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  1. SillyBilly

    UN Migration Pact Only just seen this, Belgium looks soon to return to its status quo of being ungovernable. Flemish party refuses to prop up the government. The UK is pf course backing the pact. Can't say I've read the detail but I wouldn't be surprised if it is yet another sell out.
  2. SillyBilly

    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    That is a frightening speed of change, the irresponsibility is remarkable. The compound interest element will really start kicking in soon too so extrapolating out it is going to be very interesting. 50 years to go from a fully homogeneous society back to tribal fighting, thanks Blair.
  3. SillyBilly

    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    Aye. Not sure what the future holds but I do give thought to spending the next decade or two making out with as much cash as I feasibly can before the whole thing goes south. And then hope that a less diverse nation accepts a residency application from me to spend my lifetime earnings in their country seeing out my last days. I think Iceland could be an option or one of our relic colonial archipelagos. Basically anywhere non-enriched.
  4. SillyBilly

    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    Decline started from 1971. Blair sealed the deal in 1997 when he opened the floodgates. And then just to make sure the deed was done, no opt out in 2004 with Blair relaxing immigration controls further.
  5. SillyBilly

    Grr Traffic

    Yep, I do the same, must equate to a scary amount of productivity loss. I am often sitting around for 45 mins or so parked up around the corner from a client. You now need a larger and larger insurance policy to make good on your commitment to meet at a certain time. I live in Reading and commute all over the UK so its often a 3-4 hour drive for the first stop and therefore a minimum extra hour is added from whatever google maps tells me the journey should be done in.
  6. SillyBilly

    Chinese steel

    In a past life I used to buy 200+ tonnes of steel a month. We discovered at one point the Chinese mills were selling Z250 galvanised steel (250 grams per metre squared of zinc on the surface) as Z600. Difference between the 2 grades in price from memory was about £100 a tonne at the time. This obviously affects the corrosion protection of the steel and ultimately its intended lifetime/building guarantees. They were adamant in not admitting the fraud too even when extensive third party testing was done to prove it. Chinese certificates mean nothing, they send the good stuff to the test house/bring it out when the inspector visits on audit day then ship the s**te immediately after. See it with "UN packaging" too, you buy drums/pails from China that purport to perform to certain standards (drop tests/pressure tests etc.) and pay to put it through the testing and you will get laughable results back. They don't give a f**k about quality.
  7. SillyBilly

    'The World really has lost the plot' Thread

    I heard from one of the keepers at Tycross that one of the Gibbons named Mick was preparing a leadership challenge to Treason May. Apparently he has cross party support from the Gorillas, Orangutans and Chimps as well as a strong backing from the baboon enclosure.
  8. SillyBilly

    Who’s volunteering for the NHS then?

    Why is someone so special because they happen to do a job that involves caring for the sick, putting fires out or arresting criminals? I've never cleaned toilets but I have just as much respect for the toilet cleaner in the hospital as I do the consultant on the big bucks. Every job deserves respect. Quite tired of hearing about hard working nurses etc. as if they are something special too. Lots of private companies wouldn't be around unless their staff felt compelled to start early and leave late every day...I get they are under pressure bit the private sector has hardly been a barrel of laughs for the last decade.
  9. SillyBilly

    Women drinking pints instead of half pints

    Perhaps one of the last meaningful identifiers of class where most of the 99% are converging towards dirt poor. Half my family is council estate and the other half is very well-to-do so I like to think I see the world from different angles - a woman drinking a pint is just a sign they are working class IMO. Afterall, it wouldn't happen with anyone who had any appreciation of drinking etiquette. Doesn't bother me at all mind, just an observation - I am certainly more comfortable drinking stellas in someones back garden than a nice champagne bar in London.
  10. SillyBilly

    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    And the other 18%? Taxi drivers mostly I would guess, who will be the square root of useless when we have autonomous vehicles in inner cities in 10-15 years.
  11. SillyBilly

    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    Got to give it to the French, they know how to revolt. Perhaps they will be the first to go full on revolution. Unlikely us, the Swedes, the Dutch kicking our masters into touch for the betrayal.
  12. SillyBilly

    Feckin over the young (again)

    Yes, I could never be a tradesman for this reason, having to deal with how thick the general public are. Yes, it costs £40 to change a lightbulb...because the chap has had to break off from his job, drive across town burning a fiver in fuel, change your lightbulb, return to his other job and then chase you in the evening when you haven't paid. If he did 4 of those jobs in a day, he'd make out with £160...not a lot to cover his expenses is it..Joe Public look at the job done and consider nothing else. Hence I couldn't deal with them.
  13. SillyBilly

    Feckin over the young (again)

    Yep and doesn't come as gloating, it is what is is. I have my own plans and once complete (I am very singular about this), will step back and leave society to it - I recently completed a MBO on the 8th Nov and now own a 55% stake in the business I used to work for. I had to sell my house and whatever else, it is a good business. It will take us about 6 years to pay back the loans from the retiring owner. Pretty flexible as all paid out depending on the performance of the business so loan term pushed out if we hit a rockey patch. Providing I don't f**k it up, I could walk away in 6 years without ever having to work again. One of our customers (multi-national) was also trying to buy the business so my buyer is lined up.
  14. SillyBilly

    Feckin over the young (again)

    They are certainly the types intelligent enough to believe the "experts" and lambast anyone who questions the prevailing wisdom, go figure. The experts of course being the CBI, big business leaders, politicians, champagne socialists, lobby groups, NGOs, Quangos, landowners and the creme de la creme of the civil service. I.e everyone who has been immune to the effects of the last 20 years and making out with wheel barrows full of cash. The fact they have hoodwinked the middle class left and students is quite unbelievable but it is unfortunately very true.
  15. SillyBilly

    Feckin over the young (again)

    90s was pre-globalism, this is the new norm now, compete with the South Koreans who study for 14 hours a day from when they are 3 or 4 if you are educated or compete with Romanians who are used to grafting for 2.4 euros/hour if you work with your hands. The only perks these days is a mobile phone and laptop which basically is an unwritten contract that you must be contactable and able to work 24 7. Wages have literally not moved in any meaningful way in a decade. I read some job adverts as a sobering up exercise every now and again, a lot expecting people to run whole departments and teams, sell their soul to the company.... and their reward, in a lot of cases for 20-25k a year... it saddens to me think people will (have to) be applying for them. It is grim for sure.