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  1. Double win for your husband then.
  2. I'm pretty sure that came out a while back. I've heard it before.
  3. I'm not sure either but I remain hopeful that the deep state is going to face justice. All we can do is grab popcorn, sit back and watch.
  4. Yes, I think he's more used to 'wet work' than public speaking. He's been mentioned by Q a few times early on.
  5. Undertakers are pretty recession proof.
  6. Charges files in Sept, arrest just happened.
  7. Worth watching this to get a fuller picture.
  8. Quite possibly got a twitching sphincter and a case of the runs.
  9. Don't be. It's always darkest before dawn. Trump will win and then it gets biblical.
  10. I thought it was 10 years but regardless, they are able to run for such long periods un-refueled because they use highly enriched fuel i.e. fuel you can make nuclear bombs out of. That means security for the fuel becomes an issue.
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