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  1. It is strange that the mainstream/legacy media bash Brexit for reducing the pound against USD, EUR etc when the ECB are doing desperate policy to devalue their currency.
  2. This is a good summary. An even easier (and cheaper) start is just whey protein in water after training, alongside a normal diet.
  3. Already handled - Trump 2020!
  4. I used Royal Mail with a franking machine for years. Small packages less than a kilo, posting about 200-250 per month volume. For the past 4 months I have been using DPD. You need to contact and haggle, but has worked out cheaper for most. There are some places (NI, Isle of Man etc) that we still use Royal Mail for due to price.
  5. This reminds me of Soviet times when every piece of art, news article, book or speech had to mention how great the soviet project was or how they support "building socialism". Instead, the modern equivalent is to mention diversity, environmentalism and homosexuality even if there is no financial reason. It is to show allegiance to your ruling elite.
  6. I have a terrier that was hit by a car last year. I took it to the local university vet hospital for treatment. They tidied up the wounds then told me it would cost £3000 for fixing a small fracture then another £2000 to do skin grafts as the legs were degloved. These costs did not include the cost of staying in. I told them no and I would take him to a farm vet I knew. At one point they had 3 vets and 4 nurses in a small room telling me how wrong I was, guilting me to stay. I left. The farm vet brought in a specialist to set the fracture, gave antibiotics and showed me how to change the dressing daily using aloe vera. Check ups decreased over time from every few days to once a fortnight over 3 months or so. Total cost £580. The dog is now fine. You would only see the scar tissue if you brushed hair aside, he has no limp and he runs around as fast as before. My advice is to find a rural vet (the one a farmer takes his sheepdog to if it was hit or having pups) and save £25 a month for potential costs. Its harsh to say, but I don't think a dog is worth spending thousands on. I have seen a lot of people spend £5k+ on vet bills to have a miserable looking dog hobble around and sleep 20 hours a day.
  7. I want to thank DurhamBorn as well. Endeavour silver was up 15.38% today alone!
  8. I have just read the Fixed Parliament Act 2011. In it the role of the Prime Minister is paramount. It lays down that first there has to be a motion of no confidence, but does not rule out an amendment to that motion. It seems to assume there will be, or cannot be, any such amendment. That has usually been the case in no confidence motions, but it is not necessarily the case. Even if Bercow refused an amendment from the government, it does not require the PM and government to resign. It allows for 14 days to pass than another motion, this time about having confidence in the government - a kind of new no confidence vote. If that is lost, then the Queen on the recommendation of the PM sets a date for an election - all giving Boris considerable power.
  9. Here is a question that came up during an argument I had. With the ongoing currency war, the goal that all of the central banks are aiming for is a weakening of their currency relative to others. Even Trump has tweeted about it. Hasnt Brexit, by weakening our currency, achieved what the big brained economists in central banks have FAILED to achieve? I dont think it is necessarily a good thing in the long term but hasnt Brexit done what Carney et al were trying to do and yet still they attack Brexit?
  10. If all these people are given free money, housing, transport etc and it is paid for by negative interest bearing bonds does it not result in a GDP rise? I suppose the important figure is GDP per capita.
  11. Here is what is on my watchlist, with a basic explanation of my thinking, if it is of interest: Tyson Foods Inc - food producer, USA Nutrien Ltd - potash, Canada Gazprom - oil, low PE Ferguson plc - plumbing supplies, assuming reflation = more infrastructure spending Mosaic Co - potash USA Evraz - steel will be needed to make all the stuff, low P/E Walmart Costco Nestle BAE Medtronic plc - largest medical device company. older population = more demand regardless of economy Linde plc - chemicals Telefonica - thanks DB Vodafone Royal Mail SSE Centrica Union Pacific Corp - US freight trains Siemens - infrastructure Fanuc Corp - industrial robotics Siemens Healthineers - medical machines (MRI, CT scanners etc), same logic as medtronic I already have holdings of certain blue chips (BP, Shell, Rio Tinto...) that I would have had on the list if I didnt have them already
  12. I think the sabre rattling with China goes beyond economics here. If China regains a dominant world position then it really screws over the rest of use. Things like the belt & road project are not about economics, it is a projection of Chinese power. It would shift a significant part of the world into a Chinese led financial system, engineering standards, market standards (food hygiene etc), core language of business, internet standards etc Some call it the Thucydides trap, but I think it is inevitable. The USA will not allow a loss of hegemony. We are often quick to think in 5-10 years, but this is a Chinese plan that started with Deng Xiaoping and was envisaged over 100 years.
  13. This is one thing that I have been thinking about recently. If you feel that the FAANG stocks Burberry etc, or any particular component of a major index is going to fall significantly then is it worth investing in an index tracker?
  14. That is the story of the house that I am living in. Nice rural place, lots of upgrades and work done on it. Wife retired, husband kept promising to retire next year. His job kept him away from home for a week or so every few months. She died, he turned to drink, I got a bargain