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  1. Good move. I would mention in the letter that you fear that your lad will retaliate physically and you don't want that to happen. Then if it does (and it should imo), there are not likely to be any repercussions from the head should he later knock seven shades of shit out of them.
  2. There are these standard witticisms that all nob-heads learn at some stage in their pointless lives. There must be a list somewhere. When I used to work the till in my part time job, we had to check all notes £20 or larger. I reckon 8/10 times I would get "freshly printed this morning" when checking the watermark.
  3. You can make a lithium battery explode just by heating it up. Once it gets going you can't really do much to stop it. A water sprinkler system might take some heat away but will not put it out. Does anyone remember from science class what happens when you put lithium in water? Multiply that by the number of batteries in that warehouse and you have a huge chain reaction. See There have been Tesla fires that have taken all night to put out, and even then reignited later. It's all great tech when it works but the risks are really not understood or ignored in the pursuit of progress.
  4. Been shaving with a Merkur safety razor for the last couple of years. I have a genuine badger hair shaving brush. I use Arko shave stick, which has tallow in it (essential for a good lather). The blades I've used include Derby -cheapest around but can dull quickly. The best I've used are feathers, but I cut myself up with them at first, now I know the grain direction all over my face, I can use these to get a very close shave without cuts. Astra blades are good, but I heard these are made by Gillette in Russia, so they're off my list now. I used to use Mach 3, for about 10 years. I reckon I've saved a small fortune already. In the end, you're paying for their marketing budget to produce this absolute horse shit and insult you.
  5. One angle I'd bring into this thread is about deflation in consumer goods and the effect that has on spending power Since the 90's through technological advancements and manufacturing moving to Asia, almost all consumer goods have either gotten cheaper in real terms, or been replaced by other things. For example clothing used to be relatively expensive, but now Primark and Inditex have made them cheap. TVs are far cheaper, DVDs, CDs are almost gone, a £100 smartphone can replace thousands of pounds worth of 90s gadgets. This has, at least up to now, reduced the impact of rising prices elsewhere, and it's kept people quiet with their big TVs and phones. The problem is, as far as I can tell, those gains are now pretty much spent. Smartphones haven't got much smarter in the last few years, and nobody's making shit cheaper than China in the foreseeable future. In fact, these have started to inflate recently. Meanwhile, price inflation in essentials continues as it always has. I think we're now at a tipping point where the masses are waking up to the con. The real buying power of the pound is a lot less than it seems.
  6. Every airport has plane spotters hanging around, usually with some fairly decent photographic gear. I find it baffling that all we got in the way of "evidence" was a pixel moving across the sky, which could easily have just been a pigeon. It stinks of a cover up, and it's getting stranger as time goes on.
  7. Another migrant rape reported, in a Berlin suburb. iPlod allegedly more concerned with the negative public reaction than finding the second perpetrator.
  8. Agreed. This is like a thread off Mumsnet.
  9. What I find funny is how all the mainstream news sites disable comments on stories like this. Almost as if they know what will happen if they don't. 🤔 So rather than having debate in the open, about the clear and obvious issues at the heart of these problems, normal people are driven to alternative sites ... And then people who go on these alternative sites can be dismissed as extremists and racists. 👍
  10. There's a guy who modified / makes his own ebikes here It's a bit scary he has bent standard wheel spokes with the power he's getting out of them.
  11. Interestingly, there's been some people looking into BABA lately who think it's a massive fraud like Enron. An interesting read:
  12. It's difficult to be sure of anything in this crazy market. It's been an interesting summer for Tesla and it's CEO / Pedophile expert Elon Musk. Now with a SEC investigation pending when a capital raise is probably needed it does feel a little bit more likely. I originally sold my put options when he was trying to pump the stock, but I got back in again a couple of weeks ago with the Jan 2020 $200 puts. At least now I don't care about the expiry, as much and they fit in with my overall thesis that this company is never worth more than Ford or GM. The fact that there's a lunatic at the helm even more so.
  13. Have had a number with voipfone for about 12 years. Only hidden thing is VAT on top. I can recommend them, very professional and never had a need to call them for any issue.