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  1. Royal Mail may get relegated to FTSE250. Any views on the share price following such an event? BT seems to have moved higher on bad pension news. I did expect the downside to be immaterial compared to their overall pension liabilities but did not expect a move up.
  2. Bear Hug

    Paris is a Shithole

    I know this is a bit late for this thread but I just don't get Paris. My expectations based on years of watching various movies were sky high. In reality of my visit about 6 years ago, it was an overpriced shithole. Worse than Turkey or Egypt for people trying to sell some touristy crap, quite dirty and generally unpleasant. I would rate Paris similarly to Slough, but at least no one ever annoys me by going on about how they went to Slough and it was their most amazing weekend ever.
  3. BBC: US-China trade war: Deal agreed to suspend new trade tariffs Pause in bear market for now?
  4. Bear Hug

    Pension charges Klaxon flashing red.

    Thanks for the heads up as I have a vague recollection that my brother's contributions are in Aegon and he probably needs to move them ASAP then. Yes, all of those charges look too high and I expect them to be lower in HL, unless you put money in some investment trust with high annual charges.
  5. Bear Hug

    Last share you bought?

    What a great day to top up Fresnillo and Centrica
  6. Bear Hug

    Last share you bought?

    I don't know if this is open to everyone but I received an email from AJ Bell that dealing is free this (Black) Friday 23rd Nov. As it happens, the timing on that day is not great for me but will try if I have time.. Not sure whether to buy or sell yet )
  7. Bear Hug

    Last share you bought?

    Degiro has tiny charges and FX fees. Downsides: no ISA/SIPP wrappers, slow to transfer funds (if free transfer option is chosen)
  8. I have couple of hundred pounds in them and I am still down by about the same amount they are up today. $4.10 will just return cash I paid initially. Happy either way!
  9. Bear Hug

    Last share you bought?

    Good point! I knew I was going to add some transport but forgot about Stagecoach. May be next month. BT was by far my largest and riskiest buy ever and my first venture into shares since losing few hundred pounds about 15 years ago, but the timing has been lucky so far. However, I can see potential for some drop: Somewhere in "Deflationary..." thread on ToS I made a very rough estimate that the cost of decision either way will be tiny but never know how media, investors will react.
  10. Bear Hug

    Last share you bought?

    That looks really useful. I also like webfg for comparing financial parameters (from another thread, thanks to @sancho panza):
  11. Bear Hug

    Fruit flies

    Are these really tiny ones? We have them now and they were here for the last two months. I have never even noticed one in my entire life until two months ago.
  12. Bear Hug

    Last share you bought?

    Decided on my monthly very small investment tomorrow: 1/3 SSE 1/3 Go-Ahead 1/3 FirstGroup Avoiding gold and telecoms for now as already have lots (for me) of exposure
  13. Bear Hug

    Knocked up at 48!
  14. Bear Hug

    Last share you bought?

    AJ Bell regular investment day is coming up on Monday. Not going to double down on Vod but considering some SSE and can't decide what else
  15. Bear Hug

    MaccyD healthier than that sarnie

    I suspect part of the reason for McDs being healthy is its tiny portions and very average taste. Fewer calories? No shit - it's tiny!