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  1. Energy will be like broadband packages eventually and some users will be more equal than others. Said Stalin to Lenin as the horse looked on.
  2. When I sold my last car it had 150K on it and the original clutch. New one is quite happy in 3rd between 15 and 35 mph so gear changes are few around town so I'm predicting a long life for it.
  3. I certainly don't agree with that about the "baby boomers" and also don't casually accept that we just let it all fall away because things go in cycles so that it will somehow be mystically our turn again in the future. You will like this then A Biologist and his academic buddies has created a huge database and software to find patterns in massive amounts of historical data. Reckons it will all turn to rat-shit in 2020 and you can blame politicians and their paymasters for that.
  4. You will need a strong stomach to read this one. ‘It was diarrhoea. Hot liquid. I was soaked, and it was coming off my eyelashes and into my eyes. Paramedics who came to treat me said there was so much of it on me, that it looked like the man was saving it up for a month… It was all inside my car because it was so much. He just kept pouring it and splattering it all over me…'
  5. BMW i3s do not by any stretch of a perverts imagination count as aspirational. A Honda Jazz has a better vibe than an i3.
  6. Benefits claimants and economic migrants exploiting asylum system excepted.
  7. Love this article. Whinging pensioner spunks over 40K (cash) on an electric car and moans about paying car tax. Jacky said she wanted to warn others who might get ‘caught in this trap’, and for the tax increase to be made clearer ahead of purchase as she would struggle to afford it. If your weren't such an idiot you would have bought a top notch Hyundia i10 and had £25000 to spunk on petrol and car tax. 'Tax rules introduced in 2017 mean electric cars pay no car tax – but all cars costing more than £40,000 have to pay a supplement for five years on top of the standard £145 rate.' Seems fair to me.
  8. So they can be made by machine, they are extruded and sliced. Anyway. Got some clay from the bottom of a ditch/stream last week near where a brickfield used to be so the clay should make bricks. So, I'm going to make some miniature handmade bricks and attempt fire them in the woodburner when I use it this winter. They used to do it in a field near where the bricks were to be used, this was especially true in rural areas like Cheshire, hence Cheshire brick. You basically made the bricks, let them dry a bit and stcked them on top of a bed of coal and set fire to it. A bit like this. I'm not odd, just bored with everyday things.
  9. Its called punishment for making the effort to work and pay tax so others don't have to.
  10. IIRC the problem with Venice was the weight of the buildings meant it was subsiding into the swamp it was built on. To blame climate change is a thick mayor taking the piss for money. Venice floods regularly and as this is not a record flood it is not news and definately not climate change.
  11. By 2030, Saudi Arabia aims to welcome 100 million holidaymakers each year. Why put up with tourists. D'oh, oil must be running dry, hence the flotation and other stuff.
  12. They keep going on about a 1:100 year flood as though thats good odds of it not happening. For Fishlake I present these photographs from the last 100 years from their own history society. . March 1923. 1947 Bits of the village are 5m above sea level with the outskirts being 4m above sea level and the River Don at this point has 12 miles to go before it gets into the Humber which is a fall of 1:5000 at mean sea level. Flooding is normal.
  13. Gina Millers website so I am assuming you need to do the opposite of what is recommended.
  14. “Every past crash that I can think of was an accident, in that there was something that wasn’t really reasonably foreseeable,” Travis told me. “This was entirely different, and I don’t think anyone understands that. This was a collision of deregulation and Wall Street, and the tragic thing is that it was tragic. It was inevitable.” Its not just Boeing its everywhere, the only thing that matters is money and the more tech thats involved the worse it gets. VW (diesel engines and computers) Airbus (pitot tubes and computers) Others will follow and I imagine 'T' is only just short of a scandal. People need to join the dots of the trail of corporate corruption and irresponsibility.
  15. Wear one of those black, letterbox, burqa thingies for complete night-time stealth mode, if you notice someone you can make like a tree and the dog can pee on you (may need some training first).