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  1. Where I live they have all been taken over as am/pm dog toileting areas by militant dog activists which makes commuting by bike on them somewhat tedious.
  2. Right, time for the maths. Aspartame is 200x sweeter than Sugar. Using Coke as an example it has 35g of sugar per 330ml can (fanta is half that) Aspartame powder is well less than £10/kg (bulk price) Relative prices of other sweeteners to sugar. Sugar price is £320/tonne (bulk). Cost of sugar in 1 litre of Coke £0.032. Cost of Aspartame in Coke £0.005 Sugar 32p / kg vs Aspartame equivalent of 5p i.e. at least 1/6th the price. Sugar price guide actually calculates Aspartame as 1/12 the equivalent sugar price so I am being conservative. Aspartame - keeping prices down, inflation low but above all cash in the company coffers.
  3. Nope, 54 (5'10) and 12 stone, could get down to 11 stone with extreme exercise and eat what I want, don't drink a huge amount and ride a bike. Last week did 108 miles in one 8hr sesh across Wales, so I need sugar urgently sometimes, went into one small cafe and the only full sugar offering was a bottle of Fanta. Was pushing just under 10mph when I crashed (sugar) after the fanta was back up to 13+ mph until it wore off 4 miles later. Sitting on your arse doing nothing physical for years is what makes people fat, end of.
  4. So Mr Oliver (the expert) left school at the age of sixteen with two GCSE qualifications in Art and Geology[4] and went on to attend Westminster Technical College now Westminster Kingsway College.[3] He then earned a City & Guilds National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) in home economics. Thats it! Unsurprisingly he went to Newport Free Grammar School which wasn't free in monetary terms and is a product of BBC grooming. Oliver is severely Dyslexic, but strangely managed to write a book (or did the So-Called BBC write it for him) the Naked Chef. Oliver also participates in mental child abuse by naming his five kids Poppy Honey Rosie, Daisy Boo Pamela, Petal Blossom Rainbow, Buddy Bear Maurice and River Rocket Blue Dallas (my favourite). The bloke sums up everything that's wrong with a country run by the metropolitan elite and their media drones.
  5. The only things Mr Oliver cares about are his image and bank balance hence all the attention seeking gimmicks. Come the revolution, his name is in the book and he will be held to account.
  6. Once the Saudis run out of oil they will be toast, sanctions/embargoes etc etc just preserve Iranian oil wealth for the future. Its almost like there is a plan.
  7. Unusually last weekend whilst cycling down a cut-off back lane I passed a derelict former farm and a 100 foot long run of Buddleia (the butterfly bush) in full bloom adjacent open heathland, gloriously massive purple blooms with not a single butterfly on them. Have spent all week since keeping an eye out for Butterflies and haven't seen a single one even though the woman next door but one has a massive bush.
  8. I have noticed that the women who drink diet drinks at work are either a) chronically overweight or b) loopy, there is only one bloke I see who drinks the stuff and he is the size of a barn door and wheezes when he breathes. I won't knowingly touch the stuff.
  9. A lot of 55-60 year olds are either a) that fucked off with where they work or have b) been advised to pull money out of final salary schemes (value above threshold or are unmarried with kids) that there is a rush for the gates. This is especially true of some large company schemes and is obviously triggering liquidity problems for some of the funds they may use.
  10. Looks like it was brought to a near halt before it turned. Its a big one.
  11. Look what is for sale with 1 hr to go. 1990 ROVER 416 GSi 1989 30,800 miles. Honda Engine. Lovely low mileage Rover GSI with Mot until 3/12/19 High spec including power steering and electric windows. Fitted with niceTomcat Turbo Alloy wheels originals available if required. This would make an excellent show car with minimal attention. The interior is very nice.The only minor defect is the drivers bolster as shown in the photos which my local upholsterer said would be approx. £50 to sort out and the headlining is sagging a little. Paintwork is in excellent condition with just a couple of marks that would be hard to find. I think it is original. Mechanically it is excellent with recent service including cambelt and a new battery. I purchased to use as a daily driver but it is too nice for that and I have too many cars so is up for sale.
  12. Don't forget the Chinese, they have been slaving away since 1992 to keep inflation low in the non-supermarket sector. Cheap TVs, whitegoods, kitchenalia, power tools, shoes etc etc etc. It has all masked inflation for the benefit of all from lazy politicians to a complicit electorate and those who have come to rely on the availability of state funded largesse. If stuff is cheaper you don't need as much money to buy it.
  13. C4 News piece this evening will be about the government clamping down hard on 'hateful ideologies'. Interest piqued, I searched for News stories about this radical development and couldn't find any. So tried to work out their angle and started with the definition of ideology. Ideology - 'A set of doctrines or beliefs that are shared by the members of a social group or that form the basis of a political, economic, or other system.' Came to the conclusion it meant anything they want it to mean so could be applied to everything from 'Extinction Rebellion, Brexiteers, calling Soubry a 'Nazi' to supporting Donald Trump.