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  1. Isn't a woman showing her cleavage on a night out just the same as a man manspreading? Would the woman criticising manspreading also assert the right of woman to do what they want with their breasts?
  2. saw a seagull eating a pigeon in middle of Glasgow yesterday. Proper pulling the guts out and munching them down. Traumatised me a bit
  3. choochoo

    Power cut

    Buy rice, water and tobacco
  4. My wife knows a midwife at the hospital. They've had to spend a fortune isolating her and then the babies when they come, spent a fortune training people and bringing in additional equipment. Pauline's a right old drain on the she's a 43 year old with serious health problems. Can't see her taking the kids down the park. Selfish twat,
  5. choochoo


    I've stayed in Air Bnb quite a few times when it's been the whole apartment and never had any issues, it's my regular means of getting accommodation when working away for a couple of days. Back in 2014/15 I did have a contract in Maidenhead for a year, where I would fly down Monday and back home on a Thursday evening, therefore requiring 3 nights accommodation. Hotels were crap and expensive and I wasn't signing up for a 6 month lease on a flat, so I had a look on I ended up with a bedroom in a flat for £700 a month. Fortunately he had met a bird and ended up moving in with her, so I got the flat to myself for nearly the whole year I was there.
  6. This would benefit me, but it will never happen. It doesn't matter that 50k is fuck all if you've got two kids, the line keeps being peddled that people paying 40% tax are high earners. It's a crock of shit and the only way around it to avoid tax wherever possible.
  7. choochoo

    Gove on coke

    Ok I work in engineering and have been getting drug tests since late 90s, what am I missing?
  8. I use Uber a lot and have used it in the UK, Portugal and USA. In Portugal, New York and Orlando it made what would have been complicated incredibly simple. In the UK I find it generally 25-30% cheaper than regular cabs. I'm pretty sure they'll turn a profit at some point 🤔🤔
  9. Scottish Cup Final and Pro 14 final in Glasgow today. 100,000 people in the city centre area. Hope the pubs have plenty of booze in.
  10. To follow up my own post....just checked it out and looks like photo is real, but the queue is caused by two people dying near the definitely not a stroll in the park. Death rate of those trying to get to the top is something like 5%
  11. Where's that photo from? Looks fake to me. There seems to be a massive queue if people going up but nobody coming back down..... I think you're all a bit deluded if you think getting to the top of Everest is a stroll in the park. Experienced climbers die all the time.
  12. Took loads of E and went raving from age of 16 to 19 (early to mid 90s). Great times Got job at 19 that required random drug testing. Worked my arse off for 12 years, away from home a lot, constant weekend working. Some people might think "losing" your twenties is bad but I was earning more than average wage by 25 and double average wage by 28 and it's hopefully set me up for life Have kids and spend time with them when they're wee. My oldest is a teenager now and barely talks to me. Vegas gambling. Might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I loved it even more than I thought I would.
  13. Spot on. All talking about it in public does is make more people feel depressed. Go and see a specialist FFS.
  14. I don't have any issue with where Jon ended up, the hints have been there ever since he hooked up with Ygritte. Sansa got what she always wanted, as did Arya pretty much. But Bran....are we supposed to think that becoming King has been his aim all along and he's the ultimate baddie allowing everyone to die while he sits on his arse?