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  1. WFH is turning into working less during (9-5) standard work hours and more outside of those. Need a bit more discipline, otherwise it's turning into horrible unproductive long days.
  2. Narrowed it down quite a lot. Is it worth asking people around if they've got 'Brazilian'? Guess not, when all the hairdressers are closed. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9316841/Coronavirus-UK-narrows-search-missing-Brazil-variant-case-South-East.html Search for England's missing Brazil coronavirus variant case has NARROWED to 379 households in the South East, Matt Hancock reveals
  3. Who (of those of us who watched Wuhan videos in Feb last year) hasn't?! Still not going to wear them..
  4. Do you know what time the staffed tills close at night? There is little risk of me doing big shopping very early, but quite like going late when it's empty. Last few shops in Aldi have been pretty bad. Lots of staff in store but it seems like they ensure there is a queue at the tills every time.
  5. Cat's perspective is a good lockdown description
  6. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9313353/Outrage-police-handcuff-ARREST-man-walking-wife.html That DM article seems to be growing in size through the day. There will be lots of law abiding citizens who wouldn't piss on the plod even if they were on fire after this. Lose-lose situation for everyone, except for real actual criminals.
  7. My step cousin appeared in Channel 5 documentary about strippers in late 90s (refers to the period when the documentary was filmed, not strippers' ages) In fact, it may have even been channel 4.
  8. Or did you mean "a cover up and knighthoods given to everyone involved"?
  9. The state of that door. And a lock on it. Renting a room in Londonistan?
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