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  1. Ohh so the new “battle” bus, the cryptic “together we stand” special announcement in the email. Could it possibly be? Is TR standing as an independent?
  2. Well why don’t they get on and do it then and stop messing about. I think people do far too much talking, and no doing at all. I mean, if you’re a Liberal Democrat, then get on and support the democratic vote.
  3. Yes, used to play bridge in the Carlton. Liked east India club, it’s one of the better ones I thought. Membership is good only cos you get reciprocal. Never bothered to join and now I’m out the loop it’s probably impossible to join. They’re so fussy about seconders. I’m sure it was easier in Victorian times when every rich man and his dog was a member. Would be great to know of one I could join in the future.
  4. Well I saw him give a talk many years ago and he just came across as a spoilt arrogant teenage brat. He bragged that his wiki leaks was the cause of all the uprisings in North Africa Middle East at the time. Ok it had some influence but not sure it was all that. anyway, heard an interesting interview on radio 4 this afternoon, about 5, with an interview with a qc Robertson I think explaining the situation, that the rape charge is a sham and it’s legally interesting that he may be charged co conspirator with someone who has already been pardoned.
  5. Well.. considering that the entire country (sorry middle class suburbia msm land) can’t function when the wrong type of snow falls, shame we can’t see how epic no deal would be for them.
  6. Countrywide not having a good day -4.24% Close 7.00
  7. Don’t you have a ballot option of first choice and second choice for the euros? I’m sure I remember that but can’t find it written anywhere. so maybe the plan is that people will go for UKIP 1 and brexit party 2 or vice Versa, so the conservatives get no votes at all. likewise remainers will go for labour/lib dems.
  8. I’ve never understood why people put those voting posters in their house windows. I mean do people walk past and go “ vote labour, umm that’s a good idea I’ll go and vote labour because the poster told me to” And why do people go around moping about the suffragette movement and marvellous votes for women all the time, when they don’t even vote. 37% turnout; that’s a pathetic effort.
  9. No there are council elections May 2nd. Labour will be looking to this as a big springboard to the gen election. Same with UKIP. Remember it was UKIP success in the councils that led to the referendum in the first place. Most people don’t bother with councils but we must all get out and vote in these.
  10. Sounds good. They could call it, oh I don’t know, “The People’s Vote”. Yeah, that has a sort of ring to it.
  11. Probably. You see politicians are the slipperiest of slippery fish. They will take all options so they can’t be pinned down to anything, then just take the money, credit and run away. They only take a side once their favoured MSM provider takes a side. At the moment the grauniad bbc and the other tripe are full remain and Daily Mail is WA; which is conveniently how the options are looking at the moment. If the MSM all swung to WA then that’s what it would be I think. Well I don’t know really, it’s just how I think things are working at the moment. It really is all for their own vanity and stupidity.
  12. Yes exactly this. The impetus is building all the time now. EU is dead anyway. I mean, on that fateful June day the completely forgotten British people up and down the country; the women’s institute in their church halls, the allotment folk, the factory workers, the midwives, the beer drinking men, in a way only the British know how to do, silently shot a dum-dum bullet into the head of the global elite. What then. Nothing. No cheering or celebration or glory, just quietly back to their forgotten mundane lives the next day, as only the British can do. Life goes on; a message the MSM never learn. But it was enough to spur the election of trump and change the world. The first blossoms of which we are I’m sure about to see over the coming weeks. As for brexit. I am convinced the country is fully braced for no deal in 48 hours. Bring it on
  13. Well I think if things carry on the way they are with prices ramping every year and zero interest rates, they will be sold on death and end up in the hands of pension companies. They will offer good very long term contracts hoping for low risk constant income but it will be difficult to get a rent unless you have an impeccable record and a rent guarantor. Most of us will end up on benefits in some form of pre care home. Unless land values crash and we all go for the new cheap prefabs. Then buy to let will just wither and die.
  14. Just booked my summer holiday with Tui. Unbelievable! well, everything has its season, a time to be born, a time to die, a time to be lounging about on holiday (mosquito bitten and turning British sunburnt pink) on a mediterranean beach ...
  15. Classic symptoms of someone with adhd. It’s a bit easier once you know they have a mental illness. What gets me is cloth eared admin staff. And cloth eared managers. Just so infuriating..