories and will believe whatever the MSM indoctrinates. Housing shortages spouted by the media, yet they believe mass luxury flat building like China is the answer as well as government props. Ten years since the last financial crisis is a long time, and pretty much alien to the younger generation. It doesn’t help that boomers amplify that by drilling down the FOMO effect, as going forward we’ll never see their time period again.
  13. More so from my own personal perspective, I’ve seen Metro bank somewhat lax in regards to their account screening process, and how many ne’er-do-wells have managed to open up current accounts with them. Aggressive expansion would tally up with my view. Certainly doesn’t bode too well in a financial downturn.
  14. Sideysid

    Fruit flies

    I had a carved pumpkin go soft after a day or so after Halloween, since then we've been invaded by the bastards.
  15. The story is real, at least reported as so in the news, it's just the facebook post that would need to be verified. The nursery commented about 'liability ' when I read about it on Friday in the Metro.