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  1. I give my time and some money to a local hedgehog rescue centre, support a local wildlife trust and participate in a local wildlife group. I'm pretty much done with giving a shit about humans that aren't my tribe and I'm not that keen on many in my tribe.
  2. Yes, a bit worried. I have a strong suspicion that opinion polls are being rigged in preparation for an attempt to rig the election with postal votes. If he can't stop that he will lose but I think he will still squeak in if there is a free and fair election.
  3. Talk about going for the wrong hole...
  4. It's routine in the banking industry. Bad credit history (defaults CCJ's) indicates a higher risk for fraud, embezzlement etc. An exception would have to be made to allow an offer.
  5. He didn't explicitly say that. It was along the lines of 'no charges at his time'
  6. The non sealed ones (c. 400,000) are regular crimes going through the system with names associated with them. It's not possible to tell what the sealed ones are or who is involved. IIRC, back in the beginning of this thread I think we established that the number of sealed cases was abnormally high and would typically be around 1000 in years gone by.
  7. True, especially if they start with him. I don't think they will. I expect he will be one of the last to go - after a long period of exposing more and more corruption by starting at the bottom and working up and gradually implicating him in more and more stuff.
  8. Maybe. I may be wrong but my understanding is that each is a criminal case that may have multiple individuals implicated although one individual may also be implicated in multiple cases. I know you still think this is a larp but if it isn't, it's massive, as in corruption across the board. It has to be for them to have got away with it for so long. Politicians, multiple security agencies, ambassadors, state governors, police, lawyers, judges, the media, huge numbers of NGO's, the red cross, the UN, WHO, god knows how many in the direct and indirect control of Soros etc. etc. I'm not suggesting that everyone in those organisations is corrupt, just enough key players to make things happen. I doubt the low level ones understand anything of the big picture but given the scale, I can easily see the numbers adding up to many tens of thousands.
  9. Incidentally, the number of sealed cases is now up to 176,436. I think it was under 40,000 when this thread started. I'm occasionally keeping an eye on it to spot the moment the number starts dropping as I think this will indicate the show has begun. https://qmap.pub/cases
  10. I imagine he has enough firepower to take out a small country discreetly following him around.
  11. Post Thomas Sowell videos in the vain hope that she will watch one.
  12. Seen it before. It's just a model. Key assumption behind it is the collapse of the ponzi in western economies leading to migration away from them.
  13. Undersea by rail I had to wait a while but I figured one of you would get it eventually.
  14. His running mate - deputy president. Not chosen yet. I think speaker of the house is third in line.