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  1. As proven by the BBC loving the Boris puppet and having had it on the home page all day long.
  2. Not quite, you've mixed that up with Urea.
  3. I read earlier that around 90% of the global production is used as fertiliser.
  4. Just catching up so may have already been answered - Ammonium nitrate can be set off by an explosion.
  5. I would love a takeaway, if only I could find a decent one. These days a takeaway is because we are tired and can't be bothered to cook rather than a nice meal and treat.
  6. Take a break for few days/week, but I for one very much hope that at some point you decide to come back and post on this thread. I have nothing that I can add to this thread so I keep quiet, but I read the many posts and differening views with great interest. Some of what I have read on here could quite possibly be lifesaving at some point in the future. We have all sorts of people posting on here with all sorts of life experiences and knowledge that they willingly share which is amazing. I don't want to sound like a Hopefull fanboy, but I think its pretty amazing to have someone with your background and knowledge posting on here. I mean, a global pandemic, once in a lifetime event and not only does it it called early on by @Vendetta but we also have someone with extensive knowledge in this field amongst us @Hopeful.
  7. Scary.
  8. And you replied, table number 5 in the corner and could we have some extra mayo for the chips.
  9. This. Totally. 100%. One of the fundamentals of building wealth - 'something' needs to be generated, made, dug out of the ground.
  10. I've been thinking that any country (or perhaps social grouping) that is prepared to let this rip will surely emerge stronger. A double benefit of the old and weak being removed and the burden of having to have lockdowns and restrictions also removed. We are all just too fond of our dear old grannies to let that happen.
  11. Extra effort is rewarded Joe, and we all know how! Normally with a shit load of extra work. Saw the extremes of this at one company with very poor management. There was one DBA who was dreadfull, hired at a time when anyone with Oracle experience could name their price. They were so bad that no one ever wanted them on a project and as a result they were only ever given simple and easy tasks. The guys who knew their shit on the other hand were worked hard and always in the office late. That DBA worked there for over five years before eventually being made redundant. But they walked straight into another job, no doubt they were eventually made redundant from that place as well but if you can rinse and repeat then its not a bad gig. Similiar stories on the networking and comms side, some of those guys really took the piss. Management was so shit they had no idea what was going on. They used to claim full weekends of overtime for upgrades/installs, they would typically have two or three (keep it small to keep under the radar) booked in to work over the weekend but only one or maybe two would actually come in and do the work. Management never came in on a weekend to check and happily signed off the overtime. Perhaps 20 years ago I might have considered you unethical, its a big 'might'. More likely a bit cheeky or a bit lazy. Today, I think of you as smart and switched on. What's a real shame is that I think you have lots more to offer but the incentive is just not there. That's not a criticism of you Joe, its a criticism of the way things are.
  12. The best criminals are the ones that you never hear about or ever know of. Many times I've watched various documentaries about solving crimes and the criminal was only caught because they made a mistake somewhere or sometimes the police just get lucky. A quick search gives a figure of 180,000 people in the UK go missing every year. 650 people were murdered in 2019. Now the majority of those 180,000 that go missing will turn up. But that's a big number compared to to the 650 that are murdered. How many of that 180,000 were murdered and never found? I guess we will never know.
  13. I know someone who has had liver damage from flu. It's of note that they also happen to be very overweight.
  14. Perhaps a poll might be of interest. How many of you have: - Been arrested - Spent a night in a cell - Been in court (as a defendant) - Been convicted of a crime - Spent time in prison I find it surprising that I've done the first three. The question is, does that make make me a good criminal or a crap one? The true answer is course that I'm an innocent law abiding citizen and it was all a big misunderstanding. As for the last two, I would only consider the risk of that if the reward was massive or I had nothing to lose.
  15. Tales from the Eastside of the Country. Big Tescos - 100% mask compliance. Had a stasi on the door telling people to put face coverings on. Lady in front of me didn't have a mask and was challenged by the stasi - "Oh, sorry, I forgot, I do have mask". She complied but I felt it was grudingly. Local Tescos express - on average 50% compliance. An old pikey lady was in there getting £100 worth of shopping (cash of course) without a mask, no one would dare challenge her. A young girl just pulled her top over her face. I've been in twice with no mask but had it in my shirt pocket just in case. I do have a valid reason for exemption btw, but I'm not planning on playing that card yet. Local chinese takewaway - zero compliance. It all feels wrong. Earlier in the year, I felt there was good reason to wear a mask. It was early stages, a lot was unknown about the virus and it was spreading. I was happy to wear a mask. Currently, I see the risk as minimal, if anything there is an arguement we should be letting it spread now to reduce the winter burden. I see no need to wear a mask yet I am forced to. Later in year - if we get a second wave, I may want to wear a mask - either for my own protection or for the greater good. Final point - I bought some surgical type masks to wear for the shops. More for compliance than protection. I've never worn them before but they are very different to wearing a FFP3 mask for any period. Found them very comfortable compared to a properly fitted FFP3.