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    invalid reacted to stop_the_craziness in A Dose of Reality   
    Spoke to a friend in New Zealand last night.  They had planned for an absolute storm of mental health issues due to lockdown and people not working, but have found the opposite.  Conclusion seems to be that the biggest stress factor for a lot of people was shitty commutes to offices they hated to do jobs they could do perfectly well from home.  Who'd guess that??
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    invalid reacted to Syd Germs in Pandemic coming? - Coronavirus April / May 2020 (Part 3)   
    Thanks. Very interesting and well worth a listen.
    One of those videos where I thought I'd listen for the first few minutes and ended up listening to the end.
    Will make you think more critically when you see an article in the BBC or MSM starting with "A study has shown .....".
    Especially one backed by supposedly august and reliable groups like the Lancet or the WHO.
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    invalid reacted to The Masked Tulip in Trump's progress   
    Returning from the shop last night I bumped into a retired lady, 70's I think, who I know to say hello to. I asked her how she was coping. As good as she can, she told me. Then launched into how lucky we are not to have a mad man like Trump in charge.
    My heart sank. Another TDS type. Totally unprovoked and absolutely nothing to do with the conversation - she just blurted it out. Why, why, why? It is a sickness.
    Normally I bite my lip. This time I said at least it was better than the alternative - p*edophiles who made regular trips to Epstein's island. I walked off with her ranting about Trump fading into the background.
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    invalid reacted to snaga in Trump's progress   
    wouldn't matter, if Twitter want to do business in the US, they will still have to comply with US law, doesn't matter where they are registered.
    I believe Jack being a US citizen would also need to comply personally, or surrender his citizenship.
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    invalid reacted to wherebee in Trump's progress   
    The thing about the argument of 'it's a private company so they can deal with who they like' is obviously not applied across the rest of society.  
    If I want to not serve someone who makes a lifestyle choice to cross dress in my cake shop, I am prosecuted and shut down.  If I want not to serve someone who makes a lifestyle choice to insult transgenders online, I am celebrated.
    This idea of freedom of association was buried by equal rights laws.  So fuck 'em - I'm with trump
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    invalid reacted to GBDamo in Trump's progress   
    Now although they are definitely private they are becoming political entities with a political agenda.
    The same can be said about News Papers but they have been going so long people are aware of their political bent.
    Using social media is entierly underhand as they have spent over a decade indoctrinating the young whilst denying having any political intent. Only now, as they are under attack, are they opening up about those political persuasions in the hope there is an upswelling of public opinion in their favour.
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    invalid reacted to Rowley in Trump's progress   
    It's a private company embedded in peoples lives across the globe, with the power to shape and manipulate opinion. You are probably affected by it, even if you don't use it.
    It's not Arkwrights corner shop in Doncaster.
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    invalid reacted to Panther in Trump's progress   
    Shows you what a bubble they all live in at Twitter. I hope they get looted.
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    invalid reacted to GBDamo in Trump's progress   
    I'm struggling to see the glorification of violence here.
    Their President is stating that the Army may be deployed to restore public order.
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    invalid reacted to Hail the Tripod in Trump's progress   
    Perfectly proportional (if overdue) action:
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    invalid reacted to satch in Pandemic coming? - Coronavirus April / May 2020 (Part 3)   
    Strange I have no idea why scientists should be mistrusted.
    I mean China and their scientists have been totally honest about everything. The WHO took ages to even react and have totally backed China with their non-qualified CEO who has not, shall we say the best track record in preventative health being very supportive of China. The world’s leading virus expert, Bill Gates, is saying a vaccine can be ready in a couple of weeks, safe and available to inject into millions. The scientists’ computer models are apparently spaghetti code and none of them agree with each other and none of them have predicted the actually numbers and spread.
    The general public came to the conclusion that low Vitamin D levels was probably a factor before the scientists, the scientists probably also knew but wanted to be ‘politically correct’ (see Dr John squirming as he tries to say people with dark skin may be more susceptible to Covid, terrified he is not being PC and will be de-platformed … and I general like what he has had to say). President Trump is condemned as being a maniac for taking a very old long-standing drug to ward off the virus, when it is probably the equivalent of him taking an aspirin every day, it may not do any real good but will not do any harm either.
    A world leading epidemiologist says it is a virus and will act like a virus and gets removed from Youtube because WHO disagree. No logical argument, no counter argument just that he is dangerous and needs to be redacted. Even though it took WHO months to even admit that the pandemic was actually a pandemic. Countries who have had a lockdown have basically the same rise and fall of infections and deaths as those that did not lockdown but they don’t really want to talk about that. Lack of transparency by the authorities when reporting people who have died because of Covid when in reality they have had several co-morbidities and have died with it not because of it. Fake new about killer second infections debunked by the South Korea study. And Covid also according to the MSM causes Kawasaki disease in kids even though Kawasaki disease has been around since before Covid.
    And of course the eminent scientist Prof Pantsdown was supportive of the lockdown to stop the spread of the virus but had his married lover cycle over for a bit of practical biology. So no wonder the general public think that what the experts say is nonsense and we are being played for fools by the media, government and scientists.
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    invalid reacted to onlyme in Pandemic coming? - Coronavirus April / May 2020 (Part 3)   
    Almost zero coverage of the non-mortality related issues. We've been highlighting the possibility and discussing it months/ It makes the ditching of promising therapeutic studies on drugs that could prevent severity and number of patients getting into real long term difficulties and even more important issue -if the WHO et al are intenitally squashing HCQ and it turns out that HCQ/Zinc/Az early helpful then they need appropriate punishment. 
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    invalid reacted to PaulParanoia in Pandemic coming? - Coronavirus April / May 2020 (Part 3)   
    Some studies are showing that a small percentage of people fight off corona virus without producing antibodies.  As such the anti-body testing results may be on the low side.  Only time will tell if we have a second wave come the winter.  My gut feeling based upon all the research I've read is that this won't happen.  I'm open to being wrong but really hope it's not seasonal.
    I do however strongly feel that if there is a second wave, the government must concentrate on protecting the vulnerable rather than a whole of society lock down.  I can't see the economy being able to take a second hit.
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    invalid reacted to snaga in Censorship of the Internet by Google, YouTube, Facebook, BBC, Daily Mail & Others   
    EO Draft published, as suggested by someone, he's had this ready to go for some time ...
    summary, if they edit or delete posts other than for specific reasons listed, they will be deemed to be acting as a publisher and be liable.
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    invalid reacted to Bedrag Justesen in Why are channel 4 such arseholes?   
    Well done C4 News.
    Tonight they managed a double-header of having to announce retractions on air.
    Krishnan Guru-Murthy apologised about a statement C4 News made regarding tonight's Coronavirus Press Conference.
    Downing Street seeking they clarify the actions of Boris Johnson regarding CMO and CSO answering journalist's questions.
    Jon Snow apologised for C4 News US Washington Correspondent Siobhan Kennedy claiming President Trump made no reference to over 100,000 deaths milestone.
    President Trump posted a tweet five hours earlier doing exactly that.
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    invalid reacted to swiss_democracy_for_all in Absentee Amnesty Thread   
    I'm a bit bored of it, most of the damage is done now and it's clear the hysterics, either manipulated by the bankers/elites or not depending on how you see it, have won nearly everywhere except Sweden. 
    The massive recession/depression is on it's way, we are now in the equivalent situation to those standing on the beach looking at the fish flapping on the sand as the water flowed out from the beach in Phuket on Boxing Day 2004.
    But If @Turned Out Nice Again posts another thread saying it's all a bit boring, we might get an asteroid strike as well!
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    invalid reacted to One percent in Absentee Amnesty Thread   
    Good thread Frank. I know that I’ve not been posting nearly as much. I’m putting it down to not wanting to rehash all the same cv stuff over and over. I’m guessing that some posters are feeling the same, they just want to avoid the madness. 
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    invalid reacted to Hopeful in Pandemic coming? - Coronavirus April / May 2020 (Part 3)   
    Opening up now is probably fine. Transmission may be lower because of the weather and people can meet up outside rather than indoors. There will be infections of course, but we can probably cope with the number that end up as severe infections and deaths.
    It's good to give people a break.
    There is only one way with this virus and that is to let it infect sufficient people so that transmission breaks down because the chance of finding an uninfected host declines - it's the timeframe over which we let that happen and that timeframe is dictated by our stomach for high levels of mortalities.
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    invalid reacted to Option5 in Immigration   
    We've always had scum, but they were British scum who knew where the line was drawn. If they crossed it they were sorted out by people who didn't have the threat of being branded racist.
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    invalid reacted to deathfunk in Immigration   
    For me, it is the quality.No problem with different races and I'm happy with the concept of Britishness evolving. I just don't want scum in my country.
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    invalid reacted to TheCountOfNowhere in Immigration   
    It's not the quality, it's the numbers and the lies from the government.
    They will not stop the immigration.  For good or for bad, the concept of British or English is dying.
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    invalid reacted to deathfunk in Immigration   
    No problem with this. The quality of immigrant from Hong Kong is going to be much higher than Somalia or Afghanistan. Bravo!
    Ideally we could do a swap with CCP - they can have 5 million of our muslim hillbillies and we will gladly have 300,000+++ of their Hong Kongers.
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    invalid reacted to Austin Allegro in The Not Coping Well With This Shit Thread   
    I've been doing a new routine where I do 10 press ups and some yoga stretches on the hour every working hour. So that's 80 press ups a day and a lot of other stuff. It's done wonders for my back. The jobsworth council have also lifted the ban on swimming in the local river, so I'm in there most mornings. The change from shop-bought beer to home made wine (to lower my tax spend) seems to also have given me a slimmer waist.
    However, as someone else said, I'm getting increasingly annoyed with the attempts to spin out the crisis long after it's clearly over, if at all it ever existed. Particularly the 'new normal' societal change nonsense that some are trying to foist on us, and all the phone-monitoring rubbish.
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    invalid reacted to Sasquatch in The Not Coping Well With This Shit Thread   
    Complete opposite here. We're way ahead on the work front compared to usual (and I'm going back at least 10 years). As things stand we get to the end of June and then drop down to 1/3 to 1/2 time for the summer. We have earned enough already to get us through to winter. Therefore work pressure way down. Fitness up as we've had more time and now training (indoor bike and online exercise classes at least three times a week). Not drinking any more or less than usual. Saving lots of money by not eating out. Enjoying cooking at home again and also growing vegetables/fruit. The covid event has given us the opportunity to focus on our retirement plans which are now tantalisingly close. Unless something goes wrong I should be retired in my 50's (which was always the plan )
    The only downside is some uncertainty with our house sale but we are not panicking yet. Also the inability to physically meet up with our grown up children. We saw them the weekend before the lockdown but not since. They are both moving rented houses at the end of June so we are travelling up to help them with that (regardless of any government rules).
    I am not worried about catching the virus. Selfishly speaking from what I have gathered the risk of a serious infection is very low. I will not be wearing a mask or gloves and I am going out and about with zero fear. Saying that I do not relish the thought of a business trip to London and using the tube. I might be 'scared' enough to avoid those trips in the future.
    I've stopped watching MSN although I do log into the BBC website now and then for a chuckle. I think that Mr Cummings is doing a terrific job with the country.
    That is all.
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    invalid reacted to Southmartin in The Not Coping Well With This Shit Thread   
    Frankly i'm enjoying lockdown - but with one caveat- I do miss the gym. ... I was pretty well prepped for everything, save a decent barbel and weights set - gutted.. had just hit my goal of 10 reps at 100kg before lockdown, and now i'll be all the way in the 70's & 80's I suspect when we open up. Did look at buying some but prices had gone stupid (over £1k) so just decided to suck it up and train hard when allowed back in
    I never followed advice about not driving anywhere when that was on anyway, and I work from home - so the only thing i really noticed was that my online sales businesses went up nicely, and i could drive around without any other git on the roads. It was like a little bit of heaven.