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  1. Donald McFlurry

    The Germany is fucked thread

    Another migrant rape reported, in a Berlin suburb. iPlod allegedly more concerned with the negative public reaction than finding the second perpetrator.
  2. Donald McFlurry

    Black Friday deals

    Agreed. This is like a thread off Mumsnet.
  3. Donald McFlurry

    Trivial Things that annoy you

    When they change bin day
  4. Donald McFlurry

    Sheffield school riot

    What I find funny is how all the mainstream news sites disable comments on stories like this. Almost as if they know what will happen if they don't. 🤔 So rather than having debate in the open, about the clear and obvious issues at the heart of these problems, normal people are driven to alternative sites ... And then people who go on these alternative sites can be dismissed as extremists and racists. 👍
  5. Donald McFlurry

    Electric Mountain Bikes

    There's a guy who modified / makes his own ebikes here It's a bit scary he has bent standard wheel spokes with the power he's getting out of them.
  6. Donald McFlurry

    The Big Short Thread

    Interestingly, there's been some people looking into BABA lately who think it's a massive fraud like Enron. An interesting read:
  7. Donald McFlurry

    The Big Short Thread

    It's difficult to be sure of anything in this crazy market. It's been an interesting summer for Tesla and it's CEO / Pedophile expert Elon Musk. Now with a SEC investigation pending when a capital raise is probably needed it does feel a little bit more likely. I originally sold my put options when he was trying to pump the stock, but I got back in again a couple of weeks ago with the Jan 2020 $200 puts. At least now I don't care about the expiry, as much and they fit in with my overall thesis that this company is never worth more than Ford or GM. The fact that there's a lunatic at the helm even more so.
  8. Donald McFlurry

    Phone Solutions (VoIP)

    Have had a number with voipfone for about 12 years. Only hidden thing is VAT on top. I can recommend them, very professional and never had a need to call them for any issue.
  9. Donald McFlurry

    Companies and brands whose virtue-signalling is off the scale!

    Was looking for something on Argos today and noticed their logo now has a rainbow flag. I dunno, but I reckon Argos have sold gay people stuff since buggery was a criminal offence, so I don't see what relevance it has these days.
  10. Donald McFlurry

    Avoiding cancer thread

    Only thing I'll add to this is the following: The NHS doctors, nurses and MacMillan / Marie Curie teams for some reason have a very positive (even Prozac happy) outlook on everything. They will very rarely tell you straight what your chances of surviving after surgery, chemo etc will be and always have a tendency to favour odds of cure, no matter how far the wrong side of 50/50 it is. Maybe it's because there is no legal route to euthanasia in the UK. But they don't tell you how much suffering you might need to go through to prolong your life. I've seen a couple of 2 year journeys, both resulting in awful suffering and pain before the inevitable death. One thing I promise myself is that if I'm diagnosed with a stage 3/4 cancer then I'll be going on my own terms however illigal that still is at the time. The NHS do a good job and I'm not trying to take anything away from them or the people that support terminal cases. They just need to be real with people who they know damn well are about to go through a world of suffering and pain for no good reason. A few of the nurses told me privately that this all changed after the Harold Shipman case. Before that if you were lucky your GP would give you an overdose of morphine at home when things got to the point of unnecessary suffering.
  11. Donald McFlurry

    The Germany is fucked thread

    "Wir schaffen das" was a phrase bandied about when all these economic migrants refugees were let in. Something like "we'll manage it". To think that Germany could achieve what every other western nation has failed to i.e. to integrate a culture that is completely incompatible with western values, would work there, speaks volumes of the hubris that a lot of Germans carry. Not all Germans, but a lot in the political classes, especially Mutti herself a childless dried up liberal with guilt issues from the war. It's like they know better than everyone else, all over again.
  12. Donald McFlurry

    Why are the So-Called BBC such arseholes?

    Take a look at the Twitter hashtag #BBCswitchoff I noticed this trending the other day, but I can't fathom it. It seems to be full of people with stuff like #FBPE in their names. They are saying the so-called BBC are biased against the Tories, and the EU? And also they are going after Corbyn for his anti-Semitism. Is the so-called BBC basically in a no-win situation with its so-called mandate for editorial impartial reporting? News these days doesn't need an editorial to get out. If enough people care about it, then it trends in social media or is reported by alternative news sites. Maybe the news editors are second guessing themselves. The threshold line of what constitutes news seems to be blurred these days an increasingly subjective.
  13. Donald McFlurry


    Elisabeth Holmes of Theranos fame used to do the same. It was more a tool to show how hard she was working to investors. She used to say she did it so that nobody else was in a worse situation than her. Pure bullshit of course. Take a look at the book Bad Blood if you haven't already. It will open your eyes to the valley narcissist CEO mentality.
  14. Donald McFlurry

    The Big Short Thread

    I had a feeling this might happen after the earnings release. Last week I sold my puts, for a slight profit (also from the strength in the USD). I still believe that fundamentally their valuation is too high. However there is still too much belief in the story for it to go down yet. Overall the emotional cost of this short is too high for me. Much prefer the quiet boring ones.
  15. Donald McFlurry

    Islamification of Europe

    I used to go to St. Denis for work. Because it's a total shit-hole, real estate is relatively cheap there. Hence it's a good site for a datacentre and is home to one of Paris's largest hosting facilities where Google, Amazon etc house a lot of their systems. I stayed near the stadium where the terrorist attacks took place, and walked in from there a few times. This was about 7 years ago mind, so I was familiar with all those places that were attacked when it happened and the news reports came in. Crossing into St. Denis was an experience. The streets around the Seine and near the stadium were full of tents and you really had to watch your step because discarded needles are everywhere. Lots of people milling around everywhere with those big weaved plastic bags you see tramps with. The guys that worked in the datacentre told us not to walk in, and under no circumstances arrive or leave in the dark, only get taxis. Anyone who's ever worked in Paris will know about Parisian taxi drivers. If they aren't on strike they will simply refuse to take you to an area they don't want to. I can only assume these days it's got worse. If I had to go there for work again I'd probably refuse, without guaranteed transport to and from site. The risk of being attacked or robbed is too high.