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  1. choochoo

    We're better than you

    The cops and other public servants apparently need more protection. The law isn't equal for all. What a load of bollix. I really hate this codswallop that seems to be forced on us that these people are heroes. I wouldn't trust a single one of them.
  2. choochoo

    Elvis Presley. A homage

    Elvis was a hero to most but he Elvis was a hero to most Elvis was a hero to most But he never meant shit to me you see Straight up racist that sucker was Simple and plain Mother fuck him and John Wayne
  3. choochoo

    UK - peak gym ?

    Money laundering?? I'm a member of David Lloyd,. Bike or treadmill, headphones on, 60-90mins peace. Woman who go in full make up get on my nerve!
  4. choochoo

    Wanted down under

    I lived in Brisbane for 2 years and generally Monday to Friday is no different to being in Scotland. The weather is better, but it makes no difference during the week as it's dark at 19.15 Fortunately I got a house with a big pool so for 7 months of each year the weekends did feel like being on holiday. The only things I miss are the weather (weekends only), and weirdly the chippies, which I found to be much better than here. Went to Sydney, hated it and couldn't wait to get back to Brisbane. The best bit about my 2 years in Brisbane was the 10 days I spent in Fiji
  5. choochoo

    Islamification of Europe

    Ok, so I can't call someone a poof, paki, spaz, inbred muslim bastard, trannie or numerous other things I assume they can't call me a jock, ugly bastard or fat cunt because that's prejudicing me because of my nationality, looks or weight? Would the Pigs take me serious if I reported someone for calling me big nosed twat?
  6. choochoo

    Oh just fuck off!

    Ah.......that's a relief, it always soothes my rage to come on here and find the whole world hasn't gone barking mad.
  7. choochoo

    Islamification of Europe

    UK 17.2. Scotland a lot less.
  8. choochoo

    Really odd things that became accepted

    People in work using the words "revert" and "delta". Twats
  9. choochoo


    HopenotHate looking to ban books Fascist Wankers
  10. choochoo

    Are we due some really bad weather?

    Looks nailed on. Good info here
  11. choochoo

    When did it all start to go wrong?

    When they banned outdoor raves
  12. choochoo

    Transgenders in team sport - so it begins

    On a similar identifies woman, goes to woman's jail and wins "Miss" Fitness
  13. choochoo

    'Oliver is free to date other people too'

    wife has this on now, is it a coincidence that they're all ugly as fuck?
  14. choochoo

    Young Labour AGM

    I fucking hate Twitter. A. Everyone on it is a cunt B. It's fucking unusable. Trying to follow a conversation is impossible.