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  1. Having had a near death experience, I've been lucky to learn this before I get too old. Once I realised this, it also made me happier and removed a lot of stress.
  2. null;

    Halal food

    File upload not working, was uploading a pic of a kfc finger licking good rat....
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    Same here and I can add that I have never died of cancer, so one more thing that clearly is not a problem.
  4. I have come across a handful of leftists who very loudly claim the So-Called BBC is pro brexit and biased towrds the government. In their warped world they see anything remotely positive about the conservates or brexit as bias. They believe the So-Called BBC should only publish bad news about brexit and the cons. In their world the So-Called BBC should glorify Corbyn, demonised the Tories and tell the public how bad brexit is. Anything else is bias....
  5. I watched a program, can't recall what it was called but basically a couple got their car stuck in sand out in the ozzie outback. They let air out of the tyres but were still stuck. They happened to be by a water tank that would have kept them going for many days. The fella decided to walk back into town for help, he didn't get far. The following day the woman was found alive and well. The police let some more air out of the tyres and drove the car straight out. So the moral is - you need to let quite a lot of air out of the tyres and sometimes its better to stay put and wait for rescue* * but not always, every situation is different.
  6. A previous job involved working inside of some large underground vaults, the doors of which were timelocked. It was not somewhere where you ever went alone, but even so it used to freak me out a bit. I recall a story of someone I think in Canada who fell down a ravine and broke his leg badly. He was dragging himself up the bank to get back to his car when he felt his leg get stuck. It was his bone sticking out and it had snagged on a root branch - ouch. He managed to get back to his car, drove himself to hospital and lived to tell the tale.
  7. He is quoted as saying: " 'Hey, I'm better than you " He got off lightly, if it was a white guy saying that to a female POC, then they would be shamed as a racist white supremecist. So he wanted to stop the hate and bigotry by going on a hate filled bigoted rant at a random person......
  8. Perhaps he gave his dogy mate who nicks bikes £150 two weeks prior and asked to go and get a him bike to order?
  9. This quote from the So-Called BBC: " Two police community support officers (PCSOs) tried to confront the attacker before being chased. " I read that as two poorly trained cheap coppers went up to the guy, saw he had a big knife, asked him to put it down, he didn't so they ran away.
  10. We are halfway there already:
  11. Yes, but if she had not moved out of the way slightly he might have touched her breast. Reminds me of that loon a while back who claimed a Trump supporter almost punched her.
  12. A great comment from that thread: I often think of how wealthy our civilization is that it can support so many people, institutions and organizations whose stated purpose is to tear it down while they are being supported by it and contributing nothing. 1 reply . 11 retweets 60 likes
  13. Rejoice in the fact that even though you don't have a smart meter, you/we are still paying for them. Energy suppliers are allowed to load the cost onto energy bills. They get the benefits, we get the bill.
  14. Your take on the PE model is how I see it. They seem to go for companies that are established and have trading history with good profits. So on paper it looks safe to the banks. Its no so much surprising that the banks lend in the first place, its that they allow it to happen. Either poor covenants, perhaps dodgy management reporting, or perhaps when it starts going wrong the banks become just another passenger along for the ride. Went past an empty mothercare store the other day and made a comment about havn't they gone bust yet? Perhaps they are still around because there is no PE involved? I'm only guessing on this, for all I know they are fully loaded with debt.
  15. This bit surprised me. Was this a naive Chinese investment thinking they had a long term future with a UK chain or the typical borrow cheap, take dividends and run type? Genuine question and hoping the dosdods massive can supply some insights.