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  1. https://truepundit.com/fbi-rocked-by-public-suicide-of-top-fbi-agent-who-investigated-clinton-foundation/
  2. NTB

    Fuckin' Weather

    I think Thursday is meant to be the hottest. You have my sympathies, I've been there enough. Plenty of rests, lots of water and a damp towel help make it bearable. I have a job involving concrete breaking which I've moved to next week. I'm too old for heroics.
  3. NTB

    Its 'Nick'!

    That's exactly why. Anything implicating the current crop of nonce's would be cleaned up discreetly and the media wouldn't touch it.
  4. NTB

    Its 'Nick'!

    Yep. Whilst I can't back this up, my suspicion is that any victims that managed to make it to adulthood sane and undamaged would be very accident and suicide prone if they became vocal.
  5. NTB

    Its 'Nick'!

    Classic diversion case imho. Now any legitimate suspicions can be dismissed as similar fantasy. Had to be a big well publicised expensive case.
  6. It shouldn't be a mystery. You only have to look at how much Saudi money has gone to the Clinton Foundation for example. The world is a very corrupt place.
  7. That's absolutely the case for some of it. Q has been clear that it is a mix of info and disinfo. All the intel agencies monitor /pol on 4ch and 8ch and no doubt the cabal as well.
  8. Then pushed out by McMaster and brough back by Trump. He's one of the good guys. Edit: 7th time Q has mentioned him.
  9. It's from 8ch. All those numbers are posts on the board that Q is referencing when he says Ezra Cohen Watnick (National Security Advisor to the Attourney General). Edit, some speculation that he is Q I think we're getting close now.
  10. You might be on to something. There are Psalm trees all over Epstein Island.
  11. That's only what people are assuming whilst forgetting all about the other watch. Q just said marker 1 set. The other watch is marker 2 (3:05 on 27th) so my guess is that the period between the two dates is of significance somehow.
  12. Foul! The entire album is fantastic.
  13. Safe to emerge now that Epstein is locked up I suppose.
  14. More likely they like the fact that there is no jurisdiction in international waters imho.