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  1. reportedly hiking prices%262019-07-19T12%3A03%3A19.613Z&ns_fee=0&pinned_post_locator=urn:asset:597ae196-a88b-4a1e-aa59-5b70eeb864da&pinned_post_asset_id=5d31af687a9ef0065b033d02&pinned_post_type=share Sorry for long link - on mobile. BBC : tesco is hiking prices. It's finally going mainstream. I thought that in Sainsburys and Tesco for a while now
  2. These are very good points. I know lots of people in that kind of age and wage range who seem to spend every penny they earn and more. I guess a part of it is an expectation at the start that wages will continue rising as people progress with the career, and eventually there will be a surplus. Rarely happens as I also know a few who went to London for longer hours and shit commute and managed to pretty much double their wages. Just means that their holidays are now to some further away destinations, their bets are higher in a casino and they buy bigger rounds. Still skint at the end of every month.
  3. I think I understand the logic behind that (marginals switch from loss-making to profit, I guess), I just don't understand how the drop in Fresnillo's production is not being offset by the rising PM prices. Anyway, I'll know for next time )
  4. It can't possibly be anything else. It's all about feminism. But I am not quite sure how this particular video is: 3D Design & Craft at the University of Brighton final year film 'Feminism in the Third Dimension.'
  5. I honestly suspect both sides are trying to push up oil prices a little.
  6. Largest silver producer going down while silver is going up. That's a bit depressing, considering it's my largest PM holding.
  7. Lots of action on results today - not great but silver price certainly picked it up. Held on to it - my largest individual PM stock holding
  8. I thought this looked interesting.
  10. I bought some first thing this morning, inspired by this forum and the recent dip. Even splashed out on full AJ Bell dealing fee.
  11. I just bought some ETFSPHYSIPLATINUM on Degiro (Euro-drnominated and listed on Euronext). I believe Degiro has one fee-free ETF (from a list) transaction a month and low FX fees. Downside: outside of tax-free wrappers. There is also small annual fee for each exchange traded on. The fee-free ETF list has physical gold, silver, platinum ETFs but no mining ones (as far as I can tell, the list on their site is not very helpful)
  12. BBC: Slack IPO Good job I haven't managed to short anything yet, it would have been painful. I just don't get it. It looks expensive even if $400m was pure profit, not just revenue!!!
  13. Very general
  14. Would you risk buying it at some point? Given significant price to NAV disount? For example, Woodford Patient Capital Trust (not the one with Card Factory) dropped 35% in a month. Although it performed pretty poor all the way from its inception in 2015 by the looks of it. I guess as long as it's not a proper Ponzi but just poorly picked/managed, there should be some money still to be made?
  15. Card Factory shares could be struggling while Woodford is, thanks to this... And Woodford sold some of them just recently