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  1. I can't see the whole article but the last paragraph that I can see is: That wouldn't be my first choice of method for deflating the bubble but what do I know.
  2. I had lenovo laptop with a noisy fan. Not easily accessible at all. Literally had to take everything out including screen to get to it. Thank god for youtube videos.
  3. There is a bit of an uprising of loss-making zombies last few days. Lyft, Uber, Beyond Meat. Have they become profitable all of a sudden? Just joking - of course not.
  4. Trying to stay relevant in the segment now completely dominated by Mercedes and various parts of VW. Presumably inspired by their previous generation competitor's Mitsubishi Evo FQ series.
  5. I am almost £100 down. Was going to top up at $500 but it's still flying, so maybe at $600
  6. JL card holders also get free coffee and cake every few months. I kept on getting it and never really done much shopping. The cafe is not bad I never even considered getting any food there which wasn't free. I do splash out on occasional Greggs but JL has airport prices in there.
  7. In that hypothetical example, if Centrica did not go ex-dividend, it could have been be up to £1.08 or so instead. Therefore, the short position would have been down by roughly the same amount either way. Agree on Wolf and Tesla
  8. Tesla today.. Wtf? It actually dropped pre-open but up and up now. Was going to add at 450 but maybe that's too early now
  9. Just paid some dividend this morning on the CFD position! £0.03! But is that not cost neutral overall? If the index is not total return, then the index value is lower than it would be otherwise. So I may have paid the dividend but the overall position would have not changed because index value has been increased to account for accumulated dividend (if it was TR). What am I missing?
  10. Thanks, SP. Quick plot of SOXX and S&P together on FT site does look very interesting. Think I need to stop reading contrarian sites/twitter feeds/posts for some balance!
  11. I have joined! And already lost some money ) Need to decide when to double up. When S&P is another 5% up? (in GBP terms) This is a small 0.1 x S&P (~£250) position.
  12. He followed up with some quite specific short term predictions:
  13. Had a cold since Boxing Day. As I already had one a month ago, didn't think I was due another one so soon. Worse than usual - really struggling to breathe, and therefore sleep, so tired all the time. Every single cough and sneeze resonated with a headache. Not a fan of painkillers but just had to take paracetamol or lemsip continuously until today. Missed NYE party as didn't want to spread it, so on a bright side - avoided a day of hangover.