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  1. I know of a few people who have ended up on drugs and in mental hospitals. The thing is, some of them were fucked up in the head without the drugs. I'm sure it does mess some people up, but I think the majority are messed up anyway and that's why they end up on drugs. When I say on drugs - regular users rather than the occasional user.
  2. I rather liked this one, tons of sci fi from these guys.
  3. Not sci-fi, and perhaps a bit marmite but I rather like some this guys videos. The second one becoming rather popular as a voiceover for various memes/tiktok videos.
  4. Also, if you are into sci-fi there are plenty of pretty good short films, such is the power of modern computers and CGI. Still needs lots of talent to make something worth watching. Who needs the BBC? Fuck the BBC. Far more talent and entertainment to be found in some of these small indies.
  5. I have no idea of it was a viable project or not, but even if it turned out to be a 'bad' loan, that's the kind of thing I would rather the government 'wasted' money on. Worst case is that lots of people get well paid jobs for a number of years and build up transferable skills and knowledge.
  6. How on earth did such a racist, hate filled piece like the piece below get published on the BBC? They use 'Islamic' and 'radicals' in the headline! Such hate! Perhaps Tommy Robinson has hacked into the BBC servers? Seriously, I am surpirsed at seeing some balanced and factual reporting from the BBC. It is rather depressing to read of how much support there is for the muderer, possibly including an anti Islamophobia organistation! Snippets below. France teacher attack: Police raid homes of suspected Islamic radicals French police have raided the homes of dozens of suspected
  7. I was given a bug to fix in my trainee days. Excel was being used to transfer a sizeable chunk of data between two systems. Very quickly spotted that the data was being truncated. It was an old version of excel with the row limit of 16,384. When they tested it they only used a few hundred rows of data.
  8. I confess to getting some outside inspiration for the last post. Friday fun, see how many bullshit buzz phrases you can use at work: https://www.atrixnet.com/bs-generator.html
  9. Hey, it's easy if you have an entrepreneurial mindset and are prepared to break the traditional molds that confine and restrict us. Taking a value added strategy can make transformation changes within a organisation that has strong leadship roles with a belief in fairness, equality and environmental challenges. Reject the toxic cultures, enthusiastically embrace modern thinking to leverage and fungibly streamline corporate adoption. Here is my transformation plan, buy 1 million widgets at £1 each, sell them at £2 each. Lambos all round....
  10. It's surprising how many people fail to spot the opportunity.
  11. And these pro lockdown people will still expect water, electric, gas, sanitation, shops, home delivery, internet, telephone, dentist, medical services, roads maintained, growing economy, their wages paid, infrastructure maintained, costa coffee..... I would not wish illness on anyone but I wonder what their view would be if any of them needed cancer treatment or elective surgery. It's just like with immigration, those who are pro are not the ones who get to experience the downsides of it.
  12. Surely delaying the inevitable is all that they (the government) are aiming to achieve? Or is the point that the majority of the public don't get this and think we can 'beat' the virus with lockdowns?
  13. Good place for this video from the MoJ Uk - yes, that's the UK, not SA. Note who gets chosen to play the various roles.
  14. Another DM link (soz), perhaps we are starting to reach the point where the truth and the facts can be ignored no longer? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8835391/Concept-white-privilege-make-white-working-class-children-suffer-school-MPs-hear.html Concept of 'white privilege' will make white working class children suffer even more in school, professor tells MPs 'White privilege' and 'toxic masculinity' concepts suggest children 'are to blame' Prof Matthew Goodwin made the comments to the Education Select Committee He warned that white working class communi
  15. Indian and Chinese earn significantly more than white British. That gets mostly overlooked but at least a mention in this DM article. I'll bet they didn't include white EU workers, I reckon that would not give the desired result. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8830679/Pay-gap-ethnic-minority-white-employees-lowest-level-2012.html White employees earn just 29p more per hour than ethnic minority workers as pay gap closes to its smallest level since 2012, says official study Pay gap between white and ethnic minority employees now at smallest level for seven years
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