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  1. Mongols obviously thought it was important, according to some novel I read the empire was built on teaching the kids to run up and down mountains with a mouth full of water. Finish the run without a mouth full and you were in trouble
  2. Saw this on Twatter yesterday "othering" view or treat (a person or group of people) as intrinsically different from and alien to oneself. "a critique of the ways in which the elderly are othered by society"
  3. This growing stuff is addictive, highs and lows lol. Was close to forgetting about it all yesterday due to another day of rain, but went out for a potter this evening, trimmed some stuff and have 2 cauliflower that should be ready in 10 days and eventually have some actual tomatoes growing now 😲😲 Query for you all on onions. Got 10 different little bunches that we grew from seed. When you pull the soil back there are 3 or 4 bulbs in each little bunch. I'm curious whether this is normal or whether they will start to stunt each others growth. Any ideas?
  4. Too much rain not enough sunshine. I have some peppers in pots which I've been bringing in at night and they seem to be doing better than ones outdoors. So I'm going to start bringing in the one tomato.plant I have in a pot and see how that fairs. My 7 tomato plants outside have grown well, lots of flowers but only two trusses of tomatoes have set so far. I'm going on assumption this is due to petal drop due to cool temperatures at night. Defo need a greenhouse for next year
  5. Any experts on corn pollination? Tassels sprouted a week ago and silks now emerging but from my research I believe I need to tassels to start flowering and releasing pollen before I self pollinate. In the image am I correct in thinking I need the tassels to start releasing pollen?
  6. Hey. I have a Taste card, but will order the 2nd dearest wine since I'm getting money off πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
  7. West Central Scotland, doing dismally in this constant NW air flow. Cool weather crops doing good though, harvested a cauliflower today!
  8. Just slightly better than me 😭😭😭 Only 61hrs of sunshine here so far in July and 1 day above 21c. Think a greenhouse is required πŸ€”
  9. Not enough sunshine up here over the last 6 weeks. Managed to harvest lettuce, radishes and broccoli. Cauliflower coming along, as are onions but no sign of any tomatoes despite 8 plants growing well and flowering. My peppers and chillies have had tiny little fruits growing very slowly for 3 weeks now , but it's slow progress . Hopefully need to pollinate some corn in the next couple of weeks.
  10. Funny how body positivity only works for women. Where are the fat male models?
  11. Thoughts folks...this is my first time at all this. I thought broccoli would grow as one big spear, but I've got multiple appearing, none big enough to harvest and I'm worried they look like flowering a bit already. Am I worrying too much? Also, onions. They were started by my kids as seeds and I moved them in to garden. They have ended up in wee bunches of 3,4 and 5. Will they grow OK or should I be trying to separate them. Pulled a couple out and not even sure of they're onions or spring onions
  12. Got my suspicions about this one. I had guys in to render some walls in my back garden last October, which they didn't quite get finished. Had them back out 6 weeks ago but only after some persuasion. They said they couldn't get materials, so I searched and found them online no problem. They asked if I could just order them and take it out remaining balance. They also asked for cash rather than bank transfer. It was a small two man band who have no doubt had every bung going and/or furloughed themselves. Still out working where possible but keeping it off the books. I've got 3 pallets I need shot Glasgow πŸ‘
  13. Scottish Govt saying kids back full time 11th August. I'm willing to bet the teachers and unions will find a way to avoid it. As for the leftie, woke drivel teachers spout.....I'm an atheist but quite frankly I'm glad my kids go to a Catholic school where traditional religion still plays a part
  14. Not just beaches. Parks in Glasgow so busy police having to shut them Hordes of teenage kids everywhere 🍺🀀