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  1. Yep, the best prime minister we never had. I think Brussels would have known that they were in for a negotiation if Widdecombe walked into the room, not a lady to be trifled with by any stretch. Contrast to May... A refreshing person too because she also can't tolerate these ridiculous feminist types who think being female qualifies them for a job. And that is why she is respected, she'd wipe the floor with most people irrespective of sex. Need more of her type in politics.
  2. We should change our patron saint to "Tommy Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon" rolls off the tongue better too.
  3. The "refugees welcome" brigade must be the most unsufferable of all NIMBY groups. Happy for someone else to sign the cheques and claim to be holier than thou when in reality they'd hate diversity in their own area. They really do make me sick. Very dangerous people as well given what the future will hold as a result of them importing third world problems into UK inner cities. They don't realise when the loonies take over the asylum we're all going down.
  4. Not really undiagnosed but I get pins and needles in my left leg constantly. I presume it must be how I sit but who knows. Few times I've almost ended up on the floor or down the stairs as I misjudge how numb I am and my leg goes from underneath me! Often amuses colleagues :).
  5. I think Farage's ego might be catching up wih him. Extraordinary achievement he has made which we should be grateful for but the Brexit Party seems to be a personality cult around him as the Supreme Leader and some minor celebrities and hangers-on to echo his calls.That doesn't seem sustainable to me. I am not convinced it is about the country but rather about massaging his ego and reminding himself how great he is. I think the Brexit party can do better in the short run off the back of Farage's diminishing stature but get the impression UKIP is the best long term bet we have. When Farage gets bored with the Brexit Party he will hand the party over to a hapless lacky with no foundations inherited apart from his image and leave them to play around in the ruins. I do think the Brexit Party could have appeal in the South with well-to-do disaffected tories but the North with the right campaign could be a good hunting ground for UKIP, providing the working class finally swith on to the Labour sell-out.
  6. I worked in County Tyrone a few years ago, never actually lived there but had to go over and camp out in hotels during my visits. Absolutely hated the place and the small-minded people that occupied it, just hearing the accent to this day makes my skin crawl. And I've lived all over the UK with work. Really quite sad as it put me right off NI in general which is probably a wholly unfair brush. I even remember bumping into some of the emigrated lot in an Irish bar in San Francisco, just as enlightened as the brethren back in the motherland, recounting their tales of fighting and acting like neanderthals with beaming pride. I got the impression that everything just bubbles beneath the surface there and the same vitriol exists, just driven underground for now.
  7. I really respect Batten and I think he rolls with the punches very well when being attacked by the media (BBC) as is customary in his position. I'm not a UKIP member and voted Cons at GE but am probably going to sign up as I feel he deserves a little bit of backing as it takes courage to take his stance and I admire it. However, I accept my views and concern about the islamisation of Western Europe aren;'t mainstream and IMO GB should not have gone down this route at this time. It should have remained a side issue for now while we deal with Brexit. With the media against you already you can't afford to give them such cheap ammunition. I'd have been happy for them to make to simply make clear they felt immigration was too high, integration and multiculturalism has largely failed, you can probably get elected on those messages and then deliver on the Islam issue when in office. I think TR is very misunderstood too but while he can offer a million or so patriots for the ride he isn't the sort of person the media will ever give a fair hearing to nor would he connect with the fairweather voters who decide elections. For a party with serious intentions it is best not to have him involved. By all means privately sympathise and support but that should be it.
  8. I never went on a single holiday with someone I went out with for 4 years. She went on quite a few but I stayed in the UK...working. I do regret it but it is what it is, that is what I prioritised. Today is my first of the year off so not doing too much better. But I am planning to go to Scotland for 10 days this year which I am so looking forward to. Winding down and decompressing is really important for your mental health.
  9. Aye, just adding extra complexity to the decision making process which is ultimately "that'll do". I don't much like it in restaurants either. 30 mains to choose from? 5 is enough to select from.
  10. I think my most expensive round was 80 something quid too. Work Xmas party. I do get carried away .
  11. I spent an entire holiday budget on a first night out in Romania. Went to some nice "clubs". Was a good evening . In the UK easily quite a few £200+ nights just on drink, food, clubs etc. not withstanding hotels. Wouldnt class myself as a big spender either, just when you go out in London with 5 or 6 mates a round at the bar may set you back 50 quid alone. Particularly if on the spirits or if somewhere upmarket. Usually I can't be arsed with the round dodgers fumbling around for their wallets when it's their turn so often pay more than I need too. Life is too short to count the pennies on the odd occasion you let your hair down in my view!
  12. You would think if you had the So-Called BBC coming around you'd at least make the f**king bed wouldn't you? Shame on you Melanie Smith. It amazes me what squalor people live in and then not even being arsed to clean up when expecting visitors.
  13. I've actually considered knocking the booze on the head and smoking a few spliffs a week instead. Probably less harmful overall IMV and probably yield the same results in terms of chilling me out. Problem is I just don't know how one goes about finding a local supply?
  14. I agree with the sentiment but not so sure on your last point, seems a lottery IME, many live a very long life while drinking a lot of alcohol albeit my own anecedotal experience. My family are generally all big drinkers and all long livers to boot which perhaps skews my thinking toward alcohol somewhat dangerously! My nan was the poshest person I've ever known but she sunk special brew every night for 60+years, we had to sneak her booze into the care home and to be honest we didn't feel guilty about that one bit either; she was a seasoned drinker, it gave her some pleasure and ultimately the end was nigh anyway so you might as well. My dad will drink as much as VL did and more in his 60s now (every day for 40 years bar having flu I'd say), latest I heard was the doctors commenting what brilliant health he was in...go figure. I wouldn't want to put it to the test personally but I suspect I'd be absolutely fine in function (and health so far as one can be) on a quarter of bottle of spirits a day - I'm a big bloke and these days don't drink huge amounts more than 4-5 times a year but even said I need 8-10 pints to get me started and 12-15 to feel "pissed". 10 units of spirits or 4 pints of beer maybe would of got me tipsy at 15 years of age, now... a mild relaxant at best which is what I tend to get from my own drinking. Interesting how volumes differ from person to person though and also the perception of what is a lot. I accept I am probably not the person to be taking the UK's chief Medical Officer position once he retires!
  15. Yep, I guess I am on that treadmill still through lack of inspiration more than anything but long since aware there is no utlimate fulfillment in it for me. To be honest one of the reasons I drink is for the brief repreive from the sheer banality of life sober. Too sober and I start pondering the general insignificance of a life, our impacts and the lack of meaningful worth of any one individuals' work over a lifetime. I don't believe in much at all. The only maxim I have in life is quite a simple one and it is "f**k it", I've used it for years and it has been pretty effective. I have to occasionally mentally apply it to myself whenever I feel doubtful in a decision, or see a drift of confidence in the delivery of something or to someone. I simply remind myself in any moment of insecurity of action or outcome that life is ultimately pointless, no-one really gives a damn and to just go for it, whatever "it" may be, without a worry or a care for the consequence. If you can embrace "f**k it" as a motto, there isn't much to fear in life on the other side, things work out.