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  1. Chewing Grass

    Companies leaving UK

    Do Panasonic sell much these days, not seen any of their stuff for years other than cheap batteries.
  2. Chewing Grass

    Why are channel 4 such arseholes?

    Has anyone got him on this years celebrity death sweepstake as he looks a bit ill. A'h the cunt lives in Switzerland and he is such a big one he changes wives faster than a 3rd division sheik. Now't worse than filthy rich old ex-pat twats lecturing resident Brits. Have put him in the same mental cesspit as Geldoff.
  3. Chewing Grass

    Football star goes missing over English channel.

    Voice message from his phone where he says the plane is a bag of shit.
  4. Chewing Grass

    Hoax hate

    Update time, the 'Native Indian' guy is not a Vietnam Vet (he lied) and a militant group called the Black Israelites were the initiators of the whole charade.
  5. Chewing Grass

    The Cunts are in Davos

    Just think about all the enviro-tax money they can skim off into their Euro-Corporations.
  6. Chewing Grass

    The Cunts are in Davos

    Self explanatory really, they are all there jerking each other off in front of the MSM.
  7. Chewing Grass

    Think i saw a UFO today.

    Have a look at this footage, started from the point of interest, accidentally captured by a drone in Utah.
  8. I think Dyson have lost the plot and the battle with appliances, the competition have upped their game so much that his products have been found to be somewhat expensive and the vacuum cleaners somewhat lacking these days. The other stuff is niche gimmickery, my guess is he is going to sell out. Apparently 'On 22 January 2019, Dyson announced plans to move the company HQ to Singapore in order to take advantage of the recently negotiated free trade agreement between the European Union and Singapore that would not be available to Dyson in a post-Brexit United Kingdom. ' Now Dyson is a bit of a politically motivated twat so this sort of ploy is nothing unusual for him. 'It is said that Dyson has around 7,000 employees. Dyson has not publicly stated where those employees are actually located, though it is known that VS Industry Bhd (VSI) currently has around 4,250 employees at their Malaysian facility which manufactures Dyson products. So Dyson plays at being British but in reality employs fuck-all British people in proportion to his faux Britishness.
  9. Chewing Grass

    luxuary items

    I have been compelled to decorate our bedroom and it has become apparent how many pairs of shoes Immelda Marcos has stashed under the bed, in storage boxes, in the bottom of her wardrobes and under the dressing table, the sheer mis-allocation of capital over the years is astounding.
  10. Chewing Grass

    Worcester child acid attack in court

    So much shit you can see it from space, they chuck it all out of their back windows.
  11. We have been at war since the Suez Crisis when the yanks pulled the rug from under us in the war for oil, that is how special the relationship is, the EU opened a second front up as we followed their economic rules about state owned industry and the French didn't. Wars are now economic and China (one way or another) will bankrupt the West.
  12. Chewing Grass

    Settled Status

    Yep, have found the leaflet and they spelt it out very simply and very clearly so even the thickest voters (who could actually read) knew what they were voting for (and you have to be able to read to vote). The glubberment even pushed the remain button themselves. Ram that down a remoaners throat.
  13. Chewing Grass

    Settled Status

    You're right, they do love FREE STUFF.
  14. Chewing Grass

    Settled Status

    Have picked two of the top rated comments below that would have straight forward logical answers from any UK citizen of long standing. The answers on the down vote side just illustrate how rabid some registered commenter’s are.
  15. Chewing Grass

    Settled Status

    Was listening (earwigging) some other engineers (process vessels) moaning on about a couple of Indian ones who basically can't grasp what's going on in meetings and generally can't keep up with the pace. They are therefore making tons of mistakes that are being covered up by others for fear of being labelled something unmentionable by the management. Trouble is if they don't do anything and something goes spectacularly wrong (flixboroughesque) it won't be the Indians who are hung out to dry.