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  1. I’ve been using it since 2005 and not really heard anything bad about it since then. Was generally well regarded on TOS
  2. If you don’t mind DurhamBorn, or other knowledgable posters, could you give a brief explanation of inflation vs disinflation stocks? Is it all about sector, essential vs discretionary, debt/fixed rate debt, some combination of all those, or something else entirely? Thanks
  3. I do the same in the us. The sign up bonuses can be great. For one card, which costs around $450 a year, I got $300 refunded on travel spending per calendar year, 100,000 points to spend on travel ($1,500) and lounge access. If I’d cancelled the card in the first year I’d have got the $300 twice due to dates, so +$1650 for nothing. I keep the card for the lounge access and 4.5% back on travel and dining though. Never paid any interest of course
  4. And I finally know what cable is and can stop looking for stocks called cable 😂 Thanks!
  5. I’m based in the US and use Robinhood. But like A_P I only use it for smaller regular trades where commission can end up being a large % of the overall value. Currently I’m drip feeding a few $100 per month into mining stocks using Robinhood. But I have a big chunk in things like a S&P 500 tracker that I keep with Fidelity instead. Its good to hear that free trade will offer something similar in the UK
  6. Me too, I’ll need a 43% increase to break even. Assuming you mean EGO
  7. I’ve been averaging into miners and have had bigger losses percentage wise than my index trackers so far. Maybe I’m just bad at choosing them
  8. I'll go 50% AUY and 50% bitcoin - even though they will probably go nowhere by end of year Can someone add it for me?
  9. Does anyone have any recommendations for synthetic/futures based ETFs for gold/silver? Ive always held physical with bullionvault but I’m hoping to avoid “collectibles” capital gains tax in future in the USA. Physical based ETFs are subject to the same taxes.
  10. That’s a good idea, thanks. I didn’t think about switching to ETFs for that purpose. I was kind of thinking of just holding onto it in case we ever move back to the uk. But that’s looking less likely. For the previous suggestion about gifting it, it’s unfortunately not possible within bullionvault.
  11. I bought gold and silver back in 2005, still stored on bullionvault. Unfortunately, I’ve since moved to the states and discovered that when I sell it I won’t pay regular capital gains, but “collectibles” capital gains at a higher rate...
  12. I don’t know if you can get Robinhood in the UK but if you can it’s commission free. I use it for small amounts/drip feeding. But I use a full broker for larger amounts and retirement accounts.