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  1. I bought a monster box from them and had no problems at all... Well I say that they actually sent me some queens beasts by accident and 12oz short but they sorted it out quickly and sent the missing ones. All the coins were brand new 2018 brits. I'll be using them again but someone did post a european website which came in very slightly cheaper a few pages back, i'll probs pay the slight premium for a UK company though.
  2. Hi All, Another Newbie signing up due to this thread, and what a thread it is! Thanks Durhamborn for starting it and all the other regular contributors for your excellent knowledge. I've been a HPC reader and very occasional poster since about 2008 when shortly before I was pushed into buying my first house by my then GF despite having major jitters of a future crash. Lo and behold a few months later my house was worth about 35% less than we paid for it. Bugger!, I weathered the storm (alone) moved from Norwich to London for a better wage, bought renovated and lived on a boat to save ££ and rented the house in Norwich (yes sorry in my defence it was to a friend for a great price). Early last year it felt like it was time to offload the Norwich house which had inflated way beyond what I bought it for in 2007, it sold within a couple of weeks for more than asking price which I thought was slightly mental. And here I am today. Holding a pretty decent amount of cash, waiting for a London property to become affordable. I liken myself to many people on here - I always buy second hand where possible, rarely buy new clothes, always try to get the best deal, maybe go on more Holidays than I should but we only live once. I drive a POS old Peugeot day to day but have a pretty pricey classic i'm restoring (one of the hyper inflated Marques so slightly concerned there) and another future classic (hopefully). I'm now trying to maintain my capital until the time is right to buy again. I've recently bought my first 500oz of silver delivered from GoldCore who I found excellent and were the cheapest I could find delivered to the door. All nice shiney new 2018 coins too. I will look to increase my holdings over the next few months. I'm also looking at Miners, a friend told me about Hummingbird Resources, are they on anyone's Radar? I've also had a few conversations with people a bit younger than me who missed the last crash in terms of being affected by it. Most are turning 30 (i'm mid 30's) and pretty much all of them do not believe me that house prices go down or that its looking highly likely somethings about to hit a fan.