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    Investing for the collapse?

    Growing your own doesn't really work out financially but there are other benefits to be had. Knowing what chemicals (if any) have been used is a big plus. The enjoyment of it, fresh air, good for the mind and soul, the exercise. If you have an allotment then there is a social aspect as well. Think of it as a hobby with benefits. Onions and garlic are very easy to grow and store well with little need for preperation. No advantage over shop bought and they are dirt cheap to buy but they are satisfying to grow. Soft fruit is where the money is and where the quality can be better than supermarket. Beetroot as you say is a good one, fast growing, healthy and they are not bothered by pests. French beans also easy to grow and can be frozen.
  2. That is great advice, thanks. My experience is generally as you describe, the SJWs just ignore the facts, or shout fake news, or wasisct.
  3. null;

    Investing for the collapse?

    How about investing in some more intangible assets? - Invest in friends, having a good social circle - Invest in knowledge, be prepared, learn advanced first aid - Invest in your health and well being I'm sure there are others. The great thing is that by investing in the above, you still benefit even if there is no crash.
  4. Yes, I think the vast majority are with you on that, but would add that we do need limits and it needs to be tailored to attract those with the skills we need, or skills/talents that wil add value to the lives of UK citizens. Yet we get called wascist for not liking a system that favousr mostly white Europeans over people from Africa or India. Surely the EU is inherently wascist?
  5. null;

    Islamification of Europe

    Diversity leads to division. Divide and conquer.
  6. I wonder if there is much difference in the amount of tax credits per person, by country? If I get time I might pop the figures into excel to compare.
  7. You do have to wonder why so many Drs, engineers, IT specialists are being so lowly paid that they need a tax credit top up..... Ok, so joking aside, there certainly are skilled EU workers coming over here but the bulk of it appears to be unskilled cheap labour.
  8. Yes, shame there are not more up to date figures. IDS did say 'for when the figures were last available'. I would imagine that after that HMRC report was produced they were told not to do it again.
  9. No, although I'm not sure if the figure IDS quoted included that, I was unable to find the source for his £4.1bn but I would guess those costs are not included. And of course the other big social cost - housing!
  10. Its a subject that often gets mentioned on various threads, how EU workers are claiming tax credits. According to this HMRC report, tax credits and child benefit paid to EU nationals totals £2.8bn a year: The SJWs get really humpy when you share this information with them, they hate the facts because as is often the case the facts do not support their ideology. If debating with SJWs online then share these sort of facts, while the SJW in question may not like it, there are always the silent readers whose opinion may be changed when presented with facts and the truth. Also consider that the £2.8bn does not include things like housing benefit. When included along with other freebies the total £4.1bn figure quoted by IDS seems likely to be correct: And this may be of use as it shows that immigration does lower wages, for the lower paid: I always do my best to counter SJWs with facts rather than emotional outbursts. The truth will win, eventually.
  11. null;

    Islamification of Europe

    Yes, it seems the only way out is for a collapse and reset. Once we get dragged down and become a poor nation the inflow will stop/slow down. What pisses me off is that we were in the EU for all the decades when we had money and we paid in. As we head into an era of becoming a poorer nation and might actually benefit from the EU we are leaving. Having said that, I still think leaving is absolutely the right thing to do. There will be some pain, but overall in the long run I strongly believe it will be better for us, or more importantly our children.
  12. null;

    Islamification of Europe

    The more ridiculous they become with this, the better. As frustrating as it is, the more they become embolded to make excuses, the more people will wake up to it. Just look at the growing numbers of people who object to the So-Called BBC. Ten or even twenty years ago people were just starting to mumble about bias in the So-Called BBC, but now its becoming so much more common. While I dislike Facebook, it is a useful means of people sharing information. Although they are going to crack down on it with their campaign against the the truth fake news.
  13. Yep, another one of those pointless petitions. A rather feeble 3,782 signatures, not sure when it was started. Probably prompted by the bias shown in the reporting on Boris. I've signed it anyway as I believe in the cause. The irony is that a lot of SJW will be signing it because they believe that the Beeb is mean to their grandad Jezza. They all think that anything even slightly negative about Jez means the So-Called BBC are the tory mouthpiece and therefore evil. They just can't take criticism. The reality is that BBC give Jez a bloody easy ride when they should be laying into him something rotten given what he is and what he stands for.
  14. null;

    Westmister car of peace

    BBC reporting updated, amazingly the headline is now: Westminster car crash: Man arrested on suspicion of terror offences
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    Even the middle classes are getting in on the fly tipping: " Littering the garden walls and pavements of suburban Britain, there's a new scourge — middle-class fly-tipping. "