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  1. SillyBilly

    Sausage theme park fails because Brexit

    The brakes being put on Sausage World is more newsworthy for the So-Called BBC rather than mass protests in France and citiziens getting their hands blown off by authorities.
  2. SillyBilly

    Sausage theme park fails because Brexit

    Is it the 1st April? A parody? Brexiteers make a pig's ear of "Sausage World". Just remember these vanity projects aren't just taking place in the UK, all of the EU, member states tax money is being spunked up the wall. They really don't have a future without massive reform.
  3. Tbh nimbyism and all that, I'd be okay if there was a guarantee me and my life or any person close to me would not be, at any stage, detrimentally affected by having her and any like minded people around in nearby society. Not to be silly here but given your views id give 0 f**ks if her and her family moved next door to you and any s**t (If there is any) is yours to deal with. So long as it doesn't affect me. I get pissed off with celebs and the like as they are happy to accept these people so long as they don't live next door to them. If you'd be happy with her living next door that is fine, I wouldn't though.
  4. I understand what you are saying. But the sympathetic part is the reason our society will eventually collapse as that is a weakness that is exploited. Allowing people to take the p*ss without clear markers of acceptable and not acceptable behaviour is obviously a road to ruin. And we are firmly on it. We can pat ourselves on the back for fulfilling the contractual obligation we have to her courtesy of a passport but it is fairly obvious in any country which is to be united and to have a future, the answer should be "go to hell". You are not one of us.
  5. Footing the bill more than any other country in the world per capita so far as I understand it. People can give very generously as individuals which I think the onus should be on in honesty, not a nation. I would personally rather "we" give 0 aid on a government level. Rather my tax lowered slightly. The Amazon rainforest and animal welfare issues are my two principal concerns, not trying to eradicate all human suffering.
  6. Makes you sick that so many useless cretins are kept in champagne and caviar with this sort of thing and for doing sweet f**k all apart from writing bogus invoices for their professional services.
  7. SillyBilly

    What's going to collapse next...

    The shop in the image looks f**king grim, hardly entices you in. Can't imagine those sorts of places will last long. You'd have to be bonkers to want to start a shop up now. Can see a lot of consolidation of that market as they bunker down (probably all to be bought out by Sports Direct when they go bust).
  8. SillyBilly

    Colleagues habits that annoy me intensely

    There is something in this. I bath every day (which is unusual I guess as most people shower now) but I wash my hair infrequently. I don't like stripping my hair of its natural greases etc. and sod anyone who doesn't like it. I also don't like that it looks all frizzy after a wash for a couple of days, much prefer the slicker greasier look :P.
  9. SillyBilly

    Dosbods Island

    Couldn't we just get a flight out to the British Virgin Islands and all pile into a dingy and try and make land break on Necker Island? And immediately claim asylym. Richard Branson for all his talk on refugees would have to grant us stay to save face. We could then seek to completely change the culture and customs of the island to make it into Dosbods land. Ultimately making the island so un-PC that he'd eventually have to abandon the island to us while complaining what a disaster multi-culturalism is.
  10. SillyBilly

    Corbyn Cluster-Fuck Continues

    i just scratch my head as to when the left became unpatriotic. Yes I think some of their policies are bat s**t crazy but what disturbs me more is the fact they seem to hate their country and look at their core voters with pity and disdain. I wouldn't trust these guys with the nuclear button and that is what it boils down to for me (everything else is secondary to national security and unity), I have no idea who they are working for at the end of the day.
  11. SillyBilly

    The Sweden is fucked thread

    When are do-gooders going to accept a work ethic is cultural (and arguably ethnicity derived too)? Nobody could sensibly argue the Japanese/South Koreans/Chinese are slackers yet we have to swerve political hot potatoes if you compare their work ethic to say sub-saharan Africans or tribes from the foothills of Pakistan... One of our largest customers at work has threatened repeatedly to take our tolled business and move it to the Middle East to a local factory (where the product ends up). In chatting to one of their employees it transpired they actually did set up a factory over there but had to write off as a bad investment pretty quickly as they realised the locals in Saudi Arabia arent used to working for a living. Staffing with expensive expats for grunt work doesn't make the sums add up either.
  12. SillyBilly

    The Sweden is fucked thread

    From the wiki page for immigration in Sweden: "Non-European immigrants with low education (sv: förgymnasial utbildning) of ages 20–64 had an unemployment rate of about 31.7% in 2005 which rose to 36.9% in 2016". So almost 4 in 10 are jobless (suspect that number has been hit now), what do these liberals think this sort of unemployment rate is going to create, particularly when the population ballons? I think the West will collapse when the natives get sick of year-on-year declining living standards as they are squeezed harder and harder to pay for Africans and Asians to sit around at home or drive taxis. And I expect emigration to speed up to non-enriched locales at this point and immigration to increase as the loonies take over the asylum.
  13. SillyBilly

    Colleagues habits that annoy me intensely

    There are a couple in my company that fall over themselves not to make a decision, to the point I wonder how they managed to decide what socks to wear in the morning. I have one colleague who feels the need to come in to my office for X, Y or Z (there always seems to be something on his mind that obviously just can't wait) 3-4 times a day. I wouldn't mind so much if it wasn't for the fact 99% of what he comes in to talk about is inane, trivial b**locks. I am careful not to dampen his obvious enthusiam but I do often feel like cutting him short, asking him why I need to hear this BS and for him to f**k off and come back when he has something of value to say. I accept I am probably projecting my own personality here as I do have a somewhat intolerance of people who talk an awful lot but say nothing.
  14. SillyBilly

    Radio 4 audience falls.

    Hearing that the So-Called BBC's viewing or listening figures are down is better than sex. One of the few pleasures is seeing the slow death of the So-Called BBC as it doubles down on its SJW output while claiming to be impartial.
  15. SillyBilly


    A supplier took me to one in Cardiff and handed me £200 and told me to have fun. Spent it all on one girl who had some good conversation, ultimately I just wanted her to have the money and not the rest of the scabs in there. Wasn't mine to burn so obliged with private dance after private dance. Didn't get much out of it TBH. Only time I've been to one in the UK. I've gone to a few abroad on holiday when single (Romania was decent quite recently) as the done thing when you're with a group of lads. I've never been quite as enthusiastic as some of my mates but as part of an overall evening on the lash in a foreign country it can be okay. Especially when the exhange rate is in your favour and you can take the whole club home for the equivalent of £3.63.