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  1. Great to hear local experience. What annoys me the most, using current jargon, is that this is a majority BAME run council that has oversight of majority BAME owned businesses with majority BAME employees and it is choke full of exploitation, inequality and fraud. I would say that there is no white/european equivalent in the UK. Maybe travellers? but not to scale. Certainly not majority native British. Will there be protests? Will there be investigations with declarations of systematic racism or institutional abuse? Us tax payer saps will pay the bill for this mess AGAIN
  2. Gold futures hit 1810.25 today (so far) The 10 year chart looks a lot worse in pounds!
  3. Good posts Sancho. When you have people saving at a much higher rate than usual and the Chancellor saying: "'This is a consumption-driven economy; people used to, three months ago, go out with their friends or family to go and have a meal. Or buy a car, or upgrade their house, or move house. Go camping, come up to the Yorkshire Dales and go coast-to-coast.' Mr Sunak added that it was important to get 'the next few bits right' in order to save the younger generation's jobs and lifestyles." Insane times
  4. This part is not being picked up by a lot of people. If you are a small business such as a pub or barbers then your revenue producing ability already has hard boundaries. Number of seats in a barbers limits haircuts per hour. Throw in these extra restrictions and the only option is to up prices... which leads to..... inflation!
  5. Agree. It also helps manage government debt levels by appearing more attractive. Think about this: would you be as willing to lend to a country with a decreasing number of tax payers?
  6. That has cheered me up today - good old schadenfreude. I hope that it unwinds LOTS of derivatives leading back to Deutch Bank
  7. The Spectator magazines predicts inflation rather than deflation
  8. The problem that I have with it all is the effect on young people that are not very aware. They are making it normal for computer games to be fully of trannies and poofs which is stunning and brave, but they have recently made hunting magazines 18+ only. If advertising and media didnt work then Google and Facebook would not be as valuable as they are.
  9. Better prices here:
  10. This is not necessarily a bad thing long term. Less jobs means less supportive arguments for immigration
  11. I agree with this evaluation. As we enter a multi polar world then there will be little desire to centralise currency. I think crypto will be similar to what the US dollar is in many countries, especially shitty ones, as a way to preserve wealth when trust in local currency is low.
  12. I was sent this image linking many of the people together. The website of the "private equity firm" is clearly just a shitty site cobbled together to flesh out a cover story, and the company house records shows it only has £5k in assets. The photographer that took the picture of the black guy carrying the white guy was Dylan Martinez. He was the photographer that took pictures of Yulia Skripal in her only statement to the press after she recovered from Novichok. I think that it was a coordinated intelligence service operation
  13. I would rather they did the opposite. Get rid of all the white people and leave it to collapse in the hands of their pet ethnics.
  14. I was clearing out my spam folder today and noticed some emails from a website that I must have signed up for years ago called Primary Bid: It allows retail punters to buy into share offerings. It was normally small AIM listed companies: Tissue Regenix Group, Open Orphan Plc,Futura Medical PLC, Scientific Digital Imaging plc etc. Recent listings include: SSP Group (ftse250), Ocado, Biffa, William Hill, Taylor Wimpey. I remember @DurhamBorn making the prediction that more companies would start to raise equity rather than issue bonds.