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  1. Yamana Gold results are out: Hecla guidance: Positive in after hours and all that but I know nothing.
  2. Bear Hug

    Breaking bad basement

    Could be worse. Some people actually buy and convert toilets.
  3. Bear Hug

    Debenhams:Death spiral?

    I went in, asked to have a look around the store before I apply for membership. They refused to let me, so I never went in again. Probably for the best - buying huge amounts of food that I actually like just results in it being eaten in too large amounts and too quickly.
  4. Bear Hug

    Canadian House Price Crash

    I agree that everything is interconnected but... would Chinese/Russians still invest in a market where locals refuse/can't afford to participate and there is little potential for growth? I am not so sure. Anyway, looks like the tide is turning, just have to wait now.
  5. Did you manage to cash out early enough? And many, many thanks for the heads up. I managed to sell my small holding (bought some near the bottom, and more after you mentioned them few weeks ago) for a £100 profit which would have turned into a loss by about mid- (American) day. Who knew that occasional sneaky look at my phone at work would eventually payoff!
  6. Bear Hug

    Canadian House Price Crash

    Any time someone brings up overpopulation or limited amount of land in UK as causes of high house prices, my first response is Canada and Australia. These are some of the least populated places of the world, yet cheap finance managed to blow the biggest price bubbles.
  7. Bear Hug

    Wheels coming off HE bubble

    I think these were pre-2012 ones. God knows what fraction the current massive ones will be worth. Although, they do come with RPI+ interest rates which could uplift their value for those unfortunate graduates who earn enough to repay them but don't have rich parents to pay them off straight away. I think this will be one of the major drivers for house price crash as almost 50% of the population have been encouraged to commit themselves to effectively another 9% of income tax. It has been the case in the last few years that pretty much only couples in 20s-30s could afford to buy without BOMAD or inheritance. In the next few years it will be no one.
  8. Bear Hug

    Breaking bad basement

    Every time I see something of such huge size (such as converted churches) I think it could probably work better as flats. Unless someone with the money really loves a particular structure, would they really spend all that on something so unconventional? Lots of stairs, unusual plan, some fixtures have a bit of an office feel, limited windows etc.
  9. Bear Hug

    katie price shot down allegadly

    This is inline with studies I have read. Probably best to aim for a girl in old age.
  10. Bear Hug

    The crack up boom

    @TheCountOfNowhere I don't know but I really liked 52:38 onward explanation of the above-linked video why there wasn't a hyperinflation. It sort of makes sense to me, as majority are still kept poorer than 10-20 years ago, so we are not there yet.
  11. Me too! Although the yield is getting higher now that selling prices are falling a little.
  12. Bear Hug

    Robinhood or Freetrade.

    I'll use Freetrade when Android is released. Hopefully once the initial period is over and they saturated their Apple subscriptions they'll be forced to speed it up.
  13. I am planning to get back in. It's just Sibanye (from my very limited knowledge) has some really bad publicity pretty regularly, so I hope for a good low entry point
  14. Eldorado and Sibanye did really last few days so I sold them on Thursday. Unfortunately, they also did much better than most of my other PM stocks on Friday when I already cashed out.
  15. Bear Hug

    Fantasy investor 2019

    What a week to invest in Vodafone. Welcome to Vod losers club. I am in a similar position to you: not traded for 10 years but decided to gamble about 6 months ago after returning to ToS and reading some convincing arguments in the original thread. I have convinced myself with BT and Vodafone. Luckily I went in really heavy on BT and lighter on Vod, since then added various gold miners, utilities, etc. In absolute terms BT is now my biggest gain and Vod is by far the biggest loss. Overall, I am probably doing a little better than having held cash in a bank but with much more adrenaline. Definitely outperformed most of my work's DC pension funds over the same period.