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  1. And who says direct action doesn't work? Well, it certainly works with the weak and spineless.
  2. Surely the worst kind of cull as it would remove the young, fit and healthy? On second thoughts, perhaps to reduce the population those are exactly the ones to cull as they are the ones who would be having children. The more the population grows, the harder the problem becomes to deal with and the greater the chance of it being taken out of our control. Much better to deal with the problem now in a controlled manner (birth control) than it being dealt with by war, famine, disease etc over which we will have little control and would result in people dieing in horrible circumstances. Imagine if during WW2 the EU population was double what it was. What effect would that of have on the number of war dead?
  3. I have fond memories of times long past sitting on the floor around a rug for a meal. It makes for a rather pleasant and informal way to eat as a group. And I rather like Persian cooking as well, especially the crispy bits of rice and potato from the bottom of the pan (can never remember what its called) along with various other dishes, again don't ask me to name any of them. I think you will enjoy the house because you will apreciate it for its real value - as a family home, somewhere you feel secure (relative to renting), where you have freedom to paint and decorate as you see fit and of course as a focal point for the all important social and family gatherings.
  4. null;

    Where then?

    I think that's a really good outcome. Great that you were able to point it out and great that she was able to change as a result. A happy ending for everyone. I would guess that she may have been initially pissed off at the quiet word but over time look back and realise that you were helping her. If it was me being a dick in the office (and not realising it) some constructive critism would be well appreciated. Sometimes people can be quite oblivious to how they are coming across to others. On the subject of discipline, we have a 'challenging' child. When my wife disciplines its pretty much ineffective. Fortuntely, for the time being I still hold some authority and can get things under control. I think a big part of it just comes down to natural in built behavours - a loud deep male voice commands greater authority.
  5. I hardly ever go in pubs these days but after reading this I've just looked up where my nearest Spoons is and its only 4 miles away so I shall pop in there for lunch with the misses.
  6. Exactly my experiences when in IT. We had three female devs, one was very good but the other two were exceptionally crap. We had some crap male devs as well, but the ratios were way different. When I was young, single and working in a 90% male office there is nothing I would have liked more than for some female company.
  7. Very much laymen - the baker, the butcher and the candle stick maker. They rely on the clerk of the Court for the legal stuff. But many have very long service and from seeing similiar cases repeatedly over many years I would expect they end up with a very good knowledge of the law in specific areas. Like all profressions, there will be good and bad. Personally I think the system of magistrates works well for the smaller stuff, considering there is no perfect system.
  8. Wow. Totally amazing chap. People like that like have the attributes that make great society. Go back in time a few thousand years and he would have been the man to go out and spend days hunting, then be happy to go hungry while the food is shared. He reminds me a bit of Guy Martin doing one of his bike rides ( I think in China) wearing his work overalls.
  9. Wow, and given the history of drink driving all the more reason to send her to jail. A drunk woman behind the wheel of a car is as equally capable of killing someone as a drunk man behind the wheel of a car. She is also just as equally at risk offending again.
  10. null;

    Three sackings

    I know a few wealthy people as well and they are exactly the same - zero social media The only stuff you will find out online about them is company related stuff and a linkdin profile. If you are in any sort of prominent position its a very smart move.
  11. null;

    Three sackings

    There must be an army of people out there trawling old tweets of anyone remotely famous looking for something to be offended by. Anyone wanting to work in the public eye in the future will need to be coached from an early age to very carefully control what they post on social media. Its the only way to enure a clean posting history. The tricky bit is trying to work out what actions and words will be deemed offensive in the next 10 to 20 years.
  12. null;

    Three sackings

    I found these three recent sackings interesting. I don't think they should have been sacked, but its interesting in that they are all different backgrounds, two 'protected' and one 'privilidged'. So it does seem the crazy SJW stick beats everyone equally hard. Shila Iqbal - Muslim female actor on Emmerdale, sacked for historical tweets that used the 'N' word Roger Scruton - white male government advisor who said Islamophobia was an 'invention' of propaganda Seyi Omooba - black female who was due to play the lead role of Celie, claimed the Bible made clear homosexuality was wrong in the eyes of God and that people could not be born gay. Ultimately, it comes down to employer and contract law to decide if their sacking was legal. But the SJWness of the employers, to my mind is sending the wrong message. These people voiced opinions, they meant no harm, they did not incite hate. All this does is move us another step closer to a self imposed totalitarian society, create resentment and fear. Or am I wrong?
  13. null;

    Ahh was pikey

    Don't forget their drinking. Often drinking at the same time as driving, fighting and killing each other.
  14. I spend way too much of my life stuck in traffic jams and absolutely hate it, but if I knew it was for a Brexit protest I think I would rather enjoy it for once.
  15. null;

    EE car wash slaves

    It's similiar arguement I've used with remainers when they say stopping FOM will push up prices because employers will have to pay more. So I ask them why they support depressing wages for those already on low wages. They also get very uppity if you suggest that they prefer to have a pretty and well spoken white Polish girl serve them their daily Costa. What's wrong with a nice African chap serving their Costa, surely that would be better as he would not be able to claim tax credits? After all, the remainers do seem to have a thing for cheap labour (exploitation). Any increase to wages at the lower end will be partly offset by the reduction in tax credits (which the EEs can and do claim). I posted some figures on this a while back, will have to try and find it again.