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  1. Those sort of things definitely make me not to want to vote for them. Utilities already seem to be heavily regulated and beaten up in terms of their share price, so I am not sure what exactly they are trying to achieve. Other that they had some feedback that both parties were too central and they just needed to pick some policies that needed to look left wing, and anything went. Apologies for the slightly off-topic rant
  2. Anyone has a view on BT given Openteach nationalisation plan? I suspect nothing may come of it but slightly worried as I still have a massive holding. Cashing out now will just about not lose any money.
  3. Just to check that my understanding is correct: is smaller=better for this ratio? Except that EBITDA doesn't include expenses, so New Gold may show a high EBITDA and therefore low TEV/EBITDA but overall position is probably a loss (net earnings are negative)
  4. There isn't "my backyard" if I am renting! So it's more like YIYBY. Yes in your backyard!
  5. Don't get me wrong, it was still driving ok, just with a few oddities: - No fan speed 4 (fixed) - No lights on heater controls (not fixed) - No fast speed on windscreen wipers (thought I fixed it but it seems to be the same as the slower speed) - Headlights flash on indicating one of the sides (fixed)
  6. The list is spot on about Clio. I have recently decided to save money and got 10y old one cheap but from a reliable source, knowing it would have been serviced etc. But lots of little minor electrical faults keep on popping up. Wiring just seems to be poor in places - too thin, wires break or cannot handle the current : plastic melting on contacts. All fixable with help of YouTube and because dashboard is very easy to take apart, but still annoying. For example, indicator stalk is connected by a loom of 2mm cables that gets twisted every time the indicators are switched on. Of course, the twisting results in a failure after 10 years
  7. Is it a nice car? Could be a security measure against break in to take the car keys. If it's on a street, then it's much harder to decide which house to go for. When I leased a car (which happened to be a popular theft target), I used to park it away from my own house on the street.
  8. I am sure this would be seen as a (snow) flaky argument but the main problem for me is not that JRM concludes that it would make sense to leave the building but how he frames it: "common sense" us vs presumably "no common sense" dead Grenfell residents. And if that was bad not enough, his "common sense": - has benefit of hindsight that residents did not have - may have made no difference depending on the floor people were in - may have not been true if the building was built and kept properly He saw a cheap opportunity to big himself up but just managed to score a couple of own goals (with a help of Andrew Bridgen). This is not about "brown" people, we are all scum to him. I am surprised he didn't just suggest that people should live in a proper house if they don't want to get burnt.
  9. It may a surprise for you but there is only one first floor in that tower. JRM's clever and superior hindsight approach may may have certainly worked in some cases but he is no more qualified to make such statements than pretty much everyone. Him suggesting that it it was obvious to leave the building is almost definitely based on the report concluding that it was the best option. If cladding was safe and people who stayed in survived, there is no way that he would have come out and said that he would have ignored the advice and done the opposite
  10. That looks like a useful twitter account, thanks for the link. I find it really interesting looking at all the PM miners and seeing either none at all or huge PE ratios. Is Fresnillo the only one actually making any money?
  11. 10% fall is not bad considering the news and ~5% fall in some other miners due to today's gold movement.
  12. Stormzy is right. JRM is clueless if he thinks he can judge what he would have done in a particular high stress situation and that somehow it would have resulted in the best possible outcome. His very saying above is an example of extremely poor judgement. On the bright side, his colleague decided to double down and dig a much deeper hole: I know most of you will never click on that pro-EU propaganda link but the long version of the audio is there and it's hilarious. Of course, people would still buy their bullshit and vote for them, because of immigrants, Venezuela and all that.
  13. Thanks for the update. I had limit orders for couple of hundred pounds on all three few weeks ago. Only Wesdome didn't get bought! (
  14. Dropping like flies today. I always wonder how hairdressers make any money at all given current rent levels. Barbers in particular.
  15. I do buy stuff there sometimes because the range is quite wide, and I don't care that much what I am wearing to the gym but everything seems to be of mediocre quality. The brands are absolutely right, once something is in sports direct, I fully expect it to be of primark quality but with a famous logo. I am not a massive fan of advertising brands but there just isn't a quality option for many product lines in SD shops. I'd prefer seeing three products, SD value, normal and premium to trying to work out which brands they have already turned to shit and which brands are in the process of being turned to shit.