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  1. Accruals basis - if you're doing the course in may the expense relates to next tax year in any case. So book it as a prepayment this year (ie money owing back to you, because in reality that's what it is until you do the course) then take the expense into account next year
  2. The rules are completely stupid anyway. You can have a house mortgage free or expensive car, but you can't have 16k cash. My ex wife gets a new car every year, I assume to keep her savings below 16k
  3. Isn't that why in theory you should keep a few on the go at once, as she was probably, and quite rightly, doing. I sat in theory because the reality in my case is one every couple of decades so a few at once isn't going to happen unfortunately 😀
  4. It's easy to accidentally have kids with a psycho, there are plenty of men on here, I'm one of them, who have made that mistake. The difference, of course, is that as a man you're then forced to watch your kid be fucked by the psycho and can do nothing about it, whereas a woman can fairly easily get the kid out. I don't think any sane person chooses to have a kid with a psycho, sometimes the psycho doesn't reveal themselves till it's too late.
  5. I've moved house a lot and consequently have had lots of different NHS dentists. Some are appallingly shit, not interested in their work and just trying to scam extra money for cleaning or whitening. However, I've had a couple of really good ones too who really care and do a great job on the NHS. So maybe just try a few different NHS dentists, see if you can find one who's good. Unlike GPs I don't think dentists have a catchment area, so you can register at any dentist who is taking on patients
  6. I think the one bloke is their son. I kind of agree with the verdict, but I am also certain that if the sexes were reversed the courts wouldn't be overturning the man's sentence.
  7. The infrastructure is way behind in the UK, but I would imagine other countries are roaring ahead with electric, aren't some Scandinavian countries 50 per cent electric already? I think the Japanese car makers are making the right call with electric, in 5 years time I imagine by far the biggest percentage of sales worldwide will be electric. Maybe not the UK though.
  8. Older men just stuck fulfilling their teenage fantasies ... anyone wanting to feel power would be better off abusing the homeless - save a lot of money. I disagree because I know my personal motivations, and power just doesn't figure in it. I don't go to strip clubs, but that's because I'm too tight rather than not wanting to.
  9. Read the story. He met someone in a dating site (for adults) who he thought was 19. He thought she was hot, he took her back to his. They didn't have sex, if that's relevant. The girl has refused to make any complaint or cooperate with the authorities at all. I just can't see how the poor guys done anything wrong. What happened isn't right, but there's no way it's criminal on his part - possibly those who should be safeguarding the girl should have to answer for their actions, if anyone.
  10. This could happen to anyone, no surprise that it's been dealt with so badly by our marvellous 'system'. Surprised no one's brought it up yet...
  11. Disagree that it's about power or that it humiliates women. I guess it depends on the individual but you'd have to be a strange type of person to get a power kick out of it. It's about titillation in my view, hence why it appeals to teenagers, and why people seem to grow out of it.
  12. Yes, the child gets the stigma and gets told there's something wrong with them, which must have an enormous effect on any young child. You'd have thought there would be enormous scope to sue the clinicians dishing out the diagnoses, but unfortunately our judiciary are just as useless and corrupt
  13. Bear in mind that what used to be called Asperger's is now called autism, so it's incredibly easy to get a diagnosis, your child just needs to be slightly shy or introverted and you're in the money. I would imagine other conditions have been similarly downgraded
  14. My son is diagnosed autistic. The diagnosis was made simply on the basis of his mum asking for it. She gets lots more money every month as a result. That's the only effect the autism 'diagnosis' had had. He's a bright boy, top of the class, lots of friends, sporty, rarely any trouble, certainly doesn't have or need any additional support. So that's why so many kids are 'mental' because it gets their mum more benefits and it's easier to misdiagnose a kid than to deny an entitled woman the additional money.