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  1. From DM article about new Welsh rules..
  2. This is probably worth its own thread - will see if there is one already. I am in early 40s and quite happy with my average shape but I can definitely see that there are very few 50y olds at the gym, and the ones that are present, rarely have much muscle on them. Definitely considering some trt one day but not sure when it should start, guess 50 seems like a reasonable age
  3. Biden's interview from yesterday. Denial (at the end) refers to denial by intelligence people, not any specific details.
  4. Scary. Looks like he is struggling to read, particularly compared how on the ball he was before.
  5. "Race and ethnicity are concepts defined by society and not by genes"
  6. It's quite funny, as her looks don't match expected voice and accent. I am not saying it in any negative way, and it's not a comment on the content, just found it amusing.
  7. Poor girl, her camera applied Michelin man filter to her neck. I'd be upset too.
  8. He could be a proper addict not even with it most of the time. Why the hell would anyone save any pictures of themselves in compromising situations? Secure or not. Porn maybe, but what's the upside of a crackpipe picture?
  9. Bear Hug

    BLM UK

    Is it racist when it's just an observation? https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/food/2020/oct/13/ive-always-loved-fried-chicken-but-the-racism-surrounding-it-shamed-me I’ve always loved fried chicken. But the racism surrounding it shamed me It should be a source of pride for black people. It’s complicated, though …
  10. Is it just them? Any noise from other radiators? When I had new boiler installed, everything was a bit noisy at the start. It's a fairly small house, so I have reduced the speed of central heating water pump, and not heard much noise since
  11. Some big numbers and that's with a fairly low inflation. I expect it to end up between £200Bn and £300Bn by 2030. But could they hit 1Tn?!!
  12. I used to wear light blue shirt sometimes. If I went to Clas Ohlson at lunch, someone would often assume I work there and ask where things are. Sometimes I was helpful and told them, other times I just ignored them until they gave up.
  13. There are YouTube livestreams of Trump now. Slightly bigger number but not not massive. 15k in one of them. Correction: Fox had 68k
  14. What is that article about. Has he died or something?))
  15. Agreed, if you look at the big enough picture, it's all pointless in the scale of the universe.
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