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  1. Finally got my onion sets in today. Made big inroads into digging and weeding. Chillies transferred to the greenhouse in pots, strawberries and blueberries flowering profusely. Next job is to get the scaffolding up for the climbing beans.
  2. Our local tip will take pesticides as long as they are in their original containers. You have to ask one of the blokes and hand them over, there isn't an obvious place to just put them. Check on your local council website, it should give details. As an aside, garden netting is a big danger to hogs. They get tangled up in it and end up losing limbs or worse. It would be good if you can encourage people to put any that is not in use neatly away rather than leaving it lying around.
  3. So does my wife (although it seems to consume rather a lot of my time too). Welcome to the forum.
  4. Christ. I think I would have grabbed the rifle and shot my own cock off.
  5. It's special manly man concrete, not the regular ladies concrete which as you say, wouldn't be suitable at all.
  6. I use concrete screws a lot. Way faster than the alternatives. Love em! How many motors does your drill have?
  7. I have a set. Occasionally handy for going through mixed materials but not noticeably better than DeWalt Extreme in masonry. Seems I'm the opposite to you. My 18V Combi gets comparatively little use. Mainly for drilling steel or large diameter stuff in wood.
  8. I'd considered an 18V Combi and it is an option of course. I'd say it very much depends on how much use it will get (and where) and whether the bias is towards screw driving or masonry drilling. If mostly quite frequent screw driving and woodworking then it's probably the right choice. The down side is that the batteries will die and unless you go for a trade model, the chances of getting replacements 8 years from now seems a bit slim to me, so if it is going to be used rarely I'd question the value. For masonry drilling, I'd rather have the percussion (and I'd get one with a keyless chuck). I've got a very decent 18V combi and it's tolerable in normal brick but it's not much fun in concrete or engineering brick which is why I use a cordless SDS instead of either. But like I said, I have lots of drills for various things.
  9. It depends what you want it to do? I have lots of drills that I use for different purposes. If you want just one drill to do everything then a 700W mains percussion drill with variable speed is probably the best choice since it can do most things you would use a drill for. It's definitely not the best choice for screw driving or masonry but it will do them. Avoid the really cheap ones if you want any chance of longevity. £50 should get something half decent. https://www.screwfix.com/c/tools/drills/cat830704#category=cat830814 Edit: Whatever you buy, use quality drill bits, they make a big difference compared with the tempered parmisan ones in cheap sets.
  10. NTB

    Why I Left UKIP

    The interview is short and predictably, they go for the T.R. angle. The post interview chat is much more interesting.
  11. Ahem
  12. No, it's a hatchback so Alpine or whatever they were later called.
  13. Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 21af99 No.6121936 Apr 10 2019 11:59:08 (EST) https://www.foxnews.com/politics/doj-watchdog-fbi-informant-in-russia-probe PANIC. Q
  14. NTB

    Racist Easter Eggs

    Even worse, The Devil has jizzed on it.
  15. To be fair, I treat it as infotainment. Ultimately, I think we all want the same thing which is bad people to face justice.