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  1. I bought some VOD... wish me luck!
  2. I used to walk near a well established residential park. The newest must have been more than 10 years old but the others looked post war with patch ups here and there. When I first walked through I thought it was abandoned, as the cars were in a worse state than the houses, but was startled when I heard a door bang open. What sticks in my mind were the black cabs. Once I walked through it (on my walk it was a shortcut to pass through a small village) in the middle of a cold winter, the kind where the ice sparkles everywhere when the sun shined. I could see the steam coming out most of the houses except a few that I presumed were empty. I think that it was rock bottom for people with the pride not to live off the system and you could sense a feeling of sadness in the air. A few years ago they flattened the area. I walked through one weekend while it was being done and saw that the insulation was terrible. There were also toys littering some of those carcasses of homes and felt bad for any children that had to endure those cold winters.
  3. Does anyone have a view on WRKS? They seem to generate a lot of cash and seem to be combining retail with online effectively. Only floated recently and have almost halved.
  4. I would encourage everyone on this board, even if they haven't done anything with politics before, to get out and support either brexit party or UKIP. Im not and never have been a member but im going to leaflet, help street stalls and do anything else I can to give the establishment a bloody nose!
  5. Let me guess the response: "Lets not jump to conclusions........ except jumping to the conclusion that if it was Muslim related then not all muslims" Lessons will be learned. Dont look back in anger. Big speech about unity, coming together, The replacement will represent the new identity of France...
  6. I think its this one:
  7. Whenever you post something like that Stokie, I am never sure whether it is a euphemism for something....
  8. I disagree on this point. Councillor is a step on the ladder to becoming an MP, so we should be trying to get rid of that rung on the ladder!
  9. The above lets you access lots of them via a proxy of sorts. I still use them, especially for ebooks
  10. Ah, thanks for pointing that out. I went back and got the annual statement to do the sums and it is 3.9% when including interest and bad debt recovery. Iv only got £2100ish left in it. Bad debt was £135 for that period though! There used to be a board, I cant find it now, and I pointed out how lots of Asian wholesalers were getting A+ credit ratings then defaulting and reopening under a new ltd company. I was told how awful I am etc, so I found 5 that were all getting funding at the time. I checked today and 4 of them have defaulted and subsequently phoenixed! I think the 'racial element' is the reason why they stopped the individual picking which to fund
  11. Funding Circle - annualised return is 6.7% but I havent been funding new lending for years. Zopa is 4.2% projected but 4.9% for the past year. I stopped adding to FC because of the change away from individually choosing investments.
  12. Good on you. Always glad to see people thinking longer term than a quick fix. I like the halogen cooker, although I got a "crock pot" from Costco last year and its my favourite. Its basically a pressure cooker. If you ever find that weight loss slows then I would suggest giving a keto diet a go for a month to kick start it again. Wish you all the best
  13. Mostly just keeping it as cash