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  1. Took loads of E and went raving from age of 16 to 19 (early to mid 90s). Great times Got job at 19 that required random drug testing. Worked my arse off for 12 years, away from home a lot, constant weekend working. Some people might think "losing" your twenties is bad but I was earning more than average wage by 25 and double average wage by 28 and it's hopefully set me up for life Have kids and spend time with them when they're wee. My oldest is a teenager now and barely talks to me. Vegas gambling. Might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I loved it even more than I thought I would.
  2. Spot on. All talking about it in public does is make more people feel depressed. Go and see a specialist FFS.
  3. I don't have any issue with where Jon ended up, the hints have been there ever since he hooked up with Ygritte. Sansa got what she always wanted, as did Arya pretty much. But Bran....are we supposed to think that becoming King has been his aim all along and he's the ultimate baddie allowing everyone to die while he sits on his arse?
  4. Well I suppose that ties it up, the 3 immediate questions for me are:- 1. Why give us a couple of seasons on Arya gaining the ability to change faces and never really use it 2. explanation at all really, just a change of heart all of a sudden and that's it 3. The Dothraki and Unsullied followed Daenerys across the world, slaughtered thousands and then just agreed to trot off back home after.....without taking retribution or causing a bit of carnage?
  5. Why are all the battles completely one sided. In this episode the dragon can destroy everything in its path, in the previous one they were useless. Can't believe Cerseis death was falling rubble, how shit is that? Episode 5 had major plot holes, but oddly I still really enjoyed it. I assume Aria is going to kill the dragon queen now?
  6. The first series is actually a lot better if you go back and watch if after watching Series 1-6. Lots of things in there you don't pick up on a first viewing.
  7. Does any of that even matter? The big contributors like China, India, Brazil, Russia and America couldn't give a fuck either way. I'd be more inclined to listen to Extinction Rebellion if they went and protested over there and stopped using any goods from the aforementioned countries. Wee Jimmy Krankie declared a climate emergency in a country that produces 74% of its energy from renewable sources 🤔🤔
  8. Seems like this sums up the UK in general. A bunch of hard working people who pay taxes are expected to subsidise the fuckwittery of another big chunk of the population, even in retirement. Why should someone without a penny of savings get the same quality of care home as someone paying privately?
  9. Unsatisfactory. Build the enemy up for years, give hints to the Night Kings provenance and then bring them to an end without a hint of explanation. It's Lost all over again....
  10. The UK was a much better place when tens of thousands of people were getting mad with it on E's every weekend. The youth of today need to get out more often instead of obsessing about shite on Twatter and Instagram
  11. I'm no expert in sociology, but I imagine that the weather is partly the reason Glasgow is so good for culture, shopping, eating out, music etc. An hour from Loch Lomond and 2 hours on a plane when you need ⛅.
  12. Glasgow. Better than Edinburgh in every way. Less Islamists than England.
  13. but, but...don't all the academics keep going on about the Glasgow model for solving London's problems? I see Baroness Doreen had something to say, anyone got any numbers of black vs white murdered?
  14. Good old SNP has been quite vocal that we shouldn't be charging all these EU Doctors and Engineers £65 to stay here, meanwhile bumping up taxes for everyone who dares to earn more than £27k. wankers