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  1. I always found that when carting my 5 around that everyone got a holiday except me who was expected to do and sort everything out as well as working to pay for it. The only person who needed a holiday was me and I didn't get it. It has left me scarred for the rest of my life and I just can't be bothered with them anymore as I now hate anything that requires planning and organising.
  2. Venezuala the poor country that sits on top of the biggest proven oil reserves in the world. More oil than the Arabs.
  3. 600 BHP/Tonne Bond Bug, go to the start if you want to see the quality of this build. 'Thankyou so much for this experience I think I'm going to have to change my pants.'
  4. That's a Seagull that has been dining on McDonalds leftovers in Hartlepool, its just ripped on growth hormones.
  5. Why does the future have to be so fooking complicated even simple things have to be done by a 5g coordinated grid powered by supercomputers when the world worked just fine in the 1930s but at a slower pace. This is all about control and getting everyone to think having somebody else controlling what you are permitted to do as part of everyday life is normal.
  6. So where do you go for a piss or god forbid an emergency dump? The women wouldn't last 2 hours.
  7. That doesn't sound very hygienic or organised, what could possibly go wrong once they have roosted in hotels for a week.
  8. Reminds me of my youth spent fucking about with old minis & swapping engines. £250 Rover 100 / Mini Metro with a Rover 75 Turbo engine stuck in it 275 bhp - 750kg - 350 bhp per tonne. Total spend £3000
  9. In the spotlight, lets see if he sinks or swims. My money is on the former.
  10. Think its too late for the holday industry to make any money this year, have just read this and most people will think 'fuck-it' as it isn't worth the hassle. Holidays are supposed to be relaxing and more fun than staying at home, this isn't.
  11. Was expecting a second payment to HMRC in July as usual. Just got a self-assessment statement as of June 2020 and the July payment has miraculously shifted itself to January 2021 and a note has appeared on the right hand side saying I can transfer the July payment to January 2021 if I want to (but it has already disappeared). I am assuming that I have managed to lower my tax burden and there was never a second payment this year and I am down to one. Or is this a sneaky way of stimulating the discretionary economy.
  12. Monster star 75 million light years away and 2 million times brighter than the sun simply turns off in the bat of a cosmic eye. Dead pixel in the matrix.
  13. That will finish the rest of the discretionary shops off, no Xmas bounce.
  14. The Scottish absolutely revel in misery don't they Nicola.
  15. I think the problem is where their immigrants have come from. 1960 - 70% would have never accepted communism 1990 - 20% 2018 <10% Where has whitey gone...