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  1. reformed nice guy

    Good computer tools for your trade

    il be that guy........ I use emacs
  2. reformed nice guy

    House Prices Indices

    So after inflation, a good drop in y/y average?
  3. reformed nice guy

    Inheriting a SIPP

    I have never been able to nail down a straight answer to this question from searching on Google. If someone has a SIPP and dies, does the person inheriting it receive the "fund" as a SIPP of their own? I found this: If the person inheriting was under 55, would they be able to withdraw inherited fund or would the person inheriting the fund have to wait until they are 55 (ie, it is treated as an additional SIPP of their own)
  4. reformed nice guy

    Credit deflation and the reflation cycle to come. American 2 year is now higher than 3 year and 5 year.....
  5. reformed nice guy

    Last share you bought?

    I have been sitting on a pile of cash (roughly 25% of portfolio) as a result of selling mostly index funds and shares I felt were at a top over the past 6 months. I was on the look out for bargains and picked up a few. Since it was sitting in cash, I suppose it was effectively a long position on the £ To reduce this, I have put half of it into two bond funds: iShares IV plc USD Treasury Bond 20+ Year UCITS ETF Schroder ISF Global Inflation Linked Bond
  6. reformed nice guy

    When did you (mostly) stop buying things?

    I have the same problem. I also have a liking for torches
  7. reformed nice guy

    Tommy Robinson thread

    The Brexit referendum happened as some of the Conservative vote was splitting off the join UKIP on the issue of the European project. If UKIP coalesce around the message that Tommy Robinson promotes then we could be seeing an interesting change in direction of the Conservatives at some point in the future. It will take time and reminds me of Ghandi: "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." I would never have imagined an EU referendum, Brexit or anything back in the early 2000's when I was only reading the mainstream media.
  8. reformed nice guy

    The Big Short Thread

    Increased chance of Corbyn as PM?
  9. reformed nice guy

    Credit deflation and the reflation cycle to come.

    Charles Ponzi agrees with your logic.
  10. reformed nice guy

    Deep fried mars bars are off the menu?

    The centre of Edinburgh is the bastion of upper middle class Scots and English that are escaping the hoards
  11. reformed nice guy

    Credit deflation and the reflation cycle to come.

    “There is one aspect of the change in moral values brought about by the advance of collectivism which at the present time provides special food for thought. It is that the virtues which are held less and less in esteem and which consequently become rarer and precisely those on which the British people justly prided themselves and in which they were generally agreed to excel. The virtues possessed by Anglo-Saxons in a higher degree than most other people, excepting only a few of the smaller nations, like the Swiss and the Dutch, were independence and self-reliance, individual initiative and local responsibility, the successful reliance on voluntary activity, noninterference with one's neighbour and tolerance of the different and queer, respect for custom and tradition, and a healthy suspicion of power and authority.” ― Hayek F.A. The Road to Serfdom
  12. reformed nice guy

    Last share you bought?

    I have made some longer term investments based on my belief that automation will make big gains. Honda, Fanuc corp, aerovironment and cognex are my punts!
  13. reformed nice guy

    Autumn Budget

    I think a better idea is to do what the Yanks do and allow a transferable tax allowance. It would encourage households to stay together
  14. reformed nice guy

    Student Loans

    I think that in America the Democrats do not attack student loans too much, knowing that when a critical mass of eligible voters is reached in the future they will run on the promise of "debt relief"
  15. reformed nice guy

    Universally Challenged

    In the past (pre-industrial) an argument for 'the classics' was that when an educated fellow from England travelled to France or Italy, they would always have a shared cultural base to work on. Everyone would be familiar with a relatively standardised selection of classical Greek texts, the bible, Beowulf, Marcus Aurelius' work etc. I think that this is understandable and is unconsciously continued today. 1984, Das Kapital, etc are modern equivalents that are on most peoples "to read" list. I dont think that it should require a university course to give you an appreciation - everyone no matter if they work with their hands, their head or their heart can read, learn from and enjoy texts which are often deemed as "academic"