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    The Big Barry Bonanza Boycott the Bastards Thread

    I've not tried this myself, but I think its plausable that stropping on some jeans can at least extend the life of a disposable.
  2. null;

    Foodbank Watch - The Thread 2018/2019

    I've long held the belief that governments want the majority of the population kept in debt. There has to be a means to keep the population working and under control. At one time it was work or starve. But a starving population with nothing to lose tend to revolt. So keep them happy with cheap food and entertainment and force them to work by making them debt slaves. We should be at the point where a family can survive in comfort with one worker, and that worker only needing to work 3 days a week. Instead we have make work and those who do work (productively) being forced to work harder and longer. The benefits of modern tech and automation being funnelled up to a very small number of excessively wealthly people.
  3. null;

    Foodbank Watch - The Thread 2018/2019

    Unfortuntely it appears the Trust needs to work harder on its sexual equality and diversity. A shocking imbalance of male/female in senior positions, no ethnic minorities and as far as I can tell no transgenders or LBQTT (sp ???).
  4. null;

    Foodbank Watch - The Thread 2018/2019

    They have two staff earning between £50 and £60k. I've not been able to work out the total package value as pension and other benefits are lumped into a single figure. I will say that a salary in that range for CEO of a charity is reasonable.
  5. null;

    Foodbank Watch - The Thread 2018/2019

    The Trussell Trust is the largest food bank network in the UK, and it handed out 1.2 million food packs in 2016/17. Why bother with yellow stickers in Tesco when there is free food up for grabs. Anyone know how I go about getting in on the action? I'm sure there will be cases of genuine need but I just can't help thinking the majority are just taking advantage of a freebie and that the charity are taking advantage of food banks being a popular cause at the moment. Heads off to find out how much the CEO of Trussell Trust gets paid....
  6. null;

    Resident Parking

    I nearly got into a fight once over such a situation. I was at an elderly relatives helping them do some work in the garden. I parked across their (my relatives) drive, up on the pavement to leave plenty of space as buses drove down the road. Guy from across the road comes over waving his hands in the air, I smiled, gave him a friendly wave back and went over to see what he wanted. The guy was furious, effing and blinding, saying that I was blocking his driveway. I said how could that be as you live on the other side of the road. He claimed his wife couldn't get the car off the drive, I commented that maybe his wife was not a very good driver then, at this point his head looked like it was going to explode and he started threatening to punch me. While all this was going on, behind him his wife had managed to reverse out, without any difficultly and had driven off. When he saw that it did diffuse the situation, which was handy as I wasn't really up for fisticuffs on a Sunday morning outside my relatives house. Once lived in a street where an old lady had her front garden paved and a dropped kerb put in all the way across which took out two parking spaces in the street. She didn't even drive but detested anyone parking outside her house (leaving notes on cars before she had the drive done), she justified it by saying people kept parking outside her house and her daughter visited once a week and needed somewhere to park. Fair enough, it was her money to waste but I thought it rather selfish.
  7. null;

    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    Top story on the Europe page now they have something that in their opinion is newsworthy. Hurty words that might offend are more newsworthy than hurty grenades that may blow hands off or blind.
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    Funnily enough, had a conversation earlier about a local transgender (male to female) parent at the school who has a more feminine figure than most of the women.
  9. null;

    Slug pellets to be banned

    I have fond childhood memories of the pond in our garden, used to love watching the tadpoles make the amazing change from spawn to tadpole to perfect minature frogs. It was only recently that I learnt that badgers eat hedgehogs (everyday I learn something new), I was both surprised and disapointed. I was going to make some hedgehog dens but it seems pointless as no hedgehogs have been seen but the badgers are regular visitors and a bit of a pain as they dig holes everywhere. There are some slow worms and lizards but sadly they are in small numbers and rare, something that seemed abundant as a child. The foxes are interesting as they discard some very random objects, one buried a Father Chrismas shaped candle once, I assume it came from a bag of rubbish from the houses nearby. There were adders at one time, I have never seen one in my life but would love to see one. I take most accounts of adders with a pinch of salt but one of the old boys tells me he found one in his compost heap and he is a knowledgeable enough guy that I believe him.
  10. null;

    Slug pellets to be banned

    Yes, I would like a pond but where I grow my veggies ponds are not allowed and it seems the badgers eat the hedgehogs which doesnt help. I do use slug pellets at certain times for certain crops. I would prefer not to. I do keep their use to a complete minimum. I expect that in the future the problem will be solved by small autonomus robot slug killers that patrol the veg patch by night.
  11. null;

    Happy Gesture Day

    Cadbury's have been on my boycott list for some time now anyway.
  12. I didn't Google it either:'s+gone+and+you+can't+go+on+It's+blasphemy&t=h_&ia=videos
  13. Thanks for that, it seems the 'no outsiders' has had a lot of coverage but I was referring to the demo. I did do a search on the So-Called BBC for "Parkfield Community School" but their search is a bit rubbish. The demo was only yesterday, did you find any coverage of the demo on the So-Called BBC? I don't think anyone is blaming the parents, I agree with them but not because of religious reasons. I found it more of interest because it is one protected group at odds with another protected group and wonder how the SJWs will handle it.
  14. I understand it was initiated at that school and some others have followed. Fortuntely, our local school doesn't ever feature in the Daily Mail either, they just focus on teaching the kids useful stuff.