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    Read my lips - more new taxes

    Try living in Scotland. Chances are that following our budget in a few days we'll be paying higher rate tax starting £10k below those in England. Wankers.
  2. choochoo

    Assumed abnormalities

    I've got a dyslexic daughter and it's certainly made me think back to those that I considered thickos at primary school. I can do pretty much any times table up to 4 figures, so I find it weird that some people can't do the 8 or 9 lol Also spelling, I just don't get how some people can't do it
  3. choochoo


    Having an argument with someone at work about paying tax and trying to get him to understand that someone paying £1000 in Income tax and NIbyt taking out £5000 in benefits isn't actually contributing to society. Are there any figures available on the number of people that are actually net positive taxpayers?
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    The report does gives figures for working age people only
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    thanks for that, just what I needed.
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    Amusing or interesting local news stories

    Not really local, but amusing Adult, furry Erotica Honestly?
  7. choochoo

    Nissan JUKE

    Renault Kadjar
  8. choochoo

    Things you wish you didn't know.

    What Paris is like. I'll never take the wife and she hates me for it
  9. choochoo

    Twatter - Judge and Jury?

    West Ham Coach - suspended for attending democratic march and tweeting about it US Gymnastics coach - forced out after tweeting about her Nikes Why does anyone even bother with it? Is Twitter opinion now the law in this country?
  10. choochoo

    Have we got everywhere covered? England

    Auchtermuchty Ecclefechan
  11. choochoo

    Have we got everywhere covered? England

    Scotland. English twats.
  12. choochoo

    Ways to earn extra money

    If you read the online poker forums you'll find that the guys who make a living out if it usually measure expected earnings in big blinds per hour - BB/HR. Usually a rate of 4-5bb/hr is good. I believe those that make a living will multi table anhwyere between 4 and 8 tables. Playing a single table and making 5bb/hr would require you to be playing £1/£2 NL to make £10hr. Normally that means sitting down with £200 and having a bankroll of at least £4k. Have a look at twoplustwo forums before you decide you want to earn money playing poker.
  13. choochoo

    Ways to earn extra money

    I dabble with online poker and live poker, for enjoyment mostly and mostly tournaments. Cask poker online is very, very hard these days. I wouldn't even consider trying to make a regular income from it, far too many people who seemingly have nothing better to do than play thousands of hands a day to grind out a hundred dollars. Live poker on the other hand, well Sat Night I sat down with £150 and walked away with £2148 after 5 hrs, plus you get a laugh. what sort of income you looking for?
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    kids films you can watch yourself

    Enjoyed Coco recently. Love Tangled Zathura A Space Adventure Up Incredibles Lego Movie I've got kids into Back to the Future, Indiana Jones, Yje Goonies Wall-E
  15. choochoo

    Cold Winter?

    Generally the models only look 9 days ahead - Obviously the further out you go the less accurate it gets. The model discussion thread focuses on that. High pressure equals settled weather, low pressure the opposite. Click on the 500hpa bodendruck panel tab. The stratosphere temperature watch thread is looking for signs further up in the atmosphere, this tends to give an indication of medium to long term expectations. Last year they fairly accurately predicted the beast from the east weeks in advance due to a slow down and eventual reversal in the high level polar winds, allowing cold air to sink out of the arctic.
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    Cold Winter?
  17. choochoo

    Best regional insults

    Bolt ya nugget
  18. choochoo

    We're better than you

    The cops and other public servants apparently need more protection. The law isn't equal for all. What a load of bollix. I really hate this codswallop that seems to be forced on us that these people are heroes. I wouldn't trust a single one of them.
  19. choochoo

    Elvis Presley. A homage

    Elvis was a hero to most but he Elvis was a hero to most Elvis was a hero to most But he never meant shit to me you see Straight up racist that sucker was Simple and plain Mother fuck him and John Wayne
  20. choochoo

    UK - peak gym ?

    Money laundering?? I'm a member of David Lloyd,. Bike or treadmill, headphones on, 60-90mins peace. Woman who go in full make up get on my nerve!
  21. choochoo

    Wanted down under

    I lived in Brisbane for 2 years and generally Monday to Friday is no different to being in Scotland. The weather is better, but it makes no difference during the week as it's dark at 19.15 Fortunately I got a house with a big pool so for 7 months of each year the weekends did feel like being on holiday. The only things I miss are the weather (weekends only), and weirdly the chippies, which I found to be much better than here. Went to Sydney, hated it and couldn't wait to get back to Brisbane. The best bit about my 2 years in Brisbane was the 10 days I spent in Fiji
  22. choochoo

    Islamification of Europe

    Ok, so I can't call someone a poof, paki, spaz, inbred muslim bastard, trannie or numerous other things I assume they can't call me a jock, ugly bastard or fat cunt because that's prejudicing me because of my nationality, looks or weight? Would the Pigs take me serious if I reported someone for calling me big nosed twat?
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    Oh just fuck off!

    Ah.......that's a relief, it always soothes my rage to come on here and find the whole world hasn't gone barking mad.
  24. choochoo

    Islamification of Europe

    UK 17.2. Scotland a lot less.
  25. choochoo

    Really odd things that became accepted

    People in work using the words "revert" and "delta". Twats