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  1. Jeez, I thought only lonely old widows had > 1 cat. Computer nerd with cats.....😂😂
  2. The thing that's always pissed me off is paying tax on my overtime. Doesn't affect me now as I'm on a day rate, but for the first 18 years I worked I was out doing OT whenever possible,, this helped me in two ways More money for me Learned more and made me better at my job But really pissed me off that i was paying 40% tax on earnings from a Saturday nightshift when I wasn't getting anything else extra in return. Anything over 40hrs a week should be tax free, maybe that would encourage people out of shitty 16hr a week and tax credit lifestyles
  3. Anyone who even vaguely aligns with Labour's belief that earning £80k is rich is deluded. £80k minus tax, NI, pension, mortgage, childcare, car, shopping etc etc etc is really not that much. By all means make Amazon, and Facebook contribute By all means make wealthy landowners contribute But the easy targets are the people earning £50k to £100k. These people generally aren't rich. The more the Govt talks about increasing tax, the more determined I am to pay less.
  4. Personally I just don't see that HMRC are going to make more money. I pay more in Corp tax and dividend tax on 490 a day than would be paid in employers NI, employee NI and income tax on a full time role on 75k.
  5. I'd appreciate peoples thoughts on another question My contract requires me to deliver specified engineering deliverables on a project by project basis. These are defined at the start along with the number of days I will take to produce them. This is easy enough to be written in to a contract and I am confident this work would be outside IR35. However I am the only one who works within my discipline for the end client, so they asked me to carry out an engineering assurance role (Head of XXX) to fulfil their internal obligations and processes. his requires minimal input but would almost certainly be covered by the term "office holder" having read the guidance eek linked to, it's definitely a “permanent, substantive position which had an existence independent from the person who filled it, which went on and was filled in succession by successive holders.” So....can I have two contracts with the same end client 1. Responsible Engineer on a project by project basis with set outputs, time and cost - outside IR35 2. Head of XXX - daily rate - inside IR35 - Thoughts?
  6. I have erred on the side of caution on most questions, but will revisit having reviewed the guidance you linked to, thanks again.
  7. Thanks for that Eek. In all my previous contracts I've upped my day rate going in knowing all travel, accommodation etc was out my own pocket and non reimbursable. It's just this latest one where I've been able to. New contract is coming 6th April so I'll ensure that it doesn't allow for reimbursement of costs and increase my rate accordingly
  8. Section 5 Will you have to fund any vehicle costs before your client pays you? Will you have to fund any other costs before your client pays you?
  9. I've done it a few times. "Off-payroll working rules (IR35) do not apply Why you are getting this result Your answers told us you or your business will have to fund costs before your client pays you. This suggests you are working on a business to business basis." End client is large engineering company. I'm 70% office based, 30% on site, sites over last few years have been Aberdeen, Inverurie, Aviemore, Pitlochry, Ardrossan, York. I pay all my own travel and accommodation costs and claim back via Invoice through Ltd. Buy all my own work gear, boots, spray paint etc etc. Have laptop from end client but refused to take mobile, IPad etc etc
  10. There's an agency between me and the end client, their neck is on the block.
  11. Looking good for me, official memo out and end client are willing to accept a CEST determination of outside as basis of contracts from 6th April onwards. No Inside contracts though, an inside determination means on PAYE with agency.
  12. My mob have been getting 15% of my day rate since I started 7 years ago. I've found all the contracts. They've made more than 100k for being a middleman in paying my company 🤔🤔
  13. Update from me. End client (BAM Nuttall) now confirmed as starting to carry out individual assessments on a seniority basis, With some people being declared outside. So a bit more positive as least.
  14. Engineering contractor here. Still no formal notification of plans from end client, but rumours are no more limited companies with folk to go PAYE via umbrella. I've written direct to their top man saying I'll be offski as I'm not willing to expose myself to retrospective investigation, despite HMRC saying they won't.