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  1. Bell is of no use at all when they jump off the kerb immediately in front of you. By the time you have rung it, one second, and they have heard it and recognised it 2 seconds, then physically reacted 3 seconds you would have hit them. Best course of action is to try and predict where they are going, remain in control and avoid them. Anyway it is what it is, just be extra wary of joggers.
  2. You wouldn't believe the number of joggers, virtually all female, who have stepped out into or tried to cross the road when I have been virtually on top of them at 20mph on a bicycle. On quiet roads a lot only use their ears as they assume no noise = no traffic. Just a coincidence theory of mine.
  3. An outrageously fast electric motorbike that isn't outrageously loud is like a certain death sentence for any rider who gives it the beans. We rely on two of our senses to alert us to danger and one has just gone.
  4. Interesting little snippet here, looks like Volkswagen is fucked as a European manufacturer, cheap labour elsewhere will ultimately win. As a business the margins are too small and the risk of failure too high. Hard working post-war Germans are all retiring, the grafters have gone, investment in automation is cheaper elsewhere as an automated factory can be built anywhere, cheap still wins. Volkswagen has struggled in terms of profitability. Last year, the operating margin for the brand dropped to 3.8 percent. For 2022, VW is estimating a 6 percent margin. The brand is funnelling resources into a host of EVs under the ID label, including a hatchback, crossover, sedan, and a reinterpretation of the Microbus. The Group aims to build 22 million electric vehicles in the next 10 years.
  5. At 3:1 WOR (water oil ratio) it looks like they are at least 3/4s gone.
  6. Most Saudi's have never done a days work in their lives as a result the elite are trying to scam investors and float off their oilco. The rate they are injecting seawater to keep the oil flowing it will be mad-max territory by 2030.
  7. Can't think of anywhere better to put this but hot on the heels of VW needing to sack 35000 workers in Germany due to electric cars having fewer less complex parts the ONS reckons that 1.5million Brits can be binned as well. All we need to do now is bin the benefits system and fuck the surplus off to Africa.
  8. Ooh, wheelbarrows. Interest rate 22.4%, inflation rate 2295982.00%. Big numbers.
  9. I know what you mean, it may all be a very clever game. We will have to wait and see whether the better politicians are over here or over there. If they are over there we may as well not have a government or a democracy.
  10. The milk bottle with foil top and the milkman became by and large extinct in 1993.
  11. The third worlders started their own insurance company back in 2008 with dirty money from the Arab world. Touted as halal and cheap it went bust virtually within 12 months presumable as they burned all the money through claims. As usual, in reality, it is us indirectly subsidising the bearded ones.
  12. Remember this one last week, no names. Now what type of person drives an Audi S3 or Bentley in Birmingham. Just curious, just coincidence theorising.
  13. Engineering is one of those occupations were a spade is a spade, no fucker votes labour and there are very few attractive women (or ones with dyed red hair), management are for ridiculing and no one has anything do do with anything PC other than that stupid thing on the desk running Windows 7. I'd be more worried if there are any female council workers here .