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  1. Why does it matter if they're spying on you? Serious question
  2. Could easily reduce those expenses by the 300 dollars a month he needs, or much more ( internet, phones, food, insurance - there must be 300 of savings there). His focus seems to be all on increasing income rather than reducing expenses. He doesn't seem too badly off to be honest, has some equity at least
  3. It's got a lot further to go before the kick back. The likelihood is things get a lot worse for men for a long time. Eventually our feminised society will implode and we'll be taken over by a tougher and more realistic culture( many say that's already happening, but not many welcome it? )
  4. Yes but imagine the money you could make from hosting orgies there!
  5. I agree with you, but I know plenty of men who do the same. They get very round.
  6. Remember Boris was going to lay in front of the diggers at Heathrow? Then he didn't even vote against it. Do it die Brexit could well go the same way.
  7. Italy or Greece type of situation. We stay in the EU doing what we're told indefinitely
  8. AlfredTheLittle


    That's because I don't really know what I'm talking about 😁 There are some great websites I use for work and I'm wondering how they're made. I can make a static homepage website with some information on it (purely as a non pro) but the next stage is to get people inputting info into forms and storing that info somewhere. I guess an example (though not a site I like) would be Xero.
  9. AlfredTheLittle


    While all the programmers are here, can I ask what language is used for creating websites which are basically where you input loads of data, for example the online bookkeeping sites?
  10. A week in Bangkok including flights, accommodation, and a few 'long times' for that kind of money, surely better value than a couple of gigs in London?
  11. Fair enough but bear in mind any falls were from huge highs, nothing went for cheap in 2007 it was just briefly slightly less extortionate. I still don't believe there's an 18 year cycle, a proper bust will come at some point but who knows when.
  12. Good theory except 2007 want exactly a bust, 10% drop from huge highs then rise again or stagnate (in the North). So the 18 year cycle isn't really happening and probably never has.