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    null; got a reaction from Frank Hovis in Young people   
    A few things from a discussion with one of mine about a recent Citizenship lesson:
    - The leave vote was given as an example of democracy failing
    - The Boris bus was given as an example of politicians lying
    - Voters need to be better educated (the implication being leave voters were not)
    I'm beginning to suspect the teacher might be a remainer?
    I was actually rather annoyed, fair enough to discuss those subjects in balance and with a critical view but from what I was told it was a nothing more than a thinly veiled brainwashing session for remain.
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    null; reacted to wherebee in Part and parcel - violent attacks   
    If I was stuck in the UK I would be actively looking to move to Poland.  It's going to be a lot better than the UK in 30 years.
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    null; reacted to sam1994 in Part and parcel - violent attacks   
    Krakow is great. The place is clean and I didn’t see a hint of trouble there. It feels more like a town than a city to me and I enjoyed the stay there

    You can’t just move there though. My father’s parents are Polish but even he couldn’t move there if he wanted to. 
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    null; reacted to kibuc in Part and parcel - violent attacks   
    As I've said a few times before, if you're a white heterosexual Christian male then Poland is made for you. The "Christian" and "male" parts can be successfully negotiated, the others not so much. For me as an atheist, the omnipresence of the Church only became an issue when I got kids. 
    We used to have big problems with football hooliganism in the 90s and they've been making a comeback in recent years. Those are some proper skinhead/nazi steroid types using football as a cover for organized crime, mostly drug dealing. Don't wear football shirts in an unknown territory and don't prolong eye contact with any tattooed 6ft 250lb meat mountain with murder in his eyes, and you'll be fine. However, there's no denying that their presence is one of the elements keeping the types from the video at bay. 
    Personally, I attended sporting events and clubbed on regular basis from the age of 17 to 32 and never felt in danger. Wish I could say the same about my 4 years in London!
    Having said that, kids seem to have it better in UK. In Polish schools, hospitals and other public institutions they seem to be considered an annoying inconvenience. There's a civilizational gap there. 
    Definitely worth going to a place like Wroclaw, Krakow or Gdansk for a long weekend and checking it out for yourself. 
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    null; reacted to JackieO in Young people   
    I do. 
    She was doing slavery at school recently.
    I told her that her teacher probably had no idea that the The Sack of Baltimore took place on June 20, 1631, when the village of Baltimore, West Cork, Ireland, was attacked by the Ottoman Algeria and Republic of Salé slavers from the Barbary Coast of North Africa . The attack was the largest by Barbary pirates on either Ireland or Great Britain with over 200 taken.
    I also asked her why the US navy was established. No idea had she. So I showed her that it was set up to guard Americans trading in the Med from attack and enslavement by Barbary pirates.
    I also informed her the British were the first to outlaw slavery.
    All the above of course counters the false narrative that only white people enslaved others and flushes the white guilt bollocks too. 
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    null; reacted to Frank Hovis in Young people   
    That level of financial control is absolutely the goal.
    Keep cranking up minimum wage towards average wage levels than add tax credits so that you end up with the government directly controlling the income level of 80% of the population.
    This report is from the start of 2018:
    How many people are paid at the NMW?
    The Low Pay Commission estimates that there were 1.9 million jobs paid at or below the NMW in April 2017, around 6.7% of all employee jobs. This compares to 1.5 million jobs paid at or below the NMW in 2015, before the introduction of the National Living Wage. The coverage of the NMW is expected to increase to around 3.4 million employees by 2020 as the National Living Wage moves towards its 2020 target.

    By next year 3.4m will be having their wages set by the government.  There is nothing to suggest that this process will halt at that stage; the government wants to set wage levels.
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    null; reacted to wherebee in Young people   
    people like to pretend that there are many types of 'true' but for most things, once you set the definitions the facts do not change.  The INTERPRETATION of them does.
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    null; reacted to sam1994 in Young people   
    I’m getting annoyed at Labour claiming everything is fully costed.
    If something is fully costed you don’t borrow money. 
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    null; reacted to kibuc in Part and parcel - violent attacks   
    Guys in that video are trash and should be disposed of.
    Does anyone here or anywhere else honestly believe there's a reasonable chance of them becoming productive and valuable members of our society, or even a net-zero contributors, and that taking that chance is worth risking other people's well-being?
    Because if not, then they should be composted.
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    null; reacted to Loki in Range Rover Evoque   
    "It's good for cornering and grip"
    Oh someone should tell the F1 teams

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    null; reacted to One percent in Part and parcel - violent attacks   
    Can you imagine the outrage if this was a gang of white kids kicking the life out of one of the establishment’s guests?  
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    null; reacted to stokiescum in Part and parcel - violent attacks   
    Exactly why he does nothing
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    null; reacted to ElKapitan84 in Part and parcel - violent attacks   
    It's interesting alright, to see how they're being 'dispersed' on the quiet.  Someone is trying to supplant the population and it's orchestrated.  Someone gets paid to sit down and work out logistics, about how to stop 'clustering'.  They're trying to pre-empt white flight?
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    null; got a reaction from gibbon in Part and parcel - violent attacks   
    True, but the poor lad was going to get a beating no matter what he did - unless he took the initative to fight back but then who knows what happens with the crowd hanging around in the background.
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    null; got a reaction from Carl Fimble in Part and parcel - violent attacks   
    True, but the poor lad was going to get a beating no matter what he did - unless he took the initative to fight back but then who knows what happens with the crowd hanging around in the background.
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    null; reacted to swiss_democracy_for_all in Part and parcel - violent attacks   
    No, in Mogadishu that little pack of hyenas would probably get some extremely rough justice from someone, be it the authorities (religious or otherwise) or the kids relatives. It's only in Western Europe we're so fucking stupid as to invite more of this behaviour by making excuses and letting it go unpunished.
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    null; reacted to JoeDavola in Part and parcel - violent attacks   
    At which point ahmed's 10 friends would have kicked you to death.
    As embarrasing as it sounds, the only solution for the white kid here was to run away.
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    null; reacted to honkydonkey in Part and parcel - violent attacks   
    This is their town now. Fight back and it's 10 v 2, get something to defend yourself out and you either die, or go to prison. There's literally nothing you can do to stop yourself getting a kicking and possible life long injuries, let that sink in. 
    They're not even making an attempt to escape, they know there's no punishment.
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    null; reacted to stokiescum in Part and parcel - violent attacks   
    Classic geting interviewed for a fight but the lad siting didn’t take the bate by standing up should have fucked off but probably thought he would not get attacked siting down where he was no threat
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    null; reacted to Van Lady in No time for losers 'cos we are the Champions... of Tescos   
    Another common label is colleagues in reference to those who are operating tills or whatever and the management are also colleagues. Yeh right!
    Badges or lanyards with your designation and name is used in the game.
    Unfortunately the opportunities for social mobility are scare these days for many.
    Giving workers fancy titles, whatever the level in the hierarchy, just won’t help to quell the rising anger in millions of people from all sections of the workforce under the very top levels.
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    null; reacted to Libspero in No time for losers 'cos we are the Champions... of Tescos   
    It’s the old adage about the difference between managers and leaders.
    Organisations with leaders tend to be led from the top down and are usually successful and interesting places to work.
    Organisations with managers tend to be led from the bottom up,  are often inefficient, ineffective and moral destroying places to work.
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    null; reacted to dgul in No time for losers 'cos we are the Champions... of Tescos   
    I have a suspicion that it is the MBA 'cargo cult'.
    There's all the talk of management idols and techniques and stuff; the approach appears to be to copy all of the 'visible' characteristics of successful management -- words, champions, structures, book-learnt leaders, etc -- but to not actually get the bit about successful management where there's got to actually be management that understands the business, actually works and is ultimately successful.  Over and over again they fail, not understanding why their state of the art structures don't seem to work, and usually end up blaming the floor-staff for being crap or not following directions -- when all along they're doing the equivalent of making a perfect facsimile of a short wave radio out of bamboo and string, and not understanding why the new gods don't bring them their ambrosia.
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    null; reacted to Talking Monkey in NHS - envy of the world   
    Mrs got diagnosed with early stage cancer, whenever I went with her to see the consultants etc I always wore a nice suit and tie, and had a notebook and pen. Having banged it out round the corporates for 20 years I can turn on the 'all business' vibe. She definitely got treated a lot better, I could visibly see that the consultants were on their toes. Even when they operated and she stayed over night on the ward, my going in during the evening suited and booted and conveying to the nursing staff she had someone with substance keeping an eye on things meant those staff treated her well, I saw how they treated her. At the end of visiting hours I left and she told me they continued on treating her well, staff changed when the night shift came on and the care turned to total shit. The whole episode was eye opening, unless you have someone with knowledge and gravitas in your corner and the people treating you actually know this the NHS will treat you like shit. 
    Mrs is 100% ok now operated and all clear given
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    null; reacted to Hopeful in Winter car prep done   
    You can probably negate the beneficial by driving appropriately. Just understand your vehicle and how it drives in different conditions. Many people don't seem to be able to do this.
    On snow, winter tyres are fundamental if you don't want to get stuck where summer tyres would clog.
    That said, during the beast from the east some twat in a Landy zoomed past me in the lanes as i was walking home, he forced me to leap in the hedge.  A mile later I caught up with him. It was a complete white out and he had driven full pelt into a drift that had formed between two gates that were opposite each other allowing snow to blow across the road and fill up between the hedges. The snow came up to his windows. He was completely entombed as he couldn't even open the doors and with snow underneath supporting the weight didn't have enough traction to reverse out. I quietly turned around and took a different path and left the fekker there,
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    null; reacted to Wight Flight in The GREAT BIG General election thread   
    They will be working on the number of people that currently visit the dentist. I would guess many can't afford to. 
    Make it free and watch the demand explode.
    I doubt we have enough dentists to cope.