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    Excellent post. We have gone too individualistic now. Because men "deprived" women of an identity I guess...And that means the family unit is now an item that can be disposed of whenever one feels like it. If you get to know elderly people, quite interestingly their marriages often aren't the fairy-tale as billed by the regaling of the love stories of when they first met at 15 in the cinema...a tough slog with lots of ups and downs but ultimately they seem to have "put up with one another" to see through the journey of life. A marriage should be a partnership to tackle life together. And if that means drawing on different skills and attributes, one being a money earner and another a nurturer it is an equal trade off. The real problem of feminism has been to undermine the care giving role and supporting a family as to some how make that person second class or just a "slave" to her husband...well if you look at it from the reverse, is the husband a "slave" to his wife to provide the money? Of course not, they were partnerships with both contributing equally for the sake of the family. This is all quite academic for most I appreciate as the damage has been done. Feminism has successfully halved all of our wages (guess what, employers never cared whether you were a man or woman, just how much they could pay!) so now 2 of us have to slog ourselves stupid for the same outcome (or worst). Great stuff
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    Came across as pretty pleasant to me too and switched on, she obviously had a head on her shoulders so not some stereotypical downtrodden wife. Does seem a bit rich to criticise given that the main thread and indeed name of origin of this forum is IMO at least partly driven by the fact that women don't need males like they used to. I don't see a problem in a movement that appears to be acting as a counter balance to the ultra feminism which has already destroyed families. In fact if it helps promote the idea that women and men may afterall have different skill-sets then I it can only be a positive.
  3. Not very DOSBODS to consume such filth...we're the enlightened scum here... but also intrigued.
  4. I don't think it is much of a choice for many. I'd like to have had kids but I haven't had a long term relationship settled enough to have them. Thus I will be older if I have them, such is life.
  5. Wake me up when the BoJ owns 100% of the Nikkei 225.
  6. Reminds me of the Prince Phillip classic <<to a driving instructor in Scotland>> "and how do you keep the natives off the booze long enough to pass their test".
  7. We buy alcohols for chemical processing, there is a specific regulation in place to prevent this stuff subsequently getting into the hands of Joe Public to kill themselves with: "The Denatured Alcohol Regulations". Concentrated ethanol will never be sold to the public and for good reason. We already have to denature a lot of rudimentary products to prevent tramps drinking them, let alone selling the pure stuff!
  8. Higher prices = larger standard rate VAT collection
  9. I am planning on going to Parliament Square to get rowdy. I am expecting 11pm scenes equivalent to Ingerland supporters belting out a chorus of Vindaloo. Plastic chairs and bottles flying everywhere. Remainers to clear up the mess when we're done.
  10. Virtue signalling at its worst. A very sly way of getting taxes up on the plebs while at the same time saying "look how we much we care about you and your health". I am well aware lots of people are fat and a certain number drink too much but I hate the state reaching further into peoples' lives as a point of principle.
  11. What else could we do, any further ideas? A massive f**k off armada of fishing boats pouring out of the Thames into the English Channel?
  12. Remainers launching counter fund for homeless charity. A mighty show of virtue signalling against the jingoistic scum donating to the Bung a Bob for a Big Ben Bong campaign.
  13. Your 79 year old mum has more sense than you, obviously. Good on her!
  14. My calculation too. I hear people say they travel by train/plane to avoid the stress of driving. I find it far more stressful having to book flights well in advance, check baggage regulations/sizes, work out how I am getting to the airport and at what times (giving myself adequate "safety"), how I am getting from the airport to wherever I am going...and the same again in reverse. The alternative being driving...well, I have an estate car with a massive boot for however much stuff I want. I can set off a minute's notice. Planning involves plugging a postcode into the Sat Nav. I have transportation guaranteed for the duration of the trip (no hire car faffing about or researching local buses/trams/trains etc.). And am totally flexible when I set off back home again. And I do all this quicker and brainer for me. If I get stuck in a traffic jam, it is frustrating but for most journeys I am usually fine.