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    Vegetarian Nazis?

    According to a study funded by the soy checkoff, the soybean meal fed in the U.S. goes to several segments of animal agriculture. Poultry eats about 67 percent.1 Pigs consume nearly 21 percent.1 Beef and dairy cattle use just over 10 percent.1 The rest goes to aquatic farming like fish and shrimp, other farm animals and companion animals like horses and pets.1
  2. equality of outcome leads to no outcome at all. Making women the priority means is demeaning to the women who DO make it. Lefties HATE women.

    Vegetarian Nazis?

    Nah, new houses are full of twigs

    Vegetarian Nazis?

    Dynamic Workforce:Thats one with a large turnover of workers
  5. And yet one word about "Greta Thurnbergs views" and they call it child abuse. disgusting lefties
  6. it was more down to land management. nothing to do with power stations after all. " Possibly the greatest evidence against harmful effects of acid rain is the fact that acidic lakes have not “recovered” after most sulfur and nitrogen pollution was removed from the atmosphere. The 2011 NAPAP report to Congress stated that SO2 and NO2 emissions were down, that airborne concentrations were down, and that acid deposition from rainfall was down, but could not report that lake acidity was significantly reduced. The report states, “Scientists have observed delays in ecosystem recovery in the eastern United States despite decreases in emissions and deposition over the last 30 years.” In other words, the pollution was mostly eliminated, but the lakes are still acidic. "
  7. victimhood in music. thats why the vote went that way.
  8. whatever happened to Acid Rain?...Oh yeah, it never existed but was hailed as the most perfect science ever at the time.
  9. Been like this for years if you wanted Government contracts. Diversity is so good for business, you have to force it through policy.
  10. BBC responds to easy sources, like twitter and other news channels. Reporting is too expensive. Copy and paste is cheap. Although you still need a degree in Womens Studies to qualify. And yet the study of women is sexist if men do it.
  11. should ban cars and trucks too. killers everyday. Out in Public too.
  12. EC duty of care laws openly flaunted.
  13. seems to me the fat epidemic, along with diabetes and heart disease is down to something we do. My guess its actually an insulin sickness. This is caused by all the excess sugar we are all encouraged to eat. Insulin causes fat retention. this leads to high blood pressure, stroke and joint injury at the least Excess fibre and carbs leads to heart disease and leaky bowel and blood disease. remember, we only have a teaspoon of sugar in our blood. anything else and that leads to the body stepping up and releasing insulin to get rid of the excess, because too much is highly toxic. Poison in = poison in the body.