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  1. Good post. Breaks my heart that children are born into the care of such hopeless f**kwits. The mother should be tried for gross negligence of care as far as I am concerned. One of those where I wouldn't be surprised if he was nailing the mother as well or at some point in time had a sexual encounter with her. On a UK wide level, there must be thousands of desperate washed up tarts bringing dangerous no-hoper men into contact with their children. Not picking on women here either, just a fact of life there is a lot lower risk for a man bringing a woman in to a family home than the other way around. From an anthropological point of view I've often been amazed at how quickly someone ends an relationship to then moving the new "step dad" in. And generally the sort of blokes that you'd try not to make eye contact with at the pub.
  2. You need to be very careful with data too though. I spent the first years of my career in a discipline that one would think should uphold data integrity and impartial reporting more than any other (quality engineering). I quickly learned from the best how corrupted things could become if you wanted to survive and prosper. The reality is my reports and everyone else's reports invariably showed what we wanted them to show, we had jobs to keep and trendlines to maintain at the end of the day. Figures were generally there to be manipulated to draw conclusions that fit the prevailing and convenient narrative of the moment. I'm not saying it was total rubbish as clearly some value was being delivered but poetic license was routinely abused to say the least. Why create s**t if you didn't need to? Just sort it out on the quiet without management jumping down your throat. Following that experience it is fair to say I apply a healthy dose of scepticism to data and reports. If what I experienced first hand in industry goes off in government, the police, think tanks etc. then I'd say it is healthy to be sceptical about data albeit ofc not to be too dismissive at the same time. As another poster says, thinking along the lines of basic principles like "supply and demand" is probably as likely to be as true if not truer than some expensive CBI funded report. It can be tiresome online when "show me evidence" just becomes a google search exchange.
  3. Good. I'd still be closely checking each dish as it came out though for any obvious sign of spit.
  4. Jeez louise, that sort of introduction in some circles is like saying, "Hi everyone, meet Frank, did I mention hes the guy who likes to kill babies".
  5. I go one more than slogans and extend it to logos or branding in any form. I don't want a Ralph Lauren logo on my pullover, I'd glady spend the same amount of money on the same design but plain and with decent material and quality. I really can't see the attraction of being a walking advertisement for the likes of Superdry by wearing a hoodie emblazoned with their name all over it (their stuff seems to be the most garish for in-your-face-branding IME). I can tolerate some branding/logo if its subtle but for the most part I actively look for stuff without. Probably doesn't help with the ladies mind, the fact my shirt probably cost more than the RL one that Chad is wearing won't score points, image counts for everything!
  6. No, if I am being honest, the last 5 years I've become a slob so when I say I've tried everything, I can't extend it to that. As I say, I've tried the mild exercise routine 1-2 hours before bed with no discernible effect but not intense cardio. I went away on my first holiday last week in 3 years and was genuinely shocked at how unfit I was in doing some fairly run-of-the-mill rambling. I don't look unfit but certainly noticed pensioners looking more sprightly than me, it has and will shock me into action. I will definitely try that too and see how I get on, anything is preferential to medication. I have already made some plans to sort it out, sometimes you just need a wake-up-call.
  7. Interesting Craig, thanks for sharing your experience. I struggle with insomnia and have tried everything including alcohol, electronic detoxing before bed, blue light avoidance, baths, walks, relaxing music, meditation, 5-HTP, writing lists, you name it...nothing works (except a binge on booze which does get me to sleep effectively but doesn't give me quality sleep). I figure CBD oil may be worth a punt as shot to nothing. Will purchase some and see how I get on.
  8. Predominantly waterproofing coatings, industrial floor coatings, liquid applied damp proof membranes. So basically anything below ground or at ground floor level which is painted/sprayed on we probably offer something. We're a toller so we have fairly stable relationships with the firms whose name goes on the tins so we're fairly well positioned to see first hand what the market is doing. Industrial side of the business is noticeably slow. DIY side of the business is holding up better than anticipated though on the flipside, we do a lot of roof coatings, mastics and general paints and primers which are doing well but I think that is more because we've aggresively pushed sales there rather than the market being particularly buoyant.
  9. I take one of my customers in particular as a good bellweather of commerical construction activity, they spec their product range into large construction projects such as hospitals, new schools, multi-storey car parks etc. Down 50% in June vs last year. And this month not looking much better. Bit early to draw conclusions as one comes to expect peaks and troughs in project driven work but certainly interesting as don't normally see them dipping so far below during what is typically the peak season.
  10. One wonders who the suckers are sometimes though. I firmly believe you have to be careful for what you wish for in life but when in the midst of endless rounds of office politics I have frequently ended up fantasising about leaving all that crap behind and sitting on a fork lift truck and earning a fraction of the wage. Yes, you'd probably have some d**kwad manager from the office looking down their nose at you but at least you clock off when you clock off and leave the s**t behind. The reality is, and is the case in most companies, shopfloor staff don't understand how s**t life can be in the office and office staff don't understand who greases the wheels behind the scenes (often on low pay). Doing a job swap for both for 6 months would probably leave most a little more sympathetic to the other.
  11. There is a problem, no doubt, with diagnosing personality traits as disorders. Someone who works for me has ADHD, I am convinced he'd have been recognised simply as one of those t**ts in years gone by but now he has a get-out-of-jail-free-card for general d**khead behaviour. Had 3 guys off with depression in a team of 11 in the last 12 months (one just signed off for another 2 weeks after being off for 2 weeks already). Partner break-ups, first child, problems at home etc. cited as the reasons. My sympathy is running out now - I have noticed myself becoming ill given I have to push myself harder and harder to cover for everyone else who is off on depression... I'd like to say that in their back-to-work interviews but invariably it is what more I can do to support them, lighten the load, flexibility etc. The strain on me...well, who gives a f**k about that? For small businesses this trend is becoming a serious problem IME. It can and does build resentment for those left to pick up the pieces. FWIW I think modern life contributes to poor mental health (social media, being constantly dialled in etc.) so I am not rubbishing the notion that the nation has a problem. However, I do think that we have to be careful to not allow unhappiness be confused with depression.
  12. Having a guiness in Dublin. Don't know why. Don't like the drink but when in Rome.
  13. They are terrified that they will give their money away but someone else won't and perhaps lose status as a result. That is what it boils down to. Otherwise, what are we missing? You are obscenely rich, you can wire transfer your balance into any number of accounts, charity, NGO, government etc. at the click of a button? I don't really buy any of this social concern coming from the billionaire class. I mean wtf is Buffett doing at his age? Eats a McD's brekkie every morning, drives a run-of-the-mill saloon car and lives in a paid off middle class suburban home. And is so troubled about wealth ineqaulity will give his wealth away when he dies? Why not just give 99% away now if he actually gives a f**k? I don't care too much in honesty as it is his money to do with what he pleases but they sign these letters and talk the talk but don;t seem to want to give it up while they are alive. Bill Gates is another who, contextually, gives pennies away in the grand scheme of what he needs to maintain his lifestyle. Terrified of going broke, leading to huge sums in the bank when they die. And pass this "problem" to the government as they can't handle the stress of giving it away.
  14. Yup, the last 10 years or so has been a concerted push to move from tolerance to "celebration". For those of us who are "live and let live" by nature anyway; this has been extremely irritating and counterproductive. Partcularly when it pervesely infests itself into quota systems and positive discrimination in work, politics and entertainment. Now, my private view is that acceptance isn't enough (they have it in my view) and the new objective is to tilt the tables toward special interests. I agreed with a caller on LBC on the Tory party (in reference to your earlier post) that said he didn't recognise them as "conservative" anymore. As patriotic, as absolute in their enforcement of law and order (including our immigration laws), as promoting the small state idea vs the benevolent all-powerful state (robbing us of £10bn+ a year of our money and assigning it to foreign vanity projects is NOT conservative) and ofcourse, generally upholding the principle that cultural change should be cautious and paced, not abrupt and in-your-face. Tory MPs just virtue signal less than Labour im my view, they don't actually defend any of the principles that I think they should. Putin must know he has an open goal to ingratiate himself to the West (populations, not governments) when he can basically say common sense things that our liberal elite would have you in the dock for for hate speech or put you on a diversity re-education course for.
  15. Aye, to my mind you can play around the edges and you'll make things slightly better but the underlying issue is the demographic shift that is speeding up. I imagine the place to be a tinderbox and anyone could be unfortunate enough to be in the hotseat when it kicks off. Really shocked at this latest one though.