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  1. Chewing Grass

    Sheffield school riot

    What has the So-Called BBC got to say about this 'incident'. 'More than 15 police vehicles, dog teams and a police helicopter were sent to a secondary school after a fight outside its gates. Two people were hurt and Fir Vale School in Owler Lane, Sheffield, was closed. South Yorkshire Police described it as "reports of an altercation between a group of students".' That's it, verbatim, no further details. Must have tied up half the total number of Police in Sheffield and that's it. It's had shit loads of money spent on it. Before that £15M in 2001 You may find the parents forum photo quite un-diverse in the above link and as for the nice gentleman teaching chemistry his lack of a labcoat does seem rather unprofessional. The cult members even have special 'exercise' facilities in the area to keep non-members and the Roma out. From the next door but previous post it seems the Roma have run the Ropers out of the school as the pictures in the above links are all of the studious and pious students.
  2. Chewing Grass

    Sheffield school riot

    Street view should be banned, went to Sheffield and saw Grimethorpe, thought that looked good as it sounds like Grimm, then went to Robey Street as it rhymes with Stabby and dropped the little man for a look. Bingo full Roma-Roper enrichment in one easy click.
  3. Chewing Grass


    Have noticed that the night time temperatures with clear skies have been significantly lower than predicted by the met-office for the last few days. Had 3C against a predicted 7C on Monday and 4C against 7C last night and people at work at little higher up than me in elevation had a frost. I am thinking that the met-offices computer models based on historical observations etc do not accommodate reduced solar activity. Can't find when the last actual sunspot was recorded by it must be around 100 days ago which is way below the predicted statistical minimum for 2018. Are we heading for a brutally cold winter, if so is the info being held back so commodities can be bought and money, lots of it made.
  4. Chewing Grass

    Islamification of Europe

    No, they just give him money and leave him alone so the staff don't have a fatwah issued against them. Health and Safety 'n' all that.
  5. Chewing Grass

    Islamification of Europe

    Surely they should publically state what the squiggles on the flags mean on the mews when they crop up as a matter of general education and a better understanding of what that implies. Once educated people will know what is goid or bad in the name of open and honest discourse.
  6. Chewing Grass

    The Sweden is fucked thread

    No, no, you can't say it, yes its air pollution/acid rain/female hormones in the water/meat eating/alcohol or any other on message PC reason you can think of other than the obvious one.
  7. Chewing Grass

    The Maldives: another country off the holiday list

    "In the days leading up to the election, the Maldavian President, speaking to the Maldives Independent, said: “We have a need to define what idols are. Religious scholars or the fatwa council must deliberate on this and specify what things can be labeled as idols. Some people on social media are even saying if these are idols, then mannequins are idols, too.” Just shows how retarded they are, it will be televisions next as they contain moving idols. Hope there are no photographs of the president in public buildings as that would be idolatrous as well.
  8. Chewing Grass

    The Maldives: another country off the holiday list

    The Maldives is awash with scuzzy Saudi cash and judging by the amount of crap they have crammed on the capital atoll a decent storm will send it the way of Atlantis.
  9. Chewing Grass

    Oven cleaning

    Think I have got one of those as I haven't cleaned the bugger inside other than the glass door for 18 years. They are bloody fantastic when I think of all the turkey twizzlers and oven chips that have been cremated within it. Smegtastic and that's not the knobs.
  10. Chewing Grass

    SJWs ruin linux

    Bill Gates foundation, Apple and those behind Google, all have Operating Systems, Browsers and Office/Cloud services to sell and don't like competition or god forbid, free stuff developed by 'communists'. Logic now being that SJWs are actually fake or thick sheep like cunts working for the corparatists.
  11. Chewing Grass

    Four weekly bin collection, Conwy, Wales

    To be honest I'm past caring and all for some creative destruction which should have happened in 2007 imho.
  12. Chewing Grass

    Four weekly bin collection, Conwy, Wales

    I always said EU membership mean't the UK dropping to the lowest common denominator rather than improving things for everyone in the UK. Then they let the former Soviet block in ( and Greece).
  13. Chewing Grass

    Far fewer cars in the future

    Having worked out that it is virtually impossible to build up a decent pot in a pension once you are over 50 thats is the conclusion I came to. Also other Engineers I know have also worked out that promotions on offer are also not worth the extra hours and ridiculous levels of stress and travelling required for the extra to be effectively taxed in excess of 50%. I have come to the conclusion that Ayn Rand was exactly right in 'Atlas Shrugged' and enlighten others about the book.
  14. Chewing Grass

    Loft insulation advice

    My dad was an EHO and had plenty of stories about the stuff folk got upto around the town. His loft insulation story concerned a chap who insulated the loft of his council house with stuff he had acquired from work a bit like the song 'one bit at a time and it never cost me a dime'. Trouble was this chap worked at the sanitary towel factory and although possessing excellent insulative properties they have amazing water retention ones as well. Needless to say, the day came along when there was a water leak and the whole ceiling of the house collapsed on to of him while he was asleep. When word 'leaked' out of this local calamity he got sacked as well as he had robbed 10s of 1000s of them.
  15. Chewing Grass

    New Car Registrations

    Bit late for the August figures this time but here they are, everything seems to be just about staggering along.