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  1. Uniform of the mentally ill and therefore the cult of choice for the simple and deranged.
  2. I'm waiting for all these stores to be bought up by big Chinese chains so they can cut the middle man out, fill them with Chinese goods at ridiculously low prices and export the bulk of the profits without paying tax. Not even Amazon could compete with that.
  3. F1 and Athletics are the only sport the BBC had left in the last 10 years so it will obviously be skewed towards 'their own'.
  4. What other things will be targetted due to the protein selected for use by the mRNA Vaccines I imagine there are a lot of unknowns about the whole thing from thinking laterally, allergies through to unwanted immune responses.
  5. Won't beat that Italian one.
  6. The one I used to go in was IIRC The Millhouse, Colin the works alcy always went there coz the beer was cheapest, the Regal Lager was like piss and the bitter no better. Had one of their bottled craft ales recently called 'two-hoots' and it was OK.
  7. Good god that brings back memories of Lager spelt backwards.
  8. How convenient, access to all the intelligence in the world and snopes and now they conveniently remember. Suppose the BBC will be hot on this when their paid-up staff are advised to in the morning.
  9. Fascinating, I don't know how big a ballot paper is but assuming they are about A4 size and printed on reasonable quality paper they would be about 6g each. 288000 of them would weigh 1.7 Tonnes which would need a crane to pick it up or a substantial forklift. Does that pass the snopes test.
  10. Officer, officer, more like a junior internet artificer.
  11. Statistically that is about right, just add it to the financial cost which is quite easy to calculate from every pound the government has borrowed/printed.
  12. Having successfully destroyed most of the UKs Cafe Culture, restaurant, pub, shopping and physical entertainment economy the soon to be cash-poor government needs to create millions of fake jobs to re-create the illusion that all is well as part of build-back-bollox. What will these nouveaux faux jobs be other than large expensive 20th Century infrastructure vanity projects that would never ever pay for themselves via passenger fares.
  13. Fair point, but it is like watching a car crash, you can't help youself, curiosity gets the better of me.
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