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  1. Have you noticed that virtually no companies use models with blue eyes anymore, they are all dark hazel or almost black as above.
  2. I hate the words employee and salary as it implies a master/slave relations ship one-step removed from bonded servitude.
  3. There is a nice sentence in this article Mr Sunak added: “If we all want to benefit equally from state support, we must all pay in equally in the future.” Problem is 'benefit equally' and 'pay equally' do not match and never will even under communism. Rishi has just revealed his cards. https://www.ftadviser.com/your-industry/2020/09/17/mps-told-self-employed-tax-discrepancy-hard-to-justify/
  4. Bizarrely my parents can totter off to the supermarket to touch and handle stuff that has been through multiple hands but I technically cannot do the task for them and go in their house. Complete pile of bollocks.
  5. Out of curiosity, how much do you have to stick up your arse to die from it, is it proportional to weight?
  6. That's really makes my blood boil to because as far as they are concerned the customer is never right, it is not a business and they don't provide a service to you.
  7. add on the fact that archaeologically once you go back in time 3000 years very little other than megalithic blocks of stone of glass/gold would survive. Think about our modern society and what would be left after 50/100/500 years to show that we existed, an abandoned scrapyard/office block or home is a good example of which there are many.
  8. Random testing is in its very nature corrupt as the incentive is for companies who are compelled to test is to pick on the people they know who will pass. I was randomly tested at one place every 18 months or so until I complained and asked them to prove it was random. Other folk had never been done since they started the policy some time after the dot.com bust, like everything it is manipulated to suit.
  9. But you already are, been that way on a sliding scale since the acts of enclosure, highland clearances and the industrial revolution.
  10. Well, the place a family member works at, a well known and very respected childrens charity that a lot of footballers used to support has just binned half of its staff. Seems are footy-aces are not interested in being charitable if they can't have their pictures taken being charitable, not enough social media credits nowadays.
  11. Giving the Yes men what they want.
  12. That's Network Rail fucked then as most of their track crews are well into stuff.
  13. Excellent video where systemic racism and its proponents get picked apart, warms up from 3 mins, lets rip with facts from 6 minutes.
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