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  1. Yesterday we had a bullish daily pinbar on Silver, not the best one but at least something positive...
  2. For the silver I want to see a quick drop below the 2015 low of 13.63 to take all the stops and then a solid move up to close above that level to trap all the breakout sellers.
  3. Supply is up, I have never seen so many For Sale signs on my street.
  4. I used to work at Tesco (Bank) and we all had 10% colleague discount card. Funny enough, it was active for almost a year after I've left them.
  5. Gold and Silver went mad after publishing this:
  6. I had a look at and their current price is £998.66 which is $1288.27 (current GBPUSD rate is 1.2911) vs Gold price $1195! That's a difference, do they update prices at all, or is it normal? Also, what's the risk associated with buying unleveraged Gold ETFs?
  7. 3,453 days later, the US bull market becomes the longest on record Investors should not fret over the longest-running bull market milestone, but should focus on the solid underpinnings driving the run. The current bull market rally, which started March 9, 2009, became the longest one on record since World War II on Wednesday by avoiding a 20 percent or more decline, according to S&P Dow Jones Indices. The market has risen more than 300 percent since its low nine years ago. It surpassed the rally from 1990 to early 2000, which totaled 3,452 days. What could possibly go wrong...?
  8. Doesn't make sense to me. Cars which were originally designed as small are getting bigger and it's been like that for decades, check older Corsa, Nissan Micra, Honda Jazz, VW Polo too. Every newer version is slightly bigger than its predecessor. Larger cars are also getting bigger but the difference is not that significant.
  9. “Landlords are exiting the market in their thousands and as a result rental prices are soaring.” Who do they sell to..? btw. Gold may be reversing today, such a great price rejection last night
  10. Total carnage on Silver today For a rally to commence we need some buyers to step in and squeeze short sellers. Will it happen? I don't know.
  11. I don't think it's accurate TBH. Edit: looks like it was just opened FxPro and I'm seeing 7.10 bid / 7.15 ask...
  12. Where do you see USDTRY @ 7.22 ? 6.42
  13. FX is closed between Fri 10pm - Sun 10pm.
  14. Sounds like price manipulation to me...!