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  1. Chewing Grass

    The Labour party hates Jews

    The Labour Party secretly hates and despises everyone other than card carrying party members, it has been this way since the late 1970s when the last of the old-school were pushed aside by university bred activists and opportunists.
  2. Chewing Grass

    Education, education, education

    don't forget auto-enrolement also equals 3 years pension contributions, the early years arguably being the more valuable and possibly an overdraft to boot. So thats lost earnings + 3 years pension contribs + student debt + overdaft. oh, and graduate trainee money can also be a pittance. it all adds up.
  3. Chewing Grass

    Something happening at Salisbury hospital

    Done, I'll convert to a Police Radio, is that what they have called it as they should know straight up. Again, more questions raised than answered to the non-casual observer.
  4. Chewing Grass

    The Workhouse

    Been researching the local workhouses, many of which were magnificent late victorian piles rather than mill like shit-holes when built and came across their census records. Taking Runcorn as an example it can be seen from their census records that they had to grade the occupants (inmates) if they didn't have an occupation or state their afflicition. Running through the list you will find Imbeciles and Idiots and if curiosity gets the better of you, you will discover that there were also Morons. Now this was a psychological term for grading I.Q. levels 100 years ago and comprised:- Morons - I.Q. of 51-70 (Mental age of 10 - 12) capable of basic work requiring a degree of reasoning or judgement Imbeciles - I.Q. of 26 - 50 (Mental age of 4 - 9) simple manual work Idiots - I.Q. of 0 - 25 (Mental age of 3 or under) self preservation Above 70 was considered Normal and 130 Gifted. An I.Q. of 100 is slap bang between 70 & 130 which makes you realise how bad anywhere in the world is that cannot scrape an average I.Q. of over 85.
  5. Chewing Grass

    Something happening at Salisbury hospital

    Definitely a low end Sat Phone. Key layout above the numbers and the antenna give the game away. Take your pick, could be a Thuraya or Motorola Iridium or spurious other.
  6. Chewing Grass

    Most attractive woman on the planet?

    Here are my four hotties, click if you dare. I like No2, would look even better in Red High Heels.
  7. Chewing Grass

    Dogs dogs everywhere, with thick as fuck owners

    100 Percent, I expected better from you of all people, I'm disappointed.
  8. Chewing Grass

    Trump's progress

    Just the sight of Sopel on the telly makes my piss boil explosively.
  9. Chewing Grass

    Dogs dogs everywhere, with thick as fuck owners

    Us country folk have a saying, 'there's now't as thick as fur'. Basically the hairier something is the stupider it is. Same applies to hair and beards on humans.
  10. Chewing Grass

    Something happening at Salisbury hospital

    So how come the perfume bottle that Yulia had supposedly received and used on herself ended up not being found near them. Being missed by the searchers and being found by 2 scavengers months later? Still doesn't really add up when you think about it unless they were also robbed whilst out of it on the park bench.
  11. Chewing Grass

    Something happening at Salisbury hospital

    Nothing is a coincidence, stuff like this means they knew many weeks ago as it covers two deployment mechanisms i.e. aerosols and powders. Just reinforces the fact that we are being misled/lied to and it is politically convenient for them to do so.
  12. Chewing Grass

    Third world dentistry coming to you

    We have to work to standards in engineering, this basically means building something to the minimum possible standards to compete with every other fucker operating to the minimum possible standards. Hence Grenfell House. Minimum standards were OK until accuntants and prickject mingers got involved.
  13. Chewing Grass

    Bye bye Treason May?

    Went and read that and besides the usual found this bit of interest. 'In London we saw pro Trump supporters issued with written warnings that gathering in groups of more than 3 may result in arrest, at the same time as an effigy of a beheaded President was being paraded through the streets by anti Trump protestors. The Mayor Sadiq Khan incredibly tried to suggest ‘Extreme Right Wingers & Pro Trump protestors’ caused violence, after a group were attacked by masked ‘Antifa’ thugs.' Now where in history would you find states that ban gatherings of more than 3 people?
  14. Chewing Grass

    Bye bye Treason May?

    So there you have it Angela Merkel is running the UK, we are a vassal state and Treason May is just a bad joke that has been inflicted on us by the E.U. Remember when you vote next time it is all meaningless bollocks so be as random and mischievous as possible.
  15. Chewing Grass

    Third world dentistry coming to you

    Moved away from my home town in 1985 and never visited a dentist again until 2017. My new one is a total babe and bearing in mind I had not been for 32 years all I had done was the broken tooth fixed, 1 veneer and a replacement filling for a worn out amalgam one. Since then the other fillings have started to crumble (30 years seems to be their max life in my mouth) so I have had a further 3 reworked/replaced. If I had kept going to the old one I would probably have no original teeth left by now without holes in them. Private now and her policy is to do her best to make sure you keep each tooth as long as possible by doing the minimal destructive work possible.