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  1. choochoo

    The NHS

    So I'm not an idiot then. Going to ask my only family member who works in the NHS and see what she thinks 😄
  2. choochoo

    The NHS

    Question about the NHS. When Boris announces he is giving them 3 billion what is it actually for? Presumably they aren't rushing out to buy staff or MRI scanners and we keep getting told they are all heroes working non stop 12hrs a day, so no scope for overtime. So what does this extra money actually do?
  3. funny that isn't it, I've managed 8 years and only had one day where i wasn't able to work.
  4. Seems a waste to me, as does Trident etc. If we got rid of the army, navy and RAF tomorrow, what do they think would happen? Japan spends 50% of what we do (% of GDP), and they aren't all sitting about waiting to get invaded are they?
  5. My recent personal experience is it will be 2. I'm on here, so obviously a sceptic. My wife was getting to the point of being the same, however over the weekend her best friend's dad died (69yr old overweight male, taxi driver, didn't wear a mask or take precautions - had Covid) and her Uncle died (mid 70's alcoholic - Covid suspected). Now she's all worried, talking about stopping kids going out, blah, blah, blah. I can't say anything because there's no denying what's happened. The Govt just need this to affect enough people so that enough of them believe the narrative and comp
  6. Get to fuck Krankie Is this country full of morons? Who wants to go through 4 weeks of almost complete lockdown so they can eat some turkey on Xmas day?
  7. and we get to pay them NI, income tax, council tax, VAT, corporation tax and all the rest, for the benefit of the "favour"
  8. We don't even eat the best seafood in our waters, it all goes abroad cause Tracey and Joe just want a bit of Cod. Nobody is down the chippy ordering langoustine and I've been unable to get fresh cockles for ages. This fishing rights nonsense is a red herring....
  9. I sent a query to Wembley this morning asking about hospitality for 4 Got a call back, free bar for 3hrs before and 90mins after plus tickets 1500 Euros...........per person
  10. who knows...are tickets on sale already...<searches google>
  11. Easy. June 18th we're pumping England. Trafalgar Square here I come 😄😄
  12. That whole premise literally makes no sense to me "By working from home, people aren't paying for public transport or eating out at restaurants near their places of work, while expensive offices remain virtually empty. Why the fuck should people pay for something they aren't using????
  13. Covid ends Party time House prices up massively Bounce back loans written off Tearing apart of the NHS Massive cut in corp and dividend tax An end to SJW and political correctness Owen Jones outed as a Tory voter
  14. "just about the whole medical profession have had a "D" notice forced upon them ,if they break it they will be sacked that should have been enough for any sane individual to seriously question what the fuck is going on" links for that? Not doubting you, would just really like to read it
  15. Treat yourself to some Jamon Iberico Bellotta Black Label £20 for 100g. Heaven as far as I'm concerned. https://theblackhoof.co.uk/product/hand-carved-berico-ham-bellota-100g/
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