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  1. Not really the law, just police policies - if it's domestic violence, racism, etc, they have a'positive arrest policy', 'positive charging policy', and use bail conditions. Basically, zero room for common sense or use of discretion. Caroline Flack was unlucky as she fell foul of policies which really were designed to target only men.
  2. Agree. Javid has also said he had already ruled out the mansion tax too. I think this budget will be big spending, and possibly tax cuts for the well off, but no attempt to rebalance things by reducing house prices or taxing leeches. I think it's going too far though to say that Tony Blair had conviction.
  3. The electric one I had from Amazon doesn't work very well. @The XYY Man have you got any recommendations? Thanks
  4. He had that amazing season in 2010/11 then had a hair transplant that summer and was never the same. He was an absolutely incredible player, and looked great as a baldy - he had his own style. Such a shame he did that
  5. I tried that too, and also got side effects so gave it up pretty quick. I'm convinced that stuff ended Wayne Rooney's career at the top level, if he hadn't had a hair transplant and gone on propecia he'd have been at the Ronaldo / Messi level.
  6. I'm going for either bad diet, or too much wanking....... I started going bald at 19
  7. Either Javid was too radical (in which case he'd have been a good chancellor), or he was resisting the radical ideas. We'll find out whether these were Javid's or Johnson's ideas come the budget.......
  8. I agree if you've got kids with you, you should go well equipped and prepared. But if you're students in your late teens/ early twenties, then no problem. Doing mad things badly equipped is part of a long proud British tradition (Scott of the Antarctic) and they should be encouraged rather than moaned at and threatened with prosecution. We certainly didn't build the empire with health and safety consultants, though maybe that's how we lost it.
  9. Basically some students go for a nice walk in the mountains, before they can finish their walk a load of people jump on them, drag them down, then give them a load of abuse in the papers. They may well have been enjoying their walk, being cold and wet is all part of the fun.
  10. I don't think they did, the article said they didn't have phones
  11. The Daily Mail public comments seem to be a good indicator of what the general public are thinking. For example, you could accurately have predicted the last two general election results based on reading people's comments. Generally the comments show that people are fairly sensible, but sometimes they're pretty much unanimously wrong. Today, the comments on 4 students rescued from the top of Ben Nevis after they went up in trainers - ' idiots', 'make them pay', and particularly 'prosecute them'. shows what a namby pamby country we have become. What's wrong with going up a mountain in trainers? Apparently you're not allowed to go walking off the pavement anymore without ice picks, flares, 1st aid kit, and 1 week's food supplies. Even the rescuers, who I imagine must in reality love it they get to rescue students stuck up a mountain in bad weather, are saying the same. On the basis of this article and the comments, I predict Brexit will be a disaster and the UK will go down the pan, we're just not a country that's willing to take risks or able to look after itself.
  12. I got some stuff for a stomach ulcer, didn't want to explain myself to the gp. I think they do pretty much anything, they're a normal pharmacy and have a dr signing the prescriptions.