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  1. As seen on ToS... WTF??? For loans of up to 200% of the valuation of the property 3.24% fixed until 31 August 2025 Standard Variable Rate (SVR) / Loyalty SVR
  2. Australian property prices: End of home mortgage honeymoon will lead to property market reckoning Aussies have deferred billions in loans since the COVID-19 crisis began, now a deadline could lead to a “cliff edge” for the property market. if you're too lazy to read the article, you can listen to this guy:
  3. Let's hope the price of silver goes negative and this is how our bedrooms will look like...
  4. USD and EUR are crazy today, at least Gold is steadily dropping and it has just broken two important trendlines. Good article though not that thrilling as WolfStreet. Jeff Snider is predicting another stock market drop next month or September/October as according to his theory, quarter ends are usually vulnerable. It played quite well in March.
  5. There is a possibility of that and the consequences are unimaginable to my simple brain. USD Index will probably skyrocket.
  6. When the gov has a printing press, why would they bother confiscating gold? Most people don't even have it these days. If they ever wanted to steal something tangible, they will rather target real estate or pensions. Some dollar-hungry countries may nationalise gold mines but that's a different story. btw. It's usually gold dealers who spread the fear of confiscation and they've been doing it for years.
  7. Hmmm.... There are errors on this page The maximum loan to value we will offer is 65%. What you have entered is higher than that so please either increase your deposit, or reduce the property value to find the mortgages suitable for you.
  8. Gold down at the same time, if it gets to £1200 I may add a few coins to my collection
  9. LOL, that's funny The Fed Is Now The Proud Owner Of Bankrupt Hertz Bonds
  10. That's another good chart... Buffett sold his airline stocks to Robinhood speculators
  11. Agree... CV fallout + anti-Chinese rhetoric could force most of them to abandon the idea of studying abroad!
  12. Yep, M$ looks interesting indeed! The problem with these big names is that it's almost impossible to buy them cheap. A good lead would be any investment forum, I remember even this place turned into whinge mode when the stock market has bottomed out back in March...
  13. Speaking of Youtube, this is one of the best video about improving your trading edge that I know... have actually attended this webinar over 6 years ago, time flies!