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  1. Drugs is a good analogy. You can play some boardgames on
  2. My cuuren favourites in order of complexity: King Domino Agricola Puerto Rico
  3. Yes, sorry - cantilever! That's the one.
  4. Bear Hug

    Ahh was pikey

    No such luck in Reading, seem to camp for a while and more so now because of... Coronavirus. Can be spotted in the local gym as they never shower after sauna and before going into water and spit on the floor around swimming pool
  5. Bear Hug

    Ahh was pikey

    The hate of pikeys is pretty universal. The difference is that msm doesn't go on about how great they are every day, like they do with the other minorities
  6. Just clarify, the bike had caliper, not v brakes stated in the original post. I just didn't know the difference, now I do
  7. Why would anyone bother getting married under such conditions?! What's the upside? Unless someone is a total failure needing care to get through daily life. Money?
  8. I have been over handle bars and on the ground at least 4 times after braking too hard with front! I have a slight preference for using rear ones
  9. I meant to update a while back but better late than never... I tried a different (definitely not disc brake only but still quite narrow unfortunately) rear wheel and braking was only marginally better. The brakes are old, they are calipers mounted on the frame, not even v-brakes. As I have another bike that I use for trails with tyres so thick that they touch its old v brakes, I have upgraded that bike's vs to a newer bigger model, and I have taken the vbrakes from that bike and installed them instead of calipers. It's much better, even with the unsuitable disc brake wheel. Cheap clarks brakes set fits perfectly to my trail bike. I did have to replace the caliper brake handle for the dedicated v brake handle as the caliper brake handle doesn't pull sufficient length of cable to be used with vbrakes.
  10. How did you know her name was Karen? Was it a private number plate?
  11. I have a clown mask. It has no filtering, is it acceptable?
  12. Agreed. Married couple spend probably at least hundred per guest. Any cash in presents doesn't cover it, and the day is no better than £50 night out for most guests
  13. There have been fewer deaths in England and Wales than would normally be expected this year for the fourth week in a row, analysis by the Continuous Mortality Investigation (CMI) has found. Based on data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the CMI's latest mortality update shows that there were 7% fewer deaths registered between July 4 and July 10 (week 28) than during the same period last year. Mortality was 0.5% lower in week 27, and 7% lower in week 26 than in the corresponding weeks of 2019, reversing the steep rise in excess deaths recorded at the height of the coronavirus pandemic. This comes after health secretary Matt Hancock recently ordered Public Health England (PHE) to urgently review the way that daily death statistics are reported in the country. “The current method counts all people who have tested positive for coronavirus at any time and since died of any cause, so is likely to have overstated deaths from COVID-19 in recent weeks,” said Cobus Daneel, chair of the CMI Mortality Projections Committee. “Excess mortality is a preferable measure as it is not affected by how deaths are classified. For the fourth week running, we see fewer deaths than we might expect at this time of year.” Owned by the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, the CMI has been publishing analysis of the UK's mortality rate during the coronavirus crisis through its mortality monitor. The latest update suggests that the total of number of excess deaths in the UK since the start of the pandemic is around 61,800, down from a previous estimate of 63,500. “Our calculations rely on data for registered deaths, and we are conscious that in recent weeks deaths may have been registered earlier or later than in previous years,” the CMI said. “Consequently, comparisons of mortality between 2020 and earlier years may not be on a like-for-like basis." The CMI's next mortality updates is expected on August 4 for week 30.
  14. Thanks, that explains why I cannot fine One Shot drain cleaner for sale anywhere anymore!