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  1. Ashby

    Colleagues habits that annoy me intensely

    Classic symptoms of someone with adhd. It’s a bit easier once you know they have a mental illness. What gets me is cloth eared admin staff. And cloth eared managers. Just so infuriating..
  2. Just go for some proper Goodyear welted Church’s or cricket and jones or trickers. You can’t go wrong. They last for decades and easy to resole. Waste of time that cheap leather/polyurethane crap. Yes they are expensive in the showrooms but usually go for about 50 quid on eBay hardly used, or go visit the factory outlet in Northampton for some cheap seconds. I think the best quality cheapest handmade about is septieme largeur. They manufacture in Spain but awesome top class leathers and handwork construction.
  3. Ashby

    Reverse rep fishing

    Mmm, steak tartare. Classy!
  4. Ashby

    Have I been radicalised?

    36 yikes! Perhaps I can blag a free parking blue badge with regards to topic, I generally feel that in life you suffer many things : redundancy, bereavement, money problems, homelessness, victim of crime, rejections. These shape your view. I often think a lot of these blue pill npc of all ages just haven’t been through any hardship in life. They just seem to always have a very cushy existence. Either that or they are so up to their eyeballs in debt they are so scared of any change at all.
  5. Ashby

    The reorg

    Sounds like the worst Venn diagram imaginable. I bet the changes are quite deer..
  6. Ashby

    Bye bye Treason May?

    It was in place last time I’m sure, but May was the only one standing as everyone else dropped out so vote wasn’t needed. Before that it was a run off between Cameron and Davis, but Cameron gave a speech without notes which is apparently really hard so the members voted him in. (Tory members are impressed by that sort of thing.)
  7. Ashby

    Buyers remorse..

    Had a great big bonfire last night in garden with friends and family. Great night, was like campfire toasting marshmallows. No fireworks. I’ll go to the free council display. It’s always good, then the pub. I buy small fireworks box as Christmas gift for my family. A great present as I get to enjoy them too and no possibility of the wrong thing as they just get burnt up anyway
  8. Ashby

    Premium bonds

    I’m into pb at the moment. It’s a nice incentive to save my spare cash, seeing my stake build up. About to break the 5 figure milestone It’s so great when you win. Ok, it’s just 25 quid but hey, I’m a winner! Really puts me in a great mood for the day. I’ve hit that sweet spot where the returns match cash isa. no prize this month though, boo. Two things bother me though. Looking at the big prize winners list on the website, most winners hold the max 50k. But I would have thought most holders would just have hundred to a few k, and very few hold the 50k max, so it seems counter intuitive that most winners hold the max. Almost as if it is weighted to your holding size. Well, maybe I’m wrong and most holders do have 50k More unusual is that it lists “bond value” as a column heading. Now each bond is £1 so this makes no sense. I assume it means the amount spent when that bond was bought. But this is as relavent as the persons hair colour. Why list it? And it’s strange that the winners all have big bond values, not a few hundred quid that you would have if you bought regularly. Well it’s playing on my mind as I bought a 3k chunk then a few hundred quid every month. After my holding reached about 6k prizes started rolling in but it was always from the 3k chunk. No other bonds have won. Almost as if they want big one off payments. well, let’s see what next month brings
  9. Ashby

    The great crash sweepstake

    I think very soon. Maybe November to January. It’s tricky because all I see is that anyone working for business are having a tough miserable time permanently stressed about redundancies and anyone working for the state or state supported companies are milking it in, happy as Larry. What’s worse are that these are the people who never suffered in 2009. They have no clue. I think that whilst everyone is distracted by US fisa release/midterms and brexit arguments and whatnot, a small but significant incident or scandal will happen at one of out Micky mouse universities, perhaps a safeguarding or money issue. It will cause some department closure/even the uni and government will bring in new rules fast. This will cause massive widespread panic amongst the international students causing a domino effect of other unis closing, hitting the famous ones. Mass panic amongst international investors, btl, uni workers etc, leading to them not spending vast amounts of cash in the big London shops. This causes boe to meet and fiddle figures making things worse. Over the corridor in the boe, nationwide and builders are pleading for bailout. Word leaks out. Stocks fall. People don’t withdraw cash but get straight on phone to pension companies saying, sell all my shares. Don’t care just sell. massive pension fund fire sales. Then it’s brexit day
  10. Ashby

    Oh la la! Sacre bleu! Zut alors!

    Well she certainly had a thing for nazi officers. my first though was that there are eu regulations banning lots of perfume ingredients, so they had to spend lots reformulating their products, and not for the better. Perhaps moving here after brexit they can sidestep this.
  11. Love these stories! I never have much luck though with yrs but always go for the cheese if I can. I find it lasts ages after the use by date. Same with the milk in the plastic bottles. Goes for a good 10 days after date before it starts to sour. Had an awesome summer buying clothes though, on eBay from discount sellers, you know those that sell new clothes from John Lewis, m&s etc with the labels cut so you can’t return. Guess it’s all old season stock. So, It was the peak of summer, 35C early August. I got three wool jackets £20 reduced from 200, wool coat 200 from 800 and a leather and a suede jacket each 150 reduced from 1850. Unbelievable! Best I’ve ever done. It’s risky as you need to know you’re size. Often they get narky with returns. Bet they thought who’s this muppet buying thick wool coat in stifling 35C heat. Well who’s laughing now
  12. Ashby

    Everyday Feminism - lunatic SJWness

    Love wooden tennis rackets. Do they still make them?
  13. Ashby

    Short termism

    Yes exactly this. The other issue imo is that company recruiters need to get off their backsides and go into local schools, colleges and universities and tell them exactly what “skills” they require. The schools can then work with them to develop these skills in and out of lessons. No cost to company and the teachers will be very grateful for some focussed current industry feedback to work with rather than the useless union/MSM/ofsted guff. And of course then a good crop of local young and energetic workers to recruit from every year that you had a hand in training. But of course British youths are idle and lazy and gobby apparently so they won’t put themselves out.
  14. Ashby

    You won't be able to unsee this

    Unbelievable! And I had to pay for recent surgery I had because the nhs didn’t offer it anymore. It was a vanity op apparently even though I was in pain. I'm assuming this is being done on the nhs?? I bet if you gave them the money instead I doubt they’d spend it on this surgery. And that poor wretch of a child.
  15. I use Goldmoney for physical. will have to look into aj Bell. Not offered with HL but they have some other mining funds.