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  1. Hi Joe, it seems quite well known when you search it, here's a study: Should probably let @spunko know as well in case he's eating it too ( I think he's veggie, can't think of anyone else)
  2. I've been reading that flax lowers testosterone, I'm going to stop eating that.
  4. So they get a nicer house than they were previously renting, for the same money over 5 years, plenty of potential upside if prices keep being endlessly forced up, no real additional financial risk to them as if prices crash or interest rates rise they could just go bankrupt, they've already put everything they have into the house, just as they would if renting.
  5. You can just do it without involving mum, lots of businesses selling DNA tests online (though be careful to choose a reliable one, it's possible to use the same companies the courts use), just need a swab of the kids saliva, and your own, no need to involve mum.
  6. They were giving it out to babies, I remember refusing it for my son who must have been under a year old at the time.
  7. I agree that life is better if you have a decent partner, the problems come when you get a partner who's not decent and stay with them anyway. I actually think material things matter less the older you get, as everything gets put in perspective and health is a bigger differentiator as we get older - I'd rather be in good health and on the dole than a millionaire in constant pain. Your mate will probably be lost in 30 years' time when he retires, he won't know what to do with himself. If I can stay healthy I'd hope to never retire, although it would be great to get to a position where you're comfortably enough off that you can work doing things you enjoy, rather than for money. Having family around when you're older would again be great if it's a decent partner, but people often say you should have kids so that they can look after you when they're old, I can't think of anything worse - the point of having kids is to teach them to be independent then let them get on with their own lives, you wouldn't want to be dragging them down as you slowly sink into senility.
  8. Doesn't this mean that people with covid live longer, so it's actually good for our health to get it?
  9. Unfortunately nowhere near I am now, but yes it's amazing what can still be got - I'm looking around Durham or South Wales, both markets seem very hot it wouldn't surprise me if we saw big increases at the bottom end of the market as the last bargains get snapped up
  10. Looks like a buying frenzy round the lower end of the market (around 100k) - all I see on Rightmove is under offer and sstc, nothing reduced. When I've checked I see record asking record prices for the street, and they get snapped up. Lots of money around, people haven't been spending, add in all the grants, furlough, even redundancy money and suddenly a lot of people have a few tens of thousands spare, it's all pouring into housing at the moment.
  11. This was the one I had, I would imagine if you get it through food you'd be fine