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  1. Chewing Grass


    Amazingly he is 92 this year.
  2. All the office workers, the local kebab shop and its ilk will be fine.
  3. Oh, and motorcyclists will be the next target as they will not be compatible with all this autonomous AI shit.
  4. All this tech is the biggest turn-off ever, humans crave interaction and feedback and they are turning life into something you have no control over. As AI advances I expect depression rates and ultimately suicides to rocket. But hey, the low death rate we have on roads now may drop further and will be lauded by the power crazed political class but will be overshadowed by huge increases in self-harm fatalities.
  5. Ah, but then there is temporary limits at roadworks etc and so-called smart motorways to contend with.
  6. Whatever you do, do not watch this, the guys laugh is the icing on the cake as he demonstrates a 10 shot repeating bow with a sliding magazine.
  7. That is not going to work ,for a multitude of reasons ,it will also be bypassed within weeks of it arriving My car has it already and it is shit, signs override gps data (for obvious reasons) and that is where the problems start. Turned it off within 2 weeks by consulting large manual to find where the computer settings are. 1) Read a home-made 30 speed sign on an A-road in the Peak District. 2) Read the speed sticker roundel on the back of a HGV and started going bonkers on the M6 3) Read a white paint 'vandalised' 40 sign in town as 10. Now if it had the power to slap the brakes on rather than distractingly flash the dash it would be truly dangerous. Technology will be the death of the Human Race as we know it.
  8. Chewing Grass


    That one comment nails it 100%, everything else is the distracting froth of 'journalists' trying to attach boxes to the subject and politicise it. Women should be proud to be err Women.
  9. Attenborough is a deluded old cunt, I suspect age is getting the better of his judgement and is possibly being manipulated due to this. I imagine he is very easy for the Al-Beeba to edit as well.
  10. Roman wall collapses in Chester after private developer undermines and compromises the integrity of the Grade 1 listed structure which in parts is almost 2 millenia old. Hopefully the greed driven 'developer' will be rinsed for every penny it costs to repair plus damages.
  11. I think the dye or whatever it is inside them with the 0101101s on it degrades/fades over time, I would imagine home 'burned' ones are the first to go before your 1990s Bonnie Tyler CD.
  12. Bumble, is see the clever branding there, its across between Bum and Fumble.
  13. The IET is virtually worth a thread on its own as it is a paragon of politicised fake news. In this article 'rich councils recycle much less than the poorest' they espouse. 'Brits living in affluent areas might be expected to recycle more. They may have the money, the education and potentially the awareness of environmental issues connected to household waste. But according to a new E&T analysis, the opposite is true. ' They the quote Newham first where god forbid only 14.1% of household waste is recycled followed by Westminster 17% and Lewisham 17.7% As can be seen in any area across the country where the majority of the population is BAME (72.9% Newham) the recycling rate will be extremely low as they have very low levels of environmental responsibility in general and are quite comfortable with levels of shit comparable with downtown Dhaka. Not that this simple but uncomfortable fact would register with the IET and its politicised agenda.