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  1. This may be informative, I didn't know that people on ventilators are put into a coma for a start and being on oxygen can mean having a pressurised plastic bag on your head...
  2. Mrs Chewy manages her diabetes with diet/exercise and metformin tablets. Still needs an hour after lunch though unless she is kept busy. If I eat refined carbs like white bread, I literally pass out if I'm sat down,
  3. Needing more sleep and wanting to sleep during the day are one of the early signs of diabetes.
  4. Here you all go The Lockdown Blues - probably sums most everybody here up. Well written as well, if I say so myself and I'm a sheep.
  5. They only let pairs in my Morrisons if one of them is spackered in some way. Most people want to get in and out ASAP so are only using small trolleys.
  6. Doing work for an American Co I know they wouldn't bat an eyelid over such a course of action.
  7. Lets have a look, yep, paid myself, no titty sucking for me yet.