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  1. jesus, not those two lesbians though
  2. is the actual document available anywhere yet, had a look but can't find it?
  3. "Rishi Sunak says in 2023 he will raise corporation tax to 25%. He adds that the UK will still have lowest corporation tax in the G7. He also says he is creating a Small Profits Rate to ensure only businesses with profits of over £250,000 will be taxed at the 25% rate." Swerved that one
  4. Can't wait till my kids get their NI numbers through
  5. choochoo


    Thanks B. Stretching it out gradually every night, now in bed at 23.00, out at 03.00 and sleeps till 07.15ish. She pees immediately on going out, so it's really only a 5min disturbance. She is quite happy in the crate and hasn't done the toilet in there, so hopefully won't be long till she's through the night! Her, my wife and my two daughters
  6. Nippy, who claims to be all about education, has decided that my kids won't go back until after Easter. fucking hate her with a passion
  7. choochoo


    Yep....I know that now.....
  8. I'm all for this one...but only cause Nippy has already done it to us Scots....pay your share English scum
  9. choochoo


    Born 27th December, so 8 1/2 weeks now. She's picking things up quickly, now sits to command and is getting good at recall, albeit only in house and garden. Night time going well, last night was in to den at 23.20, awake and outside for pee at 02.40 then awake and outside again at 06.20. Every poo has been outside since lunchtime sunday. But they sure are inquisitive little buggers, spent most of my time typing in to google "can my puppy eat XXXXX" after spending time in garden. Teaching her to drop/leave is definitely next on the cards because she seems to have mastered the art of f
  10. choochoo


    Well reasonably successful start for us. Arrived home lunchtime Saturday, ate and drank water no problem the whole day, playing inside and out. Lots of pees and a few poos inside, some outside. Had pen set up for her in downstairs backroom, put her to bed 23.30, I slept on couch in the room, 5minutes of whining then went to sleep. I woke her up at 02.00 and took her outside for a pee successfully, straight back in pen until 05.00, another successful pee outside, then back in pen until 07.00. No issues Sunday, got better at reading her queues, pees were 50% inside and out, 5 poos out
  11. I voted for Independence and Brexit, simple reason really, they're all a shower of crooks and the less of them that have an input to my life the better. It's because Maggie trialled the poll tax on Scotland, gave a lot of us the hump. Also because Boris is a white, male, buffoon, when what the world needs (apparently) is nutters like Nippy and Jacinda. The voters that actually matter would vote completely differently if it wasn't white male vs compassionate (perceived) wummin
  12. I think it's a load of shite that people have accumulated a load of savings. People working have just spent money on other things - home improvements, gardens etc. I made some enquiries with landscape gardeners about 4 weeks ago, 50% wouldn't even come out to quote as they have work until 2022, 40% couldn't do the work until autumn and the cowboy could do it cash in hand by April. People on furlough will probably be ticking over and there are millions who are getting poorer. All this supposed pent up demand will consist of people getting a holiday and a couple of nights out. The
  13. choochoo


    Picking her up Saturday, we have a few days off work (even though working from home), so 5 days of full time attention to help settle her in. Crate downstairs from night 1. First few nights I'll sleep in other room downstairs so i can hear if she wakes up or needs to hear a voice to soothe her. Plan is to take her outside every couple of hours to try to teach her to go outside and avoid puppy pads. There are four of us at home due to home working/schooling, so even after the initial settling in period there will always be someone around to keep there eye on the puppy, so fingers cros
  14. choochoo


    Never had one, but picking a Labradoodle up Saturday, in return handing over £3k
  15. Presumable vaccine passports won't apply to the usual suspects and Somalians will still arrive in the country as they please?
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