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  1. Sold for £330k Oct 2018... Added tiny bedroom in the attic and kitchen in the garden and it's called "magnificent" now, can be yours for only £600k! Here are other options if you had £600k to throw on a terraced house in Edinburgh... The choice is yours..!
  2. How about buying now with a 10y fix..? The inflation should eat a big chunk of the principal left at the end of the fixed term, correct?
  3. I don't know the future but I think Gold should easily reach 1530-1550 area before any sizeable correction.
  4. I have also say thank you @DurhamBorn for sharing your views and opinions. I can only hope the newcomers won't annoy you with private messages asking for investment advices... Please continue posting..!
  5. A cascade of stop-loss orders got triggered this night... edit: I've just found a tweet behind the move Thanks Donald can we have more?
  6. Same with lamb or salmon, the price has doubled in 2 years.
  7. Still below the multiyear resistance... and the gains are diminished by weakening USD... meanwhile:
  8. Something has recently changed on Gold, we've got a massive rally in the last 2 weeks ending in a big bearish pinbar on Friday, but the price isn't failing (it usually did in similar conditions). Watch for tomorrow 7pm.
  9. Isn't that house prices are set to rise for the next 50 years...?
  10. Gold looks strong but it still needs to break 1380 level to give us a proper buy signal. Silver looks weak.
  11. I was automatically credited with 3 years of full contributions even though I studied abroad... not sure how they've found out?
  12. Durham (North East) result: Brex: 39.5% (+39.5) Lab: 19.3% (-20.1) LDem: 16.7% (+11.5) Grn: 8.1% (+2.6) UKIP: 6.2% (-21.9) Con: 6.2% (-9.3)
  13. Well, I'm seeing 0.6339..?
  14. PMs deserve their own list, I've created that one on ProRealTime just by adding some of the companies mentioned in this thread. I do own a few from the list, small sizes though so I don't care much. Alexco Resource Corp -24.46% YoY Eldorado Gold Corp -42.87% YoY Endeavour Silver -41.30% YoY Fortuna Silver Mines -54.89% YoY Great Panther Mining -44.31% YoY Harmony Gold -3.43% YoY International Tower Hill -30.90% YoY New Gold -71.93% YoY Sandstorm Gold +11.44% YoY Sibanye Gold +24.63% YoY Yamana Gold -32.05% YoY for comparison: si.f -11.01% YoY gc.f -0.38% YoY