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  1. Well obviously. Unlike you on MSE or HPC. Too early?
  2. What chance? After being called a troll I was the one who openly stated on my first initial postings that anyone, ANYONE is free to send me a PM directly on HPC to confirm any doubts. Has anyone bothered? No. There is serious paranoia on this board. Sort it.
  3. So let’s get this correct for everyone to comprehend; pointing out an unjustified falsehood, that was backed with zero corroborating evidence, against someones own character is in itself classed as trolling? Seriously? I put it to you sir that are indeed the troll that you so wish to expose. No wonder you nut jobs are ex-HPC.
  4. Spamming every thread? It was only mentioned in this one FFS. There is some serious gammonflake going on here. At least ccc isn’t scared to get down and dirty and take a punch to the bawbag. As they say in his jock land. Or are you all going to turn to melts over that too?
  5. Well how was I to know that this forum was infested by delicate snowflakes? It was a tongue in cheek comment at you, because we usually roll with the punches.
  6. I thought that the mod did not want gammon discussed here. Or is it just newcomers to your vile clique?
  7. My children and I will be the judge of whether or not their futures have been ruined. Thankfully they have been brought up learning multiple languages and cultures so your arguement is mute. Depending on how Brexit goes, or not, we can happily up sticks. It is the childrens from less able parents I feel deeply sorry and ashamed about by the gammons stealing their futures. Nothing to be proud of in Brexit.
  8. Can't even spell remoaner correctly. Well we already know the intellectual level of a gammon, and you are prime gammon. Nothing more.
  9. Oh I am scared; literally shaking in my boots. Such the big man behind the keyboard.
  10. Thank you. Of course they will be fine. My wife and I have brought them up well enough to be open and respectful to other cultures. They have not gone without, and they never will... Brexit or no Brexit.
  11. Strange, becasue your buddy Cunning Plan was only just berating for not getting a reply for hours. As the mod wishes I am no longer discussing gammon here. So knock yourself out.
  12. Photo says otherwise. Anyway as the mod pointed out I will not be drawn into a gammon debate on this thread. In time I will start a seperate one and we can all discuss it there.
  13. There is no caliphate. Apart from in your head. But that certainly does not make it real.
  14. Oh so everyone should be at your beck and call? Some of us have lifes to live, with better things to do that sit around with a bunch of racist ex-HPC degenerates. To answer your question, if you read the Brexit thread you would know what I support FOM for the future of my children.