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  1. Ashby

    Next PM

    Well given the epic media propaganda blitz he’s had over the last week and he only got 37, not looking promising. yep, next vote tomorrow.
  2. I dunno. Watching that video it looks like she is possessed. Seriously fucked up. Seems to snap out of it once the milkshake is thrown, but even just watching it makes me feel uncomfortably tense and angry. If I didn’t know better I’d say some demons are about.
  3. Well, I tried different things but most supplements don’t seem to do anything. But I took a vitamin d supplement for a while. Made me feel exceptionally tired, drowsy and lethargic. Didn’t like that so stopped taking it. I couldn’t cope with feeling like that at work. I've been taking an iron supplement for a while now. Makes me feel great; a real pick me up.
  4. Ashby

    Bye bye Treason May?

    Can Ruth Davidson stand? She is “very quiet” at the moment.
  5. I really think that’s been the Tory plan all along. Scared of corbyn and election, so create a farage populist movement party and let it run. Either we have a GE giving Johnson farage coalition or Johnson jumps ship to BP. Tory remainers are now staring down barrel of a gun. And a lot of backbench MPs are chomping at the bit to get out on the stump fed up being restrained by the “media optics” centerist crap everyday I am sure. Also I think the milkshake incident was completely staged setup to get farage plastered on the front pages today for some jokey humility rather than scandal on the day before purdah. Everyone at work was gossiping about it. Very clever stunt.
  6. Same here; first two today. One was halfway down the hall. They must have really rammed it through the letterbox! libdem “Now your vote can stop brexit. Vote libdem to stop brexit” ohh with a personal (mailmerge) letter from vince himself. Exciting! changeUK “For a people’s vote for remain vote change uk on may23” coupled with a vomit inducing pic of mr chucks taking a selfie. Please display in your window it says. Not if I want a Molotov cocktail through it I won’t thank you very much. Burning sounds a good idea. They’re not even worthy for the compost imo.
  7. I’m amazed you had such problems. I use ebay a lot. Had a few returns now and again but that’s about it. I’ve had much more trouble as a buyer. Getting fake items, things that are in much worse state than the photos, wrong size or spec, listing cancelled after low price auction then resisted under a different user name. These sellers often try to hide behind the ebay system and it’s a nightmare to fight them.
  8. Yep 5 pages and no one’s mentioned the Penrose saga yet. The patterns really do serve a purpose!
  9. Ohh so the new “battle” bus, the cryptic “together we stand” special announcement in the email. Could it possibly be? Is TR standing as an independent?
  10. Well why don’t they get on and do it then and stop messing about. I think people do far too much talking, and no doing at all. I mean, if you’re a Liberal Democrat, then get on and support the democratic vote.
  11. Yes, used to play bridge in the Carlton. Liked east India club, it’s one of the better ones I thought. Membership is good only cos you get reciprocal. Never bothered to join and now I’m out the loop it’s probably impossible to join. They’re so fussy about seconders. I’m sure it was easier in Victorian times when every rich man and his dog was a member. Would be great to know of one I could join in the future.
  12. Well I saw him give a talk many years ago and he just came across as a spoilt arrogant teenage brat. He bragged that his wiki leaks was the cause of all the uprisings in North Africa Middle East at the time. Ok it had some influence but not sure it was all that. anyway, heard an interesting interview on radio 4 this afternoon, about 5, with an interview with a qc Robertson I think explaining the situation, that the rape charge is a sham and it’s legally interesting that he may be charged co conspirator with someone who has already been pardoned.
  13. Well.. considering that the entire country (sorry middle class suburbia msm land) can’t function when the wrong type of snow falls, shame we can’t see how epic no deal would be for them.
  14. Countrywide not having a good day -4.24% Close 7.00
  15. Don’t you have a ballot option of first choice and second choice for the euros? I’m sure I remember that but can’t find it written anywhere. so maybe the plan is that people will go for UKIP 1 and brexit party 2 or vice Versa, so the conservatives get no votes at all. likewise remainers will go for labour/lib dems.