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  1. You could look at sprott gold/silver for physical holdings. i would stay well away from any etf trackers or leveraged etfs.
  2. Yes I think the play is that Boris is not going to “negotiate” an extension. That is, he will write to ask. The EU, under threat from the French veto will offer a 1 second extension. Boris will kindly accept. remainers last play is to ram through a referendum Monday
  3. I go with labour because all the male teachers I know are thatcher hating labour lefties.
  4. Yes it was a powerful and inspiring speech. Putting the might of America into combatting religious persecution, Standing up there with pastor Andrew Brunson. As opposed to that other, ahem rather uninspiring performance.
  5. Who knows, but I’m seeing £1:49 at some BP petrol stations around. This week might start to pinch!
  6. Though it was named after the yellowhammer bird; supposed inspiration for Beethoven’s 5th aka fate. As opposed to the 9th ode to joy which is the eu anthem.
  7. Brexit, through the medium of interpretive dance
  8. It’s madness. The party in power always choose the election time when they feel they can win best. That’s how it is. brexit no deal even with the worst outcomes of project fear and yellowsnow would be a paradise compared to a corbyn administration. Liberal Democrats aren’t democrats. its like cloud cuckoo land
  9. Ashby


    Someone should tell him about Grace Darling; a young woman at 22 who also got in a boat and did something. She’s still remembered 200 years later. Oh yeah, because of her extraordinary act of heroism.
  10. No I think this was a foreign student crammer college, teaching gcse, A levels and level2/3 equivalent. The students would then go on to a uk university after. I think “management school” is just a marketing buzz word they use to suck in students, not what they teach. I think the students would just move to another crammer somewhere else. There’s probably loads in London. That’s if they take them though. Some schools actually check visas and ability, whereas it looks like this place just took anyone with a pulse and a big wallet. Anyway some uni’s will have just lost a big easy entry feed. And as 1%says, teaching is often appalling, but some schools are very good. Might be good for the students, they may go to a better school and be taught and looked after properly.
  11. Some lucky picks there Guess it’s just not my day. Golden minerals AUMN -31.8%. Well, if you want the rose you have to brave the thorns as they say.
  12. Yes but there are millions of altcoin copies all offering that too now though. The whole scam is now just running on the “bitcoin” name imo. I was into bitcoin at the start, I liked the goldbug language. Mined a few but lost my account, they were only worth a few pence anyway. In 2011 I remember I stopped at a service station and overheard some vagrant in a tracksuit on the fruit machines giving it out about bitcoin being the next big thing. Should have taken the hint . That shocked me how someone like that had even heard of it. Bought some when the price went up in the first bubble and swapped them for some altcoin which then crashed to zero. My details were also stolen. Mined a few more and stored on an exchange but they then got nicked. Cant be bothered with it anymore. Waste of time. It reminds me of a fairground scam where everyone seems to win but when you try you just lose every time. Could buy some in my goldmoney account but I’ll stick with silver thanks.
  13. Ashby

    Next PM

    Well given the epic media propaganda blitz he’s had over the last week and he only got 37, not looking promising. yep, next vote tomorrow.
  14. I dunno. Watching that video it looks like she is possessed. Seriously fucked up. Seems to snap out of it once the milkshake is thrown, but even just watching it makes me feel uncomfortably tense and angry. If I didn’t know better I’d say some demons are about.
  15. Well, I tried different things but most supplements don’t seem to do anything. But I took a vitamin d supplement for a while. Made me feel exceptionally tired, drowsy and lethargic. Didn’t like that so stopped taking it. I couldn’t cope with feeling like that at work. I've been taking an iron supplement for a while now. Makes me feel great; a real pick me up.