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  1. One way that immigration has had a massive effect on our economy is from remittances. It is estimated at £8bn a year so that is a huge stack of cash moving out the country. Its big enough for the money movers to sponsor Premier league teams!
  2. I agree with you Sancho and thank you for taking the time to post on this thread. It has helped me confirm my own thinking and I feel we could be near peaks. I have recently sold quite a few positions to take profits: HSBC, Ferguson Plc, DiscoverIE Group, Petrobras, Diageo, Unilever, and Prudential. I have also reviewed my funds to minimise duplication, balance my various exposures and minimise fees. The cheap trackers mean that I still have exposure for any continuing melt ups. The only purchases I have made have been some US bond funds like ITPS just to give me a currency hedge.
  3. Good question! A lot of the Austrian economists have suggested making multiple, competitive currencies in the past. You could argue that this has already occurred - online game currencies for example since they are a unit of value, fungible, limited supply (in theory if you trust the developers). Crypto isnt really that far off the current fiat system. It could be said to be trustless because it uses auditors to enforce compliance between the participating loan issuing banks. I think that we will see some big firms (perhaps Coinbase etc) become established players in a similar way to Paypal. They will get sucked into the system and collared by the powers that be.
  4. Beans and pork sausages are a guilty pleasure of mine. Looks like you finished painting your wall - nice one
  5. To add to that, I have been looking into phosphates. Morocco makes about 12% of the world supply but has around 72% of all deposits. America produces about 12% annually with 2% of world deposits. China produces around 45% annually with less than 5% of all deposits. About 20% of fertiliser cost is phosphate so increasing price due to extraction cost will increase food/commodity prices.
  6. Try to get a router from America rather than within the EU. The transmitting signal is a lot stronger because the manufacturer has to limit the strength here. Helps if you want to cover a large area
  7. Not sure if this has been posted: Shows these Instagram whores doing what they REALLY do to make money
  8. You should write a memoir Stokie. It would be like a modern Casanova and I mean that as a compliment. Casanova had a life of women, adventure and was not scared to have a scrap at times
  9. I think I have mentioned it before, but I started pulling out my money years ago when they started to not allow individual selection of funding. It used to be a reverse bid system, where you put your max interest rate and amount to the company of your choice. Funding circle provided their own rating (A+, A, B, C), you saw the accounts and you could even ask them questions. Then a lot of 'diverse' businesses which had A+ ratings, especially cash & carries, would default. Investors would do their own investigations and find that some had reopened or other funny business. Then certain A+ companies of a certain background were no longer getting funded.... Funding Circle changed the system so that you now give them money and they spread it across all companies that have applied. That was their downfall as they moved more towards a recovery company than an investment company. They should have read their Adam Smith and let the market decide.
  10. As a multiple of lending. When the bank gives out a loan, that money is created out of nothing! With this MMT it begs the question, why bother with taxation? If you can just create as much money as you like, why bother taking any back?
  11. Iv phoned them up and bought shares in a company that wasnt available on the platform (Fanuc Corp). They did it straight away
  12. I have use them regularly since 2016 and I am happy with them
  13. Good idea. Iv tried growing some strawberries hanging in old plastic guttering the past few years and it works ok. Only downside is that you need to water often or it dries quickly, but it stops weeds and the strawberries dangling over the edge are easy to pick