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  1. BBC: Afan Valley adventure resort backers seek more time It's all pretty obvious to everyone but the councillors.
  2. It probably looks bigger than it is because of annoying estate agents' photo distortion attempt to make spaces look wider. Note the radiator looks too wide. Why are there 5 toilets? I thought it was a decease which only affects new builds.
  3. I guess the lesson is that when @DurhamBorn is selling, we should be selling!
  4. I am watching Lords and it looks like the time is being successfully wasted... By them and by me.
  5. Bear Hug

    Ask dosbods

    European plugs with no earth work both ways, so maybe?
  6. At least someone bought Boris's bullshit. None of the opposition did. It's super painful to me to admit, Tony Blair made a fair point this week and it shows even ex-nu Labour are now siding with Corbyn
  7. Do you really think that "stay" option wouldn't be there?!
  8. Finally TV licence is worth the money or maybe I am just getting old. Lots of entertainment 2 days in a row, including specifics of post-brexit sheep farming in the afterhours yesterday! Boris has no chance now, everyone, including half of his own party, happy to take shots at him. Jeremy, who I always believed in, is now looking stronger, with Labour and other opposition giving at least some impression of some sort of unity in face of the common enemy. I predict no "no deal", Labour victory and another referendum.
  9. Sajid Javid announces plans to consult on reform to RPI. Pensions (and DB transfer values) may become cheaper if RPI is aligned with CPIH. No rush, as no changes until at least 2025 planned for now.
  10. The'll have some big shoes to fill, Kenneth Clarke is worth 10 Borises
  11. I honestly have no idea. I have absolutely no problem with JC being pro-leave but changing to neutral after witnessing what kind of clusterfuck this all turned out to be. Seems like a reasonable position to take
  12. Where do you count the MPs who supposedly just got deselected?