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  1. For reference this is the guy from the Hospital, definitely a faker, even got a shit website where he makes out to be some sort of photographer. See snapshot for web address.
  2. Was relying on what I was told by the security guard, I'll check. Yep, looks like there are 5 of them, 4 off the road, there is even one with a +10 Litre engine !! Perhaps that has a Rolls Royce Merlin in it. Reg lists it as this so think it is right.
  3. Spunktastic spot today spotters in the car park at work. 1982 Daimler Double 6 - 4235cc In 1999 it had 94415 miles on the clock, in 2019 it has 96775 miles on it when mot'd. The previous year it did a grand total of 120 miles. This is the only one left on the roads with the 4.2L engine, we are in single digits here. We are talking un-restored original paint, spotting gold.!engine
  4. Chewing Grass


    Nobody gives a fuck what I think so why should I care about what an overgrown child called Greta from somewhere called Sweden thinks.
  5. Open any twitter link in a new private window, think all you need to do is right click on link with mouse.
  6. Open in a private window so they can't see into your biscuit jar.
  7. You vill vote and vote until ve get ze right answer.
  8. I like these two, the first one seems quite apt for these trying times.
  9. So if I read this correctly according to the EU everyone who voted for the Brexit Party is a far right extremist. Now, Brits are a peculiar race and double down in the face of adversity so will have the attitude of OK if you think I'm one I might as well be one and make a decent job of it. that is how restricted the logic and thought processes are in Euroland.
  10. Do you think that any single European Leader would take any notice of her if she was PM. No.
  11. Fascinating company thats marketing these curry kits. They also do sex toys and vibrators, they make handy curry stirrers as well.
  12. I've just noticed the colour of her nail varnish, does she like chocolate, looks like Galaxy to me. Who the fuck paints their nails the colour of poo.
  13. You could almost believe it was deliberate MI6 strategy to put the two biggest idiots in the country in charge of Labour and the Liberal 'Democrats'. History may proves the two were actual plants as if you think about it they were both not the obvious idiots in their parties but have exceeded all expectations.
  14. Still some available here for £15 with free postage. Enough to treat 250 litres.
  15. Precisely, remember some months back when some building or other was apparently attacked by a drone or something, I'd imagine with the amount of petrodollars the Sauds have their air defences would be able to spot something the size of a bag of sugar flying around never mind something with 100kg of smetex attached to it.