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  1. I didn’t do ladders, but did average in monthly since around April 2018, and always buying the ones that had underperformed to ensure I kept the same $ amount of each one. That’s until I got scared NGD would never recover then stopped putting any more into it. Unfortunately this is just a small pot I allow myself to stock pick with in a larger overall portfolio, so I’m nowhere near DBs 6 figures 😂
  2. I'm doing nicely on the miners now, thanks to everyone on this thread. SBGL: +91.43% AUY : +2.41% NGD: +24.37% KGC: +45.75% GDXJ : +21.77% GDX: +26.07% EGO: +71.80% SLVP: +8.51%
  3. I’ve spent on computer parts on and bought vpn subscriptions. Admittedly it’s not widespread yet
  4. 21% of net worth in btc, 11% in physical gold and silver (bullionvault). Got into btc in 2014 so I’m less emotional about losing or gaining 50k a month because I already took decent profits off the table. But I got into it for the technology and economics of it not for profit. But having said that, I’m very happy with taking profit, but will always be part allocated to bitcoin and will try to use it (spend it) to increase the adoption of the technology.
  5. Ridiculous rules. I feel bad for you guys. The variety of accounts and stocks available here in the states is great.
  6. I have some visa and MasterCard. Up 55% on the V and 28% on the MA, before divis. I see the sector as very difficult to challenge; building out that payment network. But could be overvalued. Maybe I should take some profit. Only issue is it’s in a taxable account
  7. Sorry but no. If they could do it, why didn’t they to save themselves what was it, $40M? They would have to convince more than half of mining power to remove the transaction. And as long as one miner can still insert those transactions back into the new chain they would need to maintain >50% indefinitely, unless they could also convince users running full nodes to ban those transactions/addresses. Not feasible at all
  8. I don’t want to derail the thread, but I’m a big proponent of bitcoin. It’s a little ingenious to say it’s just 1s and 0s (like anything digital... like your bank account or share balance in your isa... like a Blu-ray movie) And whilst I agree there’s a lot of greed around I honestly got into it for the technology. A limited supply money (like gold) that you can hold yourself (like gold/cash) that you can instantly directly transfer to anyone worldwide without a third party, without censorship. I value tha but I understand not everyone will agree. Remember this came right after the financial crisis and QE. And bitcoin itself has never been hacked, exchanges have. If my private key is on a piece of paper and never been on a computer then you have to break into my house, you can’t hack it.
  9. Quite a drop for EGO today. Q1 report doesn’t sound good at all
  10. I’ve been using it since 2005 and not really heard anything bad about it since then. Was generally well regarded on TOS
  11. If you don’t mind DurhamBorn, or other knowledgable posters, could you give a brief explanation of inflation vs disinflation stocks? Is it all about sector, essential vs discretionary, debt/fixed rate debt, some combination of all those, or something else entirely? Thanks