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  1. Sneak peek for everyone that is excited for this conference:
  3. The difference is that at the time, we were still one of the top 10 developed countries and places like Singapore, Korea, China etc were all agricultural societies. We have a lot more competition now so it is harder to compete
  4. If it helps, I use Hargreaves Landsdowne for one ISA account that is mostly shares, and Iweb for another ISA that is mostly funds.
  5. More like 80%
  6. Small bit of Evraz, Tullow Medium bit of Wood group, BAE, South32, Square In (pending), Plains All American Pipeline (pending) Big serving of Gazprom, Telefonica, Glencore, Smurfitt Kappa
  7. Remember, a lot of these social media pictures of lines etc are all part of the act.
  8. Agree complete Majorpain. The MMT is daft in many ways, but if the central premise is that governments can print as much money as they need, then the logical outcome would be to stop taxing people and businesses. That is when you realise that it is a political belief and not an economic one - taxation is then solely used to punish. It makes you realise that taxation is wielded as a form of punishment whether they will admit it or not.
  9. There seems to be more and more CEOs leaving lately....
  10. South Africa is having worsening black outs. Sibanye Gold is mentioned (and surprises me that it is SAs biggest private employer) as bearing the brunt of the cuts. Is this a bad signal for the longer term prospects of SA miners?
  11. The statistical likelihood that the best people to run a country are all female and mostly between 30-35 is infinitesimal. We have witnessed the death of egalitarianism