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  1. Someone once suggested that Dawn Butler was "thick as mince", which is unfair to mince.
  2. Paulie

    White Flight Towns

    Some of these bints are traditional without being fundamental. Like western women 50 years ago. If they can lose the religion it may be worth risking a beheading.
  3. Well, there's the cultural war being waged upon its "citizens?"
  4. I must say, I have been in "fuck them" mode for at least 20 years. Aside from gaming the system, voting "far right" and planning to leave, what is the next level? I feel that, short of direct action, I am doing my part to bring down the system.
  5. Seems like a very rational method. Best to keep emotion and sentiment in check by adhering to a pre-arranged plan. Mind you, it's hard not to chase AXU after today :-(
  6. What ladder strategy do people use? Was thinking of buy limits at successive lows, to average at more advantageous prices. Danger with this is if the first hit was the low then you only end up with a fraction of your wants..... Place subsequent higher buy limits and although price trend is confirmed you miss out on having bought at a better deal. Any other strategies?
  7. Malay Scottish apparently. Scotland has won the battle.
  8. I am always on the lookout for a sizeable bust, Japanese or otherwise. Both here, the "other board" and GEI have turned me into a permabear. Luckily it is starting to pay off.
  9. Just my way of encapsulating the sectors and segments I saw on the list. I agree, more clarity would be helpful.
  10. Good point. Don't really know, but there are some sectors mentioned below, albeit in a macro sense. Basically needs rather than wants, and those areas considered critical to the next cycle? Indebtedness would seem to be a key measure for specific stocks.
  11. You are correct. Looking through there are some institutional funds on the listing, Morgan Stanleys and AHFM etc etc. As well as retail such as Tritax, Jupiter, Fundsmith etc. Are you thinking of some specific non KIID funds that are reflation friendly?
  12. Firstly, thanks to those on here (they know who they are!) who have shared their hunches in respect of the macroeconomic play-out. By digesting and implementing this knowledge and buying into TLT and miners SBGL, YRI etc I am looking at continued growth - rather than the plateau and recent decline in the wider market. Mindful that this is unlikely to continue for an extended period once fiscal / monetary policy misguidedly tries to reflate the economy, my mind turns to the so-called Reflation Stocks. Useful sectors under this heading could be value stocks, cyclicals and banks, and particularly those with low debts, given medium term interest rate direction. I have a specific query, being "in command" of a discretionary trust of modest value. As this is "discretionary" then a "professional" calls the shots with a broad market spread according to risk profile. I can however override by suggesting specific funds to adjust the weighting. Such intervention may soon be timely. Hence, do the Dosbodders have any thoughts on widely available retail funds which may be considered "reflationary", and any experience of their recent performance? If the funds are ETF based or low cost index (if that is even possible?) then so much the better.
  13. I thought Ruth Davidson would be the one chewing the carpet.
  14. Paulie


    Devil's advocate - if they are killing their own, what's the problem?