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  1. That's just crazy! What's their next suggestion - just cull poor people?
  2. Thanks, looks like margin rates for Degiro are: DEBIT RATES Currency Fee Unallocated debit rate (all currencies) 4% Allocated debit rate (GBP) LIBOR (minimum of 0) + 1.25% But I'll probably put more than enough cash in there anyway before I try any shorting. It's not very well documented but I guess that's a tradeoff for very low fees.
  3. Apologies as this is not about a particular stock, I would just like to find the easiest way to enter shorts. More specifically, on Degiro: Let's say, I short sell a share. Presumably, I need to have cash balance equal to its price at that point? Can I hold that short for a long time, topping up cash if the share price goes up before I close the short position?
  4. BBC: Lyft valued at $24bn ahead of share market debut
  5. Speaking from experience, the Scouse accent mainly adds an additional language barrier for the the first couple of years! I am also not aware of Russian men being particularly popular with locals; much easier to go for other Russians - now that there are plenty via Baltic EU countries.
  6. This reminded me of I know it's Daily Fail but it has been covered elsewhere too. As if newbuilds needed any help with making them even less attractive.
  7. More of the same theme but... premium or even business class flights for people who can barely afford them. Hypothetical one week holiday with 10 hour flight each way. £500 economy VS £1300 premium economy VS few k business. Why would anyone ever want to work an extra (40 hour) week so that they are a bit more comfortable for a duration of 20 hours?! Gets even more ridiculous on full blown business class upgrade.
  8. Restaurants. People who don't have money for restaurants but still go there! People who don't have money because they go to restaurants all the time.
  9. We are probably not quite the same as my 5 days a week are just about enough stay at an average level and to undo the damage of not "eating clean", any resulting additional strength/fitness is a bonus. However, certainly at my office, an average male in in much better physical shape and does lots more exercise than an average female. And it's not that they have children stopping them, women do try running and gym but there is probably less consistency in terms of keeping exercising for longer than a few months at a time.
  10. That would be a fair description of more than half of my matches on online sites. First photo looks ok. Swipe right. Match. Second looks ok. Third - !!! Made me feel like I am starting to develop a skill of being able from guess someone is overweight from looking at their eyes. Don't judge me, I am at the gym 5 times a week just to stay in a reasonable shape myself.
  11. I sincerely hope that the person who wrote that "article" is just trolling the So-Called BBC.
  12. So these people are protesting by causing traffic jams on Fridays?! Isn't that something that happens every Friday anyway? Whether a single one of them turns up to that or not! What bright idea will they come up with next? Making days shorter between June and December? Or maybe cause some rainy weather in spring?
  13. I hold some but I am worried that there is an ongoing issue with subsidies to small (under 250,000) suppliers, i.e. they don't have to pay for Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme. The thresholds are however being lowered: In addition, Ofgem is about to tighten licensing for new entrants:
  14. He doesn't seem to post there much now either
  15. Small fish: 20% = 15 people; so current size is 60 staff. £165m raised so far and projected 2018 turnover was £10m. Looks very much like a ponzi scheme but of course brexit is to blame.