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  1. The UK was a much better place when tens of thousands of people were getting mad with it on E's every weekend. The youth of today need to get out more often instead of obsessing about shite on Twatter and Instagram
  2. I'm no expert in sociology, but I imagine that the weather is partly the reason Glasgow is so good for culture, shopping, eating out, music etc. An hour from Loch Lomond and 2 hours on a plane when you need ⛅.
  3. Glasgow. Better than Edinburgh in every way. Less Islamists than England.
  4. but, but...don't all the academics keep going on about the Glasgow model for solving London's problems? I see Baroness Doreen had something to say, anyone got any numbers of black vs white murdered?
  5. Good old SNP has been quite vocal that we shouldn't be charging all these EU Doctors and Engineers £65 to stay here, meanwhile bumping up taxes for everyone who dares to earn more than £27k. wankers
  6. The Judge won't budge. He obviously means something to a lot of people - . I only recently found that site and as an ex raver totally love it.
  7. Spin room when it's empty, turn all the lights off, headphones on with a late 90s Essential Mix. Aim for 20 miles in an hour. Works for me.
  8. isn't this thread a little bit snowflakey for Dosbodders? Stevenage is a slum and gender shaming is political correctness gone made, fair play to him for saying it. He's still a knob though
  9. How they look and their terrible music. Plus ⛅ is good for you. You can't be a dosbodder extolling the benefits of massive doses of Vitamin D and a Goth
  10. This is true. Wee Asif at our school was pretty cool and always had the best computer games. Apart from his house smelling funny I never thought of him as different. Now I only have two rules for my daughter's 1. Don't be a goth 2. Stay away from Muslims
  11. Try living in Scotland. Chances are that following our budget in a few days we'll be paying higher rate tax starting £10k below those in England. Wankers.
  12. I've got a dyslexic daughter and it's certainly made me think back to those that I considered thickos at primary school. I can do pretty much any times table up to 4 figures, so I find it weird that some people can't do the 8 or 9 lol Also spelling, I just don't get how some people can't do it
  13. choochoo


    The report does gives figures for working age people only
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    thanks for that, just what I needed.
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    Having an argument with someone at work about paying tax and trying to get him to understand that someone paying £1000 in Income tax and NIbyt taking out £5000 in benefits isn't actually contributing to society. Are there any figures available on the number of people that are actually net positive taxpayers?