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  1. Surely as people get paid more their class is likely to change. Me and my wife work hard and some people would say we were middle class, but all four of our parents started life in houses with outdoor toilets.
  2. She's from I listened to her dross last night and would never have guessed.
  3. I'm a Civil Engineer in the railway, have been for 24 years. Vanity Project is right. HS1 is 175mph. Track isn't really any different from the rest of the network. Ballast, sleepers, rails. Just a few more restrictions on tolerances for alignment. HS2 is proposed as 250mph which means several things:- The technology for normal ballasted track no longer works, meaning it has to be built as concrete slab track, pushing installation costs away up. The maximum radius that can be applied to trains running at 250mph is so flat that it's much, much harder to align the railway around obstacles. Hence all the tunnels and land requirements On normal railways the train wheels are conical, which helps steer trains around curves. At 250mph the rail/wheel interface is completely different meaning HS2 trains would need different shape wheelsets. These wheelsets wouldn't work on the normal network meaning HS2 trains wouldn't be compatible with any non HS2 lines requiring passengers to swap trains. Build it to the same standard as HS1 and costs and time would fall dramatically.
  4. The vast majority of that difference will be nothing to do with exchange rates. Airlines price flights differently depending on where you are all the time.
  5. I think its day has past. I keep my profile up to date, but as a job finding tool it's useless, whereas 5-6 years ago it used to get me lots of leads and people contacting me about work. It's just a glorified Facebook now.
  6. I know a couple of people who pretty much lost the plot through cannabis. People who've smoked and drank themselves to death. E just doesn't have anywhere near as damaging an effect on people IMO. Yep, just legalise the lot.
  7. The world was a much better place when everyone was out raving on E. Pretty sure that's why they clamped down in it and raves. Can't have the plebs being happy.
  8. My two kids go to a Catholic School and it astounds me how little they know about religion. I think I learned more from reading The Omen 1-4 when I was a child. Revelations, 666 etc means nothing to them 😁
  9. sweltering Thursday with high humidity as well, will feel like > 40c
  10. Isn't a woman showing her cleavage on a night out just the same as a man manspreading? Would the woman criticising manspreading also assert the right of woman to do what they want with their breasts?
  11. saw a seagull eating a pigeon in middle of Glasgow yesterday. Proper pulling the guts out and munching them down. Traumatised me a bit
  12. choochoo

    Power cut

    Buy rice, water and tobacco
  13. My wife knows a midwife at the hospital. They've had to spend a fortune isolating her and then the babies when they come, spent a fortune training people and bringing in additional equipment. Pauline's a right old drain on the she's a 43 year old with serious health problems. Can't see her taking the kids down the park. Selfish twat,
  14. choochoo


    I've stayed in Air Bnb quite a few times when it's been the whole apartment and never had any issues, it's my regular means of getting accommodation when working away for a couple of days. Back in 2014/15 I did have a contract in Maidenhead for a year, where I would fly down Monday and back home on a Thursday evening, therefore requiring 3 nights accommodation. Hotels were crap and expensive and I wasn't signing up for a 6 month lease on a flat, so I had a look on I ended up with a bedroom in a flat for £700 a month. Fortunately he had met a bird and ended up moving in with her, so I got the flat to myself for nearly the whole year I was there.