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  1. People convert from and to all religions all the time. The Muslims who go "rogue" are sentenced to Death.
  2. Overcharged then charged again. Rip off Britain
  3. Dumb lefties. Phobia is a fear, Islam is the Religion of peace. et voila, fear of Islam. Not irrational.
  4. Couldnt they make it in the UK?
  5. God only views life as sacred after the first breath is drawn. He loved to kill the unborn on many occasions. Indeed, about a 3rd of abortions in the first trimester are spontaneous. An Atheist simply does not beleive in A God. Atheism is not a religion nor is it a set of moral rules.
  6. Rumours dont need to be true to cause a run on the bank. fact is, people were queing for their money. COnfidence is all, and queues are not a sign of confidence.
  7. any pictures of the baby yet? Im keen to coo.
  8. Please dont enter any general knowledge quiz shows, you will be slaughtered. Watched one and the questions were about the previous olympics. All the famous names during the event forgotten in a matter of months.
  9. Actually, its the SJWs have the inferiority complex on their behalf. Everyone called their kids naughty little monkeys, as every race has an Ape as an ancestor, and we do look like them, some more than others. Now naughty little monkeys is as bad as the "N" word.
  10. They will be the same dumfucks who think monkeys and blacks are less evolved than other races.

    Get a life FFS

    The reported should be seriously prosecuted under GDPR regulations for revealing the private letter.
  12. If only the boy was Trans......
  13. At a christening last year in Southern France, there were 3 visibly armed Police at the gates to the Catholic Church due to continued threats and taunts from the "Muslim Community". Normal now.
  14. the next attack will be soon enough. spinkle on top after the event the mental illness and lone wolf and we have the whole thing done an dusted.