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  1. null;

    Darren Grimes

    Maybe, but I'm going to donate. I've cut out the booze so have reduced my tax paid to the government. So I'm thinking of it more as diversion of funds from the government to fighting the Electoral Commission. I have dealt with public bodies like this before and my experience has been that they are not to be trusted, personal agendas and politics easily get involved and the problem is that they are not held to account. The various Ombudsmen are pretty toothless.
  2. Next up will be fines for home owners who get burgled. Clearly it would be the home owners fault for working and owning nice things, this in turn encourges burglers. The state will of course be lenient and only impose fines (proportional to earnings) rather than jail time.
  3. null;

    Gaming addiction

    And how many people spend the evening watching shite TV? Is there any concern over that? I used to do a bit, partly becuase I prefered to do that over watching crap on TV.
  4. null;

    OMG the bad man hurt my feelings

    Errr, so a bunch people who found some facts 'offensive' respond by writing some pretty nasty, emotional and intentionally offensive stuff. The see David Lammy's lame comment is no surprise.
  5. null;

    And a fucking another ....

    And they would of had to sit there and listen to every minute detail of what was done to that poor girl.
  6. null;

    And a fucking another ....

    Anyone capable of carrying out such an attack on a defenseless young girl (and assume pre meditated as he had a hammer) can never be fit to be allowed back into society. It must have been horriffic for the parents. Especially when the defense tried to imply the father might have done it. How the fuck can that barrister sleep at night?
  7. null;

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    Thanks Spunko, I've been toying with getting a VPN but then I think there is no need as I'm well within the law. Although who knows what future laws we will have and they will drag up old posts where I broke the new law about not being to critcise the So-Called BBC. This law will of course be retrospective and the state will be able to lock up anyone they for historical crimes. Back to the DNS, using it, while not ideal would be better than not using it, from a privacy point of view? (depending on who you trust more, your ISP or cloudflare)
  8. null;

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    How does this differ to using a VPN? Keeping it simple, would this be about right: DNS - no tracking of where you go but data could be collected and analysed VPN - no tracking of where you and data encrypted, totally secure, in theory.
  9. null;

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    Even though Paul/Hairy whatever he calls himself was one of the nastiest, deluded and most hate filled people I have come across, I would never agree with publishing any personal details, if they were private. But if its all in the public domain then fair game, even more so if it was put in the public domain by that person.
  10. null;

    Jacob Rees-Mogg

    BiB - is that because these knob heads (Antifa tyres) tend to be the spoilt kids of the rich and famous or upper middle class?
  11. null;

    Health and Safety jobsworths

    Touché. Your H&S department are clearly on the ball. I just hope they have fully assesed the risks for the person responsible for running it for 30 seconds a week and aslo assessed the risk of what happens if that person is off sick and doesn't run it for 30 secs a week.
  12. null;


    There is an annual allowance for small amounts of veg oil. Many people thought it was illegal to run on veg oil, the only thing that was illegal was not paying the duty on fuel.
  13. null;

    Health and Safety jobsworths

    Warm water? Have you reviewed the risk of Legionnaires' disease? Especially for a shower that might not be used/tested for weeks. Where does the warm water come from? Is it a mix of hot water and cold? And if so, how do you ensure that the water is warm and not scolding hot?
  14. null;

    Health and Safety jobsworths

    I'll try that line next time I'm out on the town, I'll let you know how it goes. I'd like to think it was some hot geeky female, just waiting for me to resuce her by stripping her naked and dragging her under the shower. Sadly it was a geeky bloke, but to be fair it was quite fascinating but by the second day it was boring as hell and must have been even more so for the chemist who did a repetitive but dangerous task day in day out
  15. null;


    I think you have to be a bit carefull with common rail engines. From memory some fuel pumps coped better than others. I recall that a 10% mix of veg oil was considered ok for most engines and I think some grades of diesel allow for around 10% of bio anyway. There was a time when a litre of veg oil was much cheaper than a litre of diesel. Two options, either make bio diesel whih involves some processing or just run on striaght veg oil. I would recommend getting an EV and solar panels........