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  1. I'm not clicking on the link as I'm sure the So-Called BBC thinks the resultant web-traffic means it is a successful and relevant article that they need to produce more of...
  2. Veganism

    Clover was historically used in the U.K. as part of crop rotation to impart nitrogen and other nutrients to the soil. Alfalfa is an Americanism. As an aside, Maize (Sweetcorn) absolutely destroys soil and should not be grown in the UK. The only reason it is, is because of the deluded 'green' subsidies for bio-fuels.
  3. Celebrity Death Sweepstake 2018

    Her Ladyship says he has been ill for some time although she doesn't know what exactly it was.
  4. Come back knockoutjohhny!

    I'd completely sack off Rolex and get a quality watch you don't need to worry to much about when wearing. May I recommend Nite Watches of Christchurch. Nite Watches is an independent British watch company that uses, quality swiss quartz Ronda movements, British design and un-rivalled and self-powered tritium illumination technology. I would think the Marquess would be to your understated style of elegance, reliability and practicality. They have just launched an automatic as well, but I destroy them due to overwinding them when moubtain biking. I have an Icon model and it is bulletproof and ultra reliable to about 2 or 3 seconds a month mine indulges in sport and mountain biking and takes knock without damage plus I can read it in complete darkness without a torch. The big plus is if I trash it I won't cry too much and will treat myself to another cos for around £325 they are awesome.
  5. Best thread title - Vote here!

    I had to vote for one of mine, my favourite one 'sex with smaller mammals' thread unfortunately wasn't shortlisted.
  6. Islamification of Europe

    Gets even better, as a company director in rural Wales she has used her own address, now she also gets green money for being something to do with some Welsh Eco Quango thingy as well. The grass on the roof is the giveaway. Not much hassle from your tenants then, they are their neighbours problem, nice and quiet and nowhere near Cardigan, Cardiff or Carmarthen.
  7. Islamification of Europe

    I can't think of a better way to bridge the sectarian divide in Ireland than by building such an alien structure. This could truly bring both communities together in a common cause, a potentially historic moment in the making.
  8. Islamification of Europe

    Now there is a 'Welsh' woman with an agenda. Pity you can't really vocalise her first name in Welsh and Moller does sound awfully Germanic. Is there some cultural misappropriation going on here by any chance. Hmmm. Checked it out 'Croeso Teifi' is an organisation that sprang up in September 2016 to help bring Syrian refugees to safety in Cardigan town. I wonder how popular she really is behing her back in Cardigan. OMG, this is a rich seam... 1) She is a BTL landlord a rich seam so it looks like she is after tennants, is that why the BTL scum are always into local politics? 2) She stood as a candidate for Leanne Woods Plaid Cymru in Fishguard (Leanne Wood has form for being an idiot on Twatter). 3) Her tenants sold her fucking Garden, Ive just pissed myself laughing. 4) Has 23 followers on Twitter 5) Is a 72 year old busybody and probably not a typical representative of the local populace. One of her rentals, the one where they sold the garden is a six-bedroom farmhouse with six-bedrooms with an adjoining cottage, we are not talking 2 up 2 downs on the way into town here.
  9. New Car Registrations

    Had to look up what one of those was as I am so out of touch with automotive fashion. Assuming its the base one then it sure ain't worth £45K for £200/month not matter how long and fat it is. The profit margin on it must be quite large even with the finance cost so quite obviously built into the price. This looks like the car that will crucify JLR as an evoke on steroids aint going to appeal to the proper country folks.
  10. Hows about this for £90000 near Stokie, nicely presented.
  11. Something happening at Salisbury hospital

    Blair singlehandedly did irreperable damage to the credibility of the political class in this country and the lightweights that have followed him are too spineless and inept to fix what he broke.
  12. New Car Registrations

    The interesting thing about that graph is it probably ties in with PPI compo and the rampant popularisation of personal leasing since 2011 then 2014. If I remember correctly 'scrappage' was 209/10 so that is the blip of pensioners in Hyundai i10s. Deposits for new leases have now 'evaporated' and we are back to a more normal level of replacement as per 2002-2008. Its obvious when you actually look at the chart.
  13. Something happening at Salisbury hospital

    Up until today I was under the impression it was a powder and when the BMW was found it had been delivered through the air vents. Now it is a liquid the delivery method is now presumably amd conveniently more flexible.
  14. Old Car Spotting

    Pre 1956 split screen Morris Minor, looks like a daily runner. Over 60 years old...
  15. Everyone rents

    The only reason that plebs are tolerated is to service existing debt. If you don't have existing debt then to the system (financial) you are ultimately expendable. Think about it.