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  1. I'm thick too so this may well be wrong, but as far as I know bonds are bought by pension companies for a fixed income to match the pensions they have to pay out. So they buy a £100 bond paying 2% interest. Then interest rates fall to 1%, so now other pension companies are happy to buy a bond paying 1.5%. Therefore, they are willing to pay £133 for the bond paying out £2, as £2 is 1.5% of £133. So bond prices go up when interest rates are expected to go down, and down when interest rates are expected to go up. That's why they went up in March, because big financial shit was expected,
  2. With a possible increase in CGT rates in the budget, could it be worth selling any shares standing at a large gain and not held in an ISA or SIPP the day before? If tax rates don't rise, you can simply buy the same shares again within 30 days and under the bed and breakfast rules your sale will be matched with your purchase, so you shouldn't have a gain. If rates do rise by a lot, wait 30 days before buying back and you'll have locked in your gains at the lower rate.
  3. Not so sure there will be a down, bp and rdsb are both still lower than 1 month ago, despite the increase in price of oil. Maybe no one yet believes the increase will be sustained
  4. This is a good example of why everything is shit nowadays _ it's all 'automated' so that nobody has to do any work. In reality automation is just someone sitting in their bedroom, making up some broad and rules that anyone who stops to think about it can see don't make any sense, then claiming it means something and trying to sell it.
  5. A strange thing I've noticed is that lots of alcoholics (not saying your dad was one!) don't seem to go grey or bald. I don't drink - I'm both.
  6. Incredibly they do, you can get it from 6 months, and they vaccinate children at school from reception age (my son's been offered it every year, with the wording twisted towards pushing it - when you don't consent you're required to explain why and told that all kids should have it whenever possible) https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/vaccinations/child-flu-vaccine/
  7. Flights don't look like they're down all that much compared to 2019, around 130,000 per day now compared to 160,000 in 2019: https://www.flightradar24.com/data/statistics
  8. Early 90s absolute classic.... The below is from 9 years ago. The violinist was still in decent shape but how the lead singer has aged, I've read that he struggled with alcohol.... Where on earth has the time gone?
  9. There was a bit in this thread, I think: I looked into it a bit but lost interest when I saw the fees they charge, combined with my level of knowing nothing at all about the trusts you have to give your money to it didn't seem particularly worthwhile, but I believe it's worked very well for Frankhovis over the years
  10. Wouldn't the dividend cuts explain why BP and RDSB have been tracking Brent at a lower level?
  11. I've never really understood the concept of wills on 2 counts: 1. Who cares what happens to your shit after you're dead? It won't affect you in any way, you're better off giving to the people you want to while you're alive, then they won't wish you dead. 2. This one puzzles me more - when you die how will anyone have a clue that you even made a will? The solicitor won't know you've died, and anyone else won't know which solicitor is holding your will or even whether you made one
  12. I think that was Thursday. Friday things went back up again, he's on £46 million in the latest one I saw on Reddit!
  13. A very good indicator of a high quality bird. The poor lady hasn't had much luck with men though 😁
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