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  1. I'm sure that I've been identified on FB and put on some list, or at the very least have been profiled for targetted ads. On my feed I get an ad for tell mama every day and most days a thing about security around ramadan and reporting suspicious activity. All because I once liked a UKIP post.
  2. And then add on to that the crap tattoos, body peircings, crap dress sense and wierd hair makes for a rather a grim sight compared with other nations. Women in particular from other parts of europe seem to dress very well compared to the UK, or is it a bias view as I've never been outside of the cities when in europe? Perhaps in the suburbs its the same as the UK. I really don't get why the obese (men and women) also for some reason think we want to see their excessive energy reserves on display. I saw a very obese chap the other week topless in his topless car. I just don't get it, showing off your flab and getting sunburn as well. Will the reduction in life expectancy and pension costs outweight the extra costs of diabetes and other weight related health issues? I think the burden of weight related issues will be far greater than that from smoking.
  3. null;

    Bus bashing..

    Just to be clear, no one (gay, straight, male, female or whatever) should be getting beaten up on a bus. As we know and others have already said there arseholes out there and groups of lads that will use any excuse for a punchup. A group of young men attacking physically weaker women is the strong taking advantage of the weak, just like muggers who rob old ladies or gangs that pick on a bloke on his own. Anyway, having got that out of the way, a couple of thoughts having just read the DMs piece on this. Did they trigger the violence? Reading between the lines, I'm wondering if the gang were being arseholes and one of the girls starting having a go, either mouthing off or pushing/punching one of them. Even if they did, it doesn't condone giving them a beating for it. I'm not going to speculate any further because that's all it is but if we get to see the CCTV it may put things into context. Lastly, they have been subject to a 'torrent' of 'vile abuse' online. Now the comments are I think a bit off but I do have to say the headline doesn't really match what I would consider vile abuse. Perhaps the author has led a sheltered life. 'That's what you get for being gay', Ryan Bennett wrote underneath an article on Facebook. Chisomo Chitete said: 'No wonder my brother still can't find a girl to marry. All the girls have been taken by girls'. Danzil Denno, replying to a CNN story on twitter, wrote: 'Don't do that in public. See now the results of being silly?'
  4. When I worked in London in the 90's, there were a few gay blokes in the company. They were openly gay, but not in a in your face sort of way. No one was bothered in the slightest, they were never called names or even a hint of anything negative towards them. And this was in an old school type company. They were just a different, in the same way we are all different, we all look different or have different weekend hobbies. We were never told that they needed to have special treatement or that we mustn't be mean to them because they are gay. They were just treated exactly the same as anyone else, exactly as it should be. But I do feel that if we been made to go on 'gay awareness' courses it would have spoilt it because it would have singled them out as being different/special and may have then caused resentment. I strongly hold the view that we need to stop labelling people, it is by its nature divisive. People are people no matter what their sexual orientation or skin colour. These days I think the labelling is increasingly not about getting equal rights/treatement, its about getting special treatment and additional rights.
  5. null;

    Bus bashing..

    "Ms Geymonat said one of the men spoke Spanish and the others had British accents. Bus operator Metroline said there was CCTV footage of the attack and it was co-operating with police." Being gay is irrelevant, beating anyone up on a bus , male, female, gay, straight is out of order. We should be able to go about our lives without fear of attack, sadly its not a perfect world and there are and always will be scumbags out there who do this sort of thing. I dislike the description still being used as 'British accents'. It implies a certain type of person. There is CCTV footage, so why no images?
  6. My only disapointment is that it didn't go a bit further to extract some more SJW cash for the lawyers. But it was clearly vexatious and could not be allowed to go any further. SJWs must be a perfect mark for scammers to take advantage of. I wonder what Marcus will be involved with next?
  7. Gutted for Avi, he comes across as a decent bloke, fair and balanced. But in way pleased as this will help the move away from the current monoply that the likes of FB and YT currently have. Forget YT and FB, start using alternatives.
  8. Need to balance that with the fact that traffic levels will have reduced to more flexible hours and far more working from home. For anyone with a desk based job that just requires PC and a phone many companies are now very keen for home working. One company I used to work for has an office (hot desks) that can only accomodate 75% of the staff, they rely on people working from home or at client sites the keep their opex down. I speak with loads of people now who work one or two days a week from home.
  9. If you want it legal then: 1 - if the system is under 16A per phase then you can grid connect and notify the DNO post installation 2 - Any new electrics (ideally the PV should be on its own consumer unit with apropriate breakers) should be part P 3 - Ground mounted PV is permited development up to 9m2 4 - Inverter must be G83 compliant - this is the bit that makes it stop putting power down the lines in the event of a power outage If you want FIT payments - hard luck as they have stopped, but in the past you needed MCS components, an MCS registered installer and a MCS certificate for the system. From a common sense perspective, the inverter Kurt linked to is G83 compliant. Provided you are competent* with electrics then its fairly simple to install. Everything else is just paperwork...... * the biggest danger is when confidence exceeds competence
  10. I've been keeping an eye on this one for a while:
  11. It happens in the private sector as well. One company I worked for had a bunch of consultants (it may have been KPMG but my memory fails me) come in for a month to analyse our systems and process to look for efficiency gains and cost savings. The result was they said our processes were pretty good and there was potential for cost saving by reducing head count by 10%. I guess spending a few years at uni getting a MBA gives you the skills to come up with amazing and innovative ideas like cutting the head count by 10%. So then the consultants bugger off never to be seen again, the director who got them in to save face had no choice but to go ahead with a 10% reduction in head count. We were actually short staffed and there was no room for reductions, so a lot of staff ended up taking a redundancy payment and then coming back as contractors (contractor costs came from a different budget).
  12. I would not be surprised if there was some rigging but unfortuntely I think the truth is simply that TR didn't get anywhere near enough votes. When you look at how the MSM have demonised him it is a major acheivment that he got as many votes as he did. If the MSM had not been allowed to slander him so much (or if he had the cash to go around sueing them all) them he would have easily got a seat. Also keep in mind that many potential TR voters will have gone for the Brexit Party, a few on here were split between the two.
  13. From the So-Called BBC, the two bits of text with an image between: " In the EU's first results projection it looks like there have been significant losses for the two main groups, the centre-right European People's Party and the centre-left Socialists and Democrats, although they look set to remain as the largest parties. " " The Greens and Liberals have made gains, as well as the right-wing nationalist and populist groups. " The right wing nationalist made bigger gain than the greens, yet get mentioned last, almost as if an after thought or of little importance. Yet again its very subtle but the So-Called BBC do this sort of thing all the time.
  14. BBC have made a subtle but important change to that reporting, it is subtle bias in which they excel. "First region declares with Brexit Party and Labour winning in the North East"
  15. Lining up the excuses for the Brexit Party doing so well. Results don't matter because turn out was low... Britain's turnout below average the So-Called BBC is forecasting that British turnout is lower than the average - at about 37%. Earlier, the European Parliament said the Europe-wide turnout was around 51%.