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  1. They've probably just realised it's not particularly dangerous so aren't being hysterical like the rest of the world is. The real question is why on earth are we and others acting as we are?
  2. No you weren't, lots of people here were questioning it all along, and well before April.
  3. Could also be driven up by sales taking longer than usual to complete, therefore not necessarily a bad sign
  4. Isn't secretary a role which became redundant around 1990? Just the fact they have a secretarial department at all probably shows they have way too much money and no need to do anything remotely efficiently
  5. Dividend cut would explain those graphs - the share price will keep tracking the oil price, but it's going to be at a lower level to reflect the reduced dividend.
  6. So if you have virgin already there's no point, presumably it's aimed at houses which can't get fibre at the moment
  7. They're charging the £650 + £49 for installation only. You can pay that either monthly or as a one off. Then separately you can subscribe for broadband with them, for a monthly fee.
  8. I like this story, my son's around that age and he likes sleeping in the tent as well. We'll get it out when he's here at half term.
  9. There's no fear of the virus anymore, even labour are admitting that there's no real risk to health when they say we'll only lockdown if you give us proper compensation. Therefore why the fuck are the lockdowns continuing at all?
  10. They do that to try to make themselves sound less posh, in reality it sounds terrible. I remember all the labour front bench were doing it around the time Brown was PM
  11. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/10/09/government-urged-pause-new-restrictions-cases-covid-caught-hospital/ Not really a surprise - 18% of patients who tested positive for covid in hospital caught it in there. This will account for the increasing hospitalisation covid rates, and also probably the deaths - people go into hospital with something wrong with them, catch covid, die of whatever they originally had (plus a huge dose of the NHS), and pubs get closed down. As one of the comments to the article says, the NHS's hygiene procedures are worse than those of the l
  12. You can only be a super spreader if you get tested. If you don't have the test they'll just blame someone else.
  13. Why kill the rats, doesn't sound like they're doing any harm. Very intelligent creatures, love a cuddle.
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