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  1. Chewing Grass

    Children in need

    No, it is pure BBC virtue signaling.
  2. Chewing Grass

    Bye bye Treason May?

    Had to check that out for my general knowledge, yes she has passed 3.
  3. My grandmother (mothers side) was one of 11 children, there were 6 boys and 5 girls, all 6 of the boys were killed in WW1 serving for one of the Lancashire regiments (south). Makes saving private Ryan a load of American bollocks.
  4. Chewing Grass


    Nope. We need a woman with balls like Arlene Foster..
  5. You didn't watch it for long enough as you responded in well under 10 minutes allowing for ciphering.
  6. Really good chat/interview on the subject.
  7. Chewing Grass

    Bye bye Treason May?

    Don't forget that surely it would be against the saintly EU Human Rights legislation to withhold supplies of drugs to sick people out of sheer bureaucratic spite and malice. Bring it on for all to see.
  8. Chewing Grass

    Bye bye Treason May?

    SKY News put forward the agenda of its owners. Sky UK Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Comcast Comcast has the seventh largest lobbying budget of any individual company or organization in the United States.[62] Comcast employs multiple former U.S. Congressmen as lobbyists. Comcast employs the spouses, sons and daughters of mayors, councilmen, commissioners, and other officials to assure its continued preferred market allocations. Comcast was among the top backers of Barack Obama's presidential runs. SKY is the same as the So-Called BBC and just as susceptible to fake/made-up/ignored news.
  9. Chewing Grass

    Ok, own up, who is it?

    You ain't going to believe this, I've found a real one of these. The real pre-augmented and tatted version (without the brace) is better in my opinion and this smacks of mental illness. Check out the before photos, this will not age and end well IMHO.
  10. Chewing Grass

    Bye bye Treason May?

    I think you have missed something there, in fact you don't need any qualifications or skills to emigrate anywhere in Europe if you claim asylum. In a Brexit scenario it is the ideal opportunity for any Brits with no qualifications and/or no skills to migrate to any European country of their choice and claim asylum and as much bennies as their host has on offer under EU & human rights legislation. Unfortunately it shows just how dim some people are if they van't take the next logical step and exploit the situation presented to them.
  11. Chewing Grass

    Bye bye Treason May?

    Amazing how narrow minded and selfish some people are if all they care about is their own personal short-term needs.
  12. Chewing Grass

    Question Time

    I don't know any Engineers who watch Question Time. Engineers are the sort of people Politicians hate as they have to work out how stuff works for themselves. This is dangerous stuff and is why Stalin sent train-loads of them to the Gulags. Engineers know question-time is stage managed, unbalanced, propaganda bollocks as the audience is largely populated by people interested in politics i.e. left-whingers, teachers and social workers.
  13. Chewing Grass

    Ok, own up, who is it?

    You should try a specially carved sex turnip, you can get a fresh one each evening and finely tune the carving until vegetarian perfection is achieved.
  14. Chewing Grass

    Islamification of Europe

    Look at their eyes, smiling thickset Mohammed/Ahmed with the IQ and skillset of a gravedigger and two younger, pasty, women with a haunted look of those with mothing more than a life of domestic and sexual servitude to look forward to. Feminists should be horrified at what is happening to other women under their noses.
  15. Chewing Grass

    'Worrying' lack of diversity in Britain's tech sector

    You can't force tech out of people just as you can't force viable patents out of people. You either have the naturally gifted talent or you don't, creativity cannot be learnt you have ot from day 1 and it just requires nurturing. A lot of people do not have the gift, you can argue about it being genetic but the counter is that the Chinese have it in spades. Having quotas for diversity and inclusion is a sure fire way becoming incompetitive and gifting the sector to China.