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  1. True, exotic meat is a guy thing. Anyone remember the edible doormice and bear steaks in 1970's Cheshire?
  2. I'm behind Dawn Butler and Shami Chakraborty. Those two would shake it up big time. Are they running?
  3. There is no cure. Time helps in most cases.
  4. Other than the ladies often being outcast whilst their families get used to it. And I don't mean just Muslim.
  5. Relapses and remits. Not much you can do. Very slow improvement as it seems to damage mitochondrial DNA. But it hasn't really stopped me doing anything I really wanted to do....
  6. Fibromyalgia is often actually fluoroquinolone (broad spectrum antibiotic) toxicity. It kind of wrecks your system, but can't be diagnosed. As doctors are fed info by drug companies it flies under their radar. Source - it happened to me.
  7. OK thanks for that info Tdog. Presume you mean K&S AG, Germany.
  8. How are you buying this potash fund DB? On my UK (HL) platform SOIL is coming up as short oil. Not likely especially given events in the Middle East.....!
  9. Port Out Starboard Home, when travelling east, to avoid the sun.
  10. Paulie

    Je$$$us saves...

    Jesus saves but the Mongol hordes.
  11. That is a Huwge audience, compared to BBC Alba. Cant wait till it is funded by those that watch it.
  12. I'm British but my wife is a young, naive Chinese. Imagine her surprise this morning, when she woke up to a massive election.
  13. All the best mental illnesses require you to not be aware of what is going on. Otherwise sanity and humanity would claw you back.