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  1. SillyBilly

    Harry's missus is knocked up

    Tempted to put a fiver on at the bookies for the name to be Prince DeShawn and a tenner on for Prince Tyrone. Evens at the mo.
  2. SillyBilly

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    To be fair if you weren't red pilled she could be in your bed now and fast forward a couple of years, you're back out of retirement after she has spent all the cash. Sounds like you drew the line, a lot of blokes wouldn't and get ruined as a result.
  3. SillyBilly

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    AA, I thought you had been round the block too many times to be caught out like this! Such wisdom passed on by yourself in this thread as well!
  4. SillyBilly

    Bye bye Treason May?

    May is weakness personified, a hapless PM and to borrow a phrase from Farage, has the "charisma of a damp rag and the appearance of a low grade bank clerk". Basically after 2 years, she has given the EU broadly everything they want but crucially kept the pace of watering down and capitulation deliberately slow to avoid outright dismissal. Taking Brexit voters for idiots.
  5. SillyBilly

    Just eat. Just Feck off

    I'm a Premier Inn guy too. I've stayed in very expensive hotels a few times and never quite understood the appeal except demonstrating wealth and status. I need a comfortable bed for the night, a clean room and that is it. Local BnBs can be hit-and-miss, I have a few I stay in having had good experiences. Sometimes I actually don't want the personal service though and happy to be anonymous in a Premier Inn. I can't stand talking to anybody for the first hour or two of any day, takes me that long for my brain to kick in to gear.
  6. SillyBilly

    Gerard Batten

    Really liked Batten's opening gambit in terms of exposing the set-up right from the off. I don't think the So-Called BBC/Sky/MSM are catching up quickly enough to the fact that their "guests" are no longer willing to be quietly led to the slaughter. They will ask probing questions back as to what the angle is of the interviewer/broadcaster. Only in last couple of years since about the time of Trump/Brexit have we noticeably had this kick back and I hope the trend continues. I imagine it to be very difficult to perform when you're under a broadside from a panel, have to hand it to likes of Robinson and Batten, they are becoming well honed, I guess they are well practised given it happens all the time.
  7. SillyBilly

    Everyday Feminism - lunatic SJWness Some Women referring to themselves in written form as Womxn now as "Woman" derived from the word "man" is patriarchal apparently. What losers.
  8. SillyBilly

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Beyond this smashfest for Joe, I ditto the advice on a cleaner. If you have a spare few kid and are prone to being quite a messy single occupier (like me), it is an absolute god send. There is a natural tendency to slip a little if you are the only person to regularly frequent a place. Does wonders for your mental health, wading through clothes on the floor and pots in the sink ain't good over the medium term or longer. I bung a local lady a few quid to spruce up the place on a Sat morning while I'm at work or nip and get some shopping done. Ofcourse you could just regularly clean yourself but I'm CBA personally, I work 6 days a week typically so f**k doing much else outside of work. And Sundays I do sweet FA.
  9. SillyBilly

    School discipline

    One of my sisters teaches 16-18 year olds at college level. The register sounds like the only thing easy about the job (half the names on it are Muhammad). Described as baby sitting. Industrial level cheating aided and abetted by staff who have understandably lost the will to teach. Now aim solely at getting the brats their fake grades at any cost to keep the senior management off their backs. The only people earning decent money are the "managers" (it was news to me that these institutions have BS management structures like we do in the corporate sector now!). Endless bureaucracy and reporting to BS management (sounds familiar). Class sizes at 30+, sometimes 35+. No discipline, parents sound like bigger scumbags than the kids when teachers do actually try and tackle a behavioural issue. Soon become disenfranchised so just run with it after. Absolute cluster f**k when you see what other countries are turning out. This softy softy approach doing nobody any favours when they eventually become the future, will find that the world doesn't owe them a living and that they have zilch to contribute in a skilled economy. Other sister is a teacher in a reasonable school. Doesn't sound much better. Heard plenty of stories which have shocked me.
  10. SillyBilly

    Ways to earn extra money

    Careful. People/pikeys protect their patch. Sort of game where you can get knee capped if you roll into the wrong place at the wrong time. I know this as I have worked on sites that produce metal waste and it attracts a certain type of person. Even the legit looking firms are owned by pikey types IME. That and skip hire is one thing I would not touch.
  11. SillyBilly

    Mass popular uprisings or civil war (not UK)

    I doubt much will happen until the arse drops out of the economy and we go negative (not this zombie like state we're in at the moment). I've been anticipating this to happen since late 2015 and it obviously hasn't happened yet...the Japan style decline then gnaws away at your position and you're left wondering how long the plates will keep spinning. Things are bad now but look at Greece, clearly thinks can get absolutely awful and order will just about prevail. I'd have thought we need full on banks going bust before we get to mass civil unrest. I don't think it will happen in the States either but I'd consider it more likely to ignite there than in Europe. Their constitution is sacred to alot of them and that could be a tinder. In Europe the concept of the nation state is already so weakened.
  12. SillyBilly

    Ways to earn extra money

    Start frequenting bars at the weekend and find a lady with assets that equal or surpass your own. You will share the load on costs and potentially double or more your income. Might sound shill but it is a strategy of sorts. Plenty of women play it.
  13. SillyBilly

    Your tax pounds at work

    £12M on training/paying even more shoot-to-kill hit squads on poachers would be something I'd not protest too much about. At least the rhinos and elephants will benefit from it. And the locals will benefit too as no f**ker would want to visit their s**tholes without the splendid wildlife to visit.
  14. I can quite believe it. I had a part time landlord part time developer (was doing some plastering for me) tell me to convert the house I was selling for disabled people as the council would pay anything to house them in adapted homes (huge shortage of them). He was letting out 2 or 3 places at 3 times market rent for families with disabled kids. Ahhh what a lovely way to make money I thought. These guys are sick, they'd house ISIS if the council paid them a decent rate.