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  1. You can still have some problems with USB-C, (moisture warnings etc) typically phone pins can get dirty/corroded so worth looking under a light (and magnifying glass if needed) and clean out with a anti-static brush (or toothbrush).
  2. Well I'll leave the reviews with you. The introductory pie pack will probably be best to try them out.
  3. These are pretty good which I have whenever we go down the coast. I know we're southern fairies down here (these are as far south as you can get) but it still isn't a London pie, mash, liquor with a side of jellied eels (which is the only proper type of pie). and you can order online, not northern prices however.
  4. I honestly think the younger generation male has given up. I think those with decent jobs are just throwing themselves into work as that’s what they are content with. I work with a early twenties guy, he’s the same grade as me so is on decent money at £50k for public sector. He’s from up north, so only rents a room in London near to work. Due to the nature of our work (early mornings and late nights at short notice) he always volunteers to cover for the OT. One long distance relationship he hardly ever sees and that’s it. Doesn’t really take holidays, likes cars and motorbikes but pointless having one in Zone 1/2. When he’s off he’s designing graphic wraps for companies. He understands the ridiculousness of current debt and house prices and refuses to prop up the system (may have something to do with influence from me) I can’t blame him honestly. At his age, I was in bars and clubs chasing women and putting it about. But nowadays behaviour like that would have probably have resulted with me in a #metoo situation. The girls now are only interested in what/who can elevate their social media profile. I don’t envy the young lads at all and I seriously think we’ll be facing some serious problems in the next decade or two as the only ones having children in the future will be the benefit classes. We’re literally seeing the destruction of the family unit before our eyes.
  5. Sideysid


    As Errol said stick to coins for physical. 1) No CGT 2) Harder to fake - less incentive and easier to test (flick against each other for the 'ting') 3) Easier to exchange in smaller amounts
  6. My take on it is that although that may be the eventual outcome, sectors are sold off and become un-vogue way before when they still have value. Its like the tobacco stocks (although they are obviously on a massive scale) although we all know the narrative has been negative for decades (no advertising, smoking bans, health risks etc) but developing countries with massive populations the demand is still growing. With massive revenues and manageable debt they can then muscle out any competition into whatever the sector evolves into i.e cannabis, vaping etc. So yes the likes of Royal Mail and BT as they stand may not have a place in a future technological landscape. But because of the clout they have in their relevant sectors they will be the most likely candidates to survive an economic downturn and come out the other side.
  7. I held a similar view on here as above in the last thread. Retail isn't area in general that I'm interested in, the same as many on here would view my investment choice in crypto. I view retail generally with far too much uncertainty in any financial instability going forward. All the open discussion is greatly appreciated however and the ideas is what makes this thread what it is. Investment has to be a personal choice based on time frames, capital and risk etc so everyone will be different.
  8. Thats probably nearer the truth. If the US had its own off-shoot of the royal family, without the draconian legacy here, it would be able to mould them to whatever narrative they choose. Just imagine a more commercialised, multi-representation, diverse money making machine. That may have been the plan from the beginning.
  9. Stark difference between James and Nigel there on the exact same topic with the call ins. James O'Brien completely 'tried' to shut down all opposing views by talking over and overbearingly 'trying' to make the caller look stupid. No intelligent points either, just repeating more loudly the same question gleefully thinking he's got the moral high ground sensing he has a kill.. At least Nigel allowed opposing views in his slot and asked their opinions even though they differed from his.
  10. There is a reason why usually prospective Royal suitors come from certain circles and lineage. Usually these types are born into the heritage and it’s ingrained from an early age of what’s expected of them. It’s the same reason you don’t see the likes of Charlie boy walking around with an iced out Hublot watch like Floyd Mayweather but instead opts for a Patek Phillipe. It’s understated class that’s synonymous with old money. One redeeming feature the British public still has, is that they can be hard nosed when they see through a facade. The problem for Megan is that she just doesn’t get why we aren’t like the US. Megan is playing out the exact social climber actress stereotype that the British public all were wary of in the beginning. The more she complains of how great the prospect of living in other countries are compared to here, royal duties etc the more the public turns against her. No doubt in the US they will get plenty of air-time. She can then quite happily play the racism card about how she forced out of the UK etc and no doubt the yanks will lap that up. That beaming smile in the press photos yesterday means she’s finally got her own way. She’s never been able to accept playing second fiddle to Kate and being told what to do by the Queen. That’s not in line with the US-centric empowerment that she expects and has come accustomed to. By cheapening Harry into a ‘brand’ for sale to the highest bidder, she has merely substantiated the criticisms against her like a self-fulfilling prophecy. He’s turned himself into the ultimate ‘cuck’.
  11. Wondered why Sirius were up 30% this morning
  12. My understanding was that the discount doesn’t work on reduced items (same as the Coop membership card points), but if it does I shall be re-applying (seen the posts on hotukdeals). There’s some big gammons (not the ones on this forum 😉) still in the fridges from xmas I’ve got my eye on, so an extra discount will always help.
  13. Further to my earlier post I wanted to ask opinions on BOSCHLTD after reading another thread on here. Obviously a massive company, but the charts are looking interesting after bottoming in October and no debt apparently??
  14. This will be a bit of an update post from me, so thought I'd throw my two pence out there. Pension: I have a DB, plus a DC partnership with L&G pension. I'm about 50% cash in the DC L&G with the other 40% averaging in monthly payments going into a L&G FTSE tracker which is quite decently weighted in reflation stocks and 10% into a fund weighted in treasuries and gold ETFs. LISA: Monthly allocation into alternative reflation stocks from my ISA for diversification. ISA: I sold off my HOC (luckily at the last high) due to funding some unforeseen expenses last year. I am now averaging down in both FRES and HOC with monthly allocations and will continue to do so to build my allocation back up. I also sold some Royal Mail post election high, if it goes back down I will reinvest what I've sold. It's now currently well weighted between energy, defence, infrastructure and transport. Oil is next on the list. Bought some Exxon (due to sterling gaining) and some BP (thanks to all for the oil input on here) and would like some more oil exposure after selling my Shell holding at the high back in 2015. Starting to look at potash too, and am keeping an eye on SOIL, MOSAIC and NTR whilst keeping tabs on sterling also. Crypto: I now have around 1.5 BTC (up from 1 BTC last year) As I've stated before, I'm not concerned with the current price, I'm just interested in increasing my BTC holding. I've mainly been trading between Chainlink, ETH and BTC. I still think BTC will have a place as a safe haven in a financial downturn. Physical: still collecting any cheap silver I see come up (pre-1920s) so getting quite a sizeable stash between myself and my daughter. P.S (for DB and YRS) I made a killing in Coop tonight. Massive beef topside joint (with an already £4 per kg discount from xmas) £12 down to £4, making a pot roast with that. Lamb cops £1.30, 6 chicken breasts £2, steak £1.70, kievs £1 and an xmas ramekin pate with pot for 70p ( I'll re-use that for my own pate - after a superb home made effort with turkey liver at xmas). I did have to walk about in the shop however for around 20 mins with my basket in order to beat the other Coop stalkers for the bargains.