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  1. I saw a couple walking just now, holding hands. Should I report them?
  2. In a third world country, the police would be expecting a bribe at such a roadblock. Here the situation is different in a way that instead of the bribe, there may be a fine. Which is does not go directly to an individual policeman but has to go through the system. Things will become even more interesting if, like parking wardens, they will get targets on how much cash should be collected.
  3. I was going to say that she probably saw me leave house too many times and reported me. But then maybe she left the house too many times and she was friendly to me, afraid that I would report her! As ridiculous as this sounds, that's the explanation that makes the most sense to me.
  4. Maybe. Remember reading somewhere that short term stress is good, long term kills.
  5. One of my neighbours who hasn't spoken to me for 10 years, smiled and said hello to me today. It's crazy out there
  6. Why no fishing?!! Is food non-essential under the new rules?
  7. As a bonus, this time the rioters will be entitled to wear masks because of the virus of course.
  8. They could play in full on personal protection outfits with masks and goggles, and not be allowed within 3m of each other. Also, no running or anything that could potentially cause any injury. Use a softer ball to minimise risk of concussion. That's to make sure they don't strain NHS. As long as this applies to all sides equally, it will be fair. Or just not play. Out of all things classed as essential or not essential now, footbal is right down there, with trout pouts and misgendering.
  9. People who survive a hundred plastic surgeries are probably superhuman and are not going to die from the virus; the virus will die from them. Kardashians are like a modern Chuck Norris.
  10. Is it energy efficient? Is it going to cost ten times more than other ventilators?
  11. You just get clamped. Seen it lots of times. Not sure whether they just go by the car registration address on expiry or someone drives around scanning number plates.