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  1. I can't lose any friends because I don't have any.
  2. Yep, we're about 50% DIY, 50% industrial. Industrial is well down year on year, DIY is significantly up year on year. We're obviously only a small player but do deal with a lot of the sheds (indirectly as we sell to the brands) and we're definitely seeing a drop off 4th week of this month which is suggesting to me the inventories are getting back up again. And when I say drop off I mean dropping back to where we'd expect to be in a given week in August. For context we're making 42,000 litres of fence paint on Saturday overtime, normally we'd not do that in a month on that product.
  3. I have not been far off having a heart attack the last few weeks due to stress keeping up. Our business (construction chemicals, paints predominantly) has been posting record numbers. June was big, July was massive, August will top the lot. Business itself is flat out 6 days a week with staff on whatever overtime they will accept. We had a poor April and May so not over-excited as yet as think we've had a concertina effect on volume with shutdown then everything going mental. We will bank the cash and wait for the rainy day as my gut instinct is a lot of pain has still been deferred.
  4. SillyBilly


    That is tough on the feet size. I have relatively small feet for my size (size 12) yet even still you do find the stock range starts to nosedive after size 11/11.5. Can't imagine how frustrating it is for you because I seem to be constantly frustrated when I find the perfect shoe...and nothing in stock. Of all the things I notice most sharply it is sinks being so low down. I rarely take public transport so usually sitting pretty in my nice big Estate but a Ryanair flight ain't a pleasurable experience.
  5. The wealthy South? Is this just imputed rent or some mythical beast at work as I genuinely think as a "midlander" in the South the quality of life here is terrible compared to the Midlands. I only stay because I can't move my business for another 4 years. At which point I will probably spend £200k+ relocating it up North which to me is a financial no-brainer over the long run in both business and personal terms.
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    I don't really notice short people as I am 6 3" so 99% of people I meet are the same height or smaller. It is only when I meet a truly big b*****d I think "eh up" and find it quite intriguing to be looking up for once rather than down.
  7. T&Cs are thrown about like a rag doll so much now they barely hold water. Case in point: a lot of large companies send over 4-5 pages of T&Cs with their Purchase Orders (1 page order, 4-5 pages of T&Cs), we reply back with an Order Acknowledgement stating that we do not accept sale on any terms apart from our own (as described) and receipt of goods and payment shall indicate acceptance. And title of goods remains with us until paid. So basically reversing theirs. Nobody gives a toss in day-to-day trade, written by lawyers. I don't read theirs and they don't read mine.
  8. Sadly its no different to a lot of other industries. The regulations I am convinced are at least designed to create jobs. Productive work takes less time with the tools so the "lost time" needs to be invested into the paperwork so no overall "work" is lost. Never underestimate our ability to create work where there is none.
  9. I take 400mg of 5-HTP a night, it is the only thing I have noted that works (and I've tried everything). I believe that dose is way higher than the recommended too but if it helps me sleep I genuinely don't give a f**k. I ran out recently as forgot to stock up, perhaps coincidence and the placebo effect but I had 2 nights of horrendous "sleep" i.e. none. I have occasionally come off it for one reason or another and then gone back on it, I found going back on causes extremely lucid dreams for a few nights before it settles down and "back to normal". Just my experience with it.
  10. It is an insult isn't it? We want ALL of this from you with no mention whatsoever of compensation. Is the opening blurb of that job description typical or is that sort of language the only way you can articulate what needs doing in the world of software/programming? Could your discipline actually cut a load of the corporate BS terminology and still get the job done? Genuinely interested. I mean you see it in every field but seems particularly acute in your industry.
  11. How many examples, can you give 2-3 out of interest? I am sure the t&c's were better than unemployment in any case? Or would these same people have been tens of k better off having taken a different job due to this weapon being employed? What actual cost did it have?
  12. Contracts are something that are only referenced when things have already got so bad that whatever is or isn't in the contract isn't likely to improve things. Your line manager relationship is far more important than the contract. They won't be referencing it every day unless they want you which case it is a matter of time.
  13. I would be more likely to invest the £15.00 on 15 Lottery tickets and expect the same level of return...but bigger upside IMO.