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  1. I think if she's decided she likes a man, she'll probably share her pictures with him. I was kind of offended by the idea of it - yet another area where women are put first, and the article is all about them being 'in control' and not 'harassed' by men. But at the end of the day if women go there men will follow, it's like the old ladies get in free at nightclubs, just dressed up in feminist language.
  2. In the times today, a new dating site called Picked. The men have to put up photos, the women don't, and pick the men they like. On the basis that women will like it, and men go where the women are, it'll probably be a success. Back in the day (15 years ago) I used to have quite a bit of success on a site called girls date for free, where only the men paid a subscription. Now I've been on plenty of fish for 10 years, and just one date in all that time (it was crap)
  3. I looked up his pictures, I think he looks in good shape, considering he's 50. I'd put him down as in good shape for his age, and relatively young looking
  4. I just don't think it will end up with everyone charging their battery in the driveway, there are too many flats or houses with no drive. Might be split into a few power packs light enough to take out and charge in the house, so each car has a few smaller batteries not one big one
  5. I know of someone who lives in one. They seem happy, but have to use their parents address for post and have to move out for 1 month each year
  6. I think you only get the exemption if you're a full time student
  7. The problem is, as with most things in the UK, the cost of property. If it was fairly cheap to set up a home, then the only costs would be wages and utilities, along with reasonable rent. As it is, the actual cost is either interest on enormous debts in acquiring the property (or borrowing against it in the case of PE, then taking out the money), or enormous rent expense. Then wages and utilities as a tiny proportion. It would be a perfectly good profitable sector if housing costs were lower.
  8. It says he's one year old, he can't work till he gets his NI number
  9. The allowance only applies to your 'only or main residence', the second would just be a standard rental. You can also only have one residence for capital gains tax, the second you'd get taxed on any gains when you sell it. On the other hand, you get a whole extra house full of scrapper birds just waiting for you to take them up the arse. Sounds like a good idea to me, and well worth the extra tax.
  10. Absolutely! Good post, thanks😁
  11. I like the idea that walking is a hobby - we often don't value things just because they're simple and free, but you're right!
  12. I'm drifting in life. I'm mid 40s, got a kid but he doesn't really see me much anyway as his mum divorce raped me years ago, I've got a fairly crappy job doing something completely pointless but I've changed careers several times already, and can't imagine changing again would be any more or less rewarding. It would be great to believe in something. Do you believe in anything? What gives you purpose?
  13. Women and children first has become women first