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  1. Hopefully Brussels and the palace of Westminster.
  2. That must sound a bit tinny without a phono stage in there?
  3. You're in the club then. I'm fairly convinced that there is difference in the hearing of those that struggle to tolerate poor audio. An inability to fill in the gaps if you will.
  4. Mine only appeals to girls. Though appeals maybe over stating it somewhat. Do you have an expensive hifi?
  5. Not quite. Our winkies have different tastes but our ears have a shared disdain for inadequately reproduced digital audio.
  6. I don't know if it's an identified phenomenon Mark but we have it in common, along with the other thing we have in common so I surmise that there is a connection.
  7. Oh yes, that brings back memories*. There were several (including possibly that one) appearing in ebay ads. * memories like Tubgirl.
  8. Wow. One helluva life support system in his space suit. I would have thought the boredom would have got him years ago.
  9. Footage of the fish market?
  10. My name is Alan and I run a snack bar. Actually, the idea of it popping up on signs around the place amused me so much I hit google translate. Probably life imprisonment for actually doing it though.
  11. برائے مہربانی کوشش کریں کہ بچوں پر زیادتی نہ کی جائے
  12. Dear Extinction Rebellion. Fuck Off. The Working Class.
  13. This is quite instructive if interested in long stroke big capacity engines.