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  1. I'm seeing these everywhere locally. Every McDees, Burger King, Nandos has a delivery driver hanging around or on their way in and out. Often wondered how there can be any money in it for such low value items. A quick search indicates deliveroo charge £2.50 for a delivery.
  2. I'm the same and it very much depends doesn't it. For me, perhaps like others I'm curious to learn and understand how my body works. I'm old enough not be worrying over if I might have some obscure ailment or disease. I had a chest x-ray that came back abnormal for lungs and chest lymph nodes, following on from that I had a high definition full chest CT scan and then a week later a chest lymph node biopsy. None of those tests helped me in any way or helped with treatment as what I had while thankfully not cancer it was/is something that has no cure or effective treatment other than to manage the symptoms. The irony was that the CT scan statistically increased my chances of getting cancer. But an MRI scan I would happy have one per year if I could afford it. I recall looking into it all quite a few years back and from memory BUPA did a full health check including MRI which was around £4k. I agree but the two do not have to be exclusive - a better lifestyle and working conditions combined with better healthcare. There is a massive rich/poor divide on healthcare in the UK.
  3. Very good point re history. I think its essential to get a baseline of what is normal for your body. So many things range so widely that Drs will think its not a problem if within the normal range. As an example, my normal resting heart rate is around 65. I had an illness which meant my resting heart rate was around 85-90. The Drs were not concerned as its only when over 100 they start thinking of it as tachicardic. Also related to this I had complications with my lungs and had to have various tests done to measure my breathing capacity. The first set of tests were almost meaningless as they needed a baseline from which to judge if the illness was progressing or in remission. If you have moles or at risk of skin cancer, I know of someone who has their whole body photograpghed every year and the moles checked for any changes. I would also consider getting a blood pressure monitor and blood glucose kit and check and record every 3- 6 months. If you have the money spare then go for it, I certainly would. All the rich people I know have this kind of stuff done on a regular basis.
  4. Also a lot of the new builds are now being burdened with charges for maintenance of amenity areas. Years ago the local Councils would adopt these but they are shifting that burden onto the developers who then pass it onto the home owners. I don't like the idea of having freehold but then being tied into a few hundred quid each year for someone to run a mower over a patch of grass. Apologies for a BBC link, but the term 'fleecehold' is rather good: " Paying unexpected costs on new-build homes has been dubbed the next PPI scandal waiting to happen, and has homeowners and MPs alike wanting solutions. "
  5. I have a keen interest in the oil and gas markets as I believe energy is so fundamental to everything else, although I don't understand it very well so read your posts with great interest. Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge. I noticed the other day that UK gas futures are at another 2 year low, less than half what they were in Oct 2018. What is driving the low prices, is it simply over supply? And is that over supply real, or just preception of it? I read so much about US gas being on the edge of going into decline, yet everyone else seems to think its going to carry on, do they know something we don't? Surely the further they fall, the more that rubber band gets stretched? 12 months of low energy prices feeding into inflation figures, all good until prices shoot up like that rubber band being released. Could make for some interesting times.
  6. That sounds like the only person that I have on ignore. The only reason I have them on ignore is that their posts (in my opinion) are such repetitive meaningless shite that I found the ignore function to be rather useful. I'll also add that over many forums and over many years, this is the one and only time I have ever put someone on ignore. I would never put someone I disagree with on ignore. For me, that goes against a huge part of what forums are about - hearing opposing views and having your own views challenged. I like a good debate but find that on here everyone is on a similiar page. When I want some fun I visit some SJW infested forums where they are not on the the same page, or even more like not even on the same book, or the same library, or even the same language....
  8. This line below really sums it up (my bold). She sounds rather prejudiced to me. "Hair is a huge part of queer culture and lesbian identity as well, so I can't help but feel there is some homophobia wrapped up in all these refusals I've had."
  9. I have not given blood in a long time (for the reasons above), but when I did it was while at work and that was what first got me into it. It was seen almost as a duty and sold as getting a break from the office and a cup of tea and biscuit. Used to have a good feel to it and a very good percentage of the staff would go and donate. Perhaps this is part of the reason why? To be fair, unless encouraged to do so by fellow workers I doubt I would have made the effort on my own.
  10. Looks like she got punched in the face as well, look at those fat lips.
  11. null;


    Round my way (I guess everywhere?) the bees love a bit of lavender, the plants are always swarming with bees. I always have some growing in various places, all from one plant that I got around 20 years ago, so easy to propogate new plants from cuttings and very low maintenance plants. Have one outside the window and sometimes watch the bees doing their thing and surprised at the variations in types and sizes of bees. Occasionally get leaf cutter bees make those cigars in pots and once had a ground bee nest. Anyway, this is where you bee keeping wizards tell me that lavender is bad for bees and the only reason they swarm to it is because its like a drug to them....
  12. null;


    Fine for the chicken roasting in the oven, but the chopping board, food surfaces, your hands, the door handle, the cutlery, the rest of the food in the firdge.....
  13. Thrifty? Could have cured that noisy fan with a drop of synthetic oil on the bearing and saved the £13.
  14. How many dosbods does it take to change a light bulb?
  15. Ok, so turns out LED bulbs lose brightness within minutes of being turned on, seems that heat build up is the reason. The opposite of CFLs that get brighter as they warm. Not a particular issue in either case, just something of interest. Upload has stopped working again, down the page on this link is a graph where they test a selection of bulbs: