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  1. New broom sweeps clean, this is stage 1 of the process. Hopefully I will aid the coming landslide. Action stations, all hands to the deck, including the Cabin Boys and the ships Carpenter.
  2. Ooh look, The Guardian says we need to move to a 9hr working week with well paid jobs to avoid a climate emergency and limit global temperature rises to 2C. Much shorter working weeks needed to tackle climate crisis – study UK workers must move to nine-hour week if carbon levels do not change, says thinktank “Becoming a green, sustainable society will require a number of strategies – a shorter working week being just one of them,” Unfortunately the Devil makes work for idle hands and religious nutcases.
  3. Stopped using Microsoft products and rediscovered bicycles.
  4. Somebody who is mentally ill and active on social media. Their selfies are a stereotypical give-away.
  5. Basically, the 'cheap' luxury cars for plebs maxxed on credit via low interest leases is collapsing and the companies most reliant on it will be toast.
  6. They just proved Gordon Brown is a completely bitter cunt of a miserable old Scottish man.
  7. My vet recommends these.
  8. Caergwrle is quite nice, even more so years ago when Hope was in the Coal Belt. Need to check the castle out as have never bothered.
  9. I'm a lazy contrarian and wash the car 3 or 4 times a year when its raining so I get a free pre-soak and final rinse. Neighbours think I'm odd but I'm just clevererer than them...
  10. Ecosia is quite good for searches, doesn't seem to censor any risque stuff and produces good results. Don't tell anyone. It supposedly plants trees as well, 40 searches = 1 sapling.
  11. You've been censored by crapple ...
  12. Good video from the start but I've started it from the Burger King Brexit analogy - superb.
  13. Yep, on reflection you are right, it is yet another case of the minority getting attention for their actions. We sort of forget this in the heat of the media moment.
  14. Because he is so special due to his dads swingometer.
  15. They blow with the wind, eventually they know that they will need their crumpet buttering the day after tomorrow, they will only flog a horse until it is nearly dead.